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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-0-7596-0098-0William G. ClotworthySaturday Night Live: Equal Opportunity Offender: The Uncensored Censor
2000978-0-7596-0125-3John M. VillafrancaCompilations of Written Love
2001978-0-7596-0141-3Jack PranskyPrevention: The Critical Need
  ''978-0-7596-0159-8John E. O'DonnellNone Came Home: The War Dogs of Vietnam
  ''978-0-7596-0367-7Lora ShanerMadam: Inside a Nevada Brothel
  ''978-0-7596-0408-7Florian A. MikulskiSupply Chain Management: Complex Procurements: The Process of Buying Customized Technology
  ''978-0-7596-0465-0Molly Odegard NikolicYesterday Dawns Today
2001978-0-7596-0513-8Philip J. CarraherSherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Dead Rabbits Society
  ''978-0-7596-0518-3Thomas R. HargroveLong March to Freedom: Tom Hargrove's Own Story of His Kidnapping by Colombian Narco-Guerrillas
  ''978-0-7596-0631-9Kathryn Skidmore BlairIn the Shadow of the Angel
  ''978-0-7596-0665-4Sylvia Elizabeth ShepherdThe Mistress of Murder Hill: The Serial Killings of Belle Gunness
  ''978-0-7596-0681-4Doris Anne BeaulieuEasy and Inexpensive Holiday Classroom Crafts for Teachers: Four Years of Classroom Testing
2001978-0-7596-0708-8Graciela F. BeecherNiki y el Cerdito Que Se Alimentaba de Mangos y Otras Historietas Sobre Animales (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7596-0738-5Allan L. ButlerA Lasting Marriage Is the Result of a Couple's Ability to Resolve the Conflicts That Are Inevitable in
  ''978-0-7596-0785-9Peter N. WilliamsThe Sacred Places of Wales: A Modern Pilgrimage
2008978-0-7596-0792-7Richard NewbyKill Now, Talk Forever: Debating Sacco and Vanzetti
2001978-0-7596-0933-4Robert S. GriffinThe Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds: An Up-Close Portrait of White Nationalist William Pierce
  ''978-0-7596-0954-9Marie A. KennedyMy Perfect Son Has Cerebral Palsy: A Mother's Guide of Helpful Hints
  ''978-0-7596-0996-9Robert J. CrawfordThe Expert Witness: A Manual for Experts
2003978-0-7596-1014-9David KurlanMindless Selling
2001978-0-7596-1132-0OLE HagenThe Phaistos Disc Alias the Minoan Calendar
2001978-0-7596-1193-1Dan SklarHack Writer: Poems, Stories, Plays
  ''978-0-7596-1234-1Karl May · Karl Friedrich May · Michael M. MichalakThe Shadow of the Padishah: Through the Desert (Pt. 1)
2002978-0-7596-1431-4Joe VitaleSpiritual Marketing: A Proven 5-Step Formula for Easily Creating Wealth from the Inside Out
2001978-0-7596-1432-1Joe VitaleSpiritual Marketing: A Proven 5-Step Formula for Easily Creating Wealth from the Inside Out
  ''978-0-7596-1485-7Carolivia HerronThereafter Johnnie
  ''978-0-7596-1525-0Julia L. WilkinsonMy Life at AOL
  ''978-0-7596-1608-0Laszlo AlmasyWith Rommel's Army in Libya
2001978-0-7596-1800-8Nina J. LechiaraThe End from the Beginning
  ''978-0-7596-1993-7J. D. GilsonCreating Delicious Sausages
  ''978-0-7596-2021-6John F. DemartiniThe Wisdom of the Oracle: Inspiring Messages of the Soul
  ''978-0-7596-2203-6Arlin D. MenagerEmbalming is Not a Sport
2003978-0-7596-2271-5Stefanie Mandelbaum · Jacqueline S. GuttmanArthematics Plus: Integrated Projects in Math, Art, and Beyond
2001978-0-7596-2279-1Gene McDougallUnclog Your Arteries: How I Beat Atherosclerosis
  ''978-0-7596-2288-3Kimberly S. YoungTangled in the Web: Understanding Cybersex from Fantasy to Addiction
2003978-0-7596-2435-1Victoria McGuinnessIntegrating Play Therapy and EMDR with Children
2001978-0-7596-2498-6Gary F. ZeollaAnalytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament of the Holy Bible
2001978-0-7596-2501-3Gary F. ZeollaDifferences Between Bible Versions
  ''978-0-7596-2503-7John AndrewsAin't It Great?: A Look Inside Amway
  ''978-0-7596-2512-9Charles F. AdamsonThe Toughest Cop in America
  ''978-0-7596-2593-8Gerald A. DuvalWings and Barbed Wire
  ''978-0-7596-2659-1Wayne Scott · J. Thomas III MillerMotivating Others: Bringing Out the Best in People
2001978-0-7596-2663-8Stephanie Cooper HowardComing Straight from a Sister's Heart
  ''978-0-7596-2682-9Cathy BrochuLost Innocence: A Daughter's Account of Love, Fear and Desperation (New Beginnings)
  ''978-0-7596-2752-9Roger Mummah · Susie MummahCruising Endless Summer: -Exumas-
  ''978-0-7596-2773-4Derrick J. JohnsonThe Awakening of the Dreamer
  ''978-0-7596-3025-3Amini SamPictorial History of Iran: Ancient Persia Before Islam 15000 B.C.-625 A.D.: Tarikh-E Mosavar Iran
2001978-0-7596-3079-6Lloyd D. LaneAll My Love, Forever: Letters Home from a World War II Citizen Soldier, Written in 1943-1945
  ''978-0-7596-3287-5Kimberly Rena Sheffield-GibbonsThe Teacher's Right Hand: A Resource Guide of Reading & Writing Strategies, Lesson Plans, and Rubrics
  ''978-0-7596-3335-3Mike BinghamPenguins of the Falkland Islands and South America
  ''978-0-7596-3450-3Pamela M. GoldbergBecome a Master of Self-Control with the Kids of Camp Makebelieve
2006978-0-7596-3476-3Jack SchroderIdentifying Medical Malpractice
2001978-0-7596-3583-8Bob Frost · Bill GowCartoons from the Abyss
2002978-0-7596-3596-8Alva UnderwoodStar Trek Reader's Reference: Novels 1970-1979
2001978-0-7596-3661-3John L. SwansonCommuning with Nature: A Guidebook for Enhancing Your Relationship with the Living Earth
2002978-0-7596-3745-0Don E., Sr. PeavyWhat Must I Do: Exploring Themes in Christian Ethics
2001978-0-7596-3794-8H. A. CarsonThousand and One Night Stands: The Life of Jon Vincent
2002978-0-7596-3917-1Esquire Jeff a. ConnellyIns and Outs of the Used Car Business: How to Buy Without Getting Screwed
2001978-0-7596-4091-7Edward R. GrahamThe History and Symbolism of Royal Arch Masonry
  ''978-0-7596-4298-0Harris KernDiscipline: Six Steps to Unleashing your Hidden Potential
2001978-0-7596-4469-4Paul Alfred BartonA History of the African-Olmecs: Black Civilizations of America from Prehistoric Times to the Present Era
  ''978-0-7596-4555-4E. Allen HesterUnion's End
  ''978-0-7596-4606-3George DietrichIn My Dreams
  ''978-0-7596-4651-3Robert R. MormanFundamentals of Statistics, Research, Mental Disorders and Americans with Disabilities Act-An Omnibu
2002978-0-7596-4663-6Jose OceguedaWorld's End
2001978-0-7596-4824-1Louise M. CoffmanAbner's Story
  ''978-0-7596-4838-8Siddeeqah Powell · Lisa Nicole HankersonThe Key Party
2001978-0-7596-4929-3Chuck MorseWhy I'm a Right-Wing Extremist: Collected Columns of Chuck Morse
2002978-0-7596-4976-7C. C. Saint-ClairBenchmarks
2001978-0-7596-5011-4Lawrence KingStone Justice
  ''978-0-7596-5083-1Moiz AmjadUnderstanding Islam: Answers on the Web
  ''978-0-7596-5085-5Florence Westover BondChief Seattle: Man of Vision
  ''978-0-7596-5092-3Ana P. CormanBradley Bay
  ''978-0-7596-5139-5Joseph H. VannCherokee Rose: On Rivers of Golden Tears
2002978-0-7596-5254-5USAF (Ret ). Major General Don ShepperdMisty: First Person Stories of the F-100 Fast FACs in the Vietnam War
2002978-0-7596-5255-2USAF (Ret ). Major General Don ShepperdMisty: First Person Stories of the F-100 Fast FACs in the Vietnam War
2001978-0-7596-5308-5Kristine M. SmithDeForest Kelley: A Harvest of Memories; My Life and Times with a Remarkable Gentleman Actor
  ''978-0-7596-5309-2Kristine M. SmithDeForest Kelley: A Harvest of Memories; My Life and Times with a Remarkable Gentleman Actor
  ''978-0-7596-5339-9ElixxirThe ImmorTalist Manifesto: Stay Young & Save the World
2002978-0-7596-5343-6Alessandro ManzoniPromise of Fidelity
  ''978-0-7596-5393-1Raymond FlowerNapoleon to Nasser: The Story of Modern Egypt
2001978-0-7596-5420-4Jessie WolfbearTales of Bear and Deer: Native American Teaching Stories for Children of All Ages
  ''978-0-7596-5449-5Francis HenryJumbled Spirits
2002978-0-7596-5457-0Swami LakshmanjooShiva Sutras: The Supreme Awakening
2002978-0-7596-5458-7Swami LakshmanjooShiva Sutras: The Supreme Awakening
2001978-0-7596-5516-4Bruce M. BaileyRed-Headed and Wrong-Handed
  ''978-0-7596-5565-2Montague WhitselThe Fires of Yule: A Keltelven Guide for Celebrating the Winter Solstice
  ''978-0-7596-5656-7Magdalena ZschokkeFulcrum
  ''978-0-7596-5906-3Mojo11: Stories About the Event
2002978-0-7596-5912-4Dennis BarrettSAP ABAP Command Reference
  ''978-0-7596-5940-7Albert Atkins · Albert AtkinsAir Marshall Sir Arthur Harris and General Curtis E. Lemay: A Comparative Analytical Biography
2002978-0-7596-6146-2Judith MachreeA God Called Father: One Woman's Recovery from Incest and Multiple Personality Disorder
  ''978-0-7596-6180-6Teresa M. CampbellLife Is an Adventure
  ''978-0-7596-6260-5Frank RossThe Chinese Lady's Secret
2001978-0-7596-6270-4Luke Steven FullenkampSherlock Holmes and the Ghost of the Flying Dutchman
  ''978-0-7596-6329-9Pat SeawellNinety-Nine Newfies
2003978-0-7596-6353-4Tammy ClarkFollow Your Dreams©: Secrets to Getting Hired as a Flight Attendant
2001978-0-7596-6392-3Howard Gerald ComenAngels on the Bridge: A Private Eye's Spiritual Search for Justice
  ''978-0-7596-6424-1Mark FleischmannPractical Home Theater: A Guide to Video and Audio Systems, 2004 Edition
2001978-0-7596-6572-9Anne McCurryLetters to Sara: The Agony of Adult Sibling Loss
2002978-0-7596-6621-4Nagendra Sai Koneru · Omar Wang · Vineet AroraThe High School Doctor: The Underground Roadmap to 6, 7, and 8 year Accelerated/Combined Medical Programs (BA/MD) in the United States
2001978-0-7596-6670-2Faye HoffossZone Cooking Made Easy: 6 Weeks of Delicious Zone Balanced Meals
  ''978-0-7596-6763-1Billie Pittman Ayers · Beth DeesSuperwoman Jacqueline Cochran: Family Memories about the Famous Pilot, Patriot, Wife & Businesswoman
2002978-0-7596-6852-2Bill WestheadConfederate Gold: The Missing Treasure
  ''978-0-7596-6924-6Joseph F. PanicelloA Slow Moving Target, the Lst of World War II
  ''978-0-7596-7072-3Dave Armstrong · Scott HahnMore Biblical Evidence for Catholicism: Companion to a Biblical Defense of Catholicism
  ''978-0-7596-7160-7Lillian R. VillanovaWhat Your Bank Doesn't Want You to Know . . .: . . .about Where to Invest Your Money
2002978-0-7596-7201-7P. A. WilliamsThe Business of Home Daycare
  ''978-0-7596-7222-2Kevin MacDonaldThe Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements
  ''978-0-7596-7240-6Gary PurdueBeyond the Black Belt: Secrets of Advanced Karate Ranks
2008978-0-7596-7246-8Fern MargolisHebrew Reading and Writing: Self Taught
2002978-0-7596-7312-0C. C. Saint-ClairSilent Goodbyes
  ''978-0-7596-7365-6Michael J HallThe American Gentleman: A Contemporary Guide to Chivalry
  ''978-0-7596-7396-0Robin HainesDeception in Dallas: A Rational Explanation & Moral Justification of the JFK Plot
2002978-0-7596-7537-7W. Sumner DavisHeretics: The Bloody History of the Christian Church
  ''978-0-7596-7543-8Sam DenovSymphonic Paradox: The Misadventures of a Wayward Musician
  ''978-0-7596-7597-1Ba DC KnoxLove Thine Enemas & Heal Thyself: 5th Ed.
  ''978-0-7596-7656-5DDS Jay W. FriedmanComplete Guide to Dental Health
  ''978-0-7596-7672-5Wallace S. JungersReflections on Christ in Glory
2001978-0-7596-7707-4Patricia Griffin RessStranger Than Fiction: The True Time Travel Adventures of Steven L. Gibbs--the Rainman of Time Travel
2002978-0-7596-7990-0Tom DunhamCharleston in the 20th Century
2002978-0-7596-7999-3Howard SternThe Judgment of Thomas
  ''978-0-7596-8056-2Mary Francis AbbamonteThe 13th Sign
  ''978-0-7596-8062-3Pamela S. BaconThe Beach Club Begins: "The Big Dance"
  ''978-0-7596-8242-9C¿sar A. VargasMercadotecnia espiritual: Una f¿rmula comprobada de 5 pasos para crear riquezas f¿cilmente desde su interior (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7596-8286-3Steven JaffeThe Conspiracy of the Gods
2000978-0-7596-8399-0Jo Ann Schneider FarrisHow to Jump and Spin on In-Line Skates
2002978-0-7596-8615-1PhD Jos¿ V. Pimienta-BeyOthello's Children in the "New World": Moorish History & Identity In The African American Experience
2001978-0-7596-8706-6Inc. AarmacsRussian Style of Hand-To-Hand Combat
2002978-0-7596-8833-9Donald S. SawickiTraffic Radar Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Speed Measuring Systems
1900978-0-7596-8872-8Andreas MoritzFreedom from Judgment
2002978-0-7596-8982-4Josie RavenWingThe Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao de Deus
2002978-0-7596-8994-7Rupert, Ph.D. WentworthCaught With My Pants Down: My Story About Prostate Cancer, Metastatic Prostate Cancer, and More
  ''978-0-7596-9044-8Robert H. SmithSmith's Guide to Maritime Museums of North America: Canadian Maritime Provinces, New England/Mid-Atlantic
  ''978-0-7596-9058-5P. J. GibsonDestiny's Daughters: 9 Voices of P.J. Gibson
  ''978-0-7596-9081-3Gary Sweeten · Steve GrieblingHope and Change for Humpty Dumpty: Successful Steps to Healing, Growth and Discipleship
2003978-0-7596-9093-6Barbara Warren PH. D.Unleash the Power To Complete Your Goals: Six Phases Of Awareness Exercises To Reach Your Objectives
  ''978-0-7596-9095-0Barbara WarrenBecome Exceptional: Reaching Personal Greatness a True-Life Story Based on Two Guiding Principles
2003978-0-7596-9097-4Barbara Warren · Angelika CastenedaDo What You Don't Want to Do: Achieving Excellence as a Procrastinator
2004978-0-7596-9115-5Michael C. WalkerMarketing to Seniors: Second Edition
2002978-0-7596-9129-2Robert H. SmithSmith's Guide to Maritime Museums of North America: Southern Gulf Coast
  ''978-0-7596-9144-5   ''Smith's Guide to Maritime Museums of North America: Mid-West/Canada/West Coast
  ''978-0-7596-9168-1Jim RoughSociety's Breakthrough!: Releasing Essential Wisdom and Virtue in All the People
  ''978-0-7596-9293-0Robert AmbrosThe Brief Sun
  ''978-0-7596-9347-0Kevin StewartTales of the Emerald Triangle: Memoirs of a Marijuana Grower
2002978-0-7596-9386-9Debra J. PalardySweetie How Much Should You Give Up to Keep That Relationship, I Can Answer That!
  ''978-0-7596-9438-5Melodie RomeoVlad
  ''978-0-7596-9578-8Elaine M. ParkerWedding Directing: How to Be a Professional Wedding Director
  ''978-0-7596-9689-1Jack SarfattiDestiny Matrix
  ''978-0-7596-9719-5M.D. Jose Miguel MullenUnderstanding Homeopathy and Integrative Medicine
2002978-0-7596-9829-1Philip YoungGolf for the People: Bethpage and the Black
  ''978-0-7596-9866-6Wilson Van DusenJust Beyond the Physical World