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2005978-1-58160-481-8Bill BryantStrictly Street Stuff: A Streetwise Guide to Personal Protection
  ''978-1-58160-482-5Robert H. Boatman · Morgan W. BoatmanHow To Customize Your Glock: Step-by-Step Modifications You Can Do at Little Cost
2006978-1-58160-484-9Dwight. C. McLemoreAdvanced Bowie Techniques: The Finer Points of Fighting with a Large Knife
2005978-1-58160-485-6Richard Babin · Bob ElderCutting Targets With The Japanese Sword: Practical Tameshigiri and Battodo
  ''978-1-58160-487-0Gabriel SuarezLa Pistola Táctica (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-58160-488-7Bill KippTurning Fear Into Power: The FAST Defense System
2006978-1-58160-492-4Loren W. ChristensenExtreme Joint Locking And Breaking: Restraint and Submission Techniques for the Street
  ''978-1-58160-493-1Ragnar BensonStarting A New Life In Rural America: 21 Things You Need to Know Before You Make Your Move
2006978-1-58160-494-8John L. PlasterThe Ultimate Sniper: An Advanced Training Manual for Military and Police Snipers
  ''978-1-58160-495-5Jeff CooperPrinciples of Personal Defense
  ''978-1-58160-496-2Louis N. EliopulosDeath Investigator's Handbook, Vol. 1: Crime Scenes
  ''978-1-58160-497-9   ''Death Investigator's Handbook, Vol. 2: Investigations
  ''978-1-58160-498-6   ''Death Investigator's Handbook, Vol. 3: Scientific Investigations
2006978-1-58160-499-3David Lindholm · Peter SvardSigmund Ringeck's Knightly Arts Of Combat: Sword and Buckler Fighting, Wrestling, and Fighting in Armor
  ''978-1-58160-501-3Dana NealBestCredit: How to Win the Credit Game, 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-58160-502-0Phil ElmoreFlashlight Fighting: How to Make Your Pocket Flashlight a Take-Anywhere Self-Defense Weapon
  ''978-1-58160-504-4Kit CessnaEqual Or Greater Force: A Delta Force Veteran Teaches You How to Survive Crime, Terrorism, Natural Disasters and Other Calamities
  ''978-1-58160-506-8W.E. FairbairnAll-In Fighting 1942
2006978-1-58160-507-5Gordon E. PerrigardArwrology: All-Out Hand-to-Hand Fighting for Commandos, Military, and Civilians
  ''978-1-58160-508-2Eddie The WireThe Complete Guide To Lock Picking
  ''978-1-58160-509-9Mel TappanTappan On Survival
  ''978-1-58160-510-5Charles H. Briscoe · Richard L. KiperU.S. Army Special Operations In Afghanistan
  ''978-1-58160-512-9R.C. Allanson-Winn · C. Phillipps-WolleyBroadsword And Singlestick: with Chapters on Quarter-Staff, Bayonet, Cudgel, Shillalah, Walking-Stick, Umbrella, and Other Weapons of Self-Defense
2006978-1-58160-513-6Townsend WhelanThe American Rifle: A Treatise, a Text Book, and a Book of Practical Information in the Use of the Rifle
  ''978-1-58160-514-3D.H. LuijendijkZoor Khane: History and Techniques of the Ancient Martial Art of Iran
  ''978-1-58160-516-7Gordon Hughes · Robert A BuerleinKnives Of War: An International Guide to Military Knives from World War I to the Present
  ''978-1-58160-517-4Jason VailMedieval And Renaissance Dagger Combat
  ''978-1-58160-518-1Charles BeeneRiot Prevention And Control: A Police Officer's Guide to Managing Violent and Nonviolent Crowds
2002978-1-58160-522-8Ralph ThornCombat Knife Throwing
2006978-1-58160-523-5Claire WolfeThink Free To Live Free: A Political Burnout`s Guide to Life, Activism, and Everything
1999978-1-58160-524-2Erwin S. StraussHow To Start Your Own Country
2006978-1-58160-525-9Loren W. ChristensenThe Brutal Art Of Ripping, Poking & Pressing Vital Targets
2004978-1-58160-526-6Frank GrecoRunning Recon: A Photo Journey with SOG Special Ops Along the Ho Chi Minh Trail
1993978-1-58160-527-3Peter R. SenichU.S. Marine Corps Scout/sniper: World War II And Korea
2006978-1-58160-529-7W.E. FairbairnScientific Self-defense
2006978-1-58160-531-0B.J. CosneckAmerican Combat Judo: 186 Photographs Illustrating Jiu Jitsu Wrestling, Foot-Fighting and Police Tactics
2007978-1-58160-532-7Linda K. Miller · Captain Keith CunninghamThe Wind Book For Rifle Shooters
1998978-1-58160-534-1Charlie CutshawThe New World Of Russian Small Arms And Ammo
1995978-1-58160-535-8Kenneth ConboyShadow War: The CIA's Secret War in Laos
2000978-1-58160-536-5Brian PriceTechniques Of Medieval Armour Reproduction: The 14th Century
1997978-1-58160-537-2Erle Montaigue · Wally SimpsonThe Main Meridians (Encyclopedia of Dim Mak)
  ''978-1-58160-538-9Erle Montaigue · Wally SimpsonThe Extra Meridians, Points, And More (Encyclopedia of Dim Mak)
2002978-1-58160-539-6Robert H. BoatmanLiving With Glocks: The Complete Guide to the New Standard in Combat Handguns
1991978-1-58160-543-3Jim HrisoulasMaster Bladesmith: Advanced Studies in Steel
1994978-1-58160-544-0   ''The Pattern-Welded Blade: Artistry In Iron
2009978-1-58160-545-7Jim MorrisWar Story
2007978-1-58160-547-1MALACLYPSE THE YOUNGERPrincipia Discordia
2006978-1-58160-549-5James MillerUnder The Gun:the Manual
1993978-1-58160-550-1John HoffmanThe Art & Science Of Dumpster Diving
2007978-1-58160-556-3Christopher Grosz · Michael JanichContemporary Knife Targeting: Modern Science vs. W.E. Fairbairn's Timetable of Death
2006978-1-58160-557-0"Gunny" Bob NewmanMinefields to Microphones: Global Assymetric Warfare, the Radical Left, and Winning the War on Terror
1976978-1-58160-558-7Rex ApplegateKill Or Get Killed
2007978-1-58160-559-4Dave M. Lauck · Paul W. HantkeThe Tactical AR-15: High Performance Techniques for Police, Military, and Practical Shooters
  ''978-1-58160-560-0U.S. ArmyThe Manual Of The Automatic Pistol, Caliber .45, Model Of 1911
1999978-1-58160-564-8Richard RyanMaster Of The Blade: Secrets Of The Deadly Art Of Knife Fighting
2007978-1-58160-566-2Christopher Scott Thompson · Louis PastoreHighland Knife Fighting: With the Dirk and Sgian
1993978-1-58160-568-6U.S. ArmyRanger Handbook
1996978-1-58160-570-9AnonymousHandbook For Volunteers Of The Irish Republican Army: Notes On Guerrilla Warfare
2007978-1-58160-571-6Ed LovetteThe Snubby Revolver: The ECQ, Backup, and Concealed Carry Standard
2003978-1-58160-573-0Richard BabinIaido Sword: Kamimoto-Ha Techniques of Muso Shinden Ryu
2002978-1-58160-574-7Rick Bauer · Flane WalkerThe Ancient Art Of Life And Death: The Book of Dim-Mak
2007978-1-58160-575-4James BallouLong-Term Survival In The Coming Dark Age: Preparing to Live after Society Crumbles
  ''978-1-58160-578-5Claire WolfeThe Freedom Outlaw's Handbook: 179 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution
  ''978-1-58160-579-2Joseph BerkThe Gatling Gun: 19th Century Machine Gun To 21st Century Vulcan
1999978-1-58160-580-8Eddie The WireHow To Bury Your Goods: The Complete Manual of Long Term Underground Storage
1991978-1-58160-582-2Charles AskinsUnrepentant Sinner: The Autobiography Of Col. Charles Askins
2007978-1-58160-583-9Perry William KellyDan Inosanto: The Man, the Teacher, the Artist
2002978-1-58160-585-3Grzegorz Zabinski · Bartlomiej WalczakCodex Wallerstein: A Medieval Fighting Book from the Fifteenth Century on the Longsword, Falchion, Dagger, and Wrestling
2002978-1-58160-586-0Mary BrewerThe Art Of Mail Armor: How to Make Your Own
1997978-1-58160-592-1Jeff CooperThe Art of the Rifle
2007978-1-58160-594-5Norbert ZaengleinThe Covert Bug Book: How to Find Eavesdropping Devices and Stop Them Dead
  ''978-1-58160-595-2Charles NelsonCharles Nelson's School Of Self-defense: The Red and Gray Manuals
2000978-1-58160-597-6John PlasterSOG: A Photo History Of The Secret Wars
2007978-1-58160-598-3Phil ElmoreStreet Sword: Practical Use of the Long Blade for Self-Defense
  ''978-1-58160-602-7W.E. FairbairnDefendu
  ''978-1-58160-603-4W.E. Fairbairn · E.A. SykesShooting To Live
  ''978-1-58160-605-8Louis AwerbuckHit Or Myth
2007978-1-58160-606-5U.S. Army · Lt. General David Petraeus · Lt. General James F AmosCounterinsurgency: FM 3-24 (2006)
  ''978-1-58160-608-9David GrantTomahawks: Traditional to Tactical
  ''978-1-58160-609-6Peter R. SenichLong-Range War: Sniping in Vietnam
  ''978-1-58160-610-2   ''Complete Book Of U.S. Sniping
  ''978-1-58160-611-9Richard H. BezdekSwords Of The American Civil War
2007978-1-58160-612-6James DunningBritish Commandos: The Origins and Special Training of an Elite Unit
  ''978-1-58160-613-3Colonel Charles AskinsThe Gunfighters: True Tales of Outlaws, Lawmen, and Indians on the Texas Frontier
  ''978-1-58160-614-0Dennis CroukampThe Bush War In Rhodesia: The Extraordinary Combat Memoir of a Rhodesian Reconnaissance Specialist
  ''978-1-58160-615-7Chris CocksFireforce: One Man's War in the Rhodesia Light Infantry
1992978-1-58160-616-4Peter Alan KaslerGlock: The New Wave in Combat Handguns
2007978-1-58160-618-8Michael BabinYang-Style Taiji
  ''978-1-58160-620-1Burton RichardsonChoke 'em Out: 65 Chokes to End Any Fight Fast
2007978-1-58160-625-6J. Henry FitzGeraldShooting
  ''978-1-58160-628-7George R. BradfordSelf Reliance During Natural Disasters And Civil Unrest: How to Handle Fires, Search and Rescue, and Other Emergency-Response Situations on Your Own (photos, illust.)
  ''978-1-58160-630-0David GrantHistory Of Knuckle Dusters: The Ultimate Close-Quarters Weapon
2008978-1-58160-632-4John PlasterThe History Of Sniping And Sharpshooting
1987978-1-58160-633-1Jim HrisoulasThe Complete Bladesmith: Forging Your Way To Perfection
2008978-1-58160-635-5Loren W. ChristensenRiot: A Behind-The-Barricades Tour of Mobs, Riot Cops, and the Chaos of Crowd Violence
  ''978-1-58160-636-2ACM IV Security ServicesCountering Hostile Surveillance: Detect, Evade, and Neutralize Physical Surveillance Threats
  ''978-1-58160-637-9Michael KellyFight Medicine: Diagnosis and Treatment of Combat Sports Injuries for Boxing, Wrestling, and Mixed Martial Arts
2008978-1-58160-639-3Mike HoareCongo Mercenary
  ''978-1-58160-640-9Wim Demeere · Loren W ChristensenThe Fighter's Guide To Hard-Core Heavy Bag Training
  ''978-1-58160-641-6Mike HoareThe Road To Kalamata: A Congo Mercenary's Personal Memoir
  ''978-1-58160-642-3G. A. BroadheadThe Palestine Police Force Close Quarter Battle: Revolvers, Automatics, and Sub-Machine Guns
  ''978-1-58160-644-7David James Knight · Brian HuntPolearms Of Paulus Hector Mair
2007978-1-58160-645-4Joseph Parnar · Robert DumontSOG Medic: Stories from Vietnam and Over the Fence
2008978-1-58160-646-1Mike ChapmanThe Life And Legacy Of Frank Gotch: King of the Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestlers
2008978-1-58160-647-8Mike HoareCongo Warriors
  ''978-1-58160-648-5Phil MatthewsSilent Killing: Nazi Counters to Fairbairn-Sykes Techniques
  ''978-1-58160-649-2Paul KirchnerJim Cirillo's Tales Of The Stakeout Squad
  ''978-1-58160-650-8Matthew O'DeanneGang Investigator's Handbook: A Law-Enforcement Guide to Identifying and Combating Violent Street Gangs
  ''978-1-58160-652-2Charles StephensHow to Become a Master Handgunner: The Mechanics of X-count Shooting
2008978-1-58160-653-9Timothy J. Mullin · Elmer KeithLetters from Elmer Keith: A Half Century of Advice on Guns, Ammo, Handloading, Hunting, and Other Pursuits
  ''978-1-58160-656-0Ralph ThornCombat Knife Throwing: A New Approach to Knife Throwing and Knife Fighting, Revised and Updated (illustrations)
  ''978-1-58160-657-7Mike HoareThe Seychelles Affair
  ''978-1-58160-659-1Loren W. ChristensenSurviving a School Shooting: A Plan of Action for Parents, Teachers, and Students
  ''978-1-58160-660-7Dwight C. McLemoreThe Fighting Sword: Illustrated Techniques and Concepts
2008978-1-58160-661-4Bradley J. SteinerThe Tactical Skills Of Hand-to-Hand Combat
  ''978-1-58160-663-8Frank GotchWrestling By Frank Gotch, World's Champion
  ''978-1-58160-664-5Ed "Strangler" Lewis · Billy SandowPhysical Conditioning (The Sandow-Lewis Library)
2008978-1-58160-665-2Ed "Strangler" Lewis · Billy SandowSelf-Defense (The Sandow-Lewis Library)
  ''978-1-58160-666-9   ''Wrestling (The Sandow-Lewis Library)
  ''978-1-58160-667-6U.S ArmyBrowning Machine Gun Caliber .50 Hb, M2: FM23-65
  ''978-1-58160-668-3John ClementsMasters Of Medieval And Renaissance Martial Arts: Rediscovering the Western Combat Heritage
  ''978-1-58160-672-0Peter R. SenichThe German Assault Rifle: 1935-1945
2008978-1-58160-673-7Richard H. BezdekSwords And Sword Makers Of England And Scotland
  ''978-1-58160-674-4Jeffrey HullKnightly Dueling: The Fighting Arts of German Chivalry
  ''978-1-58160-676-8Major John PlasterSOG: The Secret Wars of America's Commandos in Vietnam
1999978-1-58160-677-5Ronald B. BrownHomemade Guns and Homemade Ammo
2008978-1-58160-678-2W.E. Fairbairn · E.A. SykesShooting to Live With the One Hand Gun
  ''978-1-58160-679-9Jeff CooperFighting Handguns: History, Adventure, and Romance of Handguns from the Muzzle Loader to Modern Magnums
  ''978-1-58160-680-5   ''Custom Rifles
2008978-1-58160-681-2Jeff CooperHandguns Afield
  ''978-1-58160-682-9   ''Guns of the Old West
  ''978-1-58160-683-6James F. Dunnigan · Austin BayA Quick & Dirty Guide to War: Briefings on Present & Potential Wars, 4th Edition
2004978-1-58160-685-0Bob KasperBob Kasper's Individual Close Combat Volumes 1 & 2
2008978-1-58160-686-7Scott SonnonMastering Sambo for Mixed Martial Arts
  ''978-1-58160-688-1David Lindholm · Peter SvardSigmund Ringeck's Knightly Art of the Longsword
2009978-1-58160-690-4Paul KirchnerMore of the Deadliest Men Who Ever Lived
  ''978-1-58160-691-1Lou Chiodo · Louis M. ChiodoWinning a High-Speed, Close-Distance Gunfight
2009978-1-58160-692-8Christopher Scott ThompsonHighland Martial Culture: The Fightin Heritage of Scotland
  ''978-1-58160-693-5Loren W. Christensen · Mark MirelesFighting in the Clinch: Vicious Strikes, Street Wrestling, and Gouges for Real Fights
  ''978-1-58160-694-2Steve AlbrechtTactical Perfection For Street Cops: Survival Tactics for Field Contacts, Dangerous Calls, and Special Arrests
  ''978-1-58160-697-3Bob KasperBob Kasper's Sting of the Scorpion: A Fundamental Guide to Knife Combat
  ''978-1-58160-698-0Charles NelsonSelf-Defense By Charles C. Nelson
2009978-1-58160-700-0David Lindholm · Ulf KarlssonBare-Knuckle Boxer's Companion: Learning How to Hit Hard and Train Tough from the Early Boxing Masters
  ''978-1-58160-703-1Major John PlasterSharpshooting in the Civil War
  ''978-1-58160-704-8Henry de Sainct-DidierSingle Sword of Henry de Sainct Didier
  ''978-1-58160-705-5James BallouMakeshift Workshop Skills
  ''978-1-58160-707-9Chris CocksOut of Action
2009978-1-58160-712-3Claude La MarcheThe Dueling Sword
  ''978-1-58160-713-0Harvey J.S. WithersThe Scottish Sword 1600-1945: An Illustrated History
2010978-1-58160-714-7Dwight C. McLemoreThe Fighting Staff
2009978-1-58160-715-4Joe LouisJoe Louis' How to Box
  ''978-1-58160-716-1Bryan Vila · Cynthia MorrisMicronesian Blues: The Adventures of an American Cop in Paradise
  ''978-1-58160-719-2Mel TappanSurvival Guns
2010978-1-58160-720-8Mark S. HewittCatch Wrestling, Round Two: More Wild and Wooly Tales From the Early Days of Pro Wrestling
  ''978-1-58160-721-5Linda K. Miller · Keith CunninghamSecrets of Mental Marksmanship: How to Fire Perfect Shots
2010978-1-58160-724-6Joshua Potter · Gary Stubblefield · Mark MondayAmbush!: A Professional's Guide to Preparing and Preventing Ambushes
2005978-1-58160-727-7Andrew ConwayThe New Bullwhip Book
2010978-1-58160-728-4Christopher Scott ThompsonHighland Broadsword: Lessons, Drills, and Practices
  ''978-1-58160-729-1Dwight C. McLemoreThe Fighting Tomahawk, Volume II: Further Studies in the Combat Use of the Early American Tomahawk
  ''978-1-58160-732-1Mike HoareMike Hoare's Adventures in Africa
  ''978-1-58160-733-8   ''Three Years with Sylvia
  ''978-1-58160-734-5Brandon B. Heslop · Benjamin G. BradakLessons on the English Longsword
2010978-1-58160-735-2Stephen P. WengerDefensive Use of Firearms
  ''978-1-58160-736-9Maj. James GebhardtThe Official Soviet Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle Manual
  ''978-1-58160-738-3Richard E. Fairburn · Richard FairburnBuilding a Better Gunfighter: Improving Marksmanship, Mechanics and Mindset
  ''978-1-58160-740-6Frederik C. JonssonMaritime Sniper Manual: Precision Fire from Seaborne Platforms
  ''978-1-58160-741-3Claire WolfeThe Bad Attitude Guide to Good Citizenship
2010978-1-58160-742-0Paul KirchnerBowie Knife Fights, Fighters and Fighting Techniques
  ''978-1-58160-743-7F. Kim O'NeillUltimate Guide to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse
1982978-1-58160-745-1Peter R. SenichThe German Sniper: 1914-1945
2011978-1-58160-746-8James BallouMore Makeshift Workshop Skills
  ''978-1-58160-747-5M. D. CreekmoreDirt-Cheap Survival Retreat: One Man's Solution
  ''978-1-58160-748-2Pat KasperBob Kasper's Tactical Knives: Street Smart Training Tactics That Work in the Real World