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1994978-0-87364-782-3Sam Brown · Gini Graham ScottPrivate Eyes: What Private Investigators Really Do
  ''978-0-87364-785-4Powder BurnsFull-Auto Conversion Of The SKS Rifle
  ''978-0-87364-786-1Gary Stubblefield · Mark MondayKilling Zone: A Professional's Guide To Preparing Or Preventing Ambushes
  ''978-0-87364-787-8Charles StephensAdvanced Master Handgunning: Secrets And Surefire Techniques To Make You A Winner
  ''978-0-87364-788-5Sid CampbellExotic Weapons Of The Ninja
1994978-0-87364-789-2Peter R. SenichThe Long-Range War: Sniping In Vietnam
  ''978-0-87364-792-2Bill HolmesHow to Design, Build, and Sell Your Own Small Arms (Home Workshop Guns for Defense & Resistance)
  ''978-0-87364-796-0Jane Inder · Hilary EyreDonâ€TMt Get Mad - Get Even: The Fine Art Of Revengemanship
  ''978-0-87364-798-4Benny MaresExecutive Protection: A Professional's Guide To Bodyguarding
  ''978-0-87364-800-4U.S. ArmyInfantrymanâ€TMs Guide To Combat In Built-Up Areas
1999978-0-87364-801-1Ragnar BensonRagnar's Action Encyclopedia of Practical Knowledge and Proven Techniques
1994978-0-87364-804-2Paladin PressStoner 63 Weapons System
1995978-0-87364-806-6Mack TannerThe Armed-Citizen Solution To Crime In The Streets: So Many Criminals, So Few Bullets
1995978-0-87364-811-0George HaydukeSilent But Deadly: More Homemade Silencers From Hayduke The Master
  ''978-0-87364-815-8N. MashiroEqualizers (Black Medicine)
  ''978-0-87364-817-2K. Hawkeye GrossTales From the Joint
  ''978-0-87364-819-6Eugene SockutSecrets Of Street Survival - Israeli Style: Staying Alive In A Civilian War Zone
  ''978-0-87364-823-3Bill HolmesThe .22 Machine Pistol (Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance)
1999978-0-87364-824-0AnonymousSpecial Forces Close-Quarter Combat Manual
1995978-0-87364-825-7Kenneth ConboyShadow War: The CIA's Secret War In Laos
1995978-0-87364-826-4Erle MontaigueDim-mak's 12 Most Deadly Katas: Points of No Return
  ''978-0-87364-829-5U.S. ArmySniper Training: FM 23-10
  ''978-0-87364-831-8AnonymousHow To Make A Silencer For A .45 (Silencers)
978-0-87364-837-0Kyusho Jutsu for Law Enforcement: Nerve-Attack Restraint, Control, and Personal Defense Techniques [VHS]
1985978-0-87364-840-0Gerard MetralThe Do-it-Yourself Submachine Gun: It's Homemade, 9mm, Lightweight, Durable-And It'll Never Be On Any Import Ban Lists!
1992978-0-87364-841-7James W. MaddenThe Art Of Throwing Weapons (Exotic Weapons)
1995978-0-87364-843-1Haha LungThe Ancient Art of Strangulation
  ''978-0-87364-844-8Bill ValentineGang Intelligence Manual: Identifying And Understanding Modern-Day Violent Gangs In The United States
  ''978-0-87364-851-6Paladin PressThe Revenge Encyclopedia
1995978-0-87364-852-3Hei LongAdvanced Dragons Touch: 20 Anatomical Targets And Techniques for Taking Them Out
1996978-0-87364-855-4Adam StarchildSwiss Money Secrets: How You Can Legally Hide Your Money In Switzerland
  ''978-0-87364-859-2Loren W. ChristensenSpeed Training: How to Develop Your Maximum Speed for Martial Arts
1995978-0-87364-860-8Dennis G. PalumboThe Essence Of Hakkoryu Jujutsu: Techniques Of Sandan Gi
1996978-0-87364-864-6Gabriel Suarez · Gabe SuarezTactical Pistol: Advanced Gunfighting Concepts and Techniques
  ''978-0-87364-867-7Peter R. SenichThe One-Round War: USMC Scout-Snipers In Vietnam
  ''978-0-87364-869-1Bill HolmesThe 9mm Machine Pistol (Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance)
  ''978-0-87364-872-1Evan Marshall · Edwin J. SanowStreet Stoppers: The Latest Handgun Stopping Power Street Results
1996978-0-87364-874-5F.D. JordanSex Crime Investigations: The Complete Investigatorâ€TMs Handbook
  ''978-0-87364-875-2Carl HammerThe Gestapo And SS Manual
  ''978-0-87364-877-6Jim CirilloGuns, Bullets, and Gunfights: Lessons and Tales from a Modern-Day Gunfighter
  ''978-0-87364-878-3Erle MontaigueUltimate Dim-Mak: How To Fight A Grappler And Win
  ''978-0-87364-879-0Tom LarsenLayman's Guide To Electronic Eavesdropping: How It's Done And Simple Ways To Prevent It
1996978-0-87364-881-3Dave M. LauckThe Tactical Marksman: A Complete Training Manual For Police And Practical Shooters
  ''978-0-87364-885-1Charles StephensThe Thompson/Center Contender Pistol: How To Tune, Time, Load, And Shoot For Accuracy
  ''978-0-87364-886-8Michael JanichStreet Steel: Choosing And Carrying Self-Defense Knives
1997978-0-87364-887-5Sammy Franco1,001 Street Fighting Secrets: The Principles Of Contemporary Fighting Arts
1996978-0-87364-888-2U.S. ArmyHow To Shoot Your M16/AR-15 In Training And Combat
  ''978-0-87364-889-9U.S. Marine CorpsU.S. Marines Close-quarter Combat Manual
1997978-0-87364-891-2Brad DeLong4-Wheel Freedom: The Art Of Off-Road Driving
1996978-0-87364-892-9Bob OrlandoIndonesian Fighting Fundamentals: The Brutal Arts Of The Archipelago
  ''978-0-87364-893-6Peyton QuinnReal Fighting: Adrenaline Stress Conditioning Through Scenario-Based Training
1996978-0-87364-894-3Ragnar BensonAcquiring New ID: How To Easily Use The Latest Technology To Drop Out, Start Over, And Get On With Your Life
1999978-0-87364-895-0G.M. HollenbackWorkbench Silencers: The Art of Improvised Designs
1996978-0-87364-897-4Tony L. JonesSwat Leadership and Tactical Planning: The Swat Operator's Guide to Combat Law Enforcement
  ''978-0-87364-898-1Gabriel Suarez · Gabe SuarezThe Tactical Shotgun: The Best Techniques and Tactics for Employing the Shotgun in Personal Combat
  ''978-0-87364-899-8Marc "Animal" MacYoungA Professional's Guide to Ending Violence Quickly: How Bouncers, Bodyguards, and Other Security Professionals Handle Ugly Situations
  ''978-0-87364-900-1John McSweeney · Pat CascioSWAT Battle Tactics: How to Organize, Train, and Equip a SWAT Team for Law Enforcement or Self-Defense
  ''978-0-87364-901-8Loren W. ChristensenFighting Power: How To Develop Explosive Punches, Kicks, Blocks, And Grappling
1996978-0-87364-902-5Jefferson MackRunning A Ring Of Spies: Spycraft And Black Operations In The Real World Of Espionage
1997978-0-87364-908-7U.S.S.R. Army · Major James F. GebhardtThe Official SKS Manual
1996978-0-87364-909-4Alan C. PaulsonSilencer: History and Performance, Volume 1: Sporting and Tactical Silencers
1997978-0-87364-912-4Peter HustonScams from the Great Beyond: How to Make Easy Money Off of ESP . . .
  ''978-0-87364-913-1AnonymousHow To Make A Silencer For A Mini-14
  ''978-0-87364-914-8Geoff ThompsonDead Or Alive: The Choice Is Yours: The Definitive Self-Protection Handbook
  ''978-0-87364-917-9Tom LarsenBench-Tested Circuits For Surveillance And Countersurveillance Technicians
  ''978-0-87364-918-6Ragnar BensonDo-it-Yourself Medicine: How To Find And Use The Most Effective Antibiotics, Painkillers, Anesthetics And Other Miracle Drugs . . . Without Costly Doctorsâ€TM Prescriptions Or Hospitals
1997978-0-87364-919-3John ClementsRenaissance Swordsmanship: The Illustrated Book Of Rapiers And Cut And Thrust Swords And Their Use
  ''978-0-87364-920-9Bob HammondSuper Privacy: The Complete Guide To Personal Privacy And Financial Freedom In Tomorrow'S Cashless Society
  ''978-0-87364-921-6Wimberley ScottSpecial Forces Guerrilla Warfare Manual
  ''978-0-87364-922-3Nick ChiaroscuroThe Home Workshop Spy: Spookware For The Serious Hobbyist
  ''978-0-87364-923-0Erle Montaigue · Wally SimpsonThe Encyclopedia of Dim-Mak: The Main Meridians
1997978-0-87364-924-7Leonard HolifieldClose-quarter Combat: A Soldierâ€TMs Guide To Hand-To-Hand Fighting
1999978-0-87364-926-1Ragnar BensonRagnar's Action Encyclopedia
1997978-0-87364-928-5Erle Montaigue · Wally SimpsonThe Extra Meridians, Points, And More (Encyclopedia Of Dim-Mak)
  ''978-0-87364-929-2John DonnerA Professional's GuideTo Pyrotechnics: Understanding And Making Exploding Fireworks
  ''978-0-87364-931-5Jeff CooperThe Art of the Rifle
  ''978-0-87364-933-9Kenn AbaygoAdvanced Fugitive: Running, Hiding, Surviving And Thriving Forever
  ''978-0-87364-934-6Ned BeaumontChampionship Streetfighting: Boxing As A Martial Art
1997978-0-87364-935-3Alexis Artwohl · Loren W. ChristensenDeadly Force Encounters: What Cops Need To Know To Mentally And Physically Prepare For And Survive A Gunfight
  ''978-0-87364-938-4Stevan PlinckPukulan Pentjak Silat [VHS]
  ''978-0-87364-943-8Timothy J. MullinTesting the War Weapons: Rifles and Light Machine Guns from Around the World
  ''978-0-87364-944-5Bob NewmanGuerrillas In The Mist: A Battlefield Guide To Clandestine Warfare
  ''978-0-87364-945-2Haha LungAssassin! The Deadly Art of the Cult of the Assassins
1997978-0-87364-946-9Sheldon CharrettModern Identity Changer: How To Create And Use A New Identity For Privacy And Personal Freedom
  ''978-0-87364-954-4Roger J. WillardPI: A Self-Study Guide On Becoming A Private Detective
  ''978-0-87364-956-8Bob OrlandoFighting Arts of Indonesia [VHS]
1998978-0-87364-957-5Rex Applegate · Michael JanichBullseyes Don't Shoot Back: The Complete Textbook of Point Shooting for Close Quarters Combat
  ''978-0-87364-959-9Adam StarchildPortable Wealth: The Complete Guide To Precious Metals Investment
1998978-0-87364-960-5John B. DwyerCommandos From The Sea: The History Of Amphibious Special Warfare In World War II And The Korean War
  ''978-0-87364-962-9K. Hawkeye GrossReefer Warrior: How My Friends And I Found Adventure, Wealth, And Romance Smuggling Marijuana -- Until We All Went To Jail
  ''978-0-87364-969-8Brett F. WoodsThe Art And Science Of Money Laundering
  ''978-0-87364-971-1Haha LungKnights Of Darkness: Secrets Of The World's Deadliest Night Fighters
  ''978-0-87364-972-8M.L. ShannonThe Phone Book: The Latest High-Tech Techniques And Equipment For Preventing Electronic Eavesdropping, Recording Phone Calls, Ending Harassing Calls, And Stopping Toll Fraud
1998978-0-87364-973-5Jeff CooperTo Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth
  ''978-0-87364-975-9Gabriel SuarezThe Tactical Advantage: A Definitive Study of Personal Small-Arms Tactics
  ''978-0-87364-980-3Ragnar BensonThe Modern Survival Retreat
  ''978-0-87364-983-4P.A. LutyExpedient Homemade Firearms: The 9mm Submachine Gun
  ''978-0-87364-984-1Jim ThompsonComplete M1 Garand
1998978-0-87364-985-8Dave M. LauckThe Tactical 1911: The Street Cop's And SWAT Operator's Guide To Employment And Maintenance
  ''978-0-87364-986-5Loren W. ChristensenFar Beyond Defensive Tactics: Advanced Concepts, Techniques, Drills, and Tricks for Cops on the Street
  ''978-0-87364-989-6Jefferson MackThe Safe House: Setting Up & Running Your Own Sanctuary
  ''978-0-87364-990-2Trey Bloodworth · Mike RaleyHidden in Plain Sight: A Practical Guide to Concealed Handgun Carry, Revised 2nd Edition
  ''978-0-87364-992-6Norbert ZaengleinDISK DETECTIVE - Secrets You Must Know to Recover Information from a Computer
1998978-0-87364-993-3Charlie CutshawThe New World of Russian Small Arms and Ammo
  ''978-0-87364-994-0George HellenbackMore Workbench Silencers
  ''978-0-87364-995-7Fred HutchinsonTHE MODERN SWORDSMAN - Realistic Training for Serious Self-Defense
  ''978-0-87364-996-4Jeff CooperFireworks: A Gunsite Anthology
  ''978-0-87364-997-1Tony M. Noblitt · Warren GabrilskaDead On: The Long-Range Marksman'S Guide To Extreme Accuracy
1998978-0-87364-998-8Rex Applegate · Chuck MelsonThe Close-Combat Files of Colonel Rex Applegate