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2002978-1-58053-568-7Balbir S. DhillonEngineering and Technology Management Tools and Applications (Artech House Technology Management and Professional Development Library)
  ''978-1-58053-569-4John Care · Aron BohligMastering Technical Sales: The Sales Engineers Handbook (Artech House Technology Management and Professional Development Library)
  ''978-1-58053-571-7Han Zuidweg · Johan ZuidwegNext Generation Intelligent Networks (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
2003978-1-58053-572-4Nathan J MullerLANs to WANs: The Complete Management Guide
  ''978-1-58053-574-8Peter StavroulakisInterference Analysis and Reduction for Wireless Systems (Artech House Mobile Communications)
2002978-1-58053-575-5Gunnar HeineGPRS - Signaling and Protocol Analysis - Volume 1: RAN and Mobile Station
2003978-1-58053-576-2Gunnar HeineGPRS - Signaling and Protocol Analysis - Volume 2: The Core Network
  ''978-1-58053-577-9Gary BostelmannUmts Design Details and System Engineering
2002978-1-58053-582-3David L. AdamyIntroduction to Electronic Warfare Modeling and Simulation (Artech House Radar Library)
2002978-1-58053-584-7Mark NorrisGigabit Ethernet Technology and Applications (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
  ''978-1-58053-585-4Rolf OppligerSecurity Technologies for the World Wide Web (Artech House Computer Security)
2003978-1-58053-586-1Almudena Suarez · Raymond QuereStability Analysis of Nonlinear Microwave Circuits (Artech House Microwave Library)
2002978-1-58053-587-8Sudhir Dixit · Ramjee PrasadWireless Ip and Building the Mobile Internet (Artech House Universal Personal Communications)
2003978-1-58053-588-5Hongji Yang · Martin WardSuccessful Evolution of Software System (Artech House Computer Library)
  ''978-1-58053-589-2Harri Eskelinen · Pekka EskelinenMicrowave Component Mechanics (Artech House Microwave Library)
2004978-1-58053-590-8Nadim Maluf · Kirt WilliamsAn Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems Engineering, Second Edition
  ''978-1-58053-592-2D. K. SachdevBusiness Strategies for Satellite Systems (Artech House Space Applications Series)
2003978-1-58053-594-6Juha KorhonenIntroduction to 3G Mobile Communications (Artech House Mobile Communications)
2003978-1-58053-597-7Emmanuel Seurre · Patrick Savelli · Pierre-Jean PietriEDGE for Mobile Internet
  ''978-1-58053-598-4   ''Edge for Mobile Internet (Artech House Mobile Communications)
2002978-1-58053-600-4   ''GPRS for Mobile Internet
2006978-1-58053-601-1David AndrewsLumped Element Quadrature Hybrids
2003978-1-58053-603-5Katashi NagaoDigital Content Annotation and Transcoding (Artech House Digital Audio and Video Library)
  ''978-1-58053-604-2John W. HorchPractical Guide to Software Quality Management (Artech House Computer Library)
2004978-1-58053-605-9Michael Luck · Ronald Ashri · Mark d'InvernoAgent-Based Software Development (Agent-Oriented Systems)
2003978-1-58053-607-3Gunnar Heine · Holger SagkobGprs: Gateway to Third Generation Mobile Networks (Artech House Mobile Communications)
2005978-1-58053-610-3Dimitris G. Manolakis · Dimitris Manolakis · Vinay K. Ingle · Stephen M. KogonStatistical and Adaptive Signal Processing: Spectral Estimation, Signal Modeling, Adaptive Filtering and Array Processing (Artech House Signal Processing Library)
2003978-1-58053-612-7Xuejun Zhang · Lawrence E. Larson · Peter M. AsbeckDesign of Linear Rf Outphasing Power Amplifiers (Artech House Microwave Library)
  ''978-1-58053-613-4David BrandwoodFourier Transforms in Radar and Signal Processing (Artech House Radar Library)
  ''978-1-58053-616-5Tarmo AnttalainenIntroduction to Telecommunications Network Engineering (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
2003978-1-58053-619-6Derek K. HitchinsAdvanced Systems Thinking, Engineering, and Management (Artech House Technology Management and Professional Developm)
  ''978-1-58053-621-9Eduardo MirandaRunning the Successful Hi-Tech Project Office (Artech House Technology Management and Professional Development Library)
  ''978-1-58053-622-6John R. Abrahams · Mauro LolloCentrex or Pbx: The Impact of Ip (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
2004978-1-58053-625-7Tim KassePractical Insight into Cmmi (Artech House Computing Library)
2003978-1-58053-627-1Journal of Electronic DefenseInternational Electronic Countermeasures Handbook: 2003
  ''978-1-58053-629-5Joel Vuolevi · Timo RahkonenDistortion in Rf Power Amplifiers (Artech House Microwave Library)
2004978-1-58053-631-8Branko Ristic · Sanjeev Arulampalam · Neil GordonBeyond the Kalman Filter: Particle Filters for Tracking Applications (Artech House Radar Library) (Artech House Radar Library (Hardcover))
  ''978-1-58053-632-5Sofoklis Kyriazakos · George KaretsosPractical Radio Resource Management in Wireless Systems (Artech House Universal Personal Communications Series)
2005978-1-58053-634-9Sergio BarbarossaMultiantenna Wireless Communication Systems
2003978-1-58053-636-3Milorad CvijeticOptical Transmission Systems Engineering (Artech House Optoelectronics Library)
2003978-1-58053-638-7Ramjee Prasad · Marina RuggieriTechnology Trends in Wireless Communications
  ''978-1-58053-639-4Boris Mutafelija · Harvey StrombergSystematic Process Improvement Using Iso 9001: 2000 and Cmmism (Artech House Computer Library)
  ''978-1-58053-640-0Gunnar HeineGprs Network Optimization and Troubleshooting
2007978-1-58053-641-7Uma Shankar Jha · Ramjee PrasadOFDM Towards Fixed and Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (Artech House Universal Personal Communications)
2005978-1-58053-642-4Rolf OppligerContemporary Cryptography (Artech House Computer Security Library)
2003978-1-58053-644-8Marcel Mampaey · Freddy Ghys · Michel Smouts · Arto Vaaraniemi3g Multimedia Network Services, Accounting, and User Profiles (Artech House Mobile Communications Series)
  ''978-1-58053-646-2Jeffrey H. Matsuura · Patrick Savelli · Pierre-Jean PietriManaging Intellectual Assets in the Digital Age
  ''978-1-58053-648-6Theodore B. ZahariadisHome Networking Technologies and Standards (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
2003978-1-58053-654-7Toni JanevskiTraffic Analysis and Design of Wireless Ip Networks (Artech House Mobile Communications)
  ''978-1-58053-655-4Alan B. JohnstonSIP: Understanding the Session Initiation Protocol, Second Edition
2006978-1-58053-657-8Richard A. Thompson · David Tipper · Joeseph Kabara · Prashant Krishnamurthy · Sujata BanerjeeThe Physical Layer of Communications Systems (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
2003978-1-58053-659-2Thomas Hardjono · Lakshminath R. DondetiMulticast and Group Security
  ''978-1-58053-660-8Shinsuke Hara · Ramjee PrasadMulticarrier Techniques for 4G Mobile Communications (Artech House Universal Personal Communications)
  ''978-1-58053-661-5Inder J. BahlLumped Elements for Rf and Microwave Circuits (Artech House Microwave Library)
2004978-1-58053-662-2Isabel EvansAchieving Software Quality through Teamwork
  ''978-1-58053-665-3Pekka EskelinenIntroduction to RF Equipment and System Design (Artech House Radar Library (Hardcover))
2006978-1-58053-667-7George J. MiaoSignal Processing for Digital Communications (Artech House Signal Processing Library)
2003978-1-58053-669-1Antti V. Raisanen · Arto LehtoRadio Engineering for Wireless Communication and Sensor Applications (Artech House Mobile Communications)
2003978-1-58053-673-8Joan Serrat · Alex GalisDeploying and Managing Ip over Wdm Networks (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
2004978-1-58053-677-6Frank D Ohrtman JrVoice Over 802.11 (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
  ''978-1-58053-681-3David K BartonRadar System Analysis and Modeling (Artech House Radar Library)
2003978-1-58053-683-7Lusa John M. · Richard Bellaver · John M. LusaKnowledge Management Strategy and Technology
  ''978-1-58053-684-4Gunnar HeineEgprs: Design Details & System Engineering
  ''978-1-58053-685-1IVICA ASKLUND, ULF DAHLQVIST, ANNITA PERSSON CRNKOVICImplementing and Integrating Product Data Management and Software Configeration Management
2004978-1-58053-686-8David L AdamyEW 102: A Second Course in Electronic Warfare
2005978-1-58053-689-9Robert J. MaillouxPhased Array Antenna Handbook, Second Edition (Artech House Antennas and Propagation Library)
2004978-1-58053-692-9Keith B. SchaubProduction Testing of Rf and System-on-a-Chip Devices for Wireless Communications (Artech House Microwave Library (Hardcover))
2005978-1-58053-694-3Mircea Dragoman · Daniela DragomanNanoelectronics: Principles And Devices (Nanotechnology)
2004978-1-58053-696-7Katsunari Okamoto · Shoichi SudoNew Photonics Technologies for the Information Age: The Dream of Ubiquitous Services (Artech House Optoelectronics Library)
  ''978-1-58053-700-1Eric ViardotSuccessful Marketing Strategy for High-Tech Firms (Artech House Technology Management and Professional Developm)
2004978-1-58053-702-5Steve PurserA Practical Guide to Managing Information Security (Artech House Technology Management Library)
2006978-1-58053-709-4Joe Kelly · Michael D. EngelhardtAdvanced Production Testing of RF, SoC, and SiP Devices
2004978-1-58053-711-7K Daniel WongWireless Internet Telecommunications (Artech House Mobile Communications)
2006978-1-58053-713-1Clive FinkelsteinEnterprise Architecture for Integration: Rapid Delivery Methods and Technologies (Artech House Mobile Communications Library)
2008978-1-58053-715-5Michael Dalgleish · Neil HooseHighway Traffic Monitoring and Data Quality (Artech House Intelligent Transportation Systems Library)
2004978-1-58053-717-9Robert K WysockiProject Management Process Improvement (Effective Project Management)
2003978-1-58053-719-3Rod DixonOpen Source Software Law (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
2005978-1-58053-725-4Noyan Kinayman · Irsadi AksunModern Microwave Circuits (Artech House Microwave Library)
2004978-1-58053-727-8Y Jay GuoAdvances in Mobile Radio Access Networks
2003978-1-58053-731-5Wenhua Yu · Raj MittraCFDTD: Conformal Finite Difference Time Domain Maxwell¿s Equations Solver, Software and User¿s Guide
2004978-1-58053-736-0Matthew StaffordSignaling And Switching For Packet Telephony (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
  ''978-1-58053-740-7Stephen E Saddow · Anant AgarwalAdvances in Silicon Carbide Processing and Applications (Semiconductor Materials and Devices Series)
2003978-1-58053-743-8Richard A PoiselModern Communications Jamming Principles and Techniques (Artech House Information Warfare Library)
2004978-1-58053-745-2Spyros Denazis · Cornel Klein · Celestin Brou · Alex GalisProgrammable Networks for IP Service Deployment
  ''978-1-58053-747-6Carl PritchardThe Project Management Communications Toolkit (Artech House Project Management Library)
2005978-1-58053-749-0P.A. DarganOpen Systems and Standards for Software Product Development (Artech House Computing Library)
2004978-1-58053-751-3Todd SteinerSemiconductor Nanostructures for Optoelectronic Applications (Artech House Semiconductor Materials and Devices Library)
2005978-1-58053-755-1Thomas Hardjono · Lakshminath R. DondetiSecurity In Wireless LANS And MANS (Artech House Computer Security)
2004978-1-58053-757-5Samuel C. Yang3G CDMA2000 Wireless System Engineering
2005978-1-58053-759-9Jolyon M de FreitasDigital Filter Design Solutions (Artech House Microwave Library (Hardcover))
2004978-1-58053-761-2Garnett W. Bryant · Glenn S. SolomonOptics of Quantum Dots and Wires (Artech House Solid-State Technology Library)
2002978-1-58053-763-6Riaz Esmailzadeh · Masao NakagawaTdd-Cdma for Wireless Communications (Artech House Universal Personal Communications)
2003978-1-58053-764-3R. Ian Faulconbridge · Michael J. Ryan · FaulconbridManaging Complex Technical Projects: A Systems Engineering Approach (Artech House Technology Management and Professional Development Library)
2002978-1-58053-766-7Branko M. Kolundzija · Antonije R. DjordjevicElectromagnetic Modeling of Composite Metallic Dielectric Structures (Artech House Electromagnetic Analysis)
  ''978-1-58053-767-4Girish Kumar · K .P. Ray · Sen KumarBroadband Microstrip Antennas
2002978-1-58053-768-1Michael OdyniecRf and Microwave Oscillator Design (Artech House Microwave Library)
  ''978-1-58053-769-8Xu Yan · Douglas C. PittChinese Telecommunications Policy (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
2004978-1-58053-770-4Robin F. GoldsmithDiscovering Real Business Requirements for Software Project Success (Artech House Computing Library)
2005978-1-58053-775-9John Wood · RootFundamentals of Nonlinear Behavioral Modeling for RF and Micorwave Design
2004978-1-58053-777-3Luciano Tarricone · Alessandra EspositoGrid Computing for Electromagnetics (Artech House Electromagnetic Analysis)
2005978-1-58053-779-7Sergey A. Leonov · Alexander I. LeonovMathematical Handbook for Electrical Engineers (Artech House Technology Management and Professional Developm)
2004978-1-58053-781-0Stephen S. BonhamIT Project Portfolio Management
2005978-1-58053-789-6Neeli Prasad · Anand Prasad802.11 WLANs and IP Networking: Security, QoS, and Mobility
2004978-1-58053-791-9Lee CopelandA Practitioner's Guide to Software Test Design
2002978-1-58053-792-6Rick D. Craig · Stefan P. JaskielSystematic Software Testing (Artech House Computer Library)
2005978-1-58053-793-3Peter KeningtonRf and Baseband Techniques for Software Defined Radio (Artech House Mobile Communications)
2004978-1-58053-795-7Herbert HechtSystems Reliability and Failure Prevention
  ''978-1-58053-796-4Ramjee PrasadOFDM for Wireless Communications Systems
2003978-1-58053-798-8Gert BostelmannUmts In 3x3 Hours: Access Technology And Air Interference
2004978-1-58053-799-5   ''UMTS in 3x3 Hours (Pt. 2)
2002978-1-58053-802-2Tim HentschelSample Rate Conversion in Software Configurable Radios (Artech House Mobile Communications)
  ''978-1-58053-803-9Cristian RaduImplementing Electronic Card Payment Systems (Artech House Computer Security)
2002978-1-58053-804-6Paul BurnsSoftware Defined Radio for 3G (Artech House Mobile Communications)
  ''978-1-58053-805-3Nam-Trung Nguyen · Steve T. WereleyFundamentals and Applications of Microfluidics (Artech House Microelectromechanical Systems Library)
2003978-1-58053-807-7Gert BostelmannUMTS In 3x3 Hours: UMTS Procedures & Selected Scenarios (Pt. 1)
2005978-1-58053-812-1Kiseon Kim · I.S. KooCDMA Systems Capacity Engineering
  ''978-1-58053-814-5Ramjee Prasad · Marina RuggieriApplied Satellite Navigation Using GPS, GALILEO, and Augmentation Systems
2004978-1-58053-816-9G. Richard CurryRadar System Performance Modeling, Second Edition
  ''978-1-58053-817-6Hector J. Los SantosIntroduction to Microelectromechanical Microwave Systems
2005978-1-58053-818-3Alexei NabokOrganic and Inorganic Nanostructures (Artech House Mems and Sensors Library)
2006978-1-58053-820-6Jerry Zeyu Gao · Simon Shim · Xiao Su · Hsing MeiEngineering Wireless-Based Software Systems And Applications
  ''978-1-58053-826-8Ramjee Prasad · Luc DeneireFrom WPANs to Personal Networks: Technologies and Applications
2004978-1-58053-828-2Kenneth R BaineyIntegrated It Project Management: A Model-Centric Approach (Artech House Project Management Library)
2004978-1-58053-830-5Michael A. CaloyannidesPrivacy Protection and Computer Forensics, Second Edition
2005978-1-58053-832-9Allen Taflove · Susan C. HagnessComputational Electrodynamics: The Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method, Third Edition
2003978-1-58053-834-333rd European Microwave Conference. 2003 (3 Volume Set)
  ''978-1-58053-835-0European Microwave Association33rd European Microwave Conference 2003: Conference Proceedings: [7-9th October, 2003, ICM, Munich, Germany]
  ''978-1-58053-837-411th European Gallium Arsenide and Other Compound Semiconductors Application Symposium. 2003.
  ''978-1-58053-838-16th European Conference on Wireless Technology. 2003.
  ''978-1-58053-839-8European Conference on Microwave,2003
2004978-1-58053-842-8Alan S. KochAgile Software Development: Evaluating the Methods for Your Organization (Artech House Computing Library)
2005978-1-58053-849-7Stephen MaasNoise In Linear And Nonlinear Circuits (Artech House Microwave Library) (Artech House Microwave Library (Hardcover))
2007978-1-58053-852-7Panagiotis PapadimitratosSecuring the Internet Infrastructure
2004978-1-58053-854-1Karen G. StrouseCustomer-Centered Telecommunications Services Marketing (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
2004978-1-58053-856-5Daniel MinoliA Networking Approach to Grid Computing
2006978-1-58053-858-9Andrew T. W. Pickford · Philip T. BlytheRoad User Charging and Electronic Toll Collection
2004978-1-58053-860-2Dale D. HenkesFast: Fast Amplifier Synthesis Tools - Software and User's Guide (Artech House Microwave Library)
2006978-1-58053-863-3Fuqin XiongDigital Modulation Techniques, Second Edition (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
2004978-1-58053-865-7Mohinder JankiramanSpace-Time Codes and MIMO Systems
2005978-1-58053-867-1Nirupama Bulusu · Sanjay JhaWireless Sensor Networks A Systems Perspective (Artech House Mems and Sensors Library)
1998978-1-58053-869-5Mohammad A. RahmanATM Systems and Technology
2004978-1-58053-870-1Gunnar HeineUmts Signaling and Protocol Analysis: Utrans and User Equipment
  ''978-1-58053-871-8Hector J. De Los SantosIntroduction to Microelectromechanical Microwave Systems, Second Edition
  ''978-1-58053-878-7Francine GignacBuilding Successful Virtual Teams (Artech House Professional Development and Technology Managem)
  ''978-1-58053-882-4Alexis LeonSoftware Configuration Management Handbook, Second Edition
2005978-1-58053-886-2Wireless Local Area Networks
  ''978-1-58053-888-6Hans G. SchantzThe Art and Science of Ultra-Wideband Antennas
2004978-1-58053-890-9Arnaud Henry-LabordereSMS and MMS Interworking in Mobile Networks
2004978-1-58053-892-3Bal S. Virdee · Ben Y. Banyamin · Avtar S. VirdeeBroadband Microwave Amplifiers (Artech House Microwave Library)
2005978-1-58053-894-7Elliott D Kaplan · Christopher J HegartyUnderstanding GPS: Principles and Applications, Second Edition
  ''978-1-58053-896-1Fred IronsActive Filters for Intergrated-Circuit Applications (Artech House Microwave Library)
2004978-1-58053-898-5Journal of Electronic DefenseInternational Electronic Countermeasures Handbook 2004
2005978-1-58053-901-2Sherif SedkyPost-Processing Techniques for Integrated MEMS
2004978-1-58053-903-6Lawrence P. LeachCritical Chain Project Management, Second Edition
2006978-1-58053-905-0Michael P. GaynorSystem-in-Package RF Design and Applications
  ''978-1-58053-907-4Peter RusserElectromagnetics, Microwave Circuit, And Antenna Design for Communications Engineering, Second Edition (Artech House Antennas and Propagation Library)
2004978-1-58053-909-8E. Bryan CarneA Professional's Guide to Data Communication in a TCP/IP World (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
2005978-1-58053-911-1Richard BishopIntelligent Vehicle Technology And Trends (Artech House Its Library)
2004978-1-58053-913-5Richard A PoiselTarget Acquisition in Communication Electronic Warfare Systems (Artech House Information Warfare Library)
  ''978-1-58053-915-9Les ThedePractical Analog And Digital Filter Design (Artech House Microwave Library)
2005978-1-58053-921-0Naser El-Sheimy · Caterina Valeo · Ayman HabibDigital Terrain Modeling: Acquisition, Manipulation and Applications (Artech House Remote Sensing Library)
2006978-1-58053-925-8Richard G. WileyELINT: The Interception and Analysis of Radar Signals (Artech House Radar Library (Hardcover))
2004978-1-58053-927-2Andrew McCrackanPractical Guide to Business Continuity Assurance (Artech House Technology Management Library)
2006978-1-58053-931-9Young Kyun Kim · Ramjee Prasad4G Roadmap and Emerging Communication Technologies (Artech House Universal Personal Communications)
2006978-1-58053-933-3William R. Eisenstadt · Bob Stengel · Bruce M. ThompsonMicrowave Differential Circuit Design Using Mixed Mode S-Parameters
2007978-1-58053-935-7Edward Waltz · Michael BennettCounterdeception Principles and Applications for National Security
2005978-1-58053-939-5Fred R. GoldsteinThe Great Telecom Meltdown
2006978-1-58053-941-8Eric HolzmanEssentials of RF and Microwave Grounding (Artech House Microwave Library)
  ''978-1-58053-943-2Thomas S. LaverghettaMicrowaves and Wireless Simplified, Second Edition
2005978-1-58053-945-6Waldemar NawrockiMeasurement Systems and Sensors
  ''978-1-58053-957-9Robert S. FreySuccessful Proposal Strategies for Small Businesses 4th edition (Artech House Technology Management and Professional Developm)
  ''978-1-58053-959-3Robert FantinaPractical Software Process Improvement
  ''978-1-58053-961-6Jean Berthier · Pascal SilberzanMicrofluidics for Biotechnology (Microelectromechanical Systems)
2006978-1-58053-963-0Athanasios Vasilakos · Professor of Computer Engineering Witold PedryczAmbient Intelligence, Wireless Networking, and Ubiquitous Computing (Artech House Mobile Communications)
2006978-1-58053-965-4Branko M. Kolundzija · Jovan S. Ognjanovic · Tapan SarkarWIPL-D Microwave: Circuit And 3D EM Simulation For RF & Microwave Applications: Software And Users Manual
  ''978-1-58053-966-1Gari D. Clifford · Francisco Azuaje · Patrick McSharryAdvanced Methods And Tools for ECG Data Analysis
2005978-1-58053-968-5Richard A PoiselElectronic Warfare Target Location Methods (Artech House Electronic Warfare Library)
2006978-1-58053-972-2Nam-Trung Nguyen · Steven T. WereleyFundamentals And Applications of Microfluidics, Second Edition (Integrated Microsystems)
  ''978-1-58053-974-6Niels Skou · David M. Le VineMicrowave Radiometer Systems: Design and Analysis, Second Edition
2005978-1-58053-976-0Peter W. EastMicrowave System: Design Tools and EW Applications
2006978-1-58053-978-4Johan ZuidwegImplementing Value-Added Telecom Services
2005978-1-58053-980-7Gunter KompaPractical Microstrip Design and Applications (Artech House Microwave Library)
2006978-1-58053-982-1John Rogers · Calvin Plett · Foster DaiIntegrated Circuit Design for High-Speed Frequency Synthesis (Artech House Microwave Library)
  ''978-1-58053-984-5Sophia Ananiadou · John McNaughtText Mining for Biology and Biomedicine
2005978-1-58053-988-3Amit Mitra · Amar GuptaAgile Systems with Reusable Patterns of Business Knowledge: A Component-Based Approach (Artech House Computing Library)
2004978-1-58053-991-3European Microwave AssociationWireless Technologies 2004: Conference Proceedings: 7th European Conference on Wireless Technology, Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th, October 2004.
  ''978-1-58053-992-0Netherlands) European Microwave Conference (34th 2004 Amsterdam34th European Microwave Conference 2004: Conference Proceedings: Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th October, V.1-3
978-1-58053-993-7Eurad: 1st European Radar Conference: Conference Proceedings: Thursday 14th & Friday 15th October
978-1-58053-994-4European Microwave Week 2004: Conference Proceedings: 11-15 October 2004, Rai, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2005978-1-58053-996-8Brian J. Winkel · Cipher Deavors · David KahnThe German Enigma Cipher Machine: Beginnings, Success, and Ultimate Failure (Artech House Computer Security)
2006978-1-58053-998-2Mahdi MahfoufIntelligent Systems Modeling And Decision Support in Bioengineering (Engineering in Medicine & Biology)