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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-57423-001-7Charles BukowskiBetting on the Muse
1996978-1-57423-004-8Robert Creeley · Professor Charles OlsonCorrespondence X (Charles Olson & Robert Creeley)
  ''978-1-57423-007-9William EversonProdigious Thrust
  ''978-1-57423-013-0Andrei CodrescuAlien Candor: Selected Poems, 1970-1995
1997978-1-57423-016-1John YauForbidden Entries
2002978-1-57423-028-4Charles BukowskiBone Palace Ballet: New Poems
1997978-1-57423-031-4Eileen MylesSchool of Fish
  ''978-1-57423-037-6Edward Sanders · Leverhulme Early Career Fellow Ed Sanders1968: A History in Verse
2002978-1-57423-058-1Charles BukowskiThe Captain is Out to Lunch
1998978-1-57423-064-2Wanda ColemanBathwater Wine
  ''978-1-57423-067-3Edward FieldA Frieze for a Temple of Love
2002978-1-57423-088-8Charles BukowskiReach for the Sun Vol. 3
2002978-1-57423-089-5Charles BukowskiReach for the Sun: Selected Letters 1978-1994, Vol. 3
2017978-1-57423-091-8Lucia BerlinWhere I Live Now
1999978-1-57423-098-7Andrei CodrescuA Bar in Brooklyn: Novellas & Stories 1970-1978
  ''978-1-57423-100-7   ''Thus Spake the Corpse: An Exquisite Corpse Reader 1988-1998: Volume 1, Poetry & Essays
  ''978-1-57423-101-4   ''Thus Spake the Corpse: An Exquisite Corpse Reader 1988-1998: Volume 2, Fictions, Travels and Translations
  ''978-1-57423-102-1Andrei Codrescu · Laura RosenthalThus Spake the Corpse: An Exquisite Corpse Reader 1988-1998: Volume 1, Poetry & Essays
2002978-1-57423-105-2Charles BukowskiWhat Matters Most is How Well You Walk Through the Fire
1999978-1-57423-117-5Edward SandersAmerica: A History in Verse, Vol. 1: 1900-1939
2002978-1-57423-120-5John FanteThe Big Hunger
2000978-1-57423-126-7Janine Pommy-Vega · Janine Pommy VegaMad Dogs of Trieste: New & Selected Poems
2002978-1-57423-135-9Charles BukowskiOpen All Night
2000978-1-57423-141-0Andrei CodrescuThus Spake the Corpse: An Exquisite Corpse Reader, 1988-1998: Volume 2 - Fictions, Travels & Translations
  ''978-1-57423-147-2Ed SandersAmerica: A History in Verse, Vol. 2: 1940-1961
2001978-1-57423-150-2Charles Bukowski · Sheri MartinelliBeerspit Night and Cursing: the Correspondence of Charles Bukowski and Sheri Martinelli, 1960-1967
2002978-1-57423-151-9Charles BukowskiBeerspit Night and Cursing
2001978-1-57423-153-3Wanda ColemanMercurochrome: New Poems
2001978-1-57423-159-5Andrei CodrescuAn Involuntary Genius in America's Shoes: (And What Happened Afterwards)
  ''978-1-57423-160-1   ''An Involuntary Genius in America's Shoes: (And What Happened Afterwards)
  ''978-1-57423-161-8   ''An Involuntary Genius in America's Shoes: (And What Happened Afterwards)
  ''978-1-57423-162-5Gerard MalangaNo Respect: New and Selected Poems 1964-2000
1900978-1-57423-165-6Charles BukowskiThe Night Torn Mad With Footsteps
2002978-1-57423-168-7John YauMy Heart Is That Eternal Rose Tattoo
2001978-1-57423-174-8Eileen MylesSkies
2005978-1-57423-186-1Robert KellyLapis: Poems (A Black Sparrow Book)
2002978-1-57423-189-2Ed SandersAmerica: A History in Verse, 1962-1970
2004978-1-57423-197-7Alfred ChesterThe Exquisite Corpse
2006978-1-57423-199-1Isobel EnglishEvery Eye
2005978-1-57423-200-4Wanda ColemanThe Riot Inside Me: More Trials & Tremors
  ''978-1-57423-203-5Charles ReznikoffThe Poems Of Charles Reznikoff: 1918-1975 (A Black Sparrow Book)
2005978-1-57423-205-9Daniel Fuchs · Christopher CarduffThe Golden West: Hollywood Stories
2007978-1-57423-206-6Alfred ChesterJamie Is My Heart's Desire
2005978-1-57423-207-3Janine Pommy Vega · Janine Pommy-VegaThe Green Piano: Poems
2007978-1-57423-208-0Charles ReznikoffHolocaust
2006978-1-57423-209-7Daniel FuchsThe Golden West: Hollywood Stories
2006978-1-57423-210-3Daniel FuchsThe Brooklyn Novels: Summer in Williamsburg Homage to Blenholt Low Company
2008978-1-57423-212-7Wanda ColemanJazz and Twelve O'Clock Tales: New Stories (A Black Sparrow Book)
2009978-1-57423-214-1Charles ReznikoffBy the Waters of Manhattan (A Black Sparrow Book)
2011978-1-57423-217-2Juliana SpahrWell Then There Now
2012978-1-57423-219-6Don ShareWishbone
2020978-1-57423-238-7Nina MacLaughlinSummer Solstice: An Essay