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2002978-0-87685-005-3Charles BukowskiThe Days Run Away Like Wild Horses
  ''978-0-87685-086-2Charles BukowskiPost Office
1980978-0-87685-087-9   ''Post Office
1900978-0-87685-138-8   ''Mockingbird Wish Me Luck
2002978-0-87685-150-0Robert B. HaasTen Days on the Chobe: A Photographic Journal at the Crossroads of History
  ''978-0-87685-189-0Charles BukowskiSouth of No North: Stories of the Buried Life
1983978-0-87685-191-3   ''Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame
1977978-0-87685-232-3Charles ReznikoffHolocaust
1980978-0-87685-241-5Jack SpicerCollected Books of Jack Spicer
  ''978-0-87685-242-2Jack SpicerCollected Books of Jack Spicer
2002978-0-87685-263-7Charles BukowskiFactotum
1977978-0-87685-268-2Larry EignerThe World and Its Streets, Places
  ''978-0-87685-285-9Douglas WoolfOn us
1976978-0-87685-303-0Harry CrosbyShadows of the Sun: The Diaries of Harry Crosby
1977978-0-87685-325-2Charles ReznikoffThe Manner Music
2002978-0-87685-362-7Charles BukowskiLove is a Dog From Hell
1976978-0-87685-374-0Mary OppenMeaning a Life: An Autobiography
1978978-0-87685-390-0Charles BukowskiWomen
1978978-0-87685-391-7Charles BukowskiWomen
1979978-0-87685-396-2Paul BowlesCollected Stories, 1939-1976
  ''978-0-87685-424-2Joyce Carol OatesCybele
2002978-0-87685-437-2Charles BukowskiPlay the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument until the Fingers Begin to Bleed a Bit
1980978-0-87685-440-2George F. ButterickCharles Olson & Robert Creeley: The Complete Correspondence Volume 2
  ''978-0-87685-443-3John FanteAsk the Dust
1981978-0-87685-450-1Albert CosseryProud Beggars
1980978-0-87685-479-2Paul BowlesLet it Come Down
1981978-0-87685-482-2Charles OlsonThe Complete Correspondence of Charles Olson & Robert Creeley: Volume 3
1982978-0-87685-507-2Robert KellySpiritual Exercises
1981978-0-87685-512-6Wyndham LewisThe Apes of God
1982978-0-87685-521-8Wyndham LewisBlast I (Blast One) (No.1)
  ''978-0-87685-523-2   ''Blast II (Blast Two)
2002978-0-87685-525-6Charles BukowskiDangling in the Tournefortia
  ''978-0-87685-528-7John FanteDreams from Bunker Hill
1982978-0-87685-537-9William EversonBirth of a Poet
1982978-0-87685-545-4Paul BowlesThe Spider's House
1982978-0-87685-546-1Paul BowlesThe Spider's House
2002978-0-87685-554-6John FanteWait Until Spring, Bandini
  ''978-0-87685-557-7Charles BukowskiHam On Rye
1982978-0-87685-558-4   ''Ham on Rye
1983978-0-87685-576-8Wyndham LewisSelf Condemned
1985978-0-87685-582-9John FanteThe Wine of Youth: Selected Stories
1983978-0-87685-594-2Robert KellyUnder Words
  ''978-0-87685-596-6Charles BukowskiHot Water Music
2014978-0-87685-603-1Wyndham LewisRude Assignment: An Intellectual Autobiography
1984978-0-87685-604-8   ''Rude Assignment: An Intellectual Autobiography
2002978-0-87685-606-2Charles BukowskiBring Me Your Love
  ''978-0-87685-622-2   ''There's No Business
1985978-0-87685-625-3Jane Auer BowlesOut in the World: Selected Letters of Jane Bowles, 1935-1970
  ''978-0-87685-628-4Wyndham LewisThe Vulgar Streak
1985978-0-87685-632-1Larbi LayachiYesterday and Today
2002978-0-87685-637-6Charles BukowskiWar All the Time (Poems 1981-1984)
1985978-0-87685-646-8Wyndham LewisRotting Hill
2002978-0-87685-649-9John FanteThe Road to Los Angeles
1985978-0-87685-655-0   ''1933 Was A Bad Year
1986978-0-87685-661-1John WienersSelected Poems: 1958-1984
2002978-0-87685-677-2John FanteWest of Rome
  ''978-0-87685-683-3Charles BukowskiYou Get So Alone at Times That It Just Makes Sense
1987978-0-87685-686-4Wyndham LewisMen Without Art
  ''978-0-87685-704-5Charles Olson · Robert CreeleyCharles Olson and Robert Creeley: The Complete Correspondence, Vol. 8
1988978-0-87685-718-2John FanteFull of Life
2002978-0-87685-726-7John FanteThe Brotherhood of the Grape
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  ''978-0-87685-754-0   ''The Art of Being Ruled
  ''978-0-87685-763-2Charles BukowskiHollywood
  ''978-0-87685-764-9   ''Hollywood
1989978-0-87685-765-6Charles BukowskiHollywood
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1990978-0-87685-784-7Wyndham LewisTarr: The 1918 Version
  ''978-0-87685-794-6Charles BukowskiSeptuagenarian Stew: Stories & Poems
2008978-0-87685-795-3   ''Septuagenarian Stew: Stories and Poems
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  ''978-0-87685-844-8James Purdy63: Dream Palace, Selected Stories, 1956-1987
  ''978-0-87685-846-2James Purdy63: Dream Palace, Selected Stories, 1956-1987
1991978-0-87685-853-0Mina LoyInsel
2002978-0-87685-863-9Charles BukowskiThe Last Night of the Earth Poems
2007978-0-87685-866-0D. H. LawrenceBirds, Beasts and Flowers!: Poems (A Black Sparrow Book)
1992978-0-87685-867-7D. H. LawrenceBirds, Beasts and Flowers!: Poems
  ''978-0-87685-872-1Alfred ChesterLooking for Genet: Literary Essays and Reviews
1993978-0-87685-878-3Wyndham LewisTime and Western Man
  ''978-0-87685-879-0   ''Time and Western Man
1994978-0-87685-911-7Douglas WoolfHypocritic Days & Other Tales
2002978-0-87685-914-8Charles BukowskiScreams from the Balcony: Selected Letters 1960-1970
2002978-0-87685-926-1Charles BukowskiPulp
1994978-0-87685-932-2Eileen MylesChelsea Girls
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2002978-0-87685-982-7Charles BukowskiLiving on Luck (Living on Luck Vol. 2)
1996978-0-87685-988-9Douglas WoolfFade Out