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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-57231-939-4Alan R Neibauer · Alan NeibRunning Microsoft Outlook 2000
  ''978-1-57231-940-0Jerry Joyce · Jerry Joy · Marianne MoonMicrosoft Word 2000 at a Glance
  ''978-1-57231-941-7Stephen W Sagman · Stephen WallaceRunning Microsoft PowerPoint 2000
  ''978-1-57231-942-4Perspection Inc · PerspectiMS Excel 2000 at a Glance
  ''978-1-57231-943-1Charles Rubin · B RussellRunning Microsoft Word 2000
1999978-1-57231-944-8Perspection Inc · PerspectionMicrosoft PowerPoint 2000 at a Glance
  ''978-1-57231-945-5Michael Halvorson · Michael Young · Micheal J YoungRunning Microsoft Office 2000 Premium
1998978-1-57231-946-2Perspection IncMicrosoft Access 2000 at a Glance
1999978-1-57231-947-9Jim BuyensRunning Microsoft FrontPage 2000
  ''978-1-57231-948-6Stephen L Nelson · Stephen LawrenceMicrosoft Outlook 2000 at a Glance
  ''978-1-57231-949-3Bryan PfaffenbergerRunning Microsoft Internet Explorer 5
  ''978-1-57231-950-9PerspectionMicrosoft Publisher 2000 at a Glance
1999978-1-57231-951-6Stephen L NelsonMicrosoft FrontPage 2000 at a Glance
  ''978-1-57231-952-3David Shank · Tamra Myers · Mark RobertsMicrosoft Office 2000/Visual Basic Programmer's Guide (Microsoft Professional Editions)
  ''978-1-57231-953-0Luisa SimoneMicrosoft Publisher 2000 by Design
  ''978-1-57231-954-7Stephen W SagmanMicrosoft PhotoDraw 2000 at a Glance
  ''978-1-57231-955-4Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Office 2000 Visual Basic Language Reference (Microsoft Professional Editions)
2000978-1-57231-956-1David A SchmittInternational Programming for Microsoft Windows (Dv-Mps Programming)
2000978-1-57231-957-8Bill Stamatkis · William StamatakisMicrosoft Visual Basic Design Patterns (DV-MPS General)
1999978-1-57231-958-5Michael Halvorson · Michael J. YoungRunning Microsoft Office 2000
2000978-1-57231-960-8Vincent SackstederDesigning Distributed Applications for Microsoft Windows NT (Mps)
1998978-1-57231-961-5Ted PattisonProgramming Distributed Applications with Com and Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (Programming/Visual Basic)
1999978-1-57231-962-2Microsoft PressAdapting Windows CE for Embedded Systems
  ''978-1-57231-964-6Perspection Inc · Douglas W Allen · Inc PerspectionMicrosoft Internet Explorer 5 at a Glance (At a Glance (Microsoft))
  ''978-1-57231-965-3Chuck SpharLearn Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Now
1998978-1-57231-966-0Guy Eddon · Henry EddonProgramming Components with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (Microsoft Programming Series)
  ''978-1-57231-967-7Microsoft PressPC Basic Training Kit
1999978-1-57231-968-4Mary Millhollon · SES Publishing · ActiveEducationMicrosoft Internet Explorer 5 Step by Step
2000978-1-57231-969-1Stephen L NelsonMicrosoft Pocket Guide to Microsoft Access 2000 (Pocket Guide (Microsoft))
1999978-1-57231-970-7Catapult Inc.Microsoft Word 2000 Step by Step
2000978-1-57231-971-4Stephen L NelsonMicrosoft Pocket Guide to Microsoft Excel 2000 (Pocket Guide (Microsoft))
1999978-1-57231-972-1Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft PowerPoint 2000 Step by Step
2000978-1-57231-973-8Stephen L NelsonMicrosoft Pocket Guide to Microsoft Word 2000 (POCKET GUIDE (MICROSOFT))
1999978-1-57231-974-5Catapult Inc.Microsoft Excel 2000 Step by Step
2000978-1-57231-975-2Stephen L NelsonMicrosoft Pocket Guide to Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 (POCKET GUIDE (MICROSOFT))
1999978-1-57231-976-9Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft Access 2000 Step by Step
2000978-1-57231-977-6Inc Online Press · Cnline Press Anc · Online Press Inc · Joyce CoxQuick Course in Microsoft Excel 2000
  ''978-1-57231-978-3Stephen L NelsonMicrosoft Pocket Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2000 (Pocket Guide (Microsoft))
2000978-1-57231-979-0Inc Online Press · Cnline Press Anc · Online Press IncQuick Course in Microsoft Access 2000
1999978-1-57231-980-6Microsoft Press · ActiveEducationMicrosoft FrontPage 2000 Step by Step
2000978-1-57231-981-3Inc Online Press · Online International Press · Cnline Anternational PressQuick Course in Microsoft Office 2000
1999978-1-57231-982-0Catapult Inc.Microsoft® Outlook® 2000 Step by Step
2000978-1-57231-983-7Inc Online PressQuick Course in Microsoft PowerPoint 2000
1999978-1-57231-984-4Catapult Inc · Catapult · Perspection · ActiveEducationMicrosoft Office 2000 8-In-1 Step by Step (Step by Step (Microsoft))
  ''978-1-57231-985-1Stephen L NelsonMicrosoft Pocket Guide to Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 (Pocket Guide (Microsoft))
2000978-1-57231-986-8Inc Online Press · Cnline Press Anc · Online Press IncQuick Course in Microsoft Word 2000
1999978-1-57231-987-5SES Publishing · Active Education Firm · ActiveEducationMicrosoft Publisher 2000 Step by Step
2000978-1-57231-988-2Inc Online Press · Online Press IncQuick Course in Microsoft FrontPage 2000
  ''978-1-57231-989-9Inc Online PressQuick Course in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5
  ''978-1-57231-990-5   ''Quick Course in Microsoft Publisher 2000
1999978-1-57231-991-2Inc Online Press · Online Press Inc · Online Press Inc.Quick Course(r) In Microsoft(r) Outlook(tm) 2000
  ''978-1-57231-992-9W Brett Polonsky · Kerry A LehtoOfficial Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Book
1998978-1-57231-993-6Stephen L NelsonMicrosoft Money 99 at a Glance
1998978-1-57231-995-0Charles PetzoldProgramming Windows®, Fifth Edition (Developer Reference)
1999978-1-57231-996-7Jeffrey RichterProgramming Applications for Microsoft Windows (Dv-Mps General)