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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1984978-0-914845-00-3Cary LuMac: The Apple Macintosh book
  ''978-0-914845-01-0Peter NortonDiscovering the IBM PC/jr. home computer
  ''978-0-914845-02-7Peter NortonExploring the IBM PC/Jr. home computer
1985978-0-914845-03-4   ''Mastering the IBM
  ''978-0-914845-05-8Peter RinearsonWord processing power with Microsoft Word
1984978-0-914845-06-5Ruth K WitkinManaging your business with Multiplan: How to use Microsoft's award-winning electronic spreadsheet on your IBM PC
  ''978-0-914845-07-2Van WolvertonRunning MS DOS: The Microsoft guide to getting the most out of the standard operating system for the IBM PC and 50 other personal computers
1984978-0-914845-09-6Daniel RemerSilicon Valley guide to financial success in software
  ''978-0-914845-11-9Steve LambertPresentation graphics on the Apple Macintosh: How to use Microsoft Chart to create dazzling graphics for professional and corporate applications
1986978-0-914845-12-6Steve LambertPresentation graphics on the IBM PC and compatibles: How to use Microsoft Chart to create dazzling graphics for professional and corporate applications
1984978-0-914845-13-3Janet RampaGetting started with Microsoft Word: A step-by-step guide to word processing
  ''978-0-914845-22-5Lon PooleMacWork, MacPlay: Creative ideas for fun and profit on your Apple Macintosh
  ''978-0-914845-24-9Kenneth P GoldbergLearning Commodore 64 Logo together: An activity book for creative parents, teachers, and kids
1985978-0-914845-25-6Learning Apple Logo Together
1984978-0-914845-27-0Charles RubinThe endless Apple: How to maintain state-of-the-art performance on your Apple II and IIe
1985978-0-914845-28-7Peter RinearsonWord Processing With Style and Microsoft Word
  ''978-0-914845-30-0Waite Group · Dan Putterman · Don UrquhartMacintosh Midnight Madness: Utilities, Games and Other Grand Diversions in Microsoft Basic for the Apple Macintosh
1985978-0-914845-31-7Jeffrey S. YoungInside MacPaint: Sailing Through the Sea of Fatbits on a Single-Pixel Raft
  ''978-0-914845-33-1Bill BonoMicrosoft Multiplan: of mice and menus: Models for managing our business with the Apple Macintosh
  ''978-0-914845-34-8Mitchell WaiteMicrosoft macinations: An introduction to Microsoft BASIC for the Apple Macintosh
  ''978-0-914845-35-5Steve LambertOnline: A Guide to America's Leading Information Services
  ''978-0-914845-36-2Bill "the Cracker" LandrethOut of the Inner Circle: A Hacker's Guide to Computer Security
1985978-0-914845-37-9Kenneth P. GoldbergLearning Ti 99-4a LOGO Together
  ''978-0-914845-39-3Kenneth GoldbergLearning Pcrjr Logo Together: An Activity Book for Creative Parents, Teachers and Kids
  ''978-0-914845-45-4Bill LandrethOut of the Inner Circle
  ''978-0-914845-46-1Peter NortonThe Peter Norton Programmer's Guide to the IBM PC
  ''978-0-914845-47-8Charles RubinAppleWorks: Boosting your business with integrated software
1985978-0-914845-48-5Steve SchustackVariations in C: Programming techniques for developing efficient professional applications
1987978-0-914845-49-2Theodore H. NelsonComputer Lib/Dream Machines, Revised Edition
1985978-0-914845-50-8Eldon DediniA Much, Much Better World
  ''978-0-914845-51-5Alan SimpsonPutting dBASE III to Work: Advanced Techniques for Designing Business Applications
1989978-0-914845-52-2C. Roger Smolin · Steven CurrieEffective Project Management: Mapping the Critical Path With Microsoft Project
1985978-0-914845-53-9David A KaterThe printed word: Professional word processing with Microsoft Word on the Apple Macintosh
1986978-0-914845-55-3Joanne WoodcockXenix at Work
1985978-0-914845-56-0Eldon DediniMuch Much Better World
  ''978-0-914845-57-7Steve LambertCreative programming in microsoft BASIC for optimal Macintosh performance
  ''978-0-914845-58-4Eddie AdamisMultiplan on the Apple Macintosh: The Microsoft Desktop Dictionary and Cross-Reference Guide (Command Performance)
  ''978-0-914845-61-4Douglas Ford CobbExcel in business: Number-crunching power on the Apple Macintosh
1986978-0-914845-62-1Michael BoomThe Amiga: Images, sounds, and animation on the Commodore Amiga
1985978-0-914845-63-8Douglas HergertCommand Performance dBASE III: The Microsoft Desktop Dictionary and Cross-Reference Guide
1986978-0-914845-64-5Eddie AdamisLotus 1-2-3: The microsoft desktop dictionary and cross-reference guide (Command performance)
1986978-0-914845-65-2Nancy AndrewsMicrosoft file: Organizing your business on the Apple Macintosh
1985978-0-914845-66-9Cary LuMac: The Apple Macintosh book
1987978-0-914845-67-6Charles RubinMicrosoft WORKS for the Apple Macintosh
1985978-0-914845-68-3Van WolvertonRunning MS-DOS: The Microsoft guide to getting the most out of the standard operating system for the IBM PC and 50 other personal computers
1986978-0-914845-69-0William H. GatesMS-DOS: Technical Reference Encyclopedia
  ''978-0-914845-70-6Nancy AndrewsWindows: The official guide to Microsoft's operating environment
  ''978-0-914845-71-3Susan M LammersProgrammers at work: Interviews
  ''978-0-914845-72-0Charles RubinAppleWorks: The Microsoft desktop dictionary and cross-reference guide (Command performance)
  ''978-0-914845-73-7Lon PooleLon Poole's Mac Insights: Secrets, Shortcuts, and Solutions for the Apple Macintosh
1986978-0-914845-74-4Steve Lambert · Suzanne Ropiequet · William H. GatesCd Rom the New Papyrus: The Current and Future State of the Art
  ''978-0-914845-75-1Steve Lambert · Suzanne RopiequetCd Rom the New Papyrus (Compact Disc Read Only Memory)
  ''978-0-914845-76-8Douglas HergertMicrosoft Excel With Macros: Maximizing the Power and Speed of Microsoft Excel
1988978-0-914845-77-5Ray DuncanAdvanced MS-DOS programming: The Microsoft guide for Assembly language and C programmers
1986978-0-914845-78-2Douglas HergertCommand Performance: Microsoft Excel/the Microsoft Desktop Dictionary and Cross Reference Guide
  ''978-0-914845-80-5Robert RivlinThe algorithmic image: Graphic visions of the computer age
  ''978-0-914845-81-2Computer Desk Reference and Appointment Calendar/Rough Padded Leather
1986978-0-914845-82-9MicrosoftComputer Desk Reference and Appointment Calendar/Smooth Leather
  ''978-0-914845-85-0Luca NovelliMy first book about computers
  ''978-0-914845-86-7Luca NovelliMy First Book About Basic (English and Italian Edition)
  ''978-0-914845-87-4   ''My First Computer Dictionary (English and Italian Edition)
  ''978-0-914845-89-8Peter RinearsonWord processing power with Microsoft Word
1986978-0-914845-90-4Douglas Cobb · Judy MynhierDoug Cobb's Tips for Microsoft Excel
978-0-914845-91-1Programming Windows -1988 publication.
1986978-0-914845-92-8David H. AhlDavid Ahl's Basic Computer Adventures: 10 Treks and Travels Through Time and Space
1987978-0-914845-93-5Jim BartimoManaging your money with Managing your money
  ''978-0-914845-94-2Ruth K. WitkinManaging Your Business With Multiplan: Practical Business Solutions Using Microsofts Award Winning PC Spreadsheet/Updated for Version 3
1986978-0-914845-95-9Van WolvertonSupercharging MS-DOS: The microsoft guide to high performance computing for the experienced PC user
  ''978-0-914845-97-3Chris CrawfordBalance of Power: International Politics As the Ultimate Global Game
1987978-0-914845-98-0Doug DaytonComputer Solutions for Business: Planning and Implementing a Successful Computer Environment
  ''978-0-914845-99-7Douglas HergertMicrosoft QuickBASIC: Developing structured programs with Microsoft's advanced BASIC