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2005978-1-57168-009-9George M. RickerA NEW LOOK AT THE OLD COMMANDMENTS
1995978-1-57168-024-2Hamilton Booker · Ann GaddisGun Crazy: A True Tale of Murder and Justice in Texas
1996978-1-57168-029-7Jack C. Ramsay Jr.Jean Laffite: Prince of Pirates
1995978-1-57168-033-4Frederick WilkinsHighly Irregular Irregulars: Texas Rangers in the Mexican War
  ''978-1-57168-040-2Ferdinand RoemerRoemer's Texas 1845 to 1847 (With Particular Reference to German Immigration and the Physical Apperance of the Country: Described Through Personal Observation)
  ''978-1-57168-049-5John E. ClarkThe Fall of the Duke of Duval: A Prosecutor's Journal
1996978-1-57168-082-2J. Henry, Jr. DoscherLittle Wolf at Leyte: The Story of the Heroic Uss Samuel B. Roberts (De-413) in the Battle of Leyte Gulf During World War II
1998978-1-57168-137-9Mary Virginia FoxA Queen Named King: Henrietta of the King Ranch
1997978-1-57168-145-4Eddie Faye GatesThey Came Searching: How Blacks Sought the Promised Land in Tulsa
1998978-1-57168-152-2Timothy J. Todish · Terry TodishAlamo Sourcebook 1836: A Comprehensive Guide to the Alamo and the Texas Revolution
1997978-1-57168-158-4Abelardo BaezaKeep Blessing Us, Ultima: A Teaching Guide for Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo A. Anaya
  ''978-1-57168-167-6Bill O'NealHistoric Ranches of the Old West
1998978-1-57168-168-3Charles D. SpurlinTexas Volunteers in the Mexican War
  ''978-1-57168-176-8Robert ScottLeander McNelly, Texas Ranger: The Story of a Courageous American Winning Battles With War, Terrorism, and Bureaucratic Red Tape, While Losing His Battle With Illness
1997978-1-57168-188-1Margaret Catherine BerryUt History 101: Highlights in the History of the University of Texas at Austin
1997978-1-57168-193-5Fiske HanleyAccused American War Criminal
1998978-1-57168-195-9Clifford HopewellRemember Goliad: Their Silent Tents
  ''978-1-57168-208-6Rose-Mary RumbleyDallas, Too: Stories I'm Telling Again, Because I Want to Hear Them Myself!
  ''978-1-57168-216-1Harold KeithChico and Dan
  ''978-1-57168-221-5Hannibal B. JohnsonBlack Wall Street: From Riot to Renaissance in Tulsa's Historic Greenwood District
1997978-1-57168-222-2Lee Carraway SmithA River Swift and Deadly: The 36th "Texas" Infantry Division at the Rapido River
1998978-1-57168-230-7Rod KennedyMusic from the Heart
  ''978-1-57168-231-4Mike CoxStand-off in Texas: Just Call Me a Spokesman for the Dps
1998978-1-57168-246-8Mike CoxStand-Off in Texas: "Just Call Me A Spokesman for DPS"
  ''978-1-57168-250-5Ann ArnoldGamblers & Gangsters: Fort Worth's Jacksboro Highway in the 1940s & 1950s
  ''978-1-57168-277-2E. A. Limmer · David Yeilding · L. J. H. KelleyThe Story of Bell County, Texas
1993978-1-57168-282-6Gail Hughbanks WoernerFearless Funnymen: The History of the Rodeo Clown
1992978-1-57168-294-9Janice ShefelmanA Peddler's Dream
1999978-1-57168-295-6Arthur T. BurtonBlack, Buckskin, and Blue: African-American Scouts and Soldiers on the Western Frontier
2000978-1-57168-301-4Frederick F. NycBlind Bat: C-130 Night Forward Air Controller Ho Chi Minh Trail
1999978-1-57168-302-1Tara Copp · Robert L. RogersThe Daily Texan: The First 100 Years
2000978-1-57168-303-8Rodman L. UnderwoodDeath on the Nueces: German Texans, Treue Der Union
1999978-1-57168-304-5Bill O'NealThe Bloody Legacy of Pink Higgins: A Half Century of Violence in Texas
  ''978-1-57168-313-7Molly Levite Griffis · Billie Letts · Georgann Levite VineyardYou've Got Mail, Billie Letts
2000978-1-57168-330-4Bill O'Neal · Melissa RobertsReel Cowboys: Western Movie Stars Who Thrilled Young Fans and Helped Them Grow Up Decent and Strong
1999978-1-57168-333-5John E. ClarkThe Fall of the Duke of Duval: A Prosecutor's Journal
2000978-1-57168-340-3Linda WolffIndianola and Matagorda Island, 1837-1887: A Local History and Visitor's Guide for a Lost Seaport and a Barrier Island on the Texas Gulf Coast
1999978-1-57168-349-6Ken Anderson · Melissa RobertsNolan Ryan: Texas Fastball to Cooperstown
  ''978-1-57168-356-4Sarah JacksonA Childs History of Texas (Revised)
2000978-1-57168-365-6Patrick M. McConalOver the Wall: The Men Behind the 1934 Death House Escape
2006978-1-57168-396-0Donna PetersonDress Gray: A Woman at West Point
1999978-1-57168-399-1Rose-Mary Rumbley · Karen RumbleyWhat! No Chili!
2000978-1-57168-419-6Bob St. JohnSouth Padre: The Island and Its People
2000978-1-57168-441-7Gini Fendler-Brown · Jr. Max RizleyGalveston Lore, Legend, & Downright Lies
  ''978-1-57168-459-2Debra L. WinegartenKatherine Stinson: The Flying Schoolgirl
2001978-1-57168-522-3Lon Bennett GlennThe Largest Hotel Chain in Texas: Texas Prisons
2005978-1-57168-524-7Charles ChuppCoffee at La Don's
2001978-1-57168-531-5Gail Hughbanks WoernerCowboy Up!: The History of Bull Riding
2005978-1-57168-551-3James D. PhilpThe Encyclopedia of Country Music: Stars from Texas
2001978-1-57168-552-0Jeffrey D. MurrahNone But Texians: A History of Terry's Texas Rangers
2002978-1-57168-575-9Octavio A. BallesterosMexican Expressions/Expresiones Mexicanas: The Spice of a People/El Sabor De UN Pueblo (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-57168-577-3C. Richard KingJames Clinton Neill: The Shadow Commander of the Alamo
2001978-1-57168-586-5Kevin CarrollHouston Oilers: The Early Years
2002978-1-57168-605-3Margaret Olivia McManisIma & the Great Texas Ostrich Race
2001978-1-57168-622-0John Wesley Hardin · Roy Stamps · Jo Ann StampsThe Letters of John Wesley Hardin
  ''978-1-57168-644-2Bill O'Neal · Fred GoodwinThe Sons of the Pioneers
  ''978-1-57168-648-0Rose G. BidermanThey Came to Stay: The Story of the Jews of Dallas, 1870-1997
2002978-1-57168-717-3Rowland-Grey Ellis · Teddy KentorThe Scariest Alphabet Book
2003978-1-57168-721-0Blackie SherrodBlackie Sherrod at Large
2003978-1-57168-729-6Debra B. Darvick · David WolpeThis Jewish Life: Stories of Discovery, Connection, and Joy
2002978-1-57168-730-2Ronald P. Westmoreland · David HartwigSkidboot: The Amazing Dog
  ''978-1-57168-745-6Larry BurrierThe Texas Link to Sausage Making
  ''978-1-57168-746-3   ''The Texas Link to Jerky Making
2003978-1-57168-747-0John J. NanceGolden Boy: The Harold Simmons Story
  ''978-1-57168-794-4James R. KnightBonnie and Clyde: A Twenty-First-Century Update
  ''978-1-57168-795-1Nancy McCoyThe Heart Twisters
2004978-1-57168-796-8Bob St. JohnPostscripts in a Rearview Mirror
2003978-1-57168-801-9Molly Levite GriffisGreat American Bunion Derby
2003978-1-57168-803-3Joyce BrooksSeven Before Seventy: One Women's Quest for the Seven Continents
  ''978-1-57168-804-0Rabbi Herbert A. YoskowitzThe Kaddish Minyan: From Pain to Healing, 20 Persnal Stories
  ''978-1-57168-809-5Joe Jamail · Mickey HerskowitzLawyer: My Trials and Jubilations
  ''978-1-57168-810-1Molly Levite GriffisThe Great American Bunion Derby
2004978-1-57168-833-0Janice ShefelmanSon of Spirit Horse
1998978-1-57168-843-9Jacqueline C. StemThe Cellar in the Woods (Hollow Tree Mysteries)
2005978-1-57168-855-2Suzanne C. SachnowitzTil Death: A Story Of Survival And Renewal
2008978-1-57168-857-6Rudloph Leopold BieseleThe History of the German Settlements in Texas 1831-1861
2005978-1-57168-862-0blount R. E. PeppyAll Things Considered...it's Been A Great Life
2004978-1-57168-876-7Bill O'NealThe Johnson County War
  ''978-1-57168-877-4Joan Stocks NoblesSoar With The Eagles
2005978-1-57168-885-9Clyde A. Wilson · Mike Cochran · Bill CriderWhere the Hell Is Addis Ababa?: Tales from the Files of a Very Public Private Investigator
2006978-1-57168-887-3Fred B. McKinley · Greg RileyBlack Gold to Bluegrass: From the Oil Fields of Texas to Spindletop Farm of Kentucky
2007978-1-57168-899-6Jane S. ThielemannPreparing for Teacher Certification in English, Language Arts, and Reading, Grades 8-12; TExES EXAM #131