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1974978-0-89015-071-9James C. KillenHistory of Lee County Texas
1976978-0-89015-119-8R. L. TempletonAlamo Soldier: The Story of Peaceful Mitchell
  ''978-0-89015-143-3Grace Lee ParrThe Justin Story
1979978-0-89015-227-0Jack LoftinTrails Through Archer: A Centennial History, 1880-1980
1980978-0-89015-266-9Garza County HistoricalWagon Wheels: A History of Garza County
1981978-0-89015-280-5C. Richard KingLady Cannoneer: A Biography of Angelina Belle Peyton Eberly, Heroine of Texas' Archives War
1982978-0-89015-344-4Lucy M. GarzaSouth Texas Mexican Cookbook
  ''978-0-89015-363-5Plennie L WingoAround the world backwards
1983978-0-89015-364-2Frank A. Driskill · Dede W. CasadChester W. Nimitz: Admiral of the Hills
  ''978-0-89015-379-6Ruth M. DietzSpanish-English Housekeeping
  ''978-0-89015-410-6Margaret Catherine BerryUt Austin: Traditions and Nostalgia
1984978-0-89015-455-7Denton A., M.D. CooleyReflections and Observations: Essays of Denton A. Cooley: Collected by Marianne Kneipp
1984978-0-89015-457-1Rose-Mary RumbleyA century of class: Public education in Dallas, 1884-1984
  ''978-0-89015-483-0Chris DodgeTexas Wildlife Coloring Book
1985978-0-89015-502-8Rita KerrJuan Seguin: A Hero of Texas
1987978-0-89015-506-6Janice Jordan ShefelmanA Paradise Called Texas
1991978-0-89015-507-3J. W. WilbargerIndian Depredations in Texas
1985978-0-89015-535-6Janice ShefelmanWillow Creek Home (Texas Trilogy)
1986978-0-89015-554-7David WadeDavid Wade Collection
1987978-0-89015-601-8David R. CollinsThe Long-Legged Schoolteacher: Lyndon Baines Johnson
  ''978-0-89015-610-0Bill O'NealThe Arizona Rangers
  ''978-0-89015-636-0Janice ShefelmanSpirit of Iron (Texas Trilogy)
1985978-0-89015-637-7   ''Willow Creek Home (Texas Trilogy)
1992978-0-89015-645-2Jean DarbyAlice: A Centennial History, 1888-1988
1988978-0-89015-654-4James Avery · Karen JacksonThe Right Jewelry for You: How to Select and Wear the Jewelry That Suits Your Features Personality and Budget
1989978-0-89015-656-8Archie P. McDonaldWilliam Barrett Travis: A Biography
1990978-0-89015-666-7David V. HannemanDiamonds in the Rough: The Legend and Legacy of Tony Lucadello
1989978-0-89015-684-1Lee Barr · Norma BarrThe Leadership Equation: Leadership, Management, and the Myers-Briggs
  ''978-0-89015-685-8Tom TownsendThe Battle of Galveston ([Stories for young Americans series])
1989978-0-89015-698-8Lee Carraway SmithA River Swift and Deadly: The 36th "Texas" Infantry Division at the Rapido River
  ''978-0-89015-709-1Eve CaldwellEve's Sweet Temptations: Sinfully Rich Desserts
  ''978-0-89015-734-3Clifford L. LinedeckerHell Ranch: The Nightmare Tale of Voodoo, Drugs, and Death in Matamoros
1990978-0-89015-744-2Gra'Delle Duncan · John CarterDinosaurs and Cousin Armadillo
1991978-0-89015-755-8Laurel Jean PamplinMasquerade on the Western Trail (Stories for Young Americans Series)
1990978-0-89015-757-2Bill GronemanAlamo Defenders - A Genealogy: The People and Their Words
  ''978-0-89015-768-8Rena ChynowethThe Blood Covenant
  ''978-0-89015-776-3Bill O'NealPacific Coast League, 1903-1988
1991978-0-89015-798-5Arthur T. BurtonBlack, Red and Deadly: Black and Indian Gunfighters of the Indian Territory, 1870-1907
1991978-0-89015-806-7Ben ProcterJust One Riot: Episodes of Texas Rangers in the 20th Century
1993978-0-89015-810-4Maria Del Carmen Ballesteros · Octavio A. BallesterosMexican Sayings: The Treasure of a People/Dichos Mexicanos: El Tesoro De UN Pueblo (English and Spanish Edition)
1990978-0-89015-811-1Keith GuthrieThe Legend of Chipita: The Only Women Hanged in Texas
1992978-0-89015-812-8Bill O'NealThe American Association: A Baseball History, 1902-1991
1991978-0-89015-813-5Kim HarrisonCurrents of the Brazos: An Illustrated History of Brazos Electric Power Cooperative, Inc., 1941-1991
1992978-0-89015-818-0Mike CoxThe Texas Rangers: Men of Valor and Action
1991978-0-89015-833-3Rose-Mary RumbleyThe Unauthorized History of Dallas, Texas
1992978-0-89015-849-4Lorenzo G. LafarelleBernardo De Galvez: Hero of the American Revolution
1994978-0-89015-881-4Clifford HopewellJames Bowie: Texas Fighting Man: A Biography
1989978-0-89015-889-0Janice ShefelmanSpirit of Iron (Texas Trilogy)
1994978-0-89015-901-9J'Nell L. PateRanald Slidell Mackenzie: Brave Cavalry Colonel
1993978-0-89015-906-4McKinneyPoison for Profit
  ''978-0-89015-907-1Rosemarie Leissner Gregory · Myra Lee Adams GoffKindermaskenball
  ''978-0-89015-908-8Wharton County Pictorial History, 1846-1946: Our First 100 Years
  ''978-0-89015-923-1Michael C. BurtonJohn Henry Faulk: The Making of a Liberated Mind: A Biography
  ''978-0-89015-924-8Carolyn FarbHow to Raise Millions: Helping Others and Having a Ball!: A Guide to Fundraising
1994978-0-89015-944-6Ruthe WinegartenGovernor Ann Richards and Other Texas Women from Indians to Astronauts
1994978-0-89015-946-0Maurine Walpole LilesSam and the Speaker's Chair: The Story of Sam Rayburn, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
  ''978-0-89015-947-7J. Henry Doscher Jr.Subchaser in the South Pacific: A Saga of the USS SC-761 During World War II
  ''978-0-89015-952-1Bill O'NealThe Southern League: Baseball in Dixie, 1885-1994
1995978-0-89015-966-8Sid UnderwoodDepression Desperado: The Chronicle of Raymond Hamilton
1994978-0-89015-975-0Tom TownsendFair Wind to Glory: Another Tom Townsend Novel of the Sea
1995978-0-89015-976-7Robert Nash · Peggy Nichols NashMr. McCamey Claude W. Brown: The Life of a Texas Oil Man
1998978-0-89015-981-1Jimmy BanksThe Darrell Royal Story
1995978-0-89015-983-5Alan K. SumrallBattle Flags of Texans in the Confederacy
1994978-0-89015-987-3Everett Anthony FeyNew Braunfels: The First Founders (2 Volumes)
1995978-0-89015-991-0H. Rex ShamaPulse and Repulse: Troop Carrier and Airborne Teams in Europe During World War II
  ''978-0-89015-992-7Rose-Mary RumbleyWhat? No Chili: Meet Hot Shot and Visit Food Festivals over Texas
1991978-0-89015-994-1Arthur T. BurtonBlack, Red and Deadly: Black and Indian Gunfighters of the Indian Territory, 1870-1907
1998978-0-89015-998-9Tom TownsendFair Wind to Glory
1994978-0-89015-999-6Marjorie Von RosenbergMax and Martha: The Twins of Fredericksburg = Max Und Martha: Diezwillinge Aus Fredericksburg