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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-56975-845-8Regina JeffersThe Phantom of Pemberley: A Pride and Prejudice Murder Mystery
2011978-1-56975-846-5Dan BarkerThe Good Atheist: Living a Purpose-Filled Life Without God
2017978-1-56975-848-9Kris St AgilCasual Encounters: The Most Unbelievable (But Real!) Online Personals Illustrated
2010978-1-56975-860-1Josh MillerA Zombie's History of the United States: From the Massacre at Plymouth Rock to the CIA's Secret War on the Undead
2011978-1-56975-862-5Charles StrongeKill Shot: The Deadliest Snipers of All Time
2010978-1-56975-863-2Laura WittmannClutter Rehab: 101 Tips and Tricks to Become an Organization Junkie and Love It!
2011978-1-56975-865-6Amy GreenSimply Sugar and Gluten-Free: 180 Easy and Delicious Recipes You Can Make in 20 Minutes or Less
  ''978-1-56975-866-3Mariza Snyder · Lauren ClumThe Antioxidant Counter: A Pocket Guide to the Revolutionary ORAC Scale for Choosing Healthy Foods
  ''978-1-56975-870-0Lisa SweetOrgasms That Will Make Her Toes Curl: The Many Amazing Ways to Climax — as Only a Woman Can
  ''978-1-56975-871-7Martin BlahaDirty Czech: Everyday Slang from "What's Up?" to "F*%# Off!" (Dirty Everyday Slang)
  ''978-1-56975-872-4Kelly E. KeoughThe 100 Best Gluten-Free Recipes for Your Vegan Kitchen: Delicious Smoothies, Soups, Salads, Entrees, and Desserts
2011978-1-56975-873-1Scott B. WilliamsGetting Out Alive: 13 Deadly Scenarios and How Others Survived
  ''978-1-56975-874-8Dave RandolphThe Ultimate Kettlebells Workbook: The Revolutionary Program to Tone, Sculpt and Strengthen Your Whole Body
  ''978-1-56975-902-8Christopher Berry-DeeCannibal Serial Killers: Profiles of Depraved Flesh-Eating Murderers
  ''978-1-56975-903-5NovaAmerican Apocalypse: The Collapse Begins (9781569759035)
  ''978-1-56975-920-2Kris Holechek PetersHave Your Cake and Vegan Too: 50 Dazzling and Delicious Cake Creations
2011978-1-56975-921-9Brett Stewart7 Weeks to 50 Pull-Ups: Strengthen and Sculpt Your Arms, Shoulders, Back, and Abs by Training to Do 50 Consecutive Pull-Ups
  ''978-1-56975-922-6Leanne HallFresh Fruit Cleanse: Detox, Lose Weight and Restore Your Health with Nature's Most Delicious Foods
  ''978-1-56975-923-3Juan CaballeroDirty Spanish: Everyday Slang from "What's Up?" to "F*%# Off!" (Dirty Everyday Slang)
  ''978-1-56975-925-7Karl KnopfFoam Roller Workbook: Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide to Stretching, Strengthening and Rehabilitative Techniques
  ''978-1-56975-926-4Matt MogkThat's Not Your Mommy Anymore: A Zombie Tale
2012978-1-56975-928-8ND BDirty Spanish Workbook: 101 Fun Exercises Filled with Slang, Sex and Swearing (Dirty Everyday Slang)
2011978-1-56975-929-5Bernie CarrThe Prepper's Pocket Guide: 101 Easy Things You Can Do to Ready Your Home for a Disaster
2011978-1-56975-930-1Nigel CawthorneWarrior Elite: 31 Heroic Special-Ops Missions from the Raid on Son Tay to the Killing of Osama bin Laden
  ''978-1-56975-931-8Valerie Lum · Jenise AddisonIce Cream Happy Hour: 50 Boozy Treats That You Spike and Freeze at Home
  ''978-1-56975-934-9Marsha AltmanThe Road to Pemberley: An Anthology of New Pride and Prejudice Stories
  ''978-1-56975-935-6Andrea LynnThe I Love Trader Joe's College Cookbook: 150 Cheap and Easy Gourmet Recipes (Unofficial Trader Joe's Cookbooks)
  ''978-1-56975-936-3Kourtney JasonThe Naughty Bucket List: 369 Sexy Dares To Do Before You Die
2011978-1-56975-937-0Marsha AltmanThe Ballad of Gregoire Darcy: Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice Continues
  ''978-1-56975-938-7Ruth NeustifterThe Nice Girl's Guide to Talking Dirty: Ignite Your Sex Life with Naughty Whispers, Hot Desires, and Screams of Passion
  ''978-1-56975-973-8Christopher Berry-Dee · Victoria RedstallThe Voices of Serial Killers: The World's Most Maniacal Murderers in their Own Words
2012978-1-56975-974-5Kristine MilesThe Green Smoothie Bible: 300 Delicious Recipes
2011978-1-56975-976-9Oliver Benjamin · Dwayne EutseyThe Abide Guide: Living Like Lebowski
  ''978-1-56975-977-6NovaAmerican Apocalypse Wastelands (9781569759776)
  ''978-1-56975-979-0Scott B. WilliamsBug Out Vehicles and Shelters: Build and Outfit Your Life-Saving Escape
2011978-1-56975-980-6Christy Beaver · Morgan GreensethMini Pies: Adorable and Delicious Recipes for Your Favorite Treats
  ''978-1-56975-984-4Stephen JonesHaunts: Reliquaries of the Dead
  ''978-1-56975-986-8Richard Marcus · Natalie Buczynsky · Jonathan ShelnuttThe Unofficial Heroes of Olympus Companion: Gods, Monsters, Myths and What's in Store for Jason, Piper and Leo
2012978-1-56975-987-5Darren Levine · Ryan Hoover · Kelly CampbellKrav Maga for Women: Your Ultimate Program for Self Defense
2011978-1-56975-988-2Cherie Mercer TwohyThe I Love Trader Joe's Around the World Cookbook: More than 150 International Recipes Using Foods from the World's Greatest Grocery Store
  ''978-1-56975-989-9Patrick Casey · Josh MillerThe World Reduced to Infographics: From Hollywood's Life Lessons and Doomed Cities of the U.S. to Sociopathic Cats and What Your Drink Order Says About You
  ''978-1-56975-990-5Jessica HarlanRamen to the Rescue Cookbook: 120 Creative Recipes for Easy Meals Using Everyone's Favorite Pack of Noodles
2011978-1-56975-991-2Regina JeffersChristmas at Pemberley: A Pride and Prejudice Holiday Sequel