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1993978-1-56821-001-8Carlton CornettAffirmative Dynamic Psychotherapy With Gay Men
  ''978-1-56821-002-5Jeffrey SeinfeldThe Bad Object Handling the Negative Therapeutic Reaction in Psychotherapy
1977978-1-56821-009-4Lawrence J. EpsteinCountertransference: The Therapist's Contribution to the Therapeutic Situation
1993978-1-56821-011-7Murray BowenFamily Therapy in Clinical Practice
1977978-1-56821-016-2Lawrence S. Kushner · Kerry M. OlitzkySparks Beneath the Surface: A Spiritual Commentary on the Torah
1993978-1-56821-017-9Abraham Isaac KookOrot
  ''978-1-56821-020-9Donald W. WinnicottIn One's Bones: The Clinical Genius of Winnicott
1977978-1-56821-031-5Richard A. GardnerChild Psychotherapy: The Initial Screening and the Intensive Diagnostic Evaluation
1994978-1-56821-034-6Herman BranoverScience in the Light of Torah: A B'or Ha'Torah Reader
  ''978-1-56821-035-3Lori PalatnikFriday Night and Beyond: The Shabbat Experience Step-By-Step
1977978-1-56821-036-0Gershom BaderThe Encyclopedia of Talmudic Sages
1993978-1-56821-038-4Ellen FrankelThe Classic Tales: 4,000 Years of Jewish Lore
1977978-1-56821-041-4Evelyn GarfielService of the Heart: A Guide to the Jewish Prayer Book: A Guide to the Jewish Prayer Book
1994978-1-56821-042-1Rena Moses-hrushovskiDeployment: Hiding Behind Power Struggles as a Character Defense (Psychoanalytic Therapy Series)
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1977978-1-56821-074-2Margaret LittleTransference Neurosis and Transference Psychosis
1994978-1-56821-077-3Chaim I. WaxmanIsrael as a Religious Reality (The Orthodox Forum Series)
1994978-1-56821-078-0Alan M. TigayThe Jewish Traveler: Hadassah Magazine's Guide to the World's Jewish Communities and Sights
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1977978-1-56821-095-7Walter V. FlegenheimerTechniques of Brief Psychotherapy
1997978-1-56821-100-8Arnold W. RachmanSandor Ferenczi: The Psychoanalyst of Tenderness and Passion
2000978-1-56821-105-3Samuel YochelsonThe Criminal Personality, Volume I: A Profile for Change
1993978-1-56821-108-4Leston L. HavensParticipant Observation: The Psychotherapy Schools in Action
1977978-1-56821-116-9Shirley CooperA Casebook of Child Psychotherapy: Strategies and Technique (The Master Work)
  ''978-1-56821-123-7Tzvi RabinowiczThe Encyclopedia of Hasidism
1993978-1-56821-125-1Elijah Judah SchochetThe Hasidic Movement and the Gaon of Vilna
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1977978-1-56821-137-4Herbert S. StreanTherapeutic Principles in Social Work Practice: A Primer for Clinicians (Master Work)
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1994978-1-56821-153-4Lisa AikenTo Be a Jewish Woman
1994978-1-56821-155-8Avraham Y. FinkelContemporary Sages: The Great Chasidic Masters of the Twentieth Century
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1994978-1-56821-167-1Emanuel B. QuintA Restatement of Rabbinic Civil Law Volume 5 Laws of Presumption of Ownership of Realty, of Injury to Neighbors, of Joint Ownership of Realty, Partition of Realty of Injury of Neighbors of Joint
  ''978-1-56821-173-2Yitzhak BuxbaumStorytelling and Spirituality in Judaism
  ''978-1-56821-176-3Shmuel BoteachWrestling With the Divine: A Jewish Response to Suffering
  ''978-1-56821-178-7Adin SteinsaltzBiblical Images
1977978-1-56821-185-5Thomas H. OgdenSubjects of Analysis
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1977978-1-56821-228-9Lawrence E. HedgesRemembering, Repeating, and Working through Childhood Trauma: The Psychodynamics of Recovered Memories, Multiple Personality, Ritual Abuse, Incest, Molest
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