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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-1-56222-000-6William BayMore Songs for Harmonica
1991978-1-56222-001-3Janet DavisYou Can Teach Yourself Banjo (Book Only)
2015978-1-56222-003-7Craig DuncanMel Bay You Can Teach Yourself Fiddling Book (You Can Teach Yourself) (You Can Teach Yourself)
2016978-1-56222-005-1Joe PassJoe Pass Guitar Style (Mel Bay Presents)
1986978-1-56222-018-1Mel BayComplete Tenor Banjo Method (Complete Book Series)
2015978-1-56222-024-2Vincent BrediceDeluxe Jazz & Rock Bass Method
1990978-1-56222-033-4James MortonMel Bay You Can Teach Yourself Drums
2015978-1-56222-061-7William BayMel Bay Fun With the Tin Whistle (Method & Song Book for D Tin Whistle)
  ''978-1-56222-076-1Mel BayMel Bay's Tenor Banjo Melody Chord Playing System
  ''978-1-56222-088-4Arnie BerleMel Bay How to Create & Develop a Jazz Sax Solo
2016978-1-56222-089-1Arnie BerleJazz Saxophone Licks, Phrases & Patterns
1993978-1-56222-117-1Craig DuncanSacred Melodies for Violin Solo
1991978-1-56222-148-5Mel Bay Publications Inc.Mel Bay Rock Guitar Manuscript Book
  ''978-1-56222-163-8Craig Duncan Mr.RHYTHMIC STUDIES FOR BEGINNING VIOLIN
2015978-1-56222-164-5Craig DuncanMel Bay Technical Studies for Beginning Violin
1986978-1-56222-191-1Richard C. MooreAnthology of French Horn Music
1993978-1-56222-192-8Craig DuncanEasy Solos for Beginning Violin (Building Excellence Series)
2016978-1-56222-210-9Dewitt ScottAnthology of Pedal Steel Guitar: E9 Chromatic Tuning (Mel Bay Archive Editions)
2015978-1-56222-234-5Jerry SilvermanFolk Songs for Schools and Camps
1980978-1-56222-239-0Johnny SmithThe Complete Johnny Smith Approach to Guitar
1991978-1-56222-243-7Craig DuncanEasy Solos for Beginning Cello, Level 1
1981978-1-56222-248-2Neal HellmanDulcimer Chord Book
1991978-1-56222-260-4Craig DuncanChristmas Solos for Beginning Violin (VOLUME 1)
  ''978-1-56222-261-1   ''Christmas Solos for Beginning Cello
1991978-1-56222-276-5Craig DuncanChristmas Solos for Beginning Viola
2015978-1-56222-287-1Rob GoldsmithEasiest Guitar Theory Book
  ''978-1-56222-313-7Mel Bay · Joseph CastleMel Bay Folio of Great Classic Guitar Solos
1992978-1-56222-351-9Phil DuncanHarmonicare Chart
1988978-1-56222-352-6Tommy TedescoTommy Tedesco: Anatomy of a Guitar Player: Guitar
2015978-1-56222-365-6Mychal GendronWedding Music for Flute and Guitar
2016978-1-56222-366-3George Van EpsMel Bay presents Harmonic Mechanisms for Guitar, Vol. 3
2015978-1-56222-428-8Craig DuncanFiddling Chord Book
1993978-1-56222-447-9Dix BruceMel Bay's You Can Teach Yourself Mandolin
2015978-1-56222-448-6Mizzy McCaskill · Dona GilliamFun with the Fife
  ''978-1-56222-456-1Dix BruceYou Can Teach Yourself Country Guitar
  ''978-1-56222-526-1William BayMel Bay's Complete Book of Guitar Chords, Scales and Arpeggios
  ''978-1-56222-563-6   ''Easiest Mandolin Book (Mbgu)
1993978-1-56222-573-5Craig DuncanSolo Pieces for the Beginning Violinist
2015978-1-56222-581-0Jerry SilvermanBallads & Songs of the Civil War
2015978-1-56222-582-7Stacy PhillipsMel Bay The Phillips Collection of American Fiddle Tunes Vol 1
1993978-1-56222-646-6Mr. Bernard "Bunny" "Bunny" BrunelMel Bay's Complete Book of Bass Technique (Bass / Technique Studies)
2015978-1-56222-657-2Shelley StevensO'Carolan Harp Tunes for Mountain Dulcimer
1993978-1-56222-687-9Roland LeoneJOE PASS - OFF THE RECORD
  ''978-1-56222-801-9Craig DuncanSolo Pieces for the Intermediate Violinist
1990978-1-56222-825-5William BayGuitar Master Chord Wall Chart
1993978-1-56222-847-7Joe Pass · Roland LeoneJOE PASS NOTE BY NOTE
2015978-1-56222-891-0Craig DuncanMel Bay Essential Scales and Studies for Violin
  ''978-1-56222-907-8Janna McCall Geller · Mallory GellerExploring the Folk Harp
1993978-1-56222-944-3Wayne ErbsenMel Bay's Front Porch Old-Time Songbook
2015978-1-56222-947-4David GrimesMel Bay Complete Sor Studies for Guitar
2007978-1-56222-954-2Mark Kailana NelsonBeginning Appalachian Dulcimer
2000978-1-56222-964-1RobertsonBeginning Folk Harp
  ''978-1-56222-968-9SchneemanBowed Psalter: Instructional Guide
1993978-1-56222-983-2Wayne ErbsenOld Time Gospel Songbook
2015978-1-56222-994-8Bret WillmottComplete Book of Harmony, Theory & Voicing for Guitar