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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1984978-0-87166-002-2Burton IsaacMel Bay Presents Sacred Violin Solos
2015978-0-87166-005-3Joseph CastleMel Bay Christmas Songs-Classic Guitar
  ''978-0-87166-013-8Mel BayMel Bay Tenor Banjo Chords
1993978-0-87166-090-9Mel BayGuitar Chords
2016978-0-87166-217-0Christopher BoydstonMel Bay's Wedding Music for Classical Guitar
2015978-0-87166-262-0William BayMel Bay You Can Teach Yourself Guitar (You Can Teach Yourself) (You Can Teach Yourself)
1989978-0-87166-266-8Madeleine MacNeilMel Bay You Can Teach Yourself Dulcimer
2015978-0-87166-312-2L. Dean ByeStudent's Guide to Music Theory: A Book of Music Fundamentals for Students
  ''978-0-87166-313-9   ''Student's Musical Dictionary
  ''978-0-87166-332-0Mel BayMel Bay Classic Guitar Method Volume 1
1990978-0-87166-354-2   ''Mel Bay's Modern Guitar Method: Grade 1 (Grade 1)
  ''978-0-87166-357-3   ''Mel Bays Modern Guitar Method, Grade 2
1949978-0-87166-360-3Inc. Mel Bay PublicationsMel Bays Modern Guitar Method (Grade 3)
2015978-0-87166-363-4Mel BayModern Guitar Method Grade 4
2015978-0-87166-364-1Mel BayModern Guitar Method Grade 5
  ''978-0-87166-365-8   ''Mel Bays Modern Guitar Method: Grade 6 (Grade Six)
2015978-0-87166-366-5Mel BayModern Guitar Method Grade 7
1975978-0-87166-370-2Scott DewittPedal Steel Guitar Chord Chart
1993978-0-87166-377-1Frank ZuccoViolin Primer for Beginning Instruction
1974978-0-87166-378-8Mel BayThe Complete Carcassi Guitar Method (English and Spanish Edition)
1982978-0-87166-386-3William BayMel Bay Children's Guitar Method, Vol. 1
  ''978-0-87166-389-4   ''Mel Bay's Children's Guitar Method 2
  ''978-0-87166-392-4   ''Mel Bay's Children's Guitar Method 3
2016978-0-87166-396-2   ''Mel Bay Guitar Studies: Grade 1
1993978-0-87166-429-7Frank ZuccoMel Bay Fun with the Accordion
2015978-0-87166-430-3Franz ZeidlerMel Bay Fun with the Alto Recorder
2016978-0-87166-438-9Bill BayMel Bay Fun With the Cello
  ''978-0-87166-441-9Virgil HughesMel Bay's Fun with the Dulcimer
2015978-0-87166-457-0Franz ZeidlerMel Bay Fun with the Recorder
  ''978-0-87166-460-0Mel BayMel Bay Fun with the tenor banjo
2015978-0-87166-465-5Mel BayMel Bay's Fun with the Ukulele
2016978-0-87166-469-3William BayMel Bay Fun with the Violin
1975978-0-87166-471-6Bill BayMel Bay's Fun with Strums: Baritone Ukulele
  ''978-0-87166-475-4William BayMel Bay Fun with Strums: Ukulele
1976978-0-87166-481-5Bill BayMel Bay's More Fun with the Violin
2015978-0-87166-482-2Frank ZuccoMel Bay Learn to Play Country Fiddle
  ''978-0-87166-483-9Roy SmeckMel Bay Ukulele Method
  ''978-0-87166-494-5Mel BayMel Bay Guitar Melody Chord Playing System
  ''978-0-87166-500-3Bill BayHarmonica Songbook
1983978-0-87166-502-7William BayFlute Fingering Chart
1983978-0-87166-503-4William BaySaxophone Fingering Chart
  ''978-0-87166-504-1   ''Trombone Position Chart
1993978-0-87166-511-9Jim PayneFunk Drumming
2015978-0-87166-515-7Mel BayMel Bay Rhythm Guitar Chord System
1997978-0-87166-516-4Roger HoltmannTWELVE-STRING GUITAR STYLES: 12-STRING GUITAR
1978978-0-87166-517-1Tommy FlintMel Bay Anthology of Fingerstyle Guitar
2015978-0-87166-523-2Roger FilibertoMel Bay Guitar Technic
1985978-0-87166-527-0Sal SalvadorSal Salvador: Chordal Enrichment & Chord Substitution: Jazz Guitar (Mb94046)
2015978-0-87166-579-9Bob KroepelMel Bay Deluxe Encyclopedia of Piano Chords: A Complete Study of Chords and How to Use Them
1986978-0-87166-615-4Joe PassJoe Pass Guitar Chords
978-0-87166-616-1Golden Favorites Sing-Along
2015978-0-87166-644-4Bud Ford · Donna FordMel Bay Dulcimer Song Book
1993978-0-87166-655-0Robert BenedictChristmas Carols for Easy Piano
2015978-0-87166-663-5Vincent BrediceComplete Guitar Improvisation Book
  ''978-0-87166-664-2William BayDeluxe Encyclopedia of Guitar Chords
1980978-0-87166-665-9Mel BayComplete Method for Modern Guitar (Mb93396)
1983978-0-87166-670-3Patrick ConwayDeluxe Tinwhistle Songbook
2015978-0-87166-673-4Franz ZeidlerMel Bay Recorder Book of Medieval & Renaissance Music
  ''978-0-87166-682-6John PickeringMel Bay Studio: Jazz Drum Cookbook
  ''978-0-87166-691-8Phil DuncanMel Bay's Hymns for Harmonica [Diatonic, Cross-Harp, and Chromatic]
2015978-0-87166-696-3Bill BayMel Bay Great Hymns for Guitar
2016978-0-87166-707-6Michael L. Smith · Mike BaileyMel Bay Deluxe Gospel Banjo Songbook
2015978-0-87166-721-2Bud Ford · Donna FordMel Bay A Dulcimer Christmas
2015978-0-87166-727-4Bud Ford · Donna FordMel Bay The Dulcimer Hymn Book
  ''978-0-87166-730-4Joseph CastleFavorite Hymns for Classical Guitar
1990978-0-87166-757-1Paul MickelsonComplete Book of Wedding Music for Flute or Violin
1993978-0-87166-759-5   ''Complete Book of Wedding Music for Trumpet
1968978-0-87166-763-2Mel BayComplete Mandolin Method
1993978-0-87166-766-3David ReinerOld-Time Fiddling Across America
1978978-0-87166-768-7Mel Bay Publications · Inc.Mel Bay Guitar Tablature
1993978-0-87166-773-1William BayMel Bay Kid's Electronic Keyboard Method (Creative Keyboard) (Creative Keyboard)
1971978-0-87166-778-6   ''Bass Guitar Chord Chart
2015978-0-87166-782-3Frank ZuccoDeluxe Accordion Method
  ''978-0-87166-791-5Tommy FlintMel Bay Christmas Songs for Fingerstyle Guitar
  ''978-0-87166-823-3Al Hendrickson · Art OrzeckMel Bay's Encyclopedia of Bass Chords, Arpeggios & Scales
1976978-0-87166-824-0Chet Atkins · Tommy FlintMel Bay Chet Atkins: Off the Record
1981978-0-87166-825-7Frank ZuccoGREAT COUNTRY FIDDLE SOLOS
2015978-0-87166-826-4John PickeringMel Bay The Drummer's Cook Book
1983978-0-87166-831-8Phil DuncanMel Bay's Complete Chromatic Harmonica Method
1993978-0-87166-836-3Harry BluestoneEasy Solos for Violin
  ''978-0-87166-842-4Ken Eidson · Ross CherednikHawaiian Uke Tunebook
1990978-0-87166-854-7Aaron ShearerLearning the Classic Guitar: Part 1
1990978-0-87166-855-4Aaron ShearerAaron Shearer: Learning the Classic Guitar, Part 2
1973978-0-87166-863-9Mel BayMel Bay's Mandolin Chords
2015978-0-87166-864-6   ''Mel Bay Baritone Uke Chords
  ''978-0-87166-865-3   ''Ukulele Chords
  ''978-0-87166-869-1Frank ConverseDeluxe Concertina Book
1973978-0-87166-876-9William BayBanjo Chord Chart
2016978-0-87166-877-6Inc. Mel Bay PublicationsTenor Banjo Chord Encyclopedia
1974978-0-87166-879-0N. GriffinMel Bays Complete Bluegrass Banjo Method
1987978-0-87166-885-1Joe PassJoe Pass Plays the Blues: Jazz Guitar
1993978-0-87166-891-2Dona Gilliam · Mizzy McCaskillTinwhistle for Beginners
2016978-0-87166-895-0William Weiss400 Years of Recorder Music
2015978-0-87166-906-3George Van EpsMel Bay George Van Eps Harmonic Mechanisms for Guitar, Vol. 1
1983978-0-87166-909-4Roger HoltmannMel Bay The Irish Flute
1975978-0-87166-911-7Mel Bay Publications IncMel Bay's Student Spiral Manuscript Book 5-Stave
1985978-0-87166-912-4Joe PassJoe Pass: Virtuoso #3
2015978-0-87166-914-8Mel Bay · Joseph CastleMel Bay Easy Classic Guitar Solos
1997978-0-87166-926-1William BayMel Bay's Quality Student Manuscript Pad, 6-Stave
2016978-0-87166-932-2Roger FilibertoMel Bay Complete Steel Guitar Method
2015978-0-87166-943-8Ross Cherednik · Ken EidsonMel Bay's Mandolin Classics
  ''978-0-87166-961-2Mel BayComplete Method for Classic Guitar
1993978-0-87166-967-4William BayHarmonica Pocket Companion
1990978-0-87166-972-8Roland LeoneJoe Pass Live!!: Jazz Guitar
2015978-0-87166-981-0William Bay · Neil GriffinMel Bay Easiest Banjo Book
  ''978-0-87166-982-7William BayEasiest Harmonica Book
2016978-0-87166-983-4William BayEasiest Piano Chord Book
2015978-0-87166-986-5   ''Easiest Guitar Song Book
2016978-0-87166-987-2   ''Mel Bay Easiest Rock Guitar Book