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1991978-1-56138-011-4Bruce BlitzBlitz Cartooning Kit
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  ''978-1-56138-022-0Charlotte BronteJane Eyre (Courage Classic)
  ''978-1-56138-058-9Ken WeberMore Five-Minute Mysteries: 34 New Cases Of Murder And Mayhem For You To Solve
1992978-1-56138-082-4Pamela LanierCinnamon Mornings: More Than 150 Regional Recipes for Sumptuous Breakfasts, Brunches, and Teas from America's Favorite Bed and Breakfast Inns
  ''978-1-56138-091-6Running PressThe Artistic Cat: Praise, Poems, And Paintings (Miniature Editions)
1992978-1-56138-105-0Blanche Fisher WrightThe Miniature Mother Goose (Miniature Editions)
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  ''978-1-56138-110-4Roger BurrowsImages 2: The Ultimate Coloring Experience (No. 2)
  ''978-1-56138-113-5Blanche Fisher WrightThe Original Mother Goose: Based on the 1916 Classic
  ''978-1-56138-123-4Norman Bancroft-HuntNorth American Indians
1992978-1-56138-148-7Abd Al-Hayy MooreZen Rock Gardening
  ''978-1-56138-149-4Molly JayThe Kiss: A Romantic Treasury Of Photographs And Quotes (Running Press Miniature Editions)
  ''978-1-56138-152-4M. Dalton KingTea Time: Tradition, Presentation, And Recipes (Running Press Miniature Editions)
1993978-1-56138-163-0Gregory C. AaronOkeeffe Postcard Bk Pb (Running Press Postcard Books)
1992978-1-56138-171-5Jane AustenPride and Prejudice (Courage Literary Classics)
1994978-1-56138-190-6Ken WeberFurther Five-minute Mysteries: 36 New Cases Of Murder And Mayhem For You To Solve
  ''978-1-56138-192-0Roger BurrowsImages 3
1993978-1-56138-208-8CunningThe Encyclopedia of Picture Framing Techniques
1994978-1-56138-211-8Katharine GuerrierThe Encyclopedia of Quilting Techniques
  ''978-1-56138-212-5Simon CavelleEncy Of Decorative Paint Tech
1994978-1-56138-215-6Nancy Fink · Maryalice DitzlerButtons: The Collector's Guide to Selecting, Restoring, and Enjoying New and Vintage Buttons
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1993978-1-56138-218-7Connie A. Moore · Harry L. RinkerSnow Globes: The Collector's Guide to Selecting, Displaying, and Restoring Snow Globes
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1994978-1-56138-221-7Jonathan SteinbergFountain Pens: The Collector's Guide to Selecting, Buying, and Enjoying New and Vintage Fountain Pens
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978-1-56138-250-7World Atlas: Miniature Edition
1993978-1-56138-253-8Gordon CraigMiscellany Of Artist's Wisdom
  ''978-1-56138-274-3Robin Langley SommerThe History of the U.S. Marshals: The Proud Story of America's Legendary Lawmen
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  ''978-1-56138-293-4Anwer BatiThe Cigar Companion: A Conoisseur's Guide
1993978-1-56138-298-9Jerry VassSoft Selling in a Hard World: Plain Talk on the Art of Persuasion
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  ''978-1-56138-325-2Margaret TownerDollhouse Furniture
978-1-56138-334-4Cour Ch/Nutcracker
1993978-1-56138-337-5Matthew LiddleMake Your Own Book: A Running Press Discovery Kit
1994978-1-56138-352-8Dorothea HallRag Dolls & How to Make Them
1995978-1-56138-353-5Ayuel LeekEncy Of Airbrush Techniques
1994978-1-56138-354-2Morris D. WhitakerEncy Of Cartooning Techniques
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1994978-1-56138-379-5Raymond BrownBible Guide: A Reader's Companion to the Bible (Running Press Gem)
  ''978-1-56138-403-7Nancy Kalish, Loretta Mowat Naomi Black · Christopher BainThe Whole Christmas Catalogue: The Complete Compendium of Christmas Traditions, Recipies, Crafts, Carols, Lore and More.
  ''978-1-56138-405-1Freeman And RuhlingThe Illus. Ency Of Victoriana
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1995978-1-56138-422-8John LawrenceThe Little Book Of Cockney Rhyming Slang (Irresistible Miniature Edition)
1994978-1-56138-432-7Norman JoplinToy Soldiers: The Collectors Guide to Identifying, Enjoying, and Acquiring New and Vintage Toy Soldiers
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1994978-1-56138-438-9Naomi Black · Nancy KalishThe Whole Christmas Catalogue: The Complete Compendium of Christmas Traditions, Recipes, Crafts, Carols, Lore, and More
  ''978-1-56138-439-6Nick ForderDollhouse Decorating: A Guide to Interior Design in Miniature, in Twelve Distinctive Styles
  ''978-1-56138-440-2John EdwardsChampagne Companion
  ''978-1-56138-445-7Paul FostonThe Encyclopedia of Golf Techniques: The Complete Step-By-Step Guide to Mastering the Game of Golf
1995978-1-56138-452-5Ellen M. PlanteThe Victorian Home: The Grandeur and Comforts of the Victorian Era, in Households Past and Present
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1994978-1-56138-462-4George Hart · James PutnamAncient Egypt: Start Exploring (Working for Myself)
1995978-1-56138-468-6Mark WilsonMark Wilson's Greatest Instant Magic Tricks: More Than Fifty Amazing Illusions You Can Perform Anywhere
1995978-1-56138-471-6Jill CaravanAmerican Barns: A Pictorial History
1994978-1-56138-478-5Volker KoerdtCustom Bikes: From Factory to Fantasy
978-1-56138-488-4Lb Best of Photojrnlsm 18
1995978-1-56138-498-3Julee Rosso · Sheila LukinsSilver Palate Desserts: Recipes From The Classic American Cookbooks (Running Press Miniature Editions)
  ''978-1-56138-516-4Running PressThe Secrets Of Joy: A Treasury Of Wisdom (RP Minis)
1994978-1-56138-519-5Jackson MCompl Gt Single Malt Scotch
1995978-1-56138-523-2PerseusSongs Of The Earth: A Tribute To Nature In Word And Image (RP Minis)
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1995978-1-56138-529-4Randy Schaeffer · Bill BatemanCoca-Cola: The Collector's Guide to New and Vintage Coca-Cola Memorabilia
1996978-1-56138-531-7Taylor REncy Of Animation Techs (Encyclopedia of Art Series)
  ''978-1-56138-534-8John Grant · Ron TinerEncyclopedia Of Fantasy And Science Fiction Art Techniques: A Comprehensive A-z Directory Of Techniques, With An Inspirational Gallery Of Finished Works
1995978-1-56138-545-4Marilyn TolhurstKnights: Treasure Chest (Treasure Chests(tm))
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  ''978-1-56138-569-0Mark WilsonMark Wilson's Greatest Close-Up Magic Tricks: More Than Forty Amazing Illusions for Close Examination
1995978-1-56138-574-4Running PressA Bouquet of Flowers: A Treasury of Blossoms (Miniature Pop-Up Book)
  ''978-1-56138-575-1Fretta Reitzes · Beth TeitelmanWonderplay
  ''978-1-56138-584-3Karen L. MarvelX-men Postcard
978-1-56138-589-8Emtpy Disp/Tell Tale (Spring)
1996978-1-56138-610-9Simpson SAnglers Fly Identifier
1993978-1-56138-613-0Mark Anthony WilsonMark Wilson's Cyclopedia Of Magic: A Complete Course
1996978-1-56138-616-1Marcia HurstEncy Of Flower Arranging Tech
  ''978-1-56138-617-8Soan HThe Encyclopedia Of Watercolor Techniques For Landscape
  ''978-1-56138-619-2Fiona MacdonaldAncient Aztecs Cal (Treasure Chest)
1995978-1-56138-621-5Perrin BChocolate: The Exquisite Indulgence (Miniature Editions)
1995978-1-56138-626-0Dennis FairchildPalm Reading: A Little Guide To Life's Secrets (RP Minis)
  ''978-1-56138-648-2Running Press · MacAdamSpider-Man: 30 Action-Packed Images of the Amazing Spider-Man/Postcard Book (Marvel Comics)
  ''978-1-56138-650-5Kathryn Zullo · Bruce M. Nash · Allan ZulloLawyers Wit & Wisdom
1996978-1-56138-689-5Rick SmithLove Letters: A Romantic Treasury (Miniature Editions)
  ''978-1-56138-690-1Running PressSecrets Of Serenity: A Treasury Of Inspiration (RP Minis)
  ''978-1-56138-692-5Ian. IalllEnglish Country Traditions (Miniature Editions)
1996978-1-56138-699-4Running PressPassages Journal: A Personal Notebook With Quotes On Growth, Change, And Understanding (Parchment Journals)
  ''978-1-56138-703-8Mc GrathMtv
  ''978-1-56138-716-8H. G. Wells · Virginia MattinglyThe H.G. Wells Reader (Courage Classics Giant)
  ''978-1-56138-719-9Jose Cruz · David Borgenicht · Miniature Book CollectionBytes of Wisdom: A User's Guide to the World (Miniature Editions Pop-up Books)
1994978-1-56138-735-9Margery Williams BiancoThe Velveteen Rabbit
1996978-1-56138-739-7Diana EpsteinThe Button Book (Miniature Editions)
1997978-1-56138-744-1John MuirAmerica's Wilderness: The Photographs of Ansel Adams With the Writings of John Muir
1996978-1-56138-745-8Ken WeberEven More Five-Minute Mysteries: 40 New Cases Of Murder And Mayhem For You To Solve
  ''978-1-56138-747-2Keith BowenAmong the Amish: Drawings and Writings
1996978-1-56138-748-9Michael GreenThe Book of the Dragontooth: An Ancient Manuscript on the Secret History of the Dragon and the Unicorn
  ''978-1-56138-751-9Barbara Strawser · Tara Ann McfaddenHome: A Little Book Of Comfort (Miniature Editions)
  ''978-1-56138-753-3Doubleday mini booksCricket: Wit, Wickets, and Wisdom
  ''978-1-56138-756-4Dennis Fairchild · Julie PaschkisFortune-telling: Book And Card Deck
  ''978-1-56138-757-1Elaine M. BucherSmiles: Notes (The Notes Series)
1996978-1-56138-766-3M. G. HarasewychShells: Jewels from the Sea
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  ''978-1-56138-771-7Janine FennickThe Collectible Barbie Doll: An Illustrated Guide to Her Dreamy World
  ''978-1-56138-775-5Mollie KatzenMoosewood Cookbook Classics
  ''978-1-56138-784-7Austin St. John · Steve RoweKarate Warrior: A Beginner's Guide to Martial Arts
1996978-1-56138-785-4Jenny LiuAncient China: 2,000 Years of Mystery and Adventure to Unlock and Discover;Treasure Chest
  ''978-1-56138-800-4Marvin R. ShankenWorld of Cigars
  ''978-1-56138-804-2Queer Notions Empty Display
978-1-56138-809-7Wire Emtpy Mini 6 Pocket Rand Mcnally
978-1-56138-814-16 Pkt Empty Mini Valentines Red
978-1-56138-815-86 Pkt Empty Mini/Festive Food Gr
1995978-1-56138-820-2Wire Empty Mini 24 Pocket Spin B&N
1996978-1-56138-821-9Running PressSister/Mothers/Crazy for You/Bytes Wisdom/Angels/Cattitudes
1994978-1-56138-862-2Wire Empty Mini 10 Pocket Rack
1996978-1-56138-864-6Wire Mini 16 Pkt Brass Display
978-1-56138-868-4Wire Empty Gem Rack 4 Pocket
978-1-56138-895-0Wire Rack Empty Unfold World 4 Pocket
978-1-56138-897-4Wire Rack Empty Unfold World 8 Pocket
978-1-56138-925-4Wire Rack Empty Unfold World 4 Pocket
978-1-56138-935-3Wire Rack Empty Unfold World 4 Pocket

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