titlemedia typeISBN-13year of publication
2-Tiered Plexi Blank DisplayHardcover978-0-7624-2802-12005
13 1/2Paperback978-1-59315-591-92010
13 1/2   "978-1-59315-553-72009
A Dead Man in Tangier   "978-0-7867-2045-32007
Alvin and the Chipmunks: A Chipmunk Christmas Snow Globe   "978-0-7624-4792-32013
A Matter of Class   "978-1-59315-589-62010
A Matter of Class   "978-1-59315-554-42009
Anti-Aging Cures: Life Changing Secrets to Reverse the Effects of AgingHardcover978-0-9844307-3-42012
Art KillsPaperback978-0-7867-0889-52002
Art Of Hula DancingMisc. Supplies978-0-7624-1852-72004
At First Sight: A Novel of ObsessionPaperback978-1-59315-482-02008
A Woman's Notebook   "978-0-7624-1237-22002
Bad Dogs Have More Fun: Selected Writings on Family, Animals, and Life from The Philadelphia InquirerHardcover978-1-59315-468-42007
Bank on Yourself: The Life-Changing Secret to Growing and Protecting Your Financial Future   "978-1-59315-496-72009
Bank On Yourself: The Life-Changing Secret to Protecting Your Financial FuturePaperback978-1-59315-566-72010
Banquo's Ghosts   "978-1-59315-568-12010
Banquo's Ghosts   "978-1-59315-508-72009
Be a Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies To Lifetime Wealth TodayHardcover978-1-59315-446-22007
Black AjaxPaperback978-0-7867-0618-11999
Bridezilla Voodoo Doll   "978-0-7624-2192-32005
Bugs & Daffy: Desktop Duo   "978-0-7624-4424-32012
Buy the Chief a Cadillac: A Novel   "978-0-7867-1639-52005
Capote in Kansas: A Ghost Story   "978-0-7867-2033-02007
Care Bears: Love Is All AroundHardcover978-0-7624-4251-52011
Christmas at The Mysterious BookshopPaperback978-1-59315-677-02011
Christmas at The Mysterious Bookshop   "978-1-59315-617-62010
City of Heroes: The Freedom Phalanx   "978-1-59315-221-52006
Cold Moon HomeHardcover978-0-7867-1981-52007
Crime and Mystery: The 100 Best Books   "978-0-7867-0366-11996
Crush   "978-1-59315-596-42010
Crush   "978-1-59315-548-32009
Darkness FallsHardcover978-1-59315-459-22007
Dashboard DivaPaperback978-0-7624-1483-32003
Days of the Endless Corvette: A Novel   "978-0-7867-1987-72007
Debt Cures ""They"" Don't Want You to Know About   "978-0-9798258-5-92010
Debt Cures ""They"" Don't Want You to Know About   "978-0-9798258-4-22009
Debt Cures ""They"" Don't Want You to Know About   "978-0-9798258-1-12008
Defining Conservatism: The Principles That Will Bring Our Country Back   "978-1-59315-601-52010
Desktop Paradise: Your Teeny-Tiny Getaway   "978-0-7624-5195-12014
Diamondhead   "978-1-59315-578-02010
Diamondhead   "978-1-59315-509-42009
Disturbance of the Inner Ear: A Novel   "978-0-7867-1218-22003
Divinity of Doubt: The God Question   "978-1-59315-629-92011
Do It Now!   "978-0-7624-1824-42004
Domestic Affairs   "978-1-59315-533-92009
Dragon Head   "978-0-7867-2042-22007
Earn What You're Really Worth: Maximize Your Income at Any Time in Any Market   "978-1-59315-630-52012
El Hogar Saludable : Simple Truths to Protect Your Family from Hidden Household Dangers   "978-1-59315-696-12011
Empire of Lies   "978-1-59315-598-82010
Eternity and Other StoriesPaperback978-1-56025-662-52005
EverQuest: The Blood Red Harp   "978-1-59315-224-62006
Everyone in Silico   "978-1-56858-240-52002
Expelled from Eden: A William T. Vollmann Reader   "978-1-56025-441-62004
Fidelity   "978-1-59315-594-02010
Finding Nemo   "978-0-7624-4642-12012
Finger Football   "978-0-7624-3306-32007
Free Money ""They"" Don't Want You to Know AboutHardcover978-0-9819897-1-62010
Frozen: My Journey into the World of Cryonics, Deception, and DeathPaperback978-1-59315-560-52009
Girlfriend's Tarot   "978-0-7624-2036-02005
Go: A Novel   "978-1-56025-424-92002
Good Girl Wants It Bad: A Novel   "978-0-7867-1338-72004
Guardian Angels   "978-0-7624-1551-92004
Hard: A Novel   "978-0-7867-1660-92006
Hello Kitty: Little Letters Set   "978-0-7624-3700-92009
Honoring the Child Spirit: Inspiration and Learning from Our ChildrenHardcover978-1-59315-604-62011
hoops & yoyo: Little Letters KitPaperback978-0-7624-4423-62012
Hot Water   "978-1-59315-684-82011
House Rules   "978-0-7867-0744-72000
Howzat   "978-0-7624-3317-92008
I'd Rather Be in Charge: A Legendary Business Leader’s Roadmap for Achieving Pride, Power, and Joy at WorkHardcover978-1-59315-682-42012
In a True Light: A Novel of CrimePaperback978-0-7867-1229-82003
Inside Angels & Demons: The Story Behind the International Bestseller   "978-1-59315-489-92009
Intercept   "978-1-59315-634-32011
Intercept   "978-1-59315-584-12010
Isis   "978-1-59315-540-72009
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Kit   "978-0-7624-4217-12011
Keys to the Kingdom   "978-1-59315-660-22011
La Santé Chez Soi : De simples gestes pour protéger votre famille contre les dangers insoupçonnés à la maison   "978-1-59315-695-42011
Let's Go 2012 Europe: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-61237-003-32011
Let's Go Amsterdam & Brussels: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-715-82011
Let's Go Barcelona: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-307-52010
Let's Go Boston: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-710-32011
Let's Go Central America: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-296-22009
Let's Go Europe 2010: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-313-62009
Let's Go Europe 2011: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-702-82011
Let's Go Europe 2013: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-61237-021-72013
Let's Go France: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-703-52011
Let's Go Germany: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-707-32011
Let's Go Great Britain: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-318-12010
Let's Go Great Britain with Belfast & Dublin: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-704-22010
Let's Go Israel: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-298-62009
Let's Go Istanbul, Athens & the Greek Islands: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-740-02011
Let's Go Italy: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-706-62010
Let's Go London, Oxford, Cambridge & Edinburgh: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-303-72010
Let's Go London, Oxford, Cambridge & Edinburgh: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-711-02010
Let's Go Madrid & Barcelona: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-714-12010
Let's Go New York City: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-708-02010
Let's Go Paris: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-709-72010
Let's Go Rome, Venice & Florence: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-713-42010
Let's Go Spain & Portugal with Morocco: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-317-42009
Let's Go Spain, Portugal & Morocco: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-705-92010
Let's Go Thailand: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-320-42009
Let's Go Western Europe: The Student Travel Guide   "978-1-59880-314-32010
Life is Like a Sailboat: Selected Writings on Life and Living from The Philadelphia Inquirer   "978-1-59315-569-82010
Lords of Corruption   "978-1-59315-567-42010
Lords of Corruption   "978-1-59315-499-82009
Luck: A Novel   "978-0-7867-1646-32006
Mad Mouse: A John Ceepak Mystery   "978-0-7867-1936-52007
Mariposa   "978-1-59315-592-62010
Mariposa   "978-1-59315-497-42009
Master Strokes 4-copy counter display   "978-0-7624-4578-32012
Memory Book: A Benny Cooperman Detective Novel   "978-0-7867-1717-02005
Mighty Be Our Powers: How Sisterhood, Prayer, and Sex Changed a Nation at War   "978-0-9842951-5-92011
Mini Golf Kit : The Classic Desktop Game   "978-0-7624-3639-22008
Mini Ping Pong : The Classic Desktop Game   "978-0-7624-3638-52008
Mini Snowman In A BoxMisc. Supplies978-0-7624-2110-72004
Monsters Inc.Paperback978-0-7624-4643-82012
More Natural Cures Revealed   "978-0-9787851-3-02008
More Natural "Cures" RevealedHardcover978-0-9755995-4-92006
More Natural "Cures" Revealed: Previously Censored Brand Name Products That Cure DiseasePaperback978-0-9826662-0-32010
Mouthing the Words: A Novel   "978-0-7867-0966-32002
Mr Right   "978-0-7624-1484-02002
Mr. Rogers Parenting Resource BookHardcover978-0-7624-2358-32005
Nascar: Desktop 500Paperback978-0-7624-4870-82013
Natural Cures ""They"" Don't Want You To Know About   "978-0-9755995-9-42006
Never Again   "978-0-9712485-6-42004
Neverland   "978-1-59315-541-42010
Night and Fear: A Centenary Collection of Stories   "978-0-7867-1553-42005
Nightshade: 20th Century Ghost Stories   "978-0-7867-0808-62000
No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline   "978-1-59315-582-72010
Once in a Blue Moon   "978-1-59315-599-52010
Once in a Blue Moon   "978-1-59315-614-52010
Palm Reading   "978-0-7624-2683-62006
Paper Moon: A Novel   "978-1-56858-230-62002
Peanuts: A Box of Holiday WisdomHardcover978-0-7624-5873-82015
Peanuts PhilosophersPaperback978-0-7624-3861-72010
Pendulum: How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our FutureHardcover978-1-59315-706-72012
Pepé Le Pew Little Letters KitPaperback978-0-7624-5089-32013
Plea of Insanity   "978-1-59315-573-52010
Plea of Insanity   "978-1-59315-507-02009
Poet's Notebook: Inspiration, Techniques, and Advice on Craft   "978-0-7624-0824-52000
Pomona Queen   "978-1-56858-176-72000
Power Play   "978-1-59315-731-92012
Precious Cargo   "978-1-59315-538-42009
Pretty Little Things   "978-1-59315-638-12011
Pretty Little Things   "978-1-59315-607-72010
Profit From Real Estate Right Now!: The Proven No Money Down System for Today’s Market   "978-1-59315-633-62011
Profit From Real Estate Right Now!: The Proven No Money Down System for Today’s Market   "978-1-59315-544-52010
Proust on Art and Literature   "978-0-7867-0454-51997
Public Radio: Behind the VoicesHardcover978-1-59315-143-02006
Quantico   "978-1-59315-445-52007
Quantico: A NovelPaperback978-1-59315-473-82008
Rich Brother Rich Sister   "978-1-59315-493-62009
Rick Steves’ Britain, Ireland and London City Map   "978-1-59880-050-02007
Rick Steves' Europe Map   "978-1-59880-137-82007
Rick Steves' France and Paris City Map   "978-1-59880-051-72007
Rock Bottom   "978-1-59315-625-12011
Roots: The Saga of an American Family   "978-1-59315-449-32007
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Kit: His Nose Glows!   "978-0-7624-4201-02011
Scapegoat   "978-0-7624-2222-72005
Secrets of Angels and Demons   "978-1-59315-358-82006
Secrets of the Code   "978-1-59315-273-42006
Sentinels: A "Nameless Detective" Novel   "978-0-7867-1014-02002
Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Rat of Sumatra   "978-0-7867-1125-32002
Silence   "978-1-59315-523-02009
Slaughtermatic   "978-1-56858-103-31998
Songs Of The Earth: A Tribute To Nature In Word And ImageHardcover978-1-56138-523-21995
Step Right Up: Stories of Carnivals, Sideshows, and the CircusPaperback978-0-7867-1332-52004
Strategic Acceleration: Succeed at the Speed of Life   "978-1-59315-564-32010
Strategic Acceleration: Succeed at the Speed of Life   "978-1-59315-501-82009
Talking to the Moon   "978-0-7867-1629-62007
The 7th Victim   "978-1-59315-546-92009
The 7th Victim   "978-1-59315-494-32008
The Abduction   "978-1-59315-477-62008
The AbductionHardcover978-1-59315-463-92007
The Amazing Spider-Man KitPaperback978-0-7624-4547-92012
The Art Of Calligraphy   "978-0-7624-1310-22002
The Avengers   "978-0-7624-4546-22012
The Bee's Kiss: A Detective Joe Sandlands Mystery   "978-0-7867-1736-12006
The Best New Irish Short Stories 2005   "978-0-7867-1636-42005
The Big Red One   "978-1-56025-743-12005
The Bliss Principle: 5 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress   "978-1-59315-203-12005
The Bodhran Makers: A Novel of Ireland   "978-0-941423-80-91993
The Bonsai Kit: Perfect The Ancient Art Of Miniature GardeningHardcover978-0-7624-1042-22001
The Boys and the BeesPaperback978-0-7867-1647-02005
The Burry Man's Day: A Dandy Gilver Murder Mystery   "978-0-7867-2019-42007
The Christmas Clock   "978-1-59315-547-62009
The Color of Money   "978-1-56025-485-02003
The Compass   "978-1-59315-542-12009
The Complete Wine Cellar System   "978-0-7624-1557-12003
The Dark of Day   "978-1-59315-518-62009
The Dark of DayHardcover978-1-59315-461-52008
The Deadly Bride and 21 of the Year's Finest Crime and Mystery Stories: Volume IIPaperback978-0-7867-1917-42006
The Death of Corinne   "978-0-7867-1991-42007
The Delta Solution   "978-1-59315-647-32011
The Diary   "978-1-59315-570-42011
The Diary   "978-1-59315-529-22009
The Diary   "978-1-59315-543-82009
The George W. Bush Voodoo Kit: Stick It to Him Like He's Been Sticking It to You!   "978-0-7624-3117-52007
The Goliath Bone   "978-1-59315-597-12010
The Healthy Home: Simple Truths to Protect Your Family from Hidden Household Dangers   "978-1-59315-688-62012
The Hillary Clinton Voodoo Kit: Stick It to Her Before She Sticks It to You!   "978-0-7624-2965-32007
The Hustler   "978-1-56025-473-72002
The IHOP Papers   "978-0-7867-1794-12007
The Jaguar Hunter   "978-1-56858-186-62001
The Love Lottery   "978-0-7624-2109-12004
The Manchurian Candidate   "978-1-56858-270-22003
The Man Who Knew Too Much: Hired to Kill Oswald and Prevent the Assassination of JFK   "978-0-7867-1242-72003
The Mini Golf Voodoo Kit   "978-0-7624-1615-82003
The Mini Love Voodoo KitMisc. Supplies978-0-7624-1378-22002
The Mini Safe Baby Handling KitPaperback978-0-7624-2509-92005
The Mini Voodoo Kit   "978-0-7624-0827-62000
The Musician's Notebook: Manuscript Paper for Inspiration and Composition   "978-0-7624-0369-11998
The Negritude Poets: An Anthology of Translations from the French   "978-0-938410-72-01993
The Nicholas Feast: A Gil Cunningham Murder Mystery   "978-0-7867-1997-62007
The Oppermanns: A Novel   "978-0-7867-0880-22001
The Poet in Exile: A Novel   "978-1-56025-447-82002
The Prosecution of George Bush W. Bush for Murder   "978-1-59315-528-52008
The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder   "978-1-59315-481-32008
The Real Book of Real Estate: Real Experts. Real Stories. Real Life.   "978-1-59315-532-22009
The Rest Is Silence: An Eisenmenger-Flemming Forensic Mystery   "978-0-7867-1969-32007
The Return of the Black Widowers   "978-0-7867-1651-72005
The Risk Takers: 16 Top Entrepreneurs Share Their Strategies for Success   "978-1-59315-637-42011
The Secret Cardinal   "978-1-59315-484-42008
The Secret CardinalHardcover978-1-59315-456-12007
The ShimmerPaperback978-1-59315-580-32010
The Shimmer   "978-1-59315-537-72009
The Spy Who Came for Christmas   "978-1-59315-701-22011
The Spy Who Came for Christmas   "978-1-59315-563-62009
The Spy Who Came For Christmas   "978-1-59315-487-52008
The Steve Jobs Way: iLeadership for a New Generation   "978-1-59315-710-42012
The Steve Jobs Way: iLeadership for a New Generation   "978-1-59315-639-82011
The Steve Jobs Way : iLeadership for a New Generation   "978-1-59315-705-02011
The Sticking Point Solution: 9 Ways to Move Your Business from Stagnation to Stunning Growth in Tough Economic Times   "978-1-59315-575-92010
The Sticking Point Solution: 9 Ways to Move Your Business from Stagnation to Stunning Growth InTough Economic Times   "978-1-59315-510-02009
The Street : A Yiddish Novel from Between the World Wars   "978-0-941423-45-81993
The Twelve   "978-1-59315-556-82009
The Twelve   "978-1-59315-588-92009
The Twelve Days of ChristmasHardcover978-0-7624-2051-32004
The Uncollected Henry JamesPaperback978-0-7867-1498-82005
The Violence of Peace: America's Wars in the Age of Obama   "978-0-9842951-7-32011
The Watchman's Rattle: Thinking Our Way Out of Extinction   "978-1-59315-605-32010
The Web of Arachnos   "978-1-59315-206-22005
The Wedding Countdown ClockHardcover978-0-7624-1822-02004
The Weight Loss Cure ""They"" Don't Want You to Know AboutPaperback978-0-9787851-4-72008
The Woman Chaser   "978-1-56858-209-22001
The World Trade Center: A TributeHardcover978-0-7624-1315-72001
The Yoga JournalPaperback978-0-7624-1905-02004
Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down WorldTaschenbuch978-1-59315-659-62011
To the DeathPaperback978-1-59315-517-92009
To The DeathHardcover978-1-59315-476-92008
Toy Story: Woody and JessiePaperback978-0-7624-4757-22013
Tweety & Sylvester: Best Enemies   "978-0-7624-5084-82013
Ultimate Christmas Party Sprout   "978-0-7624-4144-02010
Vital Signs: Essential AIDS Fiction   "978-0-7867-2009-52007
Walden RP-81 Display BaseGebunden978-0-7624-2798-72005
Watchlist: Two Serial Thrillers in One Killer BookPaperback978-1-59315-559-92010
Watchlist: Two Serial Thrillers in One Killer Book   "978-1-59315-590-22010
We Are What We Pretend To Be: The First and Last Works   "978-1-59315-743-22012
We Can All Do Better   "978-1-59315-729-62012
When Corruption Was King: How I Helped the Mob Rule Chicago, Then Brought the Outfit Down   "978-0-7867-1583-12006
Whiskey Gulf   "978-1-59315-581-02010
Winnie the Pooh   "978-0-7624-4758-92013
Woman in Red   "978-1-59315-500-12008
Yoga To Go   "978-0-7624-1377-52002
Yoga to Go Travel Deck   "978-0-7624-2674-42007
You Are Not the One: Stories   "978-0-7867-1433-92004

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