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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-1-56054-850-8William BoydBrazzaville Beach
  ''978-1-56054-851-5E. M. ForsterHoward's End
  ''978-1-56054-852-2Barbara PymThe Sweet Dove Died
  ''978-1-56054-853-9Julian SymonsSomething Like a Love Affair
  ''978-1-56054-854-6Susan HillThe Mist in the Mirror
1993978-1-56054-855-3Anya SetonFoxfire
  ''978-1-56054-856-0Edna O'BrienTime and Tide (Studio Series/8 Audio Cassettes)
1994978-1-56054-857-7Robert B. ParkerDouble Deuce
1993978-1-56054-858-4F. Scott FitzgeraldThis Side of Paradise
  ''978-1-56054-859-1Elizabeth Jane HowardLight Years (Cazalet Chronicle)
1994978-1-56054-860-7Thomas H. CookEvidence of Blood
  ''978-1-56054-861-4Ray BradburyIllustrated Man
978-1-56054-862-1The Spoilt City (Balkan Trilogy)
1994978-1-56054-863-8Brian MooreThe Temptation of Eileen Hughes
  ''978-1-56054-864-5Roald DahlSwitch Bitch
1993978-1-56054-865-2Thomas William SimpsonThe Gypsy Storyteller
1993978-1-56054-866-9Dorothy UhnakThe Ryer Avenue Story: A Novel
  ''978-1-56054-867-6Robert Lewis TaylorTravels of Jaimie McPheeters
  ''978-1-56054-868-3Stephen BirminghamCarriage Trade
  ''978-1-56054-869-0Elmer KeltonSlaughter
  ''978-1-56054-870-6Shann NixWild Catting
1994978-1-56054-871-3Elizabeth AdlerLegacy of Secrets
1994978-1-56054-872-0Robert DaleyTainted Evidence
1996978-1-56054-873-7Ann Goethe · Ann GotheMidnight Lemonade
1993978-1-56054-874-4Mary DaheimThe Alpine Betrayal
978-1-56054-875-1William SimpsonGypsy Storyteller
1994978-1-56054-876-8Judith McNaughtPerfect
1993978-1-56054-877-5Cheryl Landon WilsonI Promised My Dad
1994978-1-56054-878-2Linda BarnesSnapshot
  ''978-1-56054-879-9Bernard CornwellRebel
  ''978-1-56054-880-5Robin CookTerminal
1993978-1-56054-881-2Dean R. KoontzDragon Tears
  ''978-1-56054-882-9Amanda QuickReckless
1994978-1-56054-883-6Dick FrancisDriving Force
1993978-1-56054-884-3Nelson DeMilleThe General's Daughter
  ''978-1-56054-885-0Jerry EllisWalking the Trail: One Man's Journey Along the Cherokee Trail of Tears
1993978-1-56054-886-7Sandra BrownThe Silken Web
1994978-1-56054-887-4Andrew A. RooneySweet and Sour
  ''978-1-56054-888-1Martin Cruz SmithRed Square
1993978-1-56054-889-8Andrew MortonDiana: Her True Story
  ''978-1-56054-890-4Ridley PearsonAngel Maker
978-1-56054-891-1Marilyn: The Last Take
1994978-1-56054-892-8Dale BrownNight of the Hawk
1993978-1-56054-893-5Andrew M. GreeleyWages of Sin
  ''978-1-56054-894-2Grace Livingston HillHappiness Hill
  ''978-1-56054-895-9Robert HarrisFatherland (Thorndike Large Print Cloak & Dagger)
1993978-1-56054-896-6Dorothy GilmanCaravan
  ''978-1-56054-897-3Edna BuchananContents Under Pressure
  ''978-1-56054-898-0Len DeightonCity of Gold
  ''978-1-56054-899-7Jack HigginsEye of the Storm
  ''978-1-56054-901-7Natasha CooperBloody Roses
978-1-56054-902-4Saint Maybe
1993978-1-56054-903-1Joanna TrollopeThe Men & the Girls
978-1-56054-904-8Maximum Bob
1993978-1-56054-905-5Stella GibbonsCold Comfort Farm
1993978-1-56054-906-2Dirk BogardeJericho
978-1-56054-907-9My Theodesia
1993978-1-56054-908-6Nina BawdenFamily Money
  ''978-1-56054-909-3Olivia ManningGreat Fortune
  ''978-1-56054-910-9Robert B. ParkerPastime
  ''978-1-56054-911-6E. M. FosterWhere Angels Fear to Tread
  ''978-1-56054-912-3D. H. LawrenceWomen in Love
1992978-1-56054-913-0Barbara PymLess Than Angels
1992978-1-56054-914-7Thomas HardyJude the Obscure
  ''978-1-56054-915-4Rumer GoddenCoromandel Sea Change
1993978-1-56054-916-1Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell · Mrs. GaskellCranford
1992978-1-56054-917-8Thomas H. CookCity When It Rains
  ''978-1-56054-918-5Rose TremainRestoration a Novel of Seventeenth Century England
  ''978-1-56054-919-2Penelope FitzgeraldGate of Angels
  ''978-1-56054-920-8Jean RhysVoyage in the Dark
1992978-1-56054-921-5Brian MooreLonely Passion of Judith Hearne
  ''978-1-56054-922-2Susan HillStrange Meeting
  ''978-1-56054-923-9Joseph HellerCatch-22
  ''978-1-56054-924-6Joanna TrollopeA Passionate Man
1993978-1-56054-925-3Annie DillardThe Living (Thorndike Press Basic/Large Print)
1992978-1-56054-926-0Alice HoffmanTurtle Moon
1993978-1-56054-927-7Laurie BlumFree Money for Diseases of Aging
1992978-1-56054-928-4Laurie BlumLaurie Blum's Free Money for Heart Disease and Cancer Care
1993978-1-56054-929-1Robert StoneOuterbridge Reach
1991978-1-56054-930-7Bret LottJewel (Oprah's Book Club)
1993978-1-56054-931-4Dean R. KoontzHideaway
1992978-1-56054-932-1Ridley PearsonHard Fall
1993978-1-56054-933-8Eileen GoudgeSuch Devoted Sisters
  ''978-1-56054-934-5Bill CosbyChildhood
1992978-1-56054-935-2Catherine CooksonThe Love Child
1992978-1-56054-936-9Warren G. HarrisLucy & Desi: The Legendary Love Story of Television's Most Famous Couple
  ''978-1-56054-937-6Nancy Nelson · Cary GrantEvenings With Cary Grant: Recollections in His Own Words and by Those Who Knew Him Best (Large Print Edition)
  ''978-1-56054-938-3Robert R. McCammonBoy's Life
  ''978-1-56054-939-0Robert L. VeningaYour Renaissance Years: Making Retirement the Best Years of Your Life
  ''978-1-56054-940-6Sandra BrownTexas! Sage (Texas! Tyler Family Saga)
978-1-56054-941-3Texas! Chase
1992978-1-56054-942-0Sandra BrownTexas! Lucky (Texas! Tyler Family Saga)
1992978-1-56054-943-7Don R. PowellA Year of Health Hints: 365 Practical Ways to Feel Better and Live Longer
  ''978-1-56054-944-4Anita Williams · Merrimac DillonThe 50+ Traveler's Guidebook (50 PLUS TRAVELER'S GUIDEBOOK LARGE PRINT)
  ''978-1-56054-945-1Joseph F. O'BrienBoss of Bosses
  ''978-1-56054-946-8Anne Rivers SiddonsOuter Banks
  ''978-1-56054-947-5Tom ClancyThe Sum of All Fears
1992978-1-56054-948-2Amy TanKitchen God's Wife
  ''978-1-56054-949-9Georgette HeyerBath Tangle/Large Print
  ''978-1-56054-950-5Georgette HeyerCotillion/Large Print
  ''978-1-56054-951-2   ''A Civil Contract
  ''978-1-56054-952-9   ''The Foundling
1992978-1-56054-953-6Georgette HeyerFriday's Child
  ''978-1-56054-954-3Andrew M. GreeleyOccasion of Sin
  ''978-1-56054-955-0Judith McNaughtParadise
  ''978-1-56054-956-7Mary Higgins ClarkLoves Music, Loves to Dance
1991978-1-56054-957-4M.D. Fred G. KantrowitzTaking Control of Arthritis
1992978-1-56054-958-1Dean R. KoontzWatchers
  ''978-1-56054-959-8Ray BradburyFahrenheit 451 (A Sterling Audio Book)
1992978-1-56054-960-4Joseph HellerCatch-22
  ''978-1-56054-961-1L. P. HartleyThe Hireling
  ''978-1-56054-962-8Elmore LeonardFreaky Deaky (Sterling Audio Series)
  ''978-1-56054-963-5Edna O'BrienThe High Road (Sterling Audio Series)
  ''978-1-56054-964-2Thomas H. CookFlesh and Blood (Sterling Audio Series)
1992978-1-56054-965-9Pearl S. BuckLetter from Peking
  ''978-1-56054-966-6C. S. ForesterThe African Queen (Sterling Audio Series)
1991978-1-56054-967-3Barbara PymA Few Green Leaves
  ''978-1-56054-968-0Robert B. ParkerStardust
  ''978-1-56054-969-7F. Scott FitzgeraldTender Is the Night
  ''978-1-56054-970-3Henry JamesWhat Maisie Knew
1989978-1-56054-971-0Truman CapoteBreakfast at Tiffany's and Other Stories
1991978-1-56054-972-7Edna FerberGiant
1991978-1-56054-973-4James A. MichenerSayonara/Audio Cassette
  ''978-1-56054-974-1Evelyn WaughHandful of Dust
1992978-1-56054-975-8Harris McIlwainThe 50+ Wellness Program
1991978-1-56054-976-5William X. KienzleChameleon
  ''978-1-56054-977-2Robert B. Parker · Raymond ChandlerPerchance to Dream: Robert B. Parker's Sequel to Raymond Chandler's the Big Sleep
1992978-1-56054-978-9Dean R. KoontzCold Fire
  ''978-1-56054-979-6Ava GardnerAva: My Story
1991978-1-56054-980-2Andrew M. GreeleyThe Search for Maggie Ward
  ''978-1-56054-981-9Jean M. AuelMammoth Hunters
1991978-1-56054-982-6Jean M. AuelValley of Horses
  ''978-1-56054-983-3   ''The Clan of the Cave Bear (Earth's Children)
  ''978-1-56054-984-0Joyce BrothersWidowed
1992978-1-56054-985-7Jean M. AuelThe Plains of Passage (Earth's Children)
1991978-1-56054-986-4Ross ThomasTwilight at Mac's Place
1992978-1-56054-987-1Charles KuraltLife on the Road (Large Print Edition)
1991978-1-56054-988-8Anne Rivers SiddonsKing's Oak
  ''978-1-56054-989-5Joseph L. Matthews · Dorothy Matthews BermanSocial Security, Medicare and Pensions
  ''978-1-56054-990-1Angela Lansbury · Mimi AvinsAngela Lansbury's Positive Moves: My Personal Plan for Fitness and Well-Being
1991978-1-56054-991-8Stephen CoontsUnder Siege [large-print edition]
  ''978-1-56054-992-5Len DeightonSpy Sinker
  ''978-1-56054-993-2Bob HopeDon't Shoot It's Only Me
  ''978-1-56054-994-9Evelyn AnthonyThe Scarlet Thread
  ''978-1-56054-995-6Rosamunde PilcherBlue Bedroom and Other Stories
1991978-1-56054-996-3Robert B. ParkerStardust
  ''978-1-56054-997-0Cynthia FreemanAlways and Forever
  ''978-1-56054-998-7Helen HayesMy Life in Three Acts
  ''978-1-56054-999-4Dean R. KoontzBad Place