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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-56052-000-9Robert F. HicksSelf-Managing Teams: Creating and Maintaining Self-Managed Work Groups (The Fifty-Minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-004-7Herman EstrinTechnical Writing in the Corporate World (Crisp Fifty-Minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-006-1David KarlsonConsulting for Success: A Guide for Prospective Consultants (The Fifty Minute Series)
1990978-1-56052-020-7Merlene T. ShermanWellness in the Workplace: How to Develop a Company Wellness Program (Fifty Minute Ser.)
1995978-1-56052-029-0Lynn FossumOvercoming Anxiety: A Primer for Better Life Management (50-Minute Book)
1990978-1-56052-033-7Diane BerkCrisp: Preparing for Your Interview: Getting the Job You Want (Fifty-minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-044-3Gregg BerrymanNotes on Graphic Design and Visual Communication
1995978-1-56052-045-0Don KobergThe Universal Traveller: A Guide to Creativity, Problem Solving & the Process of Reaching Goals (Crisp Professional Series)
1990978-1-56052-046-7Larry BellistonCrisp: Design Yourself
1992978-1-56052-054-2Corinne HanksCrisp: Draw!
1998978-1-56052-055-9Kurt Hanks · Larry BellistonRapid Viz!
1991978-1-56052-062-7Sharon BurkeGetting Started (Your First Thirty Days on the Job, Leader's Guide)
1995978-1-56052-064-1Lloyd FinchTelephone Courtesy & Customer Service (Fifty-Minute Series)
1991978-1-56052-066-5Frederick JonesCrisp: Concise Dictionary of Architecture (Concise Dictionary Series)
1998978-1-56052-067-2Frederic H. JonesThe Concise Dictionary of Interior Design (Concise Dictionary Series)
  ''978-1-56052-069-6F JonesArchitectural and Design History (Concise Dictionary Series)
1991978-1-56052-071-9Phillip E. Bozek50 One-Minute Tips to Better Communication (The Fifty Minute Series)
1991978-1-56052-073-3Sam HornCrisp: Concentration!: How to Focus for Success (Fifty Minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-078-8Jim ShermanPlan Your Work/ Work Your Plan: Secrets for More Productive Planning (Crisp Fifty-Minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-082-5Lois B. HartTraining Methods That Work: A Handbook for Trainers (50-Minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-094-8Diana BonetClear Writing: A Step-By-Step Guide (A Fifty-Minute Series Book)
  ''978-1-56052-095-5Jack SwensonThe Building Blocks of Business Writing: The Foundation of Writing Skills (Crisp Fifty-Minute Series)
1995978-1-56052-096-2Cynthia D. ScottEmpowerment: A Practical Guide for Success (The Fifty Minute Series)
1991978-1-56052-102-0Elwood Chapman · Martha ChapmanCrisp: Twelve Steps to Self-Improvement: A Crisp Assessment Profile (Crisp Fifty-Minute Books)
1995978-1-56052-105-1Rick LamplughJob Search That Works (Crisp Fifty-Minute Books)
1993978-1-56052-113-6Gregg BerrymanDesigning Creative Portfolios
1992978-1-56052-114-3Rebecca Luhn-WolfeManaging Anger: Methods for a Happier and Healthier Life (Crisp Fifty-Minute Books)
1992978-1-56052-117-4Marlene CaroselliCrisp: Thinking On Your Feet: Tools to Communicate Clearly and Convincingly (Crisp Fifty-Minute Books)
  ''978-1-56052-119-8Elwood Chapman · Martha ChapmanCrisp: Sales Training Basics, Third Edition: What You Need to Know About Selling (CRISP FIFTY-MINUTE SERIES)
  ''978-1-56052-122-8Susan BrockCrisp: Writing Business Proposals and Reports: Key Strategies for Success (Fifty-Minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-127-3Marty BrounsteinCrisp: Effective Recruiting Strategies: A Practical Guide for Success (Crisp Fifty-Minute Books)
  ''978-1-56052-129-7Marci MahoneyCrisp: Strategic Resumes: Writing for Results (Fifty-Minute Series)
1992978-1-56052-131-0Susan SchubertCrisp: Managing Upward: Strategies for Succeeding with Your Boss (A Fifty-Minute Series Book)
  ''978-1-56052-134-1Terry DickeyCrisp: Basics of Budgeting: A Practical Guide to Better Business Planning (Crisp Fifty-Minute Books)
  ''978-1-56052-141-9Mary Ann BurkeRecruiting Volunteers: Building an Effective Volunteer Staff
1995978-1-56052-143-3Karen JuddCopyediting: A Practical Guide (Crisp Professional Series)
1992978-1-56052-151-8Jeffrey E. LicksonThe Continuously Improving Self: A Personal Guide to TQM
  ''978-1-56052-153-2Elizabeth H. Doucet · Juliana LightleCrisp: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: A Guide to Prevention (Crisp Fifty-Minute Series)
1995978-1-56052-178-5Richard F. GersonMeasuring Customer Satisfaction (A Fifty-Minute Series Book)
1993978-1-56052-179-2Marty BrounsteinCrisp: Handling the Difficult Employee: Solving Performance Problems (50 Minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-184-6Richard Knowdell · Elwood N. ChapmanPersonal Counseling: Helping Others Help Themselves (A Fifty Minute Series Book)
1993978-1-56052-192-1Carol GomanCrisp: Adapting to Change (Crisp Professional Series)
  ''978-1-56052-193-8Geri McArdleCrisp: Delivering Effective Training Sessions: Becoming a Confident and Competent Presenter (50 Minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-199-0Donald Wayne HackettCrisp: Facilitation Skills for Team Leaders: Leading Organized Teams to Greater Productivity (Crisp Fifty-Minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-201-0Twyla DellMotivating at Work, Revised Edition: Empowering Employees to Give Their Best (A Fifty Minute Series Book)
1995978-1-56052-202-7Steve MandelEffective Presentation Skills: A Practical Guide for Better Speaking (A Fifty Minute Series Book)
1994978-1-56052-207-2Connie SitterlyThe Female Entrepreneur: Overcoming Challenges in the Business World (Crisp Small Business Series)
1993978-1-56052-210-2Cynthia ScottOrganizational Vision, Values, and Mission: Building the Organization of Tomorrow (A Fifty-Minute Series Book)
1999978-1-56052-222-5William liF. ChristopherWorld Class Quality and Productivity (Crisp Management Library)
1993978-1-56052-233-1John JonesCrisp: Personnel Testing: A Manager's Guide (Crisp Fifty-Minute Books)
  ''978-1-56052-242-3Paul R TimmCrisp: Successful Self-Management, Revised Edition: Increasing Your Personal Effectiveness (The Fifty-Minute Series)
1994978-1-56052-248-5Richard StillerRightful Termination: Avoiding Litigation (A Fifty-Minute Series Book)
1995978-1-56052-251-5Stephen G. HainesCrisp: Successful Strategic Planning: The Systems Thinking Approach to Building a High Performance Business (50-Minute Series)
1995978-1-56052-253-9Twyla DellCorporate Environmental Leader: Five Steps to a New Ethic (Crisp Professional Series)
1994978-1-56052-255-3Frank CorradoCrisp: Communicating with Employees: Improving Organizational Communication (Crisp Fifty-Minute Books)
  ''978-1-56052-258-4Marianne MinorCrisp: Preventing Workplace Violence: Positive Management Strategies (Fifty-Minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-259-1Debra A. Smith · Helen R. SuttonPowerful Proofreading Skills: Tips, Techniques, and Tactics
1995978-1-56052-260-7Uelaine LengefeldStudy Skills Strategies: Your Guide to Critical Thinking (50-Minute Book)
1994978-1-56052-263-8Steve MandelCrisp: Technical Presentation Skills, Revised Edition: A Practical Guide for Better Speaking (Crisp Fifty-Minute Books)
1995978-1-56052-268-3Carol Kinsey GomanManaging in a Global Organization: Keys to Success in a Changing World (Crisp Professional Series)
1996978-1-56052-292-8George SimonsWorking Together: Succeeding in a Multicultural Organization (Fifty-Minute)
1995978-1-56052-299-7Cynthia ScottManaging Change at Work (A Fifty-Minute Series Book)
  ''978-1-56052-301-7Nancy FriedmanTelephone Skills From A to Z (A Fifty-Minute Series Book)
  ''978-1-56052-303-1J David VialeCrisp: Basics of Manufacturing: Fundamental Concepts for Decision Makers (Fifty-Minute Series)
1994978-1-56052-304-8Karen MantylaCrisp: Consultative Sales Power: Achieving Continuous Success (Fifty-Minute Series)
1995978-1-56052-306-2Michael KravitzCrisp: Managing Negative People: Strategies for Success (Fifty-Minute Series)
1995978-1-56052-308-6J. Shep JeffreysCoping with Workplace Change: Dealing with Loss and Grief (Crisp Fifty-Minute Books)
  ''978-1-56052-315-4Lynn kearnyCrisp: Graphics for Presenters: Getting Your Ideas Across (CRISP FIFTY-MINUTE SERIES)
  ''978-1-56052-318-5Virden J. ThorntonClosing: A Process Not a Problem (Fifty-Minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-319-2Marianne MinorCoaching for Development: Skills for Managers and Team Leaders (Fifty-Minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-322-2Eileen FlaniganProcess Improvement (Fifty-Minute Series Book)
1996978-1-56052-351-2Barbara J. BrahamCreating a Learning Organization: Promoting Excellence Through Change (Crisp Fifty-Minute Books)
1995978-1-56052-352-9Carrie A. Van Daele50 One-Minute Tips for Trainers: A Quick and Easy Guide (Fifty-Minute)
1995978-1-56052-356-7James L. PattersonBenchmarking Basics: Looking for a Better Way (50-Minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-357-4Beverly A. PotterPreventing Job Burnout, Revised Edition: Transforming Work Pressures into Productivity (Fifty-minute Series)
1996978-1-56052-361-1J David VialeCrisp: Basics of Inventory Management: From Warehouse to Distribution Center (CRISP FIFTY-MINUTE SERIES)
  ''978-1-56052-380-2Sandy PokrasCrisp: Systematic Succession Planning: Building Leadership from Within (CRISP FIFTY-MINUTE SERIES)
  ''978-1-56052-381-9Jon ScottAchieving Consensus: Tools and Techniques (50-Minute Series)
1997978-1-56052-383-3Herbert S. KindlerManaging Disagreement Constructively: Revised Edition (Crisp Fifty-Minute Books)
1996978-1-56052-384-0Rebecca L. MorganCalming Upset Customers, Revised Edition (50-Minute Series)
1997978-1-56052-385-7Lorenz BooksEffective Meeting Skills, Revised (50-Minute Series)
1996978-1-56052-388-8Margaret R. DavisOrganization Design (Crisp Professional Series)
  ''978-1-56052-394-9Carrie StraubCrisp: Creating Your Skills Portfolio: Show Off Your Skills and Accomplishments (CRISP FIFTY-MINUTE SERIES)
1996978-1-56052-395-6Robert L. Bassford · Charles L. MartinEmployee Suggestion Systems: Boosting Productivity and Profits
1997978-1-56052-409-0Bert DeckerThe Art of Communicating, Revised (Fifty-minute Series)
1996978-1-56052-413-7Doris PooserCrisp: Always in Style (Crisp Professional Series)
1997978-1-56052-417-5Marcia MeislinThe Internal Consultant: Drawing on Inside Expertise
1998978-1-56052-423-6Geri McArdleConducting a Needs Analysis (Fifty-Minute Book)
1997978-1-56052-424-3J David VialeCrisp: JIT Forecasting and Master Scheduling: Not an Oxymoron (CRISP FIFTY-MINUTE SERIES)
  ''978-1-56052-425-0James O. GillCrisp: Understanding Financial Statements, Revised Edition: A Primer of Useful Information (CRISP FIFTY-MINUTE SERIES)
  ''978-1-56052-430-4Patti HathawayGiving and Receiving Feedback (Crisp Fifty-Minute Books)
  ''978-1-56052-443-4J. Davidson Frame · Thomas R. BlockThe Project Office: A Key to Managing Projects Effectively (Crisp Management Library)
  ''978-1-56052-447-2Jim BadoCrisp: Open-Book Management: Developing Employees' Business Sense (CRISP FIFTY-MINUTE SERIES)
1990978-1-56052-448-9Richard TruchonCrisp: Basic Business Math, Revised Edition: A Life-Skills Approach (A Fifty-Minute Series Book)
1997978-1-56052-449-6Claire RainesBeyond Generation X: A Practical Guide for Managers
1992978-1-56052-453-3Elwood N. Chapman · Robert B. MadduxYour First Thirty Days: Building a Professional Image in a New Job (Fifty-Minute Series)
1998978-1-56052-455-7Robert liB. MadduxDelegating For Results: Revised (Crisp Fifty-Minute Series)
1997978-1-56052-456-4Brenda Bailey-HughesThe Administrative Assistant: Starring in a Supporting Role (Fifty-Minute Series Book)
1997978-1-56052-459-5Phillip E. Bozek50 One-Minute Tips to Better Communication, Revised Edition: A Wealth of Business Communication Ideas (Fifty-Minute Series Book)
1998978-1-56052-461-8Richard GersonCrisp: Beyond Customer Service, Revised Edition: Effective Programs for Retaining Your Customers (Fifty-Minute Series Book)
  ''978-1-56052-474-8Lois GellerCrisp: Direct Marketing Techniques: Building Your Business Using Direct Mail and Direct Response Advertising (Crisp Fifty-Minute Books)
  ''978-1-56052-475-5M K duPontBusiness Etiquette and Professionalism: Revised Edition (Crisp Fifty-Minute Books)
  ''978-1-56052-487-8John BlackA World Class Production System (Crisp Management Library)
1999978-1-56052-488-5Jac Fitz-enzA New Vision for Human Resources: Crisp Management Library
1998978-1-56052-497-7Patricia GuggenheimerCrisp: Understanding Leadership Competencies: Creating Tomorrow's Leaders Today (50-Minute)
  ''978-1-56052-498-4Nancy J. FriedmanCrisp: Customer Service Nightmares (Crisp Professional Series)
2000978-1-56052-504-2Robert B. MadduxEffective Performance Appraisals (Crisp Fifty-Minute Series)
1998978-1-56052-514-1Mary Galbraith-ShurtleffCrisp: Building Trust: A Manager's Guide for Business Success (A Fifty-Minute Series Book)
1998978-1-56052-522-6Odette PollarCrisp: Organizing Your Work Space, Revised Edition: A Guide to Personal Productivity
2000978-1-56052-523-3Dru ScottCrisp: Customer Satisfaction, Third Edition: Practical Tools for Building Important Relationships (A Fifty-Minute Series Book)
1998978-1-56052-524-0Sidney X. ShoreInvent!
1999978-1-56052-525-7Herbert S. KindlerCrisp: Risk Taking, Revised Edition: A Guide for Decision Makers (A Fifty-Minute Series Book)
  ''978-1-56052-526-4Steve MandelEffective Presentation Skills, Revised Edition: A Practical Guide for Better Speaking (Crisp Fifty-Minute Series)
1998978-1-56052-532-5Terry PaulsonCrisp: 50 Tips for Speaking Like a Pro (Crisp Professional Series)
2000978-1-56052-533-2Carol GomanCrisp: Creativity in Business, Revised Edition: A Practical Guide for Creative Thinking (Fifty-minute Series)
1998978-1-56052-546-2Gordon F. SheaMaking the Most of Being Mentored: How to Grow from a Mentoring Partnership (Fifty-Minute Series)
1999978-1-56052-549-3Edward Martin BakerScoring a Whole in One (Best Management Practices)
  ''978-1-56052-550-9Edwin Richard RigsbeeCrisp: Developing Strategic Alliances (Crisp Professional Series)
  ''978-1-56052-553-0Roy J. BlitzerCrisp: Find the Bathrooms First (Crisp Professional Series)
2000978-1-56052-555-4Richard ConlowCrisp: Excellence in Management, Revised Edition
  ''978-1-56052-566-0Donald ShandlerCrisp: Competency and the Learning Organization (Crisp Professional Series)
2000978-1-56052-577-6Lloyd C. FinchCrisp: Telephone Courtesy & Customer Service, Third Edition: Achieving Interpersonal Impact in Business (Fifty-minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-578-3Lloyd C. FinchCrisp: Call Center Success: Essential Skills for CSRs (CRISP FIFTY-MINUTE SERIES)
  ''978-1-56052-579-0Doris Pooser · Suki DugganThe Essential Guide to Hair, Makeup & Skin Care: Always in Style
  ''978-1-56052-580-6Nancy J. FriedmanTelephone Skills from A to Z: The Telephone Doctor Phone Book (Crisp Fifty-Minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-581-3Barbara BrahamCrisp: Be Your Own Coach: Your Pathway to Possibility (CRISP FIFTY-MINUTE SERIES)
2000978-1-56052-583-7Terry L. FitzwaterCrisp: Behavior-Based Interviewing: Selecting the Right Person for the Job (CRISP FIFTY-MINUTE SERIES)
  ''978-1-56052-584-4S. Michael Kravitz · Susan D. SchubertCrisp: Emotional Intelligence Works: Developing "People Smart" Strategies
  ''978-1-56052-586-8Carol AndrusCrisp: Fat-Free Writing: Business Writing for the Information Age (Crisp Fifty-minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-587-5Claire RainesCrisp: The Xers and the Boomers (Crisp Trade Book)
  ''978-1-56052-588-2James O. GillCrisp: Financial Analysis, Revised Edition: The Next Step (CRISP FIFTY-MINUTE SERIES)
2001978-1-56052-590-5Diana BonetThe Business of Listening: A Practical Guide to Effective Listening (Crisp Fifty-Minute Series)
2000978-1-56052-598-1Virden J. ThorntonCrisp: Building and Closing the Sale, Revised Edition: Proven Methods for Closing Sales (Fifty-minute Series)
2000978-1-56052-599-8William B. MartinCrisp: Quality Customer Service, Fourth Edition: How to Win with the Customer (Crisp Fifty-Minute Series)
2001978-1-56052-600-1Sam R. LloydDeveloping Positive Assertiveness, Third Edition: Practical Techniques for Personal Success (Fifty-minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-601-8Andrew LandisSocial Security: The Inside Story, 3rd Edition
  ''978-1-56052-603-2Nancy J. FriedmanCrisp: Telemarketing Tips from A to Z: How to Make Every Call a Winner! (Crisp Fifty-Minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-604-9Haddock PatriciaOffice Management, Revised Edition: A Productivity and Effectiveness Guide (Crish 50-Minute Book)
  ''978-1-56052-605-6Gregg BerrymanDesigning Creative Resumes: A Complete Resource for the Creative Professional
2001978-1-56052-606-3Manning ManningProfessionalism in the Office: Proven Techniques For Administrators, Secretaries, and Coordinators (Crisp Fifty-Minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-607-0Barb Wingfield · Janice BerryCrisp: Retaining Your Employees: Using Respect, Recognition, and Rewards for Positive Results (Crisp 50-Minute Book)
  ''978-1-56052-608-7Karen JuddCopyediting: A Practical Guide
  ''978-1-56052-610-0Christine SevillaCrisp: Information Design Desk Reference
  ''978-1-56052-611-7Richard ConlowCrisp: Excellence in Supervision: Essential Skills for the New Supervisor (Crisp 50-Minute Book)
2001978-1-56052-642-1Gordon F. SheaCrisp: Mentoring, Third Edition: How to Develop Successful Mentor Behaviors (Crisp 50-Minute Book)
  ''978-1-56052-643-8Terry L. FitzwaterCrisp: Preparing for the Behavior-Based Interview: How to Get the Job You Want (Crisp 50-Minute Book)
  ''978-1-56052-644-5David K. Hayes · Jack D. NinemeierCrisp: 50 One-Minute Tips for Retaining Employees: Building a Win-Win Environment (Crisp 50-Minute Book)
  ''978-1-56052-647-6Sam R. LloydAccountability: Managing for Maximum Results (Crisp 50-Minute Book)
2002978-1-56052-648-3Daniel FeldmanCrisp: Critical Thinking: Strategies for Decision Making (50 Minute Books)
  ''978-1-56052-655-1Marianne MinorCrisp: Coaching and Counseling, Third Edition: A Practical Guide for Managers and Team Leaders (50 Minute Books)
2001978-1-56052-664-3Elwood ChapmanAttitude: Your Most Priceless Possession, Fourth Edition
2002978-1-56052-665-0Marion E. HaynesCrisp: Project Management, Third Edition: Practical Tools for Success (50 Minute Books)
2002978-1-56052-666-7Robert WendoverHigh Performance Hiring, Revised Edition: Selecting the Best (Fifty-minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-667-4Jay L. Jacquet · Jr., William C. MillerCrisp: The Accounting Cycle, Revised Edition: A Primer for Nonfinancial Managers (Crisp Fifty-Minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-668-1Wil McKnight · Elwood ChapmanThe New Supervisor, 4th Edition: Stepping Up with Confidence (Fifty Minute)
  ''978-1-56052-669-8Rebecca MorganCalming Upset Customers, Third Edition: Staying Effective During Unpleasant Situations (Fifty-minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-672-8Herbert S. KindlerClear and Creative Thinking: Your Key to Working Smarter (Fifty-Minute Series,)
2003978-1-56052-673-5Gordon F. SheaThe Mentoring Organization
2002978-1-56052-675-9Kurt HanksRapid Vis Toolkit
2005978-1-56052-676-6J. Shep JeffreysCrisp: Coping with Workplace Grief, Revised Edition: Dealing with Loss, Trauma, and Change (Crisp Fifty-Minute Series)
2002978-1-56052-677-3Larrie RouillardCrisp: Goals and Goal Setting, Third Edition: Achieving Measured Objectives (Fifty-Minute Series,)
2002978-1-56052-678-0Susan BrockCrisp: Better Business Writing, Fourth Edition: Techniques for Improving Correspondence (Fifty-minute Series)
2003978-1-56052-679-7Don Koberg · Jim BagnallCrisp: Universal Traveler
2004978-1-56052-680-3Cynthia ScottCrisp: Managing Personal Change, Revised Edition: Moving Through Personal Transition (CRISP FIFTY-MINUTE SERIES)
2003978-1-56052-681-0Nancy Flynn · Tom FlynnCrisp: Writing Effective E-Mail, Revised Edition: Improving Your Electronic Communication
  ''978-1-56052-683-4Martha ChapmanCrisp: Learning to Lead, Revised Edition: An Action Plan for Success (Fifty-minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-684-1Barbara BrahamCrisp: Finding Your Purpose, Revised Edition: A Guide to Personal Fulfillment
  ''978-1-56052-687-2Bruce HonigCrisp: Creative Collaboration: Simple Tools for Inspired Teamwork (Fifty-minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-689-6Elwood N. Chapman · Barb WingfieldWinning at Human Relations: How to Keep from Sabotaging Yourself (Fifty-Minute Series Book)
2003978-1-56052-690-2H.B. Gelatt · Carol GelattCrisp: Creative Decision Making, Revised Edition: Using Positive Uncertainty (A Fifty-Minute Series)
  ''978-1-56052-691-9Robert B. MadduxCrisp: Team Building, Fourth Edition: An Exercise in Leadership (Crisp Fifty-Minute Series)
2004978-1-56052-692-6Cynthia ScottCrisp: Managing Change at Work, Third Edition: Leading People Through Organizational Transitions (Crisp Fifty-Minute Series)
2003978-1-56052-693-3Claire RainesConnecting Generations: The Sourcebook for a New Workplace
  ''978-1-56052-694-0Odette PollarCrisp: Surviving Information Overload: How to Find, Filter, and Focus on What's Important (A Fifty-Minute Series Book)
2004978-1-56052-696-4Andrea MolbergMaking Live Training Lively: 50 Tips for Engaging Your Audience (50-Minute Book)
  ''978-1-56052-700-8Herman E. ZaccarelliCrisp: Training Managers to Train, Third Edition: Developing Diverse Talents (Crisp Fifty-Minute Books)
  ''978-1-56052-701-5Elwood N. ChapmanComfort Zones: Planning Your Future
1997978-1-56052-715-2Bozek*E-Acu 50 One-Minute Tips to
2001978-1-56052-716-9Hayes*E-Acu 50 One-Minute Tips/Rec