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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-1-55858-003-9Marcus PfisterPenguin Pete and Pat
1999978-1-55858-009-1Marcus PfisterThe Rainbow Fish
1987978-1-55858-018-3   ''Penguin Pete
  ''978-1-55858-024-4Hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear
1988978-1-55858-025-1Marcus PfisterPenguin Pete's New Friends
  ''978-1-55858-028-2hans de BeerAhoy There, Little Polar Bear (North-South Picture Book)
1992978-1-55858-030-5Hans de Beer · Books North-SouthLittle Polar Bear Minibook (Tiny Treasures)
1985978-1-55858-034-3Hans Christian Andersen · Dorothée DuntzePrincess and the Pea, The
1988978-1-55858-047-3Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm · D Duntze · J GrimmThe Golden Goose
1990978-1-55858-092-3Hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear Finds a Friend
1991978-1-55858-106-7Marcus PfisterHopper
1997978-1-55858-114-2hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear Christmas Advent Calendar
1992978-1-55858-139-5Marcus PfisterHopper Hunts for Spring
  ''978-1-55858-171-5Allan Drummond · Alan DrummondThe Willow Pattern Story
  ''978-1-55858-179-1Hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear and the Brave Little Hare
1996978-1-55858-187-6Hans De BeerDelivery Time! Advent Calendar
1999978-1-55858-199-9Kathrin SiegenthalerHopper's Easter Surprise
1993978-1-55858-203-3Marcus PfisterThe Christmas Star
2005978-1-55858-223-1Michael HagueDreams St. Nicholas Advent Calender
1994978-1-55858-232-3Lisbeth ZwergerThe Art of Lisbeth Zwerger (English and German Edition)
1994978-1-55858-233-0Barbara SchariothThe Art of Kveta Pacovska
1993978-1-55858-237-8Marcus Pfister · North-SouthChristmas Star Counter Display
1945978-1-55858-239-2Hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear
1994978-1-55858-252-1Kveta PacovskaMidnight Play-
  ''978-1-55858-261-3Wilhelm HauffDwarf Nose
  ''978-1-55858-289-7Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish Mobile
  ''978-1-55858-293-4Oscar WildeThe Selfish Giant (A Michael Neugebauer Book)
  ''978-1-55858-301-6Marcus Pfister · Rosemary LanningPenguin Pete and Little Tim
1994978-1-55858-327-6Carol Ryrie BrinkGoody O'Grumpity
1998978-1-55858-346-7Marcus PfisterEl pinguino Pedro y el pequeno Tim (Spanish Edition)
1994978-1-55858-352-8   ''Hopper
  ''978-1-55858-356-6   ''Penguin Pete
  ''978-1-55858-357-3Hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear and the Brave Little Hare (A North-South Paperback)
  ''978-1-55858-358-0hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear (A Public Televsion Storytime Book)
  ''978-1-55858-361-0Marcus PfisterEl pez arco iris (Spanish Edition)
1995978-1-55858-364-1Christian Morgenstern · C MorgensternLullabies, Lyrics and Gallows
1995978-1-55858-381-8Hans Christian AndersenThe Princess and the Pea
  ''978-1-55858-382-5Jacob GrimmLittle Red-Cap
  ''978-1-55858-383-2Brigitte Weninger · A MarksGood-Bye, Daddy!
  ''978-1-55858-389-4Hans de BeerAhoy There, Little Polar Bear!
  ''978-1-55858-390-0hans de BeerOsito Polar SP Little Polar Bear (Spanish Edition)
1995978-1-55858-392-4Michael GrejniecQue te gusta? (SP: What Do You Like (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-55858-409-9B. Bos · H. De BeerMeet the Molesons (North-South Paperback)
  ''978-1-55858-410-5Wolfram HanelThe Extraordinary Adventures of an Ordinary Hat (Easy-to-Read)
  ''978-1-55858-413-6Allan Drummond · Alan DrummondThe Willow Pattern Story (A North-South Paperback)
  ''978-1-55858-414-3Marcus PfisterPenguin Pete's New Friends
1995978-1-55858-416-7Marcus PfisterHopper Hunts for Spring
  ''978-1-55858-417-4Michael GrejniecWhat Do You Like? (North-south Paperback)
  ''978-1-55858-420-4P. Sturges · A. VojtechTen Flashing Fireflies
  ''978-1-55858-422-8Eugene FieldWynken, Blynken, & Nod
  ''978-1-55858-435-8Tjong-King · D. LachnerAndrew's Angry Words
1996978-1-55858-437-2SchroederSilent Night Calendar
1995978-1-55858-441-9Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish Big Book
1995978-1-55858-460-0Theodor StormLittle Hobbin
1999978-1-55858-465-5Clement C. MooreThe Night Before Christmas
1995978-1-55858-484-6Clemens Brentano · C Brentano · L ZwergerThe Legend of Rosepetal
1999978-1-55858-486-0Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish to the Rescue!
1995978-1-55858-490-7Serena Romanelli · Hans de Beer · S RomanelliLittle Bobo
  ''978-1-55858-503-4Piotr Wilkon · J Wilkon · P WilkonThe Brave Little Kittens (A North-South Paperback)
  ''978-1-55858-504-1hans de BeerAl mar osito polar SP Lit Pol Bear (Spanish Edition)
1997978-1-55858-513-3North South BooksRainbow Fish 12 Puppet Counter Disp
1996978-1-55858-534-8Nikolai PopovWhy?
1999978-1-55858-536-2Marcus PfisterThe Rainbow Fish
1996978-1-55858-547-8   ''Pinguino Pedro (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-55858-549-2O. Douglas-HamiltonThe Elephant Family Book
  ''978-1-55858-559-1Marcus PfisterPez Arco Iris Board Bk SP Rai Fish (Spanish Edition)
1996978-1-55858-577-5Gavin BishopMaui and the Sun
  ''978-1-55858-598-0Ivan Gantschev · Ivan GantshevMoon Lake
  ''978-1-55858-603-1Bernadette WattsChristmas Bird
  ''978-1-55858-607-9hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear Finds a Friend
  ''978-1-55858-611-6O. Wilde · L. ZwergerCanterville Ghost, The
1996978-1-55858-613-0Thor LarsenThe Polar Bear Family Book
  ''978-1-55858-614-7Carol BrinkGoody O'Grumpity
  ''978-1-55858-618-5Marcus PfisterPenguin Pete and Pat
  ''978-1-55858-620-8Krista RueppMidnight Rider
  ''978-1-55858-630-7hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear, Take Me Home!
1996978-1-55858-638-3L. Frank BaumThe Wizard of Oz
  ''978-1-55858-639-0hans de BeerOsito polar y su nueva amiga, El (S (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-55858-657-4L. Frank BaumThe Wizard of Oz Limited Edition
  ''978-1-55858-664-2Brigitte Weninger · E TharletWhere Have You Gone, Davy?
1997978-1-55858-674-1Philemon SturgesTen Flashing Fireflies
1998978-1-55858-679-6Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish Hand Puppet
1999978-1-55858-691-8Marcus PfisterPenguin Pete's New Friends
1997978-1-55858-696-3Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm · Jacob W Grimm · B Watts · J GrimmSnow White and Rose Red
  ''978-1-55858-700-7Pam PaparoneFive Little Ducks
  ''978-1-55858-701-4Michio HoshinoThe Grizzly Bear Family Book
  ''978-1-55858-715-1Pam PaparoneLos cinco patitos (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-55858-768-7Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm · Jacob W Grimm · Bernadette Watts · B WattsElves and the Shoemaker
1997978-1-55858-769-4Dorothea Lachner · Tjong KhingAndrew's Angry Words
  ''978-1-55858-770-0Brigitte WeningerGood-Bye, Daddy!
  ''978-1-55858-771-7Marcus PfisterHang On, Hopper!
  ''978-1-55858-773-1   ''Penguin Pete and Little Tim (North-South Paperback)
  ''978-1-55858-779-3Hans Christian AndersenSnow Queen, The
1997978-1-55858-784-7Heinz Janisch · Lisbeth ZwergerNoah's Ark
  ''978-1-55858-786-1Serena RomanelliLittle Bobo Saves the Day
  ''978-1-55858-793-9Hermann Moers · H MoersEvie to the Rescue
  ''978-1-55858-800-4Gerda Wagener · G Wagener · U WaasGhost in the Classroom,
  ''978-1-55858-803-5Jane GoodallThe Chimpanzee Family Book (Animal Family Series)
2000978-1-55858-806-6Heinz JanischThe Merry Pranks of Till Eulenspiegel
1997978-1-55858-816-5Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish to the Rescue! Big Book
2018978-1-55858-880-6   ''Rainbow Fish to the Rescue!
1998978-1-55858-893-6Jacob Grimm · Wilhelm GrimmThe Bremen Town Musicians
1998978-1-55858-904-9Marilyn JanovitzCan I Help?
  ''978-1-55858-905-6Marcus PfisterSleepy Owl, The (North-South Paperback)
  ''978-1-55858-907-0   ''Penguin Pete, Ahoy!
  ''978-1-55858-911-7Jane GoodallWith Love
  ''978-1-55858-913-1Marcus PfisterHow Leo Learned to Be King
978-1-55858-939-1Milo Doll
978-1-55858-940-7Milo Doll
978-1-55858-941-4TharletDavy Clip on Doll
1998978-1-55858-959-9Lydia Maria ChildOver the River and Through the Wood
1998978-1-55858-969-8august-kopischThe Elves of Cologne
  ''978-1-55858-980-3Brigitte Weninger · Eve TharletMerry Christmas Davy
  ''978-1-55858-987-2Bernadette WattsThe Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
  ''978-1-55858-996-4Nikolai PopovWhy?
  ''978-1-55858-997-1Jacob GrimmThe Frog Prince
1998978-1-55858-998-8Eugene FieldWynken, Blynken, & Nod