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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-0-7358-1001-3G. Scheidl · Bern WattsEl burrito de Belén
  ''978-0-7358-1002-0Marcus PfisterEl pez arco iris y la ballena azul (Spanish Edition)
2000978-0-7358-1005-1Hans de BeerEl Osito Polar y el conejito valiente
1998978-0-7358-1009-9Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale
  ''978-0-7358-1011-2Hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear and the Brave Little Hare
1999978-0-7358-1079-2   ''Ahoy There, Little Polar Bear (Board Book)
  ''978-0-7358-1080-8hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear
  ''978-0-7358-1092-1Hans de BeerEl osito polar (Spanish Edition)
1999978-0-7358-1120-1Hans Christian Andersen · Lisbeth ZwergerThe Nightingale
  ''978-0-7358-1125-6Wolfgang Bittner · Rosanne Bittner · Rosernffet · Gustavo RosemffetDespierta, Osogris! (Sp: Wake (Spanish Edition)
2005978-0-7358-1129-4Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish Domino Game
1999978-0-7358-1142-3Katja Reider · Angela Von Roehl · Rosemary LanningSnail Started It!
  ''978-0-7358-1144-7K. Reider · A von RoehlTodo empezó con Caracol: (Snail Started It!) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7358-1148-5Peter HornWhen I Grow Up
  ''978-0-7358-1154-6Hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear and the Husky Pup
1999978-0-7358-1162-1Maja DusikovaHoly Night Advent Calendar
  ''978-0-7358-1166-9Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland
  ''978-0-7358-1188-1Sergei Prokofiev · Gerlinde Wiencirz · J Gukova · S ProkofievPeter and the Wolf
  ''978-0-7358-1189-8S. Prokofiev · J. GukovaPeter and the Wolf
  ''978-0-7358-1196-6Dorothea Lachner · C Unzner · D LachnerMeredith, the Witch Who Wasn't
2000978-0-7358-1210-9Hans Christian AndersenThumbeline
1999978-0-7358-1212-3Jonathan ScottThe Leopard Family Book (Animal Family Series)
2000978-0-7358-1213-0Hans Christian AndersenThumbeline
1999978-0-7358-1214-7Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale Big Book
1999978-0-7358-1216-1hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear Big Book (Little Polar Bear (Paperback))
1992978-0-7358-1222-2Marcus · James, J. Alison, Translator PfisterRainbow Fish
2005978-0-7358-1227-7Ted Rand'Twas the Night Before Christmas Advent Calendar
978-0-7358-1237-6Little Polar Bear Board Book and Clip-On Doll
2006978-0-7358-1245-1Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish Mini and Audio 10 Copy Display
2000978-0-7358-1249-9Coby Hol · C HolThe Birth of the Moon
2003978-0-7358-1251-2Marcus PfisterMarcus Pfister Birthday Reminder Calendar
2001978-0-7358-1259-8Charles DickensA Christmas Carol
2000978-0-7358-1275-8H. De Beer · T WilliamsLittle Polar Bear Mini Book and Audio Package (Little Polar Bear (Paperback))
  ''978-0-7358-1299-4Marcus PfisterThe Rainbow Fish Bath Book
  ''978-0-7358-1301-4Claire MasurelTen Dogs in the Window
  ''978-0-7358-1320-5M. PfisterThe Rainbow Fish Lotto Game
  ''978-0-7358-1332-8H. DeBeerLittle Polar Bear and the Brave Little Hare
2000978-0-7358-1340-3Hans Christian AndersenThe Emperor's New Clothes
  ''978-0-7358-1363-2Bruno HachlerThe Bears' Christmas Surprise
  ''978-0-7358-1370-0Marcus PfisterDazzle the Dinosaur
  ''978-0-7358-1372-4Udo WeigeltWho Stole the Gold?
2008978-0-7358-1390-8Giuliano LunelliJourney to Bethlehem Advent Calendar
2001978-0-7358-1394-6Hans Christian AndersenAndersen's Fairy Tales
  ''978-0-7358-1409-7Adele SansoneThe Little Green Goose
2005978-0-7358-1411-0Guiliano LunelliTrim the Tree: Advent Calendar
2002978-0-7358-1413-4Lisbeth ZwergerStories from the Bible
2001978-0-7358-1418-9Peter Horn · Cristina KadmonWhen I Grow Up...
2001978-0-7358-1419-6Heinz Janisch · Lisbeth ZwergerNoah's Ark
  ''978-0-7358-1430-1Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale
  ''978-0-7358-1431-8   ''El Pez Arco Iris Y La Ballena Azul
  ''978-0-7358-1433-2Susi Bohdal · S BohdalTiger Baby
  ''978-0-7358-1436-3Brigitte WeningerHappy Easter Davy!
2001978-0-7358-1440-0Marilyn JanovitzGood Morning Little Fox
2005978-0-7358-1448-6Hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear Take Me Home !
2001978-0-7358-1466-0Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish Look Out For the Shark! Card Game
  ''978-0-7358-1471-4U. WaasSanta's Sleigh Advent Calendar
  ''978-0-7358-1481-3Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish to the Rescue! Mini Book
  ''978-0-7358-1482-0R Kipling · L ZwergerHow the Camel Got His Hump
  ''978-0-7358-1484-4Christophe LoupiHugs and Kisses
2002978-0-7358-1486-8Charles PerraultCinderella
2001978-0-7358-1497-4Hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear, Take Me Home!
2001978-0-7358-1500-1Hans de BeerLlevame a Casa, Osito Polar! (Spanish Edition)
2002978-0-7358-1512-4Udo WeigeltWild Wombat, The
  ''978-0-7358-1532-2Hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear and the Big Balloon (Little Polar Bear)
2001978-0-7358-1534-6Krista Ruepp · K Ruepp · U HeyneThe Sea Pony
  ''978-0-7358-1536-0Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish and the Sea Monsters' Cave
  ''978-0-7358-1538-4   ''Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale Mini Book and Audio Cassette
  ''978-0-7358-1541-4Valeri GorbachevChicken Chickens
2001978-0-7358-1542-1Valeri GorbachevChicken Chickens
  ''978-0-7358-1549-0Marcus PfisterEl Pez Arco Iris y La Cueva de Los Monstruous (Spanish Edition)
2002978-0-7358-1596-4Olive A. WadsworthOver in the Meadow
  ''978-0-7358-1599-5Hans De BeerLittle Polar Bear Bath Book
2003978-0-7358-1600-8Valeri GorbachevChicken Chickens Go to School
2002978-0-7358-1601-5Brigitte WeningerWhy Are You Fighting, Davy?
2003978-0-7358-1609-1Harry BehnHalloween
2002978-0-7358-1615-2Marcus PfisterJust the Way You Are
  ''978-0-7358-1634-3   ''Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale Mini Book
2004978-0-7358-1653-4Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish Counting
2002978-0-7358-1661-9Maja DusikovaA Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
2003978-0-7358-1683-1Charise NeugebauerHalloween Circus at the Graveyard Lawn
2002978-0-7358-1687-9Brigitte Weninger · Eve Tharlet · Brigitte WengingerDavy, Help! It's a Ghost!
  ''978-0-7358-1691-6Krista RueppWinter Pony
  ''978-0-7358-1701-2Hans Christian Andersen · Eve TharletThe Emperor's New Clothes
  ''978-0-7358-1702-9Lisbeth ZwergerSwan Lake
  ''978-0-7358-1703-6   ''Swan Lake
2002978-0-7358-1706-7Jane GoodallThe Eagle and the Wren
  ''978-0-7358-1712-8Ulrich KargerThe Scary Sleepover
  ''978-0-7358-1713-5Ulrich KargerScary Sleepover, The
  ''978-0-7358-1714-2Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish A,B,C
  ''978-0-7358-1715-9   ''The Rainbow Fish A, B, C (Rainbow Fish & Friends)
2002978-0-7358-1716-6Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish 1,2,3
2004978-0-7358-1733-3E. T. A. HoffmanThe Nutcracker
2006978-0-7358-1739-5Hans de BeerEl osito polar y el gran globo (Spanish Edition)
2003978-0-7358-1771-5F. JaquesThere Once Was a Puffin
  ''978-0-7358-1774-6Pamela Paparone · Patricia HubbellI Like Cats
  ''978-0-7358-1780-7Claire MasurelA Cat and a Dog
  ''978-0-7358-1782-1Valeri GorbachevGoldilocks and the Three Bears
  ''978-0-7358-1783-8Brigitte LucianiHow Will We Get to the Beach?
2003978-0-7358-1799-9Udo WeigeltBear's Last Journey
  ''978-0-7358-1807-1North South BooksBologna Annual 2003 Fiction (Bologna Annual: Fiction)
  ''978-0-7358-1808-8   ''Bologna Annual 2003 Non Fiction (Bologna Annual: Nonfiction)
  ''978-0-7358-1815-6Jane GoodallWith Love
  ''978-0-7358-1816-3Marcus PfisterThe Happy Hedgehog
2003978-0-7358-1834-7Nora HilbChristmas Crafts Advent Calendar
  ''978-0-7358-1849-1Christophe LoupyDon't Worry, Wags
2004978-0-7358-1857-6Pamela PaparoneFive Little Ducks
2003978-0-7358-1860-6Bernadette WattsAway in a Manger Advent Calendar
  ''978-0-7358-1861-3G. SpangEl buey y el asno (THe Ox and the Donkey)
  ''978-0-7358-1868-2Jane GoodallDr. White
  ''978-0-7358-1870-5Lisbeth ZwergerHow the Camel Got His Hump
2003978-0-7358-1871-2Olive A. WadsworthOver in the Meadow
2004978-0-7358-1879-8E.T.W. IgelMole's Journey
  ''978-0-7358-1894-1Birte MullerFelipa and the Day of the Dead
  ''978-0-7358-1904-7Hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear and the Husky Pup
  ''978-0-7358-1905-4Carol RothThe Little School Bus
  ''978-0-7358-1926-9deBeer H.Leonardo's Dream
2004978-0-7358-1928-3Clement C. MooreThe Night Before Christmas
  ''978-0-7358-1930-6Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish Colors
  ''978-0-7358-1933-7Brigitte WeningerDavy in the Middle
  ''978-0-7358-1939-9Maja DusikovaDreaming of a White Christmas Advent Calendar
  ''978-0-7358-1943-6Roberti AlessandraA Gift for the Christ Child Advent Calendar
2004978-0-7358-1957-3Roberti A. · Tina JähnertA Gift for the Christ Child
2005978-0-7358-1959-7deBeer H. · Romanelli S.Little Bobo's Circus Adventure
  ''978-0-7358-1960-3Serena RomanelliLittle Bobo's Circus Adventure
  ''978-0-7358-1963-4Antonie SchneiderAdvent Storybook
2004978-0-7358-1969-6Birte MullerFarley Farts
  ''978-0-7358-1972-6Christophe LoupyHugs and Kisses
  ''978-0-7358-1973-3Marcus PfisterThe Christmas Star
2005978-0-7358-1974-0Ted RandSanta Claus Advent Calendar
2005978-0-7358-1975-7Maja DusikovaWaiting for Christmas: Advent Calendar
2006978-0-7358-1976-4Carol RothWho Will Tuck Me In Tonight?
2005978-0-7358-1977-1Peter HornThe Best Father of All
  ''978-0-7358-1978-8Pfister M.El Pez Arco Iris/Colores
  ''978-0-7358-1979-5   ''Rainbow Fish Counting/Numeros (Bilingual) (Spanish and English Edition)
  ''978-0-7358-1980-1Christophe LoupyWiggles
  ''978-0-7358-1982-5Pfister M.Rainbow Fish Opposites
2005978-0-7358-1985-6Ruepp K. · Heyne U.Runaway Pony
2005978-0-7358-1986-3Ruepp K. · Heyne U.Runaway Pony
  ''978-0-7358-1989-4deBeer H.Little Polar Bear 2006 Wall Calendar (Big)
  ''978-0-7358-1990-0Hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear 2006 Calendar
  ''978-0-7358-1991-7Vettiger S. · Raber M.Basghetti Spaghetti
  ''978-0-7358-1992-4   ''Basghetti Spaghetti
2005978-0-7358-1993-1Beatrice AlemagnaMy Friend
  ''978-0-7358-1994-8Alemagna B.My Friend
  ''978-0-7358-2005-0Moritz PetzWish You Were Here
  ''978-0-7358-2010-4Birte MullerFelipa y el Dia de los Muertos (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7358-2011-1   ''Felipa and the Day of the Dead
2005978-0-7358-2012-8Marcus PfisterEstrella de Navidad (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7358-2017-3Jean Come NoguesHouse for a Mouse
  ''978-0-7358-2019-7Christophe LoupyHugs and Kisses (Touch and Feel)
  ''978-0-7358-2024-1Brigitta Garcia LopezDreamflight (HC)
  ''978-0-7358-2025-8Brigitta Garcia LopezDreamflight (LE)
2005978-0-7358-2026-5Tanja KirschnerBottoms
  ''978-0-7358-2027-2Klaus MerzKen's Great Adventure
  ''978-0-7358-2028-9Klaus MerzKen's Great Adventure (LE)
  ''978-0-7358-2029-6Hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear and the Reindeer
  ''978-0-7358-2030-2   ''Little Polar Bear and the Reindeer
2005978-0-7358-2031-9Udo WeigeltLittle Donkey's Wish
  ''978-0-7358-2032-6   ''Little Donkey's Wish (LE)
2005978-0-7358-2033-3Udo WeigeltSpring Fever
2006978-0-7358-2034-0Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish Hide and Seek Cloth Book & Finger Puppet
  ''978-0-7358-2035-7Moritz PetzBad Mood
  ''978-0-7358-2036-4Hans de BeerOh No, Ono!
  ''978-0-7358-2038-8Brigitte LucianiHow Will We Get to the Beach? / Como iremos a la playa? (Michael Neugebauer Books (Paperback)) (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7358-2039-5Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish Opposites/Opuestos (English and Spanish Edition)
2006978-0-7358-2045-6Cecil Frances AlexanderAll Things Bright and Beautiful
  ''978-0-7358-2048-7Brigitte WeningerStay In Bed, Davy
  ''978-0-7358-2056-2Ernst EkkerWolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Musical Picture Book)
  ''978-0-7358-2058-6Lila PrapAnimals Speak
  ''978-0-7358-2061-6Hans de BeerLars Arctic Christmas Advent Calendar
2006978-0-7358-2062-3Gerard MoncomblePippin
  ''978-0-7358-2064-7Marcus PfisterHoley Moley
  ''978-0-7358-2068-5Lisbeth ZwergerAesop's Fables
  ''978-0-7358-2070-8Brigitte RaabWhere Does Pepper Come From? And Other Fun Facts
  ''978-0-7358-2071-5Maja DusikovaAdvent Storybook Advent Calendar
2007978-0-7358-2076-0Geraldine ElschnerThe Easter Chick
2006978-0-7358-2077-7Hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear and the Big Balloon (Little Polar Bear (Paperback))
2006978-0-7358-2081-4Krista RueppAnna's Prince
  ''978-0-7358-2082-1Xaviere DevosSnowman 3D Advent Calendar
  ''978-0-7358-2084-5Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish Finds His Way
  ''978-0-7358-2090-6William ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet
  ''978-0-7358-2091-3Heinz JanischHeave Ho!
2006978-0-7358-2100-2Margret Rettich · Andreas Schlueter · Gesine Schulz · Marjaleena Lembcke · et al.A Simply Wonderful Christmas: A Literary Advent Calendar
2007978-0-7358-2110-1Michael GrejniecBuenos Dias, Buenas Noches/Good Morning, Good Night (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7358-2111-8Chisato TashiroChameleon's Colors
  ''978-0-7358-2115-6Birte MullerFarley Farts (Sound Board Books)
  ''978-0-7358-2123-1Lene Mayer-SkumanzLudwig van Beethoven (Musical Picture Book)
  ''978-0-7358-2125-5Uwe LinkePrincess Parade (Moving Book)
2007978-0-7358-2129-3AesopThe Lion and the Mouse
2008978-0-7358-2130-9Marcus PfisterHenri, Egg Artiste
2007978-0-7358-2132-3Rindert KromhoutLittle Donkey and the Birthday Present
  ''978-0-7358-2134-7Alec SillifantFarmer Ham
  ''978-0-7358-2135-4Daniel PostgateSmelly Bill
  ''978-0-7358-2136-1Ulises WensellSanta's on His Way Advent Calendar
  ''978-0-7358-2139-2Hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear and the Reindeer
2007978-0-7358-2140-8Lila PrapDaddies
  ''978-0-7358-2141-5Hans Christian AndersenAndersen's Fairy Tales
  ''978-0-7358-2143-9Lee Tae-JunWaiting for Mama (English and Korean Edition)
2008978-0-7358-2146-0Hans Christian AndersenThe Ugly Duckling
2007978-0-7358-2148-4Marianne LoiblLittle Ballerina Book and Tutu (German Edition)
  ''978-0-7358-2152-1Marie SellierLegend of the Chinese Dragon (English and Mandarin Chinese Edition)
  ''978-0-7358-2153-8Lydia Marie ChildOver the River and Through the Wood: A Thanksgiving Poem
2007978-0-7358-2154-5Brigitte WeningerStay in Bed, Davy
  ''978-0-7358-2160-6Hans de BeerEl Osito Polar y el Reno (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7358-2161-3   ''El osito polar y el reno (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7358-2168-2   ''Leonardo's Dream
2008978-0-7358-2169-9Catherine AdamLet Us Adore Him Advent Calendar
  ''978-0-7358-2174-3Catherine Louis · Shi Bo · MaryChris BradleyMy Little Book of Chinese Words (Bilingual Edition) (English and Mandarin Chinese Edition)
2008978-0-7358-2177-4Claire MasurelA Cat and a Dog
  ''978-0-7358-2179-8Nicole PoppenhagerSnow Leopards
  ''978-0-7358-2189-7Marcus PfisterEl Pez Arco Iris (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-7358-2192-7   ''El Pez Arco Iris y la Ballena Azul (Spanish Edition)
2009978-0-7358-2203-0Andre UsatschowLittle Ant, Big Thinker or Where Does the Ocean End?
  ''978-0-7358-2209-2Hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear and the Whales (Little Polar Bear (Hardcover))
2008978-0-7358-2214-6Michael GrejniecWhat Do You Like?
2008978-0-7358-2216-0Catherine Louis · Feng Xiao MinLiu and the Bird: A Journey in Chinese Calligraphy
  ''978-0-7358-2218-4Brigitte RaabWhere Does Pepper Come From?: And Other Fun Facts
2009978-0-7358-2220-7Catherine Louis · Marie SellierWhat the Rat Told Me
  ''978-0-7358-2223-8Maja DusikovaSilent Night Musical Advent Calendar
  ''978-0-7358-2227-6Johanna SpyriHeidi
  ''978-0-7358-2229-0Marcus PfisterPlay with Rainbow Fish
2009978-0-7358-2233-7Sandhya RaoMy Mother's Sari
  ''978-0-7358-2235-1Heinz JanischI Have a Little Problem, Said the Bear
  ''978-0-7358-2236-8Hans Christian Andersen · Lisbeth ZwergerThumbeline
  ''978-0-7358-2239-9Hans de BeerLittle Polar Bear Finds a Friend
  ''978-0-7358-2240-5Lila PrapDaddies
2009978-0-7358-2242-9Hans Christian SchmidtWhen a Coconut Falls on Your Head
  ''978-0-7358-2243-6Eva MuzynskiChristmas Critters Advent Calendar
  ''978-0-7358-2244-3Bernadette WattsA Woodland Christmas Advent Calendar
  ''978-0-7358-2248-1Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea (Rainbow Fish (North-South Books))
  ''978-0-7358-2249-8Serena RomanelliThe Best Birthday Party: A Touch-And-Feel Book
2009978-0-7358-2251-1Binette SchroederSir Lofty and Sir Tubb
2010978-0-7358-2253-5Marcus PfisterMilo and the Magical Stones
2009978-0-7358-2257-3Brothers GrimmSnow White
2010978-0-7358-2278-8Hans FischerPitschi
1992978-0-7358-2282-5Allan DrummondThe Willow Pattern Story
2010978-0-7358-2284-9Lila PrapDinosaurs?!
  ''978-0-7358-2306-8Ute KrauseOscar and the Very Hungry Dragon
  ''978-0-7358-2311-2Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish Gift of Sharing: Cloth Book
  ''978-0-7358-2312-9Joseph MohrSilent Night, Holy Night Book and Advent Calendar
  ''978-0-7358-2321-1Marc-Alexander SchulzeA Child Is Born: The Nativity Story
2010978-0-7358-2324-2Carlo CollodiPinocchio
1993978-0-7358-2806-3The Treasury of Christmas Crafts: 3 Books in One (Hardcover)
2011978-0-7358-4000-3Marcus PfisterQuestions, Questions
  ''978-0-7358-4006-5   ''Nilo, como mi papa (Bertie) (Spanish Edition)
2015978-0-7358-4007-2Marcus PfisterRainbow Fish Finds His Way
2011978-0-7358-4008-9Brothers GrimmLittle Red Riding Hood
  ''978-0-7358-4013-3Ken Kimura · Yasunari Murakami999 Tadpoles
  ''978-0-7358-4014-0Lila PrapDoggy Whys?
  ''978-0-7358-4019-5Nina ChenChristmas Market Advent Calendar
  ''978-0-7358-4020-1Marc-Alexander SchulzeA Star In The East
2011978-0-7358-4042-3L. Frank BaumThe Wizard of Oz
  ''978-0-7358-4044-7Marjolein BastinChristmas with Vera!
  ''978-0-7358-4050-8David McKeeSix Men
  ''978-0-7358-4052-2Hans de BeerThe Little Polar Bear
2012978-0-7358-4057-7Marcus PfisterAva's Poppy
2013978-0-7358-4066-9   ''Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea
2012978-0-7358-4068-3Claudia BoldtOdd Dog
  ''978-0-7358-4071-3Nina ChenChristmas Wishes Advent Calendar
2012978-0-7358-4082-9Marcus PfisterGood Night, Little Rainbow Fish!
  ''978-0-7358-4085-0   ''Good Night, Little Rainbow Fish
  ''978-0-7358-4091-1Ute KrauseNick and the Nasty Knight
  ''978-0-7358-4094-2Heinz JanischI Have a Little Problem, Said the Bear
2014978-0-7358-4185-7Marcus PfisterThe Adventures of Rainbow Fish: A Collection (The Rainbow Fish)
2017978-0-7358-4291-5   ''My Rainbow Fish Jigsaw Puzzle (1)
  ''978-0-7358-4292-2Monica BrownFrida Kahlo Y Sus Animalitos (Spanish Edition)
2018978-0-7358-4313-4Kwame AlexanderSurf's Up (1)
2018978-0-7358-4334-9Caroline NastroEl osito que no se podía dormir (Spanish Edition)
2019978-0-7358-4353-0Valeri GorbachevRicitos de Oro y los tres osos (Spanish Edition)