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2003978-1-55622-031-9Joli BallewPhotoShop 7.0 Screen Printing (Wordware Applications Library)
1996978-1-55622-041-8Woldgang EngelDirect3D SHADERX: Vertex & Pixel Shader Tips and Techniques (Wordware Game Developer's Library)
2003978-1-55622-043-2Beverly VothFileMaker Pro 6 Developer's Guide to XML/XSL (Wordware Library for Filemaker)
2004978-1-55622-044-9Andrew MulhollandOfficial Butterfly.net Game Developer's Guide (Wordware Game Developer's Library)
  ''978-1-55622-045-6Robert StandeferMacintosh Switcher's Guide (Wordware Macintosh Library)
2005978-1-55622-048-7Chad Walker · Eric Walker · Jani KajalaMaking a Game Demo: From Concept to Demo Gold (Wordware Game Developer's Library)
2004978-1-55622-076-0Andrew MulhollandProgramming Multiplayer Games (Wordware Game Developer's Library)
  ''978-1-55622-078-4Mat BucklandProgramming Game AI by Example (Wordware Game Developers Library)
2005978-1-55622-080-7George JonesGaming 101: A Contemporary History of PC and Video Games
  ''978-1-55622-082-1Timothy AlbeeEssential Lightwave 3D 8: The Fastest Way To Master Lightwave 3D
  ''978-1-55622-085-2Geoffrey KaterDesign First for 3D Artists
2005978-1-55622-086-9Scott DrizaWord 2003 Document Automation with VBA, XML, XSLT, and Smart Documents (Wordware Applications Library)
  ''978-1-55622-088-3Paul SteedModeling a Character in 3DS Max (Wordware Game Developer's Library)
2004978-1-55622-089-0Mike Black · Daniel CastilloBackup Exec 9: For Windows Servers
  ''978-1-55622-090-6Wes Beckwith · Steve Warner · Robin WoodLightWave 3D 8: 1001 Tips and Tricks
2005978-1-55622-092-0Cecelia L. AllisonSQL for Microsoft Access (Wordware Applications Library)
2004978-1-55622-094-4Nicolas BoughenLightWave 3D 8 Lighting (Wordware Game and Graphics Library)
2005978-1-55622-097-5Richard BradenUnlocking Microsoft C# V 2.0 Programming Secrets (Wordware Applications Library)
2004978-1-55622-098-2Jonathan StarsLearn FileMaker Pro 7 (Wordware Library for FileMaker)
  ''978-1-55622-099-9Timothy AlbeeLightwave 3D 8 Character Animation
1991978-1-55622-136-1Wallace D. CharitoUnsolved Texas Mysteries
1997978-1-55622-141-5C. F. EckhardtTexas Tales Your Teacher Never Told You
1991978-1-55622-145-3Mark Louis Rybczyk · Mary Louis RybczykSan Antonio Uncovered (Uncovered Series City Guides)
2005978-1-55622-223-8Julitta KorolAccess 2003 Programming By Example With VBA, XML, And ASP
  ''978-1-55622-225-2Julitta KorolExcel 2003 VBA Programming With XML And ASP
2003978-1-55622-226-9Timothy AlbeeEssential LightWave 7.5
2004978-1-55622-227-6   ''CGI Short Filmmaking: The Creation of Ghost Warrior
2005978-1-55622-229-0Alan ThornDirectx 9 Graphics: The Definitive Guide To Direct3d (Wordware Applications Library)
2008978-1-55622-248-1Timothy AlbeeFundamentals of Character Animation
2004978-1-55622-249-8Alan ThornDirectx 9 User Interfaces: Design And Implementation (Wordware Game Developer's Library)
2004978-1-55622-253-5Jonny GordenLightWave 3D 8 Cartoon Character Creation: Volume 1 Modeling & Texturing (Wordware Game and Graphics Library)
  ''978-1-55622-254-2   ''Lightwave 3D 8 Cartoon Character Creation: Volume 2 Rigging & Animation (Wordware Game and Graphics Library)
1992978-1-55622-255-9Wallace CharitonExploring Alamo Legends
2004978-1-55622-285-6Leigh van der BylLightWave 3D 8 Texturing (Wordware Game and Graphics Library)
  ''978-1-55622-287-0James LeitermanLearn Vertex & Pixel Shader Programming with DirectX 9
2003978-1-55622-288-7Todd FayDirectX 9 Audio Exposed: Interactive Audio Development
2004978-1-55622-292-4Kelly DempskiAdvanced Lighting And Materials With Shaders
2003978-1-55622-307-5Jeffrey GarbusAdministrator's Guide to SYBASE ASE 12.5 (Jeffrey Garbus' Official Sybase Ase 12.5 Library)
1997978-1-55622-319-8Docia Schultz Williams · Reneta ByrneSpirits of San Antonio and South Texas
1994978-1-55622-324-2Doris L. MillerAt Least 1836 Things You Ought to Know About Texas--But Probably Don't: A Collection of Texas Trivia, Facts & Figures
2002978-1-55622-330-3Charles CalvertCharles Calvert's Learn JBuilder (Wordware Jbuilder Library)
1992978-1-55622-338-9Russell Allen StultzLearn Quattro Pro 4.0 in a day (Popular applications series)
2002978-1-55622-347-1Bill BlundenMemory Management Algorithms And Implementation In C/C++ (Windows Programming/Development)
2003978-1-55622-354-9Nicholas BoughenLightWave 3D 7.5 Lighting (Wordware Game and Graphics Library)
2006978-1-55622-360-0Jeffrey GarbusAdministrator's Guide To Sybase ASE 15 (Wordware Applications Library)
1998978-1-55622-377-8Docia Schultz WilliamsGhosts Along the Texas Coast
1996978-1-55622-398-3Gail DragoEtta Place: Her Life and Times With Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Women of the West)
2005978-1-55622-401-0Nicholas Boughen3DS Max Lighting
  ''978-1-55622-422-5Brenda HuettnerMacromedia Captivate: The Definitive Guide (Wordware Applications Library)
2007978-1-55622-440-9David ParsonsMaya-Lightwave Convergence: Building a Pipeline Using Maya And Lightwave
1995978-1-55622-457-7George Baxter · Larry W. SmithMastering Magic Cards: An Introduction to the Art of Masterful Deck Construction
1994978-1-55622-477-5Learn dBASE Programming in a Day
2006978-1-55622-485-0Josh RobinsonEssential 3ds max 8 (Wordware Applications Library)
1996978-1-55622-502-4Bill GronemanEyewitness to the Alamo
1998978-1-55622-526-0CannonTreasury of Texas Trivia
1997978-1-55622-536-9Docia Shultz WilliamsWhen Darkness Falls: Tales of San Antonio Ghosts and Hauntings
  ''978-1-55622-537-6Mike CoxTexas Ranger Tales: Stories That Need Telling
1998978-1-55622-554-3James R. CallanCollaborative Computing With Delphi 3
1997978-1-55622-556-7Larry Diehl · Phil Dorcas · Kenneth Harrison · Rod Mathes · Ovais Reza · Mike Tobin · John AyresThe Tomes of Delphi 3: Win32 Core Api
1997978-1-55622-559-8Scott LanglinaisMastering Middle-Earth: Strategies for Middle-Earth: The Wizards
2005978-1-55622-565-9Kelleher Rose MaryLotus Notes & Lotus Domino Bks
1998978-1-55622-568-0Ralph GrabowskiLearn VISIO 5
  ''978-1-55622-569-7Docia Schultz WilliamsBest Tales of Texas Ghosts
  ''978-1-55622-571-0Bill GronemanBattlefields of Texas
  ''978-1-55622-583-3George H. Baxter · Trey KeriganMastering Portal: A Players Guide and Review of the Portal Edition of Magic: The Gathering
  ''978-1-55622-587-1Norman E. SmithPractical Guide to Sgml/Xml Filters
1998978-1-55622-598-7Gil HeldLearn Encryption Techniques With Basic C++
1997978-1-55622-604-5Kathryn ToyerLearn Advanced Internet Relay Chat
1998978-1-55622-610-6David Bowden · Larry Diehl · Phil Dorcas · Kenneth Harrison · Rod Mathes · Ovais Reza · Mike Tobin · John AyresThe Tomes of Delphi 3: Win32 Graphical Api
2000978-1-55622-637-3John AyresDelphi Graphics And Game Programming Exposed! With DirectX
1999978-1-55622-640-3Mike CoxTexas Ranger Tales II (Pt. 2)
1998978-1-55622-642-7W.C. JamesonReturn of Assassin: John Wilkes Booth
1999978-1-55622-644-1Mickey KawickReal-Time Strategy Game Programming Using MS DIRECTX 6.0 (Wordware Game Developer's Library)
1955978-1-55622-646-5Derek NugentModeling in 3ds Max 7
1998978-1-55622-647-2Clay ShannonDeveloper's Guide To Delphi Troubleshooting
  ''978-1-55622-648-9Helen BryantFixin' To Be Texan
1999978-1-55622-652-6W.C. JamesonThe Ultimate Chili Cookbook
  ''978-1-55622-657-1Jon JacobsDelphi Developer's Guide To OPENGL
2000978-1-55622-666-3Alan C. MooreWin 32 Multimedia Api (Tomes of Delphi)
1999978-1-55622-675-5Gary BrownVolunteers in the Texas Revolution: The New Orleans Greys
2000978-1-55622-678-6J. R. EdmondsonAlamo Story: From Early History to Current Conflicts
1999978-1-55622-680-9Mona D. SizerKing Ranch Story: Truth and Myth
  ''978-1-55622-681-6Robert WlodarskiSpirits of The Alamo: A History of the Mission and its Hauntings
  ''978-1-55622-688-5Bill GronemanDeath of a Legend: The Myth and Mystery Surrounding the Death of Davy Crockett
1999978-1-55622-691-5Robert ScottAfter the Alamo
2000978-1-55622-695-3Mitchel WhitingtonUncle Bubba's Chicken Wing Fling
1999978-1-55622-699-1Bill CannonTreasury of Texas Trivia II (v. 2)
  ''978-1-55622-702-8Patrick Sheridan · Jean M. SekulaIterative Uml Development Using Visual C++ 6.0
2000978-1-55622-704-2Andrew TroelsenDeveloper's Workshop To COM And ATL 3.0
  ''978-1-55622-706-6Sam AbolrousLearn Pascal
2001978-1-55622-707-3Warren RacheleLearn Visual C++ in 3 Days
2000978-1-55622-708-0Russell A. StultzDemystifying EDI
2001978-1-55622-723-3Norman LinLinux 3-D Graphics Programming
2000978-1-55622-725-7Jane ArcgerTexas Indian Myths & Legends
  ''978-1-55622-730-1Robin ColeBorn Again Texan!: A Newcomer's Guide to Texas
1999978-1-55622-732-5Mike CoxTexas Ranger Tales: Stories That Need Telling (Pt. 1)
2000978-1-55622-733-2Sheryl Smith-RodgersTexas Old-Time Restaurants & Cafes
2001978-1-55622-735-6Richard RouseComputer Game Design: Theory and Practice
2000978-1-55622-741-7Ian ParberryLearn Computer Programming With Direct X 7.0
  ''978-1-55622-742-4Ralph GrabowskiLearn AutoCAD LT 2000
2000978-1-55622-743-1Ralph GrabowskiLearn Autocad Lt 2000 for the Advanced User
2002978-1-55622-749-3John AyresTomes of Delphi: WIN32 SHELL API Windows 2000 Edition (Wordware Delphi Developer's Library)
2001978-1-55622-750-9   ''Tomes of Delphi: WIN 32 CORE API Windows 2000 (Wordware Delphi Developer's Library)
2002978-1-55622-752-3Alan C. MooreTomes Of Delphi: Basic 32-BIT (Wordware Delphi Developer's Library)
2000978-1-55622-754-7James PadgettLearn AutoCAd in a Day (Wordware Autocad Lt Library)
  ''978-1-55622-755-4Ari FeldmanDesigning Arcade Computer Game Graphics (Wordware Game Developer's Library)
  ''978-1-55622-758-5Alex FederovAdvanced Delphi Developer's Guide to Ado with CDR
2003978-1-55622-761-5Julitta KorolLearn Microsoft Excel 2002: VBA Programming with XML and ASP
2002978-1-55622-774-5Eric WhippleKylix Development (Wordware Delphi Developer's Library)
2000978-1-55622-778-3Gary BrownHesitant Martyr of the Texas Revolution: James Walker Fannin
  ''978-1-55622-780-6Patrick M. ReynoldsA Cartoon History of Texas
  ''978-1-55622-790-5Ron McAdoo · Caryl McAdooGreat Firehouse Cooks of Texas
2000978-1-55622-791-2Mona D. SizerTexas Justice Bought and Paid For
  ''978-1-55622-792-9Docia Schultz WilliamsThe History and Mystery of the Menger Hotel
2001978-1-55622-795-0Rod TimanusIllustrated History of Texas Forts
  ''978-1-55622-805-6Sam AbolrousLearn Pascal in Three Days
2000978-1-55622-808-7Ralph GrabowskiLearn AutoCAD LT 2001 (Wordare Autocad Lt Library)
2001978-1-55622-812-4Keith WoodDelphi Developer's Guide to XML (Wordware Delphi Developer's Library)
  ''978-1-55622-815-5Paul SteedModeling A Character in 3DS MAX (One-Off)
  ''978-1-55622-816-2Clay ShannonThe Tomes of Delphi: Developer's Guide to Troubleshooting (Wordware Delphi Developer's Library)
2001978-1-55622-818-6Ralph GrabowskiLearn Microsoft VISIO 2002 (Wordware Visio Library)
2002978-1-55622-819-3   ''Learn Microsoft VISIO 2002: For the Advanced User (Wordware Visio Library)
2001978-1-55622-823-0Glenn StephensTomes of KYLIX: The Linux API (Wordware Delphi Developer's Library)
  ''978-1-55622-827-8Wlokarski RobertA Texas Guide to Haunted Restaurants, Taverns, and Inns
2000978-1-55622-833-9J. Lee ButtsTEXAS BAD GIRLS:HUSSIES HARLOT
2001978-1-55622-839-1Elaine L. Galit · Vikk SimmonsExploring Houston With Children
  ''978-1-55622-842-1Olyve AbbottGhosts In The Graveyard: Texas Cemetery Tales
  ''978-1-55622-846-9Bill GronemanEyewitness to the Alamo
  ''978-1-55622-852-0Chuck EasttomAdvanced Javascript, 2nd Edition
2001978-1-55622-853-7Norman LinAdvanced Linux 3D Graphics (Wordware Game Developer's Library)
  ''978-1-55622-855-1Michael LinetskyProgramming Microsoft Directshow (Multimedia Programming)
  ''978-1-55622-856-8Chuck EasttomLearn Javascript (Web Programming/Development)
2005978-1-55622-858-2Ralph GrabowskiAutoCAD LT 2006: The Definitive Guide (Wordware Applications Library)
2002978-1-55622-859-9Chris MoyerAdvanced FileMaker Pro 5.5: Techinques for Developers with CDR (Wordware Filemaker Library)
2003978-1-55622-860-5Bob BowersAdvanced FileMaker Pro 6 Web Development (Wordware Library for FileMaker)
2002978-1-55622-861-2Bob Bowers · Steve LaneAdvanced File Maker Pro Web Development
2001978-1-55622-868-1Andrew MulhollandDeveloper's Guide to Multiplayer Games (Wordware Game Developer's Library)
  ''978-1-55622-871-1Jonathan StarsLearn Filemaker Pro 5.5 (Wordware Filemaker Library)
  ''978-1-55622-876-6Mona D. SizerTexas Politicians: Good 'n' Bad
2001978-1-55622-885-8Douglas V. MeedThe Fighting Texas Navy 1832-1843
  ''978-1-55622-887-2Stanley Oberst · Lori TorranceElvis In Texas: The Undiscovered King 1954-1958
  ''978-1-55622-888-9Sophia DemblingThe Yankee Chick's Survival Guide to Texas
2002978-1-55622-893-3Jon McConalJon McConal's Texas
  ''978-1-55622-894-0Ruth PenneBakerTexas Family Time Capsule
  ''978-1-55622-896-4Evelyn SizemoreThe Turtle Lady: IIa Fox Loetscher of South Padre
2002978-1-55622-898-8Alan BurtonTexas High School Hotshots: The Stars Before They Were Stars
  ''978-1-55622-901-5Timothy AlbeeLightWave 3D 7.0: Character Animation (Wordware Lightwave Library)
2003978-1-55622-902-2Wolfgang EngelShaderX2: Introduction & Tutorials with Directx 9 (Wordware Game Developer's Library)
2002978-1-55622-903-9Bill BlundenVirtual Machine Design and Implementation C/C++
2003978-1-55622-905-3Ralph BarbagalloWireless Game Development in C/C++ with BREW (Wordware Game Developer's Library)
2002978-1-55622-908-4Jeffrey GarbusThe Official Guide: Sybase ASE 12.5 Performance and Tuning (Jeffrey Garbus' Official Sybase Ase 12.5 Library)
  ''978-1-55622-911-4Fletcher Dunn3D Math Primer For Graphics and Game Development (Wordware Game Math Library)
2004978-1-55622-912-1Richard Rouse IIIGame Design: Theory and Practice (2nd Edition) (Wordware Game Developer's Library)
2003978-1-55622-913-8Frank LunaIntroduction To 3D Game Programming With Directx 9.0 (Wordware Game and Graphics Library)
978-1-55622-914-5Sybase ASE 12.5 Replication Server
2002978-1-55622-921-3James LeitermanVector Games Math Processors (Wordware Game Math Library)
2003978-1-55622-922-0Todd BarronStrategy Game Programming with DirectX 9 (Wordware Game and Graphics Library)
2002978-1-55622-924-4Brad S. KoniaSearch Engine Optimization with Webposition Gold (Wordware Web Programming/Development Library)
  ''978-1-55622-926-8Mona D. SizerTexas Money: All the Law Allows
  ''978-1-55622-927-5Geronimo Trevino IIIDance Halls and Last Calls: A History of Texas Country Music
2002978-1-55622-933-6Deborah MorrisReal Kids Real Adventures in Texas
  ''978-1-55622-937-4MarcomDigging Up Texas
  ''978-1-55622-940-4Michael WhitingtonGhosts of North Texas
2003978-1-55622-950-3Mark WalkerGames That Sell! (Wordware Game and Graphics Library)
  ''978-1-55622-951-0Erik BethkeGame Development and Production (Wordware Game Developer's Library)
2002978-1-55622-954-1John HedtkeRobohelp for the Web (Wordware Robohelp Library)
  ''978-1-55622-960-2Satya Sai KolachinaC++ Builder 6 Developers Guide with CDR (Wordware Delphi Developer's Library)
2003978-1-55622-961-9Duncan CameronLasso Professional 5 Developer Guide (Wordware Lasso Library)
2003978-1-55622-963-3Andrew MulhollandJava 1.4 Game Programming (Wordware Game and Graphics Library)
2002978-1-55622-964-0Michael LinetskyNet Base Classes Programming
  ''978-1-55622-965-7Terrence JoubertADO.NET Programming with CDR (Wordware Programming Library)
2003978-1-55622-968-8Peter WalshAdvanced 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9 (Wordware Game Developer's Library)
  ''978-1-55622-973-2Roger E. PedersenGame Design Foundations (Wordware Game and Graphics Library)
2002978-1-55622-974-9Jonathan StarsLearn FileMaker Pro 6 (Wordware Filemaker Library.)
2003978-1-55622-983-1Thomas Ricks LindleyAlamo Traces: New Evidence and New Conclusions
  ''978-1-55622-988-6Wolfgang EngelShaderX2: Shader Programming Tips and Tricks with DirectX 9.0
2005978-1-55622-989-3Chris SeddonOpenGL Game Development (Wordware Applications Library)
  ''978-1-55622-994-7Oliver H. BaileyEmbedded Systems: Desktop Integration (Wordware Applications Library)
2004978-1-55622-995-4Satya Sai KolachinaC# Builder Developer's Guide
2004978-1-55622-997-8Ernest PazeraMicrosoft DirectPlay 9 Game Developer's Guide
  ''978-1-55622-998-5Ralph BarbagalloWireless Game Development in Java with MIDP 2.0 (Wordware Game Developer's Library)
  ''978-1-55622-999-2Gregor KoomeyGame Design Philosophy