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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-55458-000-2R.B. FlemingThe Wartime Letters of Leslie and Cecil Frost, 1915-1919
  ''978-1-55458-001-9Barbara HeronDesire for Development: Whiteness, Gender, and the Helping Imperative
  ''978-1-55458-003-3R. Brian Howe · Katherine CovellA Question of Commitment: Children's Rights in Canada
2008978-1-55458-004-0Karl S. HeleLines Drawn upon the Water: First Nations and the Great Lakes Borders and Borderlands
2007978-1-55458-005-7Annie Jacobsen · Jane Finlay-Young · Di BrandtWatermelon Syrup: A Novel
  ''978-1-55458-006-4Carolyn Gammon · Christiane HemkerJohanna Krause Twice Persecuted: Surviving in Nazi Germany and Communist East Germany
  ''978-1-55458-008-8Don DomanskiEarthly Pages: The Poetry of Don Domanski
2007978-1-55458-009-5Michael Englishman163256: A Memoir of Resistance
2008978-1-55458-010-1Zoë Druick · Aspa KotsopoulosProgramming Reality: Perspectives on English-Canadian Television
  ''978-1-55458-011-8Geoffrey Hayes · Mark SedraAfghanistan: Transition under Threat
2007978-1-55458-012-5Janice Stein · David Robertson Cameron · John Ibbitson · Will Kymlicka · John Meisel · Haroon Siddiqui · Michael ValpyUneasy Partners: Multiculturalism and Rights in Canada
2008978-1-55458-016-3Mavis ReimerHome Words: Discourses of Children's Literature in Canada
2007978-1-55458-018-7Alan M. GillmorEagle Minds: Selected Correspondence of Istvan Anhalt and George Rochberg (1961-2005)
2008978-1-55458-022-4James W. St.G. Walker · Andrew S. ThompsonCritical Mass: The Emergence of Global Civil Society
  ''978-1-55458-023-1Christl VerduynAsian Canadian Writing Beyond Autoethnography
  ''978-1-55458-026-2G. Elijah DannLeaving Fundamentalism: Personal Stories
  ''978-1-55458-027-9Mathias Schulze · James M. Skidmore · David G. John · Grit Liebscher · Sebastian Siebel-AchenbachGerman Diasporic Experiences: Identity, Migration, and Loss
2007978-1-55458-029-3Jennifer Welsh · Ngaire WoodsExporting Good Governance: Temptations and Challenges in Canada's Aid Program
2008978-1-55458-030-9Erika GottliebBecoming My Mother's Daughter: A Story of Survival and Renewal
2007978-1-55458-031-6David Rutherford · Jonathan KnowlesVulcans, Earthlings and Marketing ROI: Getting Finance, Marketing and Advertising onto the Same Planet
2009978-1-55458-032-3Di Brandt · Barbara GodardWider Boundaries of Daring: The Modernist Impulse in Canadian Women's Poetry
2009978-1-55458-033-0Don McKayOpen Wide a Wilderness: Canadian Nature Poems
2008978-1-55458-035-4Nader SaiediGate of the Heart: Understanding the Writings of the Báb
  ''978-1-55458-037-8Wendy Robbins · Meg Luxton · Margrit Eichler · Francine DescarriesMinds of Our Own: Inventing Feminist Scholarship and Women's Studies in Canada and Québec, 1966-76
2009978-1-55458-042-2Gerald P. Schaus · Stephen R. WennOnward to the Olympics: Historical Perspectives on the Olympic Games
  ''978-1-55458-047-7Nicole BrossardMobility of Light: The Poetry of Nicole Brossard
2010978-1-55458-051-4Mark Humphries · John MakerGermany's Western Front: 1915: Translations from the German Official History of the Great War
2012978-1-55458-053-8Franklin Wellington WegenastLiberty Is Dead: A Canadian in Germany, 1938
2009978-1-55458-054-5Cynthia Sugars · Gerry TurcotteUnsettled Remains: Canadian Literature and the Postcolonial Gothic
2010978-1-55458-057-6Andrew F. Cooper · Agata AntkiewiczEmerging Powers in Global Governance: Lessons from the Heiligendamm Process
2009978-1-55458-058-3Denyse BaillargeonBabies for the Nation: The Medicalization of Motherhood in Quebec, 1910-1970
2008978-1-55458-060-6George Elliott ClarkeBlues and Bliss: The Poetry of George Elliott Clarke
2009978-1-55458-063-7Kit DobsonTransnational Canadas: Anglo-Canadian Literature and Globalization
  ''978-1-55458-064-4Smaro KamboureliScandalous Bodies: Diasporic Literature in English Canada
  ''978-1-55458-147-4Tasnim Nathoo · Aleck OstryThe One Best Way?: Breastfeeding History, Politics, and Policy in Canada
2008978-1-55458-151-1Cynthia ComacchioThe Dominion of Youth: Adolescence and the Making of Modern Canada, 1920 to 1950
2009978-1-55458-153-5Mark Kingwell · Patrick TurmelRites of Way: The Politics and Poetics of Public Space
2009978-1-55458-154-2Jeremy de BeerImplementing the World Intellectual Property Organization's Development Agenda
2010978-1-55458-155-9Eduardo AldunateBackpacks Full of Hope: The UN Mission in Haiti
2009978-1-55458-156-6Debra P. StegerRedesigning the World Trade Organization for the Twenty-first Century
2010978-1-55458-177-1Robin Elliott · Gordon E. SmithMusic Traditions, Cultures, and Contexts
  ''978-1-55458-180-1Elizabeth Podnieks · Andrea O’ReillyTextual Mothers/Maternal Texts: Motherhood in Contemporary Women's Literatures
  ''978-1-55458-181-8Deanna Reder · Linda M. MorraTroubling Tricksters: Revisioning Critical Conversations
  ''978-1-55458-185-6E. Dianne Looker · Ted D. NaylorDigital Diversity: Youth, Equity, and Information Technology
2011978-1-55458-186-3Therese Jennissen · Colleen LundyOne Hundred Years of Social Work: A History of the Profession in English Canada, 1900-2000
2010978-1-55458-187-0Zachariah KayThe Diplomacy of Impartiality: Canada and Israel, 1958-1968
2009978-1-55458-190-0Hildi Froese Tiessen · Paul Gerard TiessenWoldemar Neufeld's Canada: A Mennonite Artist in the Canadian Landscape 1925-1995
  ''978-1-55458-192-4Jennifer Clapp · Marc J. CohenThe Global Food Crisis: Governance Challenges and Opportunities
2010978-1-55458-202-0Zachariah KayThe Diplomacy of Impartiality: Canada and Israel, 1958-1968
2009978-1-55458-215-0A. Hamish IonThe Cross and the Rising Sun: The Canadian Protestant Missionary Movement in the Japanese Empire, 1872-1931
2010978-1-55458-226-6R. Bruce ElderHarmony and Dissent: Film and Avant-garde Art Movements in the Early Twentieth Century
2007978-1-55458-227-3Geoffrey Hayes · Andrew Iarocci · Mike BechtholdVimy Ridge: A Canadian Reassessment
2010978-1-55458-231-0Lynn McDonaldFlorence Nightingale: An Introduction to Her Life and Family: Collected Works of Florence Nightingale, Volume 1
2011978-1-55458-257-0J. Keri Cronin · Kirsty RobertsonImagining Resistance: Visual Culture and Activism in Canada
2011978-1-55458-260-0Heather A. Howard · Craig ProulxAboriginal Peoples in Canadian Cities: Transformations and Continuities
  ''978-1-55458-330-0Kathleen Kufeldt · Brad McKenzieChild Welfare: Connecting Research, Policy, and Practice
  ''978-1-55458-337-9Veronica Strong-BoagFostering Nation?: Canada Confronts Its History of Childhood Disadvantage
  ''978-1-55458-338-6Franklyn Griffiths · Rob Huebert · P. Whitney LackenbauerCanada and the Changing Arctic: Sovereignty, Security, and Stewardship
  ''978-1-55458-350-8Susanna EganBurdens of Proof: Faith, Doubt, and Identity in Autobiography
2012978-1-55458-359-1Anne Westhues · Brian WharfCanadian Social Policy, Fifth Edition: Issues and Perspectives
2013978-1-55458-373-7Mark Humphries · John MakerGermany's Western Front: 1914: Translations from the German Official History of the Great War, Part 1
2019978-1-55458-470-3R.B. FlemingThe Wartime Letters of Leslie and Cecil Frost, 1915-1919
1986978-1-55458-481-9Ronald HaycockSam Hughes: The Public Career of a Controversial Canadian, 1885-1916
2016978-1-55458-488-8Karl S. HeleThe Nature of Empires and the Empires of Nature: Indigenous Peoples and the Great Lakes Environment
2012978-1-55458-629-5Geoffrey Hayes · Mike Bechthold · Matt SymesCanada and the Second World War: Essays in Honour of Terry Copp
2012978-1-55458-834-3Kibeom Lee · Michael C. AshtonThe H Factor of Personality: Why Some People are Manipulative, Self-Entitled, Materialistic, and Exploitive-And Why It Matters for Everyone
2013978-1-55458-837-4Oiva W. SaarinenFrom Meteorite Impact to Constellation City: A Historical Geography of Greater Sudbury
2012978-1-55458-844-2Jason WilsonSoldiers of Song: The Dumbells and Other Canadian Concert Parties of the First World War
2014978-1-55458-900-5Christopher J. GreigOntario Boys: Masculinity and the Idea of Boyhood in Postwar Ontario, 1945--1960
  ''978-1-55458-944-9Ralph ConnorThe Foreigner: A Tale of Saskatchewan
  ''978-1-55458-947-0Marcel MartelCanada the Good: A Short History of Vice since 1500
  ''978-1-55458-950-0Denyse BaillargeonA Brief History of Women in Quebec
  ''978-1-55458-956-2John L. SteckleyThe Eighteenth-Century Wyandot: A Clan-Based Study
2014978-1-55458-959-3Robert Boschman · Mario TronoFound in Alberta: Environmental Themes for the Anthropocene
  ''978-1-55458-976-0George CopwayThe Traditional History and Characteristic Sketches of the Ojibway Nation
  ''978-1-55458-980-7Neta GordonCatching the Torch: Contemporary Canadian Literary Responses to World War I
  ''978-1-55458-982-1Neal McLeodIndigenous Poetics in Canada
2015978-1-55458-983-8Lynda Mannik · Karen McGarryReclaiming Canadian Bodies: Visual Media and Representation