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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1975978-0-88920-024-1W.V. (Ben) UttleyA History of Kitchener, Ontario
1978978-0-88920-055-5Wayne R. KimePierre M. Irving and Washington Irving: A Collaboration in Life and Letters
1979978-0-88920-068-5Med Ib OstenfeldSoren Kierkegaard's Psychology
1982978-0-88920-096-8Jonathan F. WagnerBrothers Beyond the Sea: National Socialism in Canada
  ''978-0-88920-104-0Barry D. HuntSailor-Scholar: Admiral Sir Herbert Richmond 1871-1946
1981978-0-88920-109-5N.F. DreiszigerMobilization for Total War: The Canadian, American and British Experience 1914-1918, 1939-1945
1983978-0-88920-110-1Nina KolesnikoffBruno Jasienski: His Evolution from Futurism to Socialist Realism
1982978-0-88920-123-1Peter DamianBook of Gomorrah: An Eleventh-Century Treatise against Clerical Homosexual Practices
1983978-0-88920-124-8Raymond JonesThe British Diplomatic Service: 1815-1914
  ''978-0-88920-136-1Desmond BowenPaul Cardinal Cullen and the Shaping of Modern Irish Catholicism
1988978-0-88920-154-5William NichollsModernity and Religion
1986978-0-88920-167-5Peter Richardson · David GranskouAnti-Judaism in Early Christianity: Volume 1: Paul and the Gospels
  ''978-0-88920-185-9John C. HoffmanLaw, Freedom and Story: The Role of Narrative in Therapy, Society and Faith
  ''978-0-88920-186-6Jay NewmanThe Mental Philosophy of John Henry Newman
1992978-0-88920-202-3Demetres P. TryphonopoulosThe Celestial Tradition: A Study of Ezra Pound's The Cantos
1991978-0-88920-209-2Geoffrey AdamsThe Huguenots and French Opinion, 1685-1787: The Enlightenment Debate on Toleration
1991978-0-88920-213-9Donald FisherThe Social Sciences in Canada: 50 Years of National Activity by the Social Science Federation of Canada
1992978-0-88920-216-0Alan DaviesAntisemitism in Canada: History and Interpretation
1993978-0-88920-220-7Abigail B. Bakan · David Cox · Colin LeysImperial Power and Regional Trade: The Caribbean Basin Initiative
  ''978-0-88920-223-8John M. Badertscher · Gordon Harland · Roland E. MillerReligious Studies in Manitoba and Saskatchewan: A State-of-the-Art Review
  ''978-0-88920-225-2C.J.G. TurnerA Karenina Companion
1992978-0-88920-226-9W.R. ChadwickThe Battle for Berlin, Ontario: An Historical Drama
2009978-0-88920-232-0Loretta CzernisWeaving a Canadian Allegory: Anonymous Writing, Personal Reading
1994978-0-88920-243-6Michael Snow · Louise DompierreThe Collected Writings of Michael Snow
1995978-0-88920-248-1Edna Staebler · Marlene KadarHaven't Any News: Ruby's Letters from the Fifties
1996978-0-88920-272-6Will C. van den HoonaardThe Origins of the Bahá'í Community of Canada, 1898-1948
1998978-0-88920-275-7R. Bruce ElderThe Films of Stan Brakhage in the American Tradition of Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein and Charles Olson
1996978-0-88920-278-8Earle H. WaughDissonant Worlds: Roger Vandersteene among the Cree
1997978-0-88920-288-7Alan Davies · Marilyn F. NefskyHow Silent Were the Churches?: Canadian Protestantism and the Jewish Plight during the Nazi Era
1999978-0-88920-294-8A. Hamish IonThe Cross in the Dark Valley: The Canadian Protestant Missionary Movement in the Japanese Empire, 1931-1945
1997978-0-88920-295-5William E. Arnal · Michel DesjardinsWhose Historical Jesus?
1999978-0-88920-296-2Jonathan L. PearlThe Crime of Crimes: Demonology and Politics in France, 1560-1620
1998978-0-88920-299-3Geoffrey AdamsThe Call of Conscience: French Protestant Responses to the Algerian War, 1954-1962
  ''978-0-88920-304-4David R. MorrisonAid and Ebb Tide: A History of CIDA and Canadian Development Assistance
1997978-0-88920-306-8James W. St.G. Walker"Race," Rights and the Law in the Supreme Court of Canada: Historical Case Studies
1998978-0-88920-309-9Alan Davies · Marilyn F. NefskyHow Silent Were the Churches? Canadian Protestantism and the Jewish Plight During the Nazi Era
1999978-0-88920-319-8Michael J. SydenhamLéonard Bourdon: The Career of a Revolutionary, 1754-1807
  ''978-0-88920-323-5Walter I. Romanow · Michel de Repentigny · Stanley B. Cunningham · Walter C. Soderlund · Kai HildebrandtTelevision Advertising in Canadian Elections: The Attack Mode, 1993
2000978-0-88920-324-2Roger Herz-FischlerThe Shape of the Great Pyramid
1999978-0-88920-325-9Harold Coward · Pinit RatanakulA Cross-Cultural Dialogue on Health Care Ethics
1998978-0-88920-328-0R. Bruce ElderA Body of Vision: Representations of the Body in Recent Film and Poetry
1999978-0-88920-330-3Marilyn Färdig WhiteleyThe Life and Letters of Annie Leake Tuttle: Working for the Best
2000978-0-88920-337-2Brian OrendWar and International Justice: A Kantian Perspective
1999978-0-88920-338-9David T. McNabCircles of Time: Aboriginal Land Rights and Resistance in Ontario
2006978-0-88920-342-6Barbara EverettA Fragile Revolution: Consumers and Psychiatric Survivors Confront the Power of the Mental Health System
2000978-0-88920-351-8Neil Sutherland · Cynthia ComacchioChildren in English-Canadian Society: Framing the Twentieth-Century Consensus
2001978-0-88920-355-6Anne Innis DaggThe Feminine Gaze: A Canadian Compendium of Non-Fiction Women Authors and Their Books, 1836-1945
2001978-0-88920-362-4Charles G. RolandLong Night's Journey into Day: Prisoners of War in Hong Kong and Japan, 1941-1945
  ''978-0-88920-365-5Ilse E. FriesenThe Female Crucifix: Images of St. Wilgefortis Since the Middle Ages
2002978-0-88920-366-2Lynn McDonaldCollected Works of Florence Nightingale: Volume 2: Florence Nightingale's Spiritual Journey: Biblical Annotations, Sermons and Journal Notes
2001978-0-88920-368-6Marcela CristiFrom Civil to Political Religion: The Intersection of Culture, Religion and Politics
2002978-0-88920-371-6Lynn McDonaldCollected Works of Florence Nightingale: Volume 3: Florence Nightingale's Theology: Essays, Letters and Journal Notes
2003978-0-88920-372-3John McMenemyThe Language of Canadian Politics: A Guide to Important Terms & Concepts
2001978-0-88920-373-0J.I. LittleLove Strong as Death: Lucy Peel's Canadian Journal, 1833-1836
  ''978-0-88920-380-8Katherine Covell · R. Brian HoweThe Challenge of Children's Rights for Canada
2002978-0-88920-382-2Susan M. TurnerSomething to Cry About: An Argument Against Corporal Punishment of Children in Canada
  ''978-0-88920-383-9Arthur GrenkeHolocaust and Genocide: Motivation and Ideology
2006978-0-88920-385-3Kenneth CoatesReconciliation?: The Future of Indigenous People in Canada. Kenneth Coates and Greg Poelzer
2002978-0-88920-387-7Lynn McDonaldCollected Works of Florence Nightingale: Volume 1: Florence Nightingale: An Introduction to Her Life and Family
2006978-0-88920-390-7David BeasleyMcKee Rankin and the Heyday of the American Theater
2002978-0-88920-393-8Cristina Peri RossiPanic Signs
  ''978-0-88920-398-3Chelva KanaganayakamCounterrealism and Indo-Anglian Fiction
2006978-0-88920-403-4Ramona Alaggia · Cathy VineCruel but Not Unusual: Violence in Canadian Families
2003978-0-88920-405-8Anne WesthuesCanadian Social Policy: Issues and Perspectives, 3rd edition
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  ''978-0-88920-413-3Gérard ValléeCollected Works of Florence Nightingale: Volume 4: Florence Nightingale on Mysticism and Eastern Religions
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  ''978-0-88920-416-4Laura MossIs Canada Postcolonial?: Unsettling Canadian Literature
2002978-0-88920-417-1Magie DominicThe Queen of Peace Room
2003978-0-88920-418-8Andrew Mark EasonWomen in God's Army: Gender and Equality in the Early Salvation Army
2006978-0-88920-421-8Guy L. BeckSacred Sound: Experiencing Music in World Religions
2003978-0-88920-422-5Peter Eglin · Stephen HesterThe Montreal Massacre: A Story of Membership Categorization Analysis
  ''978-0-88920-423-2Sandra SabatiniMaking Babies: Infants in Canadian Fiction
2003978-0-88920-429-4Lynn McDonaldCollected Works of Florence Nightingale: Volume 5: Florence Nightingale on Society and Politics, Philosophy, Science, Education and Literature
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2005978-0-88920-436-2Francis J. TurnerEncyclopedia of Canadian Social Work
2004978-0-88920-438-6Ernest BucklerThanks for Listening: Stories and Short Fictions by Ernest Buckler
  ''978-0-88920-442-3Harold Coward · Andrew J. WeaverHard Choices: Climate Change in Canada
  ''978-0-88920-443-0Edward MonahanCollective Autonomy: A History of the Council of Ontario Universities, 1962-2000
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2004978-0-88920-445-4Dana SawchukThe Costa Rican Catholic Church, Social Justice, and the Rights of Workers, 1979-1996
  ''978-0-88920-446-1Lynn McDonaldCollected Works of Florence Nightingale: Volume 6: Florence Nightingale on Public Health Care
2006978-0-88920-449-2Leif E. VaageReligious Rivalries in the Early Roman Empire and the Rise of Christianity
2004978-0-88920-451-5Lynn McDonaldCollected Works of Florence Nightingale: Volume 7: Florence Nightingale's European Travels
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2006978-0-88920-485-0Jiwu Wang"His Dominion" and the "Yellow Peril": Protestant Missions to Chinese Immigrants in Canada, 1859-1967
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  ''978-0-88920-487-4Monique Tschofen · Jennifer BurwellImage and Territory: Essays on Atom Egoyan
2006978-0-88920-488-1Cynthia ComacchioThe Dominion of Youth: Adolescence and the Making of Modern Canada, 1920 to 1950
2005978-0-88920-489-8Lorna CrozierBefore the First Word: The Poetry of Lorna Crozier
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2006978-0-88920-503-1John McMenemyThe Language of Canadian Politics: A Guide to Important Terms and Concepts
  ''978-0-88920-504-8Anne WesthuesCanadian Social Policy, Fourth Edition: Issues and Perspectives
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