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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-55439-000-7Debbie Gamble-ArsenaultGreat Canadian Race Horses: The Incredible Feats of Northern Dancer andOther Speed Demons
2005978-1-55439-002-1Dorothy PedersenConvoys of World War II: Dangerous Missions on the North Atlantic
  ''978-1-55439-004-5Art MontagueDisasters Across Canada: Bravery in the Face of Danger and Destruction
  ''978-1-55439-006-9Jennifer GroundwaterAlexander Graham Bell: The Spirit of Invention
2006978-1-55439-007-6Elle Andra-WarnerWreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald: The Legendary Great Lakes Disaster
  ''978-1-55439-009-0Cynthia FaryonUnsung Heroes of the Canadian Army: Incredible Tales of Courage and Daring During World War II
2005978-1-55439-011-3Sauerwein StanSoapy Smith: Skagway's Scourge of the Klondike
  ''978-1-55439-016-8Cheryl MacDonaldLaura Secord: The Heroic Adventures of a Canadian Legend
2005978-1-55439-026-7Cheryl MacDonaldDeadly Women of Ontario: Murderous Tales of Deceit and Treachery
  ''978-1-55439-028-1L.D. CrossSpies in Our Midst: The Incredible Story of Igor Gouzenko, Cold War Spy
2007978-1-55439-029-8Elle Andra-WarnerShipwrecks of the Great Lakes
2005978-1-55439-031-1Susan McNicollToronto Murders: Mysteries, Crimes and Scandals
  ''978-1-55439-049-6Stan SauerweinGentleman Train Robber: The Daring Escapades of Bill Miner
  ''978-1-55439-050-2Peter B. SmithPrairie Murders: Mysteries, Crimes and Scandals
2006978-1-55439-051-9Pat MacAdamUnbelievable Canadian War Stories: Well Beyond the Call of Duty
  ''978-1-55439-052-6Dorothy PedersenCanadian Police Heroes: Beyond The Call of Duty
2005978-1-55439-054-0Jim BarberMontreal Canadiens: Thrilling Stories From Canada's Famous Hockey Franchise
2008978-1-55439-055-7Bill ZukInto the Unknown: The True-Life Adventures of Canada's Bush Pilots
2005978-1-55439-057-1Tom DouglasGreat Canadian War Heroes: Victoria Cross Recepients of World War II
2008978-1-55439-060-1Johanna BertinStrange Events of the East Coast
2006978-1-55439-062-5Graeme PoleGreat Railways of the Canadian West: Building the Dream That Shaped Our Nation
2005978-1-55439-063-2Sheila Enslev JohnstonCanada's Peacekeepers: Protecting Human Rights Around the World
2007978-1-55439-080-9Christopher DotyDisturbing Tales from the Gallows: Public Hangings of Canada
2006978-1-55439-085-4Judith RobinsonWorking Miracles: The Drama and Passion of Aimee Semple McPherson
2007978-1-55439-088-5Suzanne BolesStrange Supernatural Events of Ontario
2007978-1-55439-089-2Rich MoleMurder in the Yukon: When Gold Fever Turned Deadly
  ''978-1-55439-096-0Mark ChathamDeadly Night in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
2005978-1-55439-098-4DeeAnn MandrykCanadian Christmas Traditions
2007978-1-55439-099-1Cheryl MacDonaldMurder!: The Unsolved Mystery of Sir Harry Oakes Death <br>
2006978-1-55439-101-1Glenn WilkinsLegendary NHL Coaches: Stars of Hockey's Golden Age
2008978-1-55439-102-8Mark ChathamSwissair Flight III
2006978-1-55439-110-3Roxanne Willems SnopekMore Great Cat Stories: Incredible Tales about Exceptional Cats
2005978-1-55439-114-1Tom DouglasGreat Canadian War Heroes (Box Set)
2007978-1-55439-125-7Rich MoleRebel Women of the Klondike: Extraordinary Achievements and Daring Adventures
2006978-1-55439-126-4Lanny BoutinTitanic: The Canadian Connection
2008978-1-55439-127-1Joyce Grant-SmithIncredible Animal Communicators
2007978-1-55439-128-8Michelle GreysenPauline Johnson: Tales of the Mohawk Princess Poet<br>
  ''978-1-55439-142-4Irene Ternier GordonMetis Stories of the Prairies
  ''978-1-55439-143-1Elle Andra-WarnerNative Chiefs of Ontario
  ''978-1-55439-144-8   ''Strange Supernatural Events on the Great Lakes
2007978-1-55439-146-2donnalee Moulton · Clare O'ConnorCanada's Mine Disasters
  ''978-1-55439-159-2Glenn WilkinsDazzling Broadway: Canadians who Conquered New York
  ''978-1-55439-161-5Cheryl MacDonaldGreat Canadian Imposters
2009978-1-55439-162-2Andrew Hind · Maria Da SilvaOntario Ghost Towns
2007978-1-55439-163-9Vernon Oickle · Patrick HirtleThe Bluenose
2006978-1-55439-181-3Cynthia J. FaryonIncredible Tales of the Royal Canadian Air Force: Unsung Heroes of World War II
2007978-1-55439-183-7Peter B. SmithCrime Scenes of Alberta
2008978-1-55439-201-8Rich MoleForts of the West
2007978-1-55439-204-9Sebastian HutchingsGlenn Gould (Amazing Stories)
2005978-1-55439-205-6Cheryl MacDonaldNiagara Daredevils (Tightrope): Thrills and Spills over Niagara Falls
2007978-1-55439-211-7John BoileauThe Boer War: Canada's First Overseas Conflict
  ''978-1-55439-212-4Sheila Enslev JohnstonBattles of World War I: The Quiet Heroism of Canadians
  ''978-1-55439-215-5Cynthia J. FaryonMysteries and Legends of World War I
2007978-1-55439-216-2Irene Ternier GordonFirst Nations Heroes: Tecumseh
  ''978-1-55439-228-5Lanny BoutinRebel Politicians
  ''978-1-55439-241-4Tom DouglasValour at Vimy Ridge: Canadian Heroes of World War I
  ''978-1-55439-264-3Cheryl MacDonaldHoneymoons of Niagara
  ''978-1-55439-266-7Jim BarberCrazy Canucks
2006978-1-55439-502-6J.I. FieldingCrime Scene Investigations (Mass-Market): Solving Crimes in the Real World
2006978-1-55439-513-2Nora RockWrongfully Accused: Innocent People on Death Row (Late-Breaking Amazing Stories)
2007978-1-55439-516-3J.I. FieldingCSI: Case Studies (Trade Paperback): Unravelling the mysteries of true crimes
  ''978-1-55439-525-5Moushumi ChakrabartyThe Water Crisis (Trade Paperback): A Looming Crisis
  ''978-1-55439-527-9Sheila Enslev JohnstonThe Iraqi Conflict (Trade Paperback)
  ''978-1-55439-530-9Melanie JonesDating Disasters: When the search for Mr. Right goes wrong
  ''978-1-55439-533-0Nate HendleyThe End of Oil (Trade Paperback)
2007978-1-55439-535-4Stan SauerweinFoiled Terror Attacks in North America (Trade Paperback)
  ''978-1-55439-536-1Sheila Enslev JohnstonThe War in Afghanistan (Trade Paperback)
2006978-1-55439-600-9Darwin WiggettNiagara Falls
2007978-1-55439-601-6Edward CavellClassic Images of Canadian Women: (1880-1920)
  ''978-1-55439-602-3Edward CavellThe Sporting Life
2006978-1-55439-604-7   ''Classic Images of Canadian First Nations: (1880-1920)
2007978-1-55439-605-4   ''Amazing Photos of Canada: Images of a Great Nation (1860-1920)
2006978-1-55439-607-8Darwin WiggettCanadian Rockies
2007978-1-55439-619-1Graeme PoleClassic Images of Rails Across the Rockies Vol II: Building the Dream
  ''978-1-55439-620-7Joyce GlasnerClassic Images of the Halifax Explosion
2006978-1-55439-703-7Bill ZukThe Avro Arrow Story (Junior Edition): The Impossible Dream
  ''978-1-55439-707-5Joyce GlasnerThe Halifax Explosion (Junior Edition): Surviving the Blast that Shook a Nation
2007978-1-55439-708-2Nate HendleyThe Black Donnellys (Junior Edition): The Outrageous Tale of Canada's Deadliest Feud
2007978-1-55439-711-2Jennifer CrumpThe War of 1812 Against the States (JR): Heroes of a Great Canadian Victory
  ''978-1-55439-714-3Jim BarberToronto Maple Leafs (JR): Stories of Canada's Legendary Team
  ''978-1-55439-715-0Joyce GlasnerPirates and Privateers (Junior Edition)
  ''978-1-55439-716-7Sheila Enslev JohnstonCanada's Peacekeepers (Junior Edition)
  ''978-1-55439-718-1Art MontagueDisasters Across Canada (Junior Edition)
2007978-1-55439-720-4Lanny BoutinTitanic (Junior Edition): The Canadian Connection