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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-1-55153-038-3Graeme PoleCanadian Rockies
1995978-1-55153-044-4Pat KramerTotem poles
  ''978-1-55153-085-7Dennis SchmidtWildlife of Western Canada: A photographic portrait
1999978-1-55153-087-1Graeme PoleThe Spiral Tunnels and the Big Hill: A Canadian railway adventure
1996978-1-55153-116-8Hans GmoserCMH Gallery: A Visual Celebration of CMH Heli-Skiing and Heli-Hiking
1995978-1-55153-125-0Constance BrissendenVancouver Pictorial Totem Poles
2004978-1-55153-217-2Chris CheadleVictoria and Southern Vancouver Island (English Hardcover)
2005978-1-55153-218-9Meredith Bain Woodward · Ron WoodwardAlong the Inside Passage: Stories, Pictures & Incredible Facts from Seattle amd Vancouver to Skagway
2004978-1-55153-219-6Al HarveyPortrait of British Columbia (Trade Paperback)
2005978-1-55153-230-1Darwin WiggettDances with Light: The Canadian Rockies
  ''978-1-55153-231-8Jennifer GroundwaterPortrait of Alberta (Trade Paperback)
  ''978-1-55153-233-2Douglas LeightonThe Canadian Rockies (English Trade Paperback)
2006978-1-55153-246-2Sabrina GroblerThe Canadian Rockies (Spanish Trade Paperback): A Complete Photographic Portrait
2009978-1-55153-250-9Sabrina GroblerThe Canadian Rockies:A Complete Photographic Portrait (Korean)
2006978-1-55153-252-3Darwin WiggettMutts Only: No Cats Allowed
  ''978-1-55153-528-9   ''Mutts 2007 Calendar 117/8 X 11 1/2
2001978-1-55153-575-3Andrew StantonAlberta and British Columbia Road Map
2001978-1-55153-576-0Chris CheadleAlberta Road Map and Nature Spotter
2003978-1-55153-578-4Scott ManktelowCanadian Rockies Access Map
2002978-1-55153-614-9Pat KramerVancouver: An Altitude SuperGuide
1999978-1-55153-618-7Graeme PoleCanadian Rockies: An Altitude Superguide
2002978-1-55153-629-3Pat KramerTotem Poles: An Altitude SuperGuide
  ''978-1-55153-632-3Graeme PoleThe Canadian Rockies
2003978-1-55153-634-7Ron Woodward · Meredith WoodwardBritish Columbia Interior: An Altitude SuperGuide
2004978-1-55153-638-5Graeme PoleThe Canadian Rockies SuperGuide: An Altitude SuperGuide
  ''978-1-55153-639-2Pat KramerTotem Poles: An Altitude SuperGuide
2005978-1-55153-641-5Darwin WiggettHow to Photograph the Canadian Rockies
2007978-1-55153-643-9Ernie LakustaBanff and Lake Louise History Explorer
1996978-1-55153-700-9Graeme PoleWalks and Easy Hikes in the Canadian Rockies: An Altitude SuperGuide
2003978-1-55153-703-0   ''Walks and Easy Hikes in the Canadian Rockies: An Altitude SuperGuide
  ''978-1-55153-704-7Anita CancianClassic hikes of the lower left hand corner of British Columbia
2002978-1-55153-705-4   ''Classic Hikes of Southwestern British Columbia: An Altitude SuperGuide
2007978-1-55153-717-7Graeme PoleThe Spiral Tunnels and the Big Hill (New Edition): A Canadian Railway Adventure
2006978-1-55153-737-5Debbie Gamble-ArsenaultGreat Canadian Race Horses: The Incredible Feats of Northern Dancer and Other Speed Demons
2005978-1-55153-765-8Cynthia FaryonUnsung Heroes of the Royal Canadian Navy: Incredible Tales of Courage and Daring During World War II
  ''978-1-55153-767-2Mark ReynoldsThe Mystery of the Oak Island Treasure: Two Hundred Years of Hope and Despair
2004978-1-55153-771-9Valerie GreenLegends, Liars, and Lawbreakers: Incredible Tales from the Pacific Northwest
2004978-1-55153-773-3Norman LeachGreat Military Leaders: Charismatic Canadian Commanders
  ''978-1-55153-775-7Stan SauerweinLucy Maud Montgomery: The Secret Life of a Great Canadian Writer
  ''978-1-55153-777-1Roxanne Willems-SnopekGreat Cat Stories: Incredible Tales About Exceptional Cats
  ''978-1-55153-785-6Irene Ternier GordonGrey Owl: The Curious Life of Archie Belaney
  ''978-1-55153-787-0Helena KatzThe Mad Trapper: The Incredible Tale of a Famous Canadian Manhunt
2004978-1-55153-788-7Jim BarberToronto Maple Leafs: Stories of Canada's Legendary Team
  ''978-1-55153-790-0Chris RobinsonOttawa Senators: Great Stories From the NHL's First Dynasty
  ''978-1-55153-795-5Tom DouglasD-Day: Canadian Heroes of the Famous World War II Invasion
1990978-1-55153-801-3Adrienne MasonWhales, Dolphins & Porpoises
1996978-1-55153-814-3Esther SchmidtWildlife of Western Canada
2003978-1-55153-818-1Daniel MathewsRocky Mountain Natural History: Grand Teton to Jasper
2004978-1-55153-819-8Kevin Van TighemWild Animals of Western Canada: An Altitude SuperGuide
2002978-1-55153-908-9Graeme PoleThe Spiral Tunnels and the Big Hill: A Canadian Adventure
2005978-1-55153-937-9   ''Summit Tales: Early Adventures in the Canadian Rockies
2003978-1-55153-942-3Joyce GlasnerThe Halifax Explosion: Surviving The Blast That Shook A Nation
2004978-1-55153-943-0Nate HendleyThe Black Donnellys: The Outrageous Tale of Canada's Deadliest Feud
  ''978-1-55153-945-4Stan SauerweinPierre Elliott Trudeau - The Facinating Life of Canada's Most Flamboyant Prime Minister (An Amazing Stories Book)
2003978-1-55153-946-1Roxanne Willems-SnopekGreat Dog Stories: Inspirational Tales About Exceptional Dogs
  ''978-1-55153-948-5Jennifer CrumpThe War of 1812 Against the States: Heroes of a Great Canadian Victory
2004978-1-55153-951-5Susan McNicollOntario Murders: Mysteries, Scandals, and Dangerous Criminals
2004978-1-55153-953-9Stan SauerweinMoe Norman: The Canadian Golfing Legend with the Perfect Swing
2003978-1-55153-954-6Linda AksomitisSnowmobile Adventures: The Incredible Canadian Success from Bombardier to the Villeneuves
2004978-1-55153-956-0Elle Andra-WarnerRobert Service: A Great Canadian Poet's Romance with the North
2003978-1-55153-958-4Elle Andra-WarnerHudson's Bay Company Adventures: The Rollicking Saga of Canada's Fur Traders (An Amazing Stories Book)
2004978-1-55153-960-7L.D. CrossOttawa Titans: Fortune and Fame in the Early Days of Canada's Capital
2003978-1-55153-962-1Cheryl MacDonaldNiagara Daredevils: Thrills and Spills over Niagara Falls
  ''978-1-55153-963-8Susan McNicollBritish Columbia Murders: Mysteries, Crimes, and Scandals (An Amazing Stories Book)
  ''978-1-55153-969-0Stan SauerweinKlondike Joe Boyle: Heroic Adventures from Gold Fields to Battlefields
  ''978-1-55153-970-6Marie SavageEarly Voyageurs: The Incredible Adventures of the Fearless Fur Traders
  ''978-1-55153-972-0Graeme PoleDavid Thompson: The Epic Expeditions of a Great Canadian Explorer
2004978-1-55153-978-2Bill ZukThe Avro Arrow Story: The Revolutionary Airplane and its Courageous Test Pilots
2004978-1-55153-980-5Debbie Gamble-ArsenaultLegendary Show Jumpers: The Incredible Stories of Great Canadian Horses
2003978-1-55153-982-9Lisa Murphy-LambDinosaur Hunters: Uncovering the Hidden Remains of Canada's Ancient Giants
  ''978-1-55153-986-7Adrienne MasonTales from the West Coast: Smugglers, Sea Monsters, and Other Stories
2003978-1-55153-990-4Adrienne MasonWest Coast Adventures: Shipwrecks, Lighthouses, and Rescues Along Canada's West Coast
  ''978-1-55153-996-6Cat KlerksEmily Carr: The Incredible Life and Adventures of a West Coast Artist
  ''978-1-55153-997-3Holly QuanSam Steele: The Wild West Adventures of Canada's Most Famous Mountie