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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-55277-000-9Canadian Centre for Policy AlternativesMedicare: Facts, Myths, Problems & Promise
2008978-1-55277-001-6Wendy A. LewisLacrosse Warrior: The Life of Mohawk Lacrosse Champion Gaylord Powless
  ''978-1-55277-005-4Dimitry AnastakisCar Nation: An Illustrated History of Canada's Transformation Behind the Wheel
  ''978-1-55277-007-8Ron WilliamsonToronto: The First 12,000 Years: An Illustrated History
  ''978-1-55277-009-2Eric HowlingDrive
  ''978-1-55277-011-5Lorna Schultz NicholsonHolding
2008978-1-55277-015-3Kristin ButcherZach & Zoe and the Bank Robber
2010978-1-55277-017-7Edward SmithAn Apple a Day: A People's History of Sickness, Survival, Healing and Health Care in Canada
2008978-1-55277-018-4Tony ClarkeTar Sands Showdown: Canada and the New Politics of Oil in an Age of Climate Change
  ''978-1-55277-021-4M. Ann HallImmodest and Sensational: 150 Years of Canadian Women in Sports
  ''978-1-55277-023-8James PaxtonJoseph Brant and His World: 18th Century Mohawk Warrior and Statesman
  ''978-1-55277-035-1Jacqueline GuestWar Games
  ''978-1-55277-037-5Robyn MacEachernCyberbullying: Deal with it and Ctrl Alt Delete it
2008978-1-55277-039-9Elizabeth May · Maude Barlow · Tim MurphyJourney to the Tar Sands
2009978-1-55277-408-3Steve MacKinnon · Karen Teeple · Michele DaleToronto's Visual Legacy: Official City Photography from 1856 to the Present
  ''978-1-55277-414-4Mark ReynoldsThe Mystery of the Oak Island Treasure: Two Hundred Years of Hope and Despair
  ''978-1-55277-417-5Susan McNicollOntario Murders: Mysteries, Scandals, and Dangerous Crinimals
  ''978-1-55277-419-9Brent R. SherrardWasted
  ''978-1-55277-424-3Trevor KewTrading Goals
2009978-1-55277-430-4Irene GordonTecumseh: Diplomat and Warrior in the War of 1812
  ''978-1-55277-431-1Cynthia FaryonMysteries, Legends and Myths of the First World War: Canadian soldiers in the trenches and in the air
  ''978-1-55277-432-8L.D. CrossThe Quest for the Northwest Passage: Exploring the elusive route through Canada's Arctic waters
  ''978-1-55277-435-9Richard BrignallFearless: The Story of George Chuvalo, Canada's Greatest Boxer
2010978-1-55277-437-3Steve MacKinnon · Karen Teeple · Michele DaleToronto's Visual Legacy: Official City Photography from 1856 to the Present
  ''978-1-55277-468-7Stephen MayFishing Ontario's Grand River Country
2010978-1-55277-469-4Michel S. Beaulieu · Chris SouthcottNorth of Superior: An Illustrated History of Northwestern Ontario
  ''978-1-55277-480-9Nicole MortillaroSomething to Prove: The story of hockey tough guy Bobby Clarke
  ''978-1-55277-491-5Maria Da Silva · Andrew HindRebels Against Tories in Upper Canada 1837
  ''978-1-55277-492-2Cheryl MacDonaldShipwrecks of the Great Lakes: Tales of courage -- and cowardice
2009978-1-55277-494-6Nate HendleyThe Black Donnellys: The Outrageous Tale of Canada's Deadliest Feud
2010978-1-55277-497-7Steve PittTeasing: Deal with it before the joke's on you
  ''978-1-55277-502-8Brian ToppHow We Almost Gave the Tories the Boot: The inside story behind the coalition
2010978-1-55277-516-5Elaine SlavensBullying: Deal with it before push comes to shove, 2nd edition
  ''978-1-55277-519-6Gary BauslaughRobert Latimer: A story of justice and mercy
  ''978-1-55277-521-9John SewellPolice in Canada: The Real Story
  ''978-1-55277-529-5Melanie FlorenceJordin Tootoo: The highs and lows in the journey of the first Inuk to play in the NHL
  ''978-1-55277-550-9Trevor KewSidelined
2010978-1-55277-567-7Lorna Schultz NicholsonRoughing
  ''978-1-55277-571-4   ''Delaying the Game
  ''978-1-55277-573-8Joseph RomainTwo Minutes for Roughing
  ''978-1-55277-577-6Andrew Hind · Maria Da SilvaSecrets of Lake Simcoe: Fascinating stories from Ontario's past
  ''978-1-55277-581-3L.D. CrossThe Underground Railroad: The long journey to freedom in Canada
2010978-1-55277-583-7Art MontagueThe Canadian Horse: The Fascinating Story of Canada's National Breed
2011978-1-55277-650-6Ken S. Coates · Bill MorrisonCampus Confidential: 100 startling things you don't know about Canadian universities
  ''978-1-55277-656-8Jon ThompsonNo Debate
  ''978-1-55277-686-5Jacqueline GuestFree Throw
2010978-1-55277-695-7James Lorimer & Co LtdLorimer Sports Stories (1 of 20 Hockey and Soccer Book Box Set)
2011978-1-55277-718-3Margaret Atwood · Joyce BarkhouseAnna's Pet
2010978-1-55277-729-9James Lorimer & Co LtdLorimer Sports Stories (1 of 12 Hockey Book Box Set)
2011978-1-55277-730-5Christian NadeauRogue in Power: Why Stephen Harper is Remaking Canada by Stealth
2010978-1-55277-732-9James Lorimer & Co LtdLorimer Streetlights (1 of 3 Book Set for Girls)
2011978-1-55277-784-8Ronald J. DaleThe Invasion of Canada: Battles of the War of 1812
  ''978-1-55277-847-0Trevor KewTrading Goals
2012978-1-55277-853-1Pamela Hickman · Masako FukawaRighting Canada's Wrongs: Japanese Canadian Internment in the Second World War
2011978-1-55277-862-3Trevor KewBreakaway
  ''978-1-55277-895-1Lawrence MillerThe Avro Arrow: A Picture History
2011978-1-55277-898-2Paula MalleaFearmonger: Stephen Harper's Tough-on-Crime Agenda
  ''978-1-55277-900-2Chris RobinsonMaurice Richard: The Most Amazing Hockey Player Ever
  ''978-1-55277-904-0Jean-Francois NadeauThe Canadian Fuhrer: The Life of Adrien Arcand
2015978-1-55277-936-1Lawrence MillerThe Avro Arrow: A Picture History (Amazing Stories)
2011978-1-55277-943-9Joyce GlasnerThe Halifax Explosion: Heroes and Survivors
2013978-1-55277-963-7Joyce GlasnerPirates and Privateers: Swashbuckling Stories From the East Coast