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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-1-55028-015-9William PasnakExit Stage Left (Degrassi Junior High)
  ''978-1-55028-028-9John WatkinsMoscow Despatches: Inside Cold War Russia
2002978-1-55028-061-6JlcCasey Draws (T Guide)*cancelled
1989978-1-55028-086-9Gordon LaxerOpen for business: The roots of foreign ownership in Canada
1988978-1-55028-095-1Dan McCafferyBilly Bishop: Canadian Hero
  ''978-1-55028-109-5Ken RobertsStephanie Kaye
  ''978-1-55028-116-3Harvey WeinsteinFather, Son and CIA
  ''978-1-55028-125-5Nazneen SadiqHeartbreak High
1988978-1-55028-150-7Paul StueweThe Storms Below: The Turbulent Life and Times of Hugh Garner
1989978-1-55028-199-6Brian Tomlin · Maureen Appel MolotCanada Among Nations 1988: The Tory Record
  ''978-1-55028-221-4Zuhair Kashmeri · Brian McAndrewSoft Target: How the Indian Intelligence Service Penetrated Canada
  ''978-1-55028-231-3Kathryn EllisJoey Jeremiah
  ''978-1-55028-233-7Kathryn EllisJoey Jeremiah
  ''978-1-55028-235-1Susin NielsenShane
1989978-1-55028-238-2Nazneen SadiqLucy
1990978-1-55028-255-9Catherine DunphyCaitlin
1991978-1-55028-296-2Paul-André Linteau · René Durocher · Jean-Claude Robert · François RicardQuebec Since 1930
1990978-1-55028-321-1Dan McCafferyAir Aces: The Lives and Times of Twelve Canadian Fighter Pilots
1991978-1-55028-353-2Leo HeapsOur Canada
  ''978-1-55028-356-3Jeri Dawn Wine · Janice L. RistockWomen and Social Change: Feminist Activism in Canada
1992978-1-55028-361-7Kathryn EllisMaya
1990978-1-55028-362-4Susin NielsenWheels
1991978-1-55028-368-6   ''Snake
1992978-1-55028-372-3Catherine DunphyBLT
1993978-1-55028-377-8Duncan Cameron · Mel WatkinsCanada Under Free Trade
1992978-1-55028-402-7Francois GravelMr. Zamboni's Dream Machine
  ''978-1-55028-404-1Daniel Drache · Harry GlasbeekThe Changing Workplace: Reshaping Canada's Industrial Relations System
1994978-1-55028-409-6John F. ConwayThe West: The History of a Region in Confederation
1993978-1-55028-422-5Johanna BrandThe Life and Death of Anna Mae Aquash
1994978-1-55028-437-9John SewellHouses and Homes: Housing for Canadians
  ''978-1-55028-441-6Gilles GougeonA History of Quebec Nationalism
1995978-1-55028-451-5Elaine DewarCloak of Green: The Links between Key Environmental Groups, Government and Big Business
1994978-1-55028-458-4Joseph RomainTwo Minutes for Roughing
  ''978-1-55028-467-6Jean-François LiséeThe Trickster: Robert Bourassa and Quebecers 1990-1992
1995978-1-55028-474-4Michele Martin BossleyBreathing Not Required
1996978-1-55028-494-2Michael DorlandThe Cultural Industries in Canada: Problems, Policies and Prospects
1995978-1-55028-498-0Sam GindinThe Canadian Auto Workers: The Birth and Transformation of a Union
1996978-1-55028-522-2Craig HeronThe Canadian Labour Movement: A Short History: Second Edition
1996978-1-55028-524-6Michele Martin BossleyWater Fight!
  ''978-1-55028-532-1Christine A. ForsythFace Off
1997978-1-55028-551-2Alvin FinkelOur Lives: Canada after 1945
  ''978-1-55028-572-7Michele Martin BossleyTaking a Dive
1998978-1-55028-579-6Penina CoopersmithCabbagetown: The Story of a Victorian Neighbourhood
  ''978-1-55028-625-0Dan McCafferyHell Island: Canadian Pilots and the 1942 Air Battle for Malta
  ''978-1-55028-640-3Bill SwanFast Finish
1999978-1-55028-647-2Ronald J. DaleNiagara-on-the-Lake: Its Heritage and Its Festival
1999978-1-55028-656-4Jim StanfordPaper Boom: Why Real Prosperity Requires a New Approach to Canada's Economy
2000978-1-55028-667-0Camilla Reghelini RiversShut-Out!
1999978-1-55028-674-8Peter McPheeRunner
2000978-1-55028-692-2Peter McCormickSupreme at Last: The Evolution of the Supreme Court of Canada
2001978-1-55028-694-6Monica TownsonPensions Under Attack: What's Behind the Push to Privatize Public Pensions
2000978-1-55028-696-0James TurkThe Corporate Campus: Commercialization and the Dangers to Canada's Colleges and University
  ''978-1-55028-704-2Ginette AnfousseA Terrible Secret
2001978-1-55028-713-4Fred DahmsBeautiful Ontario Towns
2000978-1-55028-720-2Jacqueline GuestLightning Rider
2001978-1-55028-728-8Michele Martin BossleyPool Princess
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2002978-1-55028-756-1Tamara WilliamsTruth and Lies
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2002978-1-55028-762-2Robert RaynerWalker's Runners
  ''978-1-55028-764-6Dan McCafferyBush Planes and Bush Pilots
2003978-1-55028-765-3   ''Bush Planes and Bush Pilots
2002978-1-55028-767-7John SewellMackenzie: A Political Biography
  ''978-1-55028-768-4Dan McCafferyBilly Bishop: Canadian Hero
2003978-1-55028-769-1Reg Whitaker · Steve HewittCanada and the Cold War
2002978-1-55028-771-4Jacques R. PauwelsThe Myth of the Good War: America in the Second World War
  ''978-1-55028-773-8Margaret HoughtonHamilton Street Names: An Illustrated History
  ''978-1-55028-781-3Camilla Reghelini RiversRed-Line Blues
2003978-1-55028-786-8Bill SwanMud Run
2003978-1-55028-792-9Christine A. ForsythAdrenaline High
  ''978-1-55028-795-0Linda BrambleTouring Niagara Wine Country
  ''978-1-55028-796-7Peter McPheeOut of Time
  ''978-1-55028-797-4   ''Out of Time
  ''978-1-55028-798-1John F. ConwayThe Canadian Family in Crisis: Fifth Edition
2003978-1-55028-803-2James D. FrostMerchant Princes: Halifax's First Family of Finance, Ships and Steel
  ''978-1-55028-804-9Margaret HoughtonThe Hamiltonians: 100 Fascinating Lives
2006978-1-55028-805-6Carman MillerCanada's Little War: Fighting for the British Empire in Southern Africa 1899-1902
2003978-1-55028-806-3Bill SwanOff Track
  ''978-1-55028-808-7Michele Martin BossleyGoon Squad
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2004978-1-55028-815-5Elaine SlavensPeer Pressure: Deal with it without losing your cool
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2004978-1-55028-817-9Bill SwanCorner Kick
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  ''978-1-55028-822-3Lorna Schultz NicholsonInterference
2004978-1-55028-824-7Robert RaynerJust for Kicks
2002978-1-55028-830-8Beatrice VanderveldeIce Attack
2004978-1-55028-832-2Mireille MessierCompetition: Deal with it from start to finish
  ''978-1-55028-834-6Sandra DierschCeiling Stars
  ''978-1-55028-836-0Lori WeberKlepto
  ''978-1-55028-838-4Jacqueline GuestRacing Fear
  ''978-1-55028-840-7Ronald J. DaleThe Fall of New France: How the French lost a North American empire 1754-1763
2004978-1-55028-841-4William Bruneau · James TurkDisciplining Dissent: The Curbing of Free Expression in Academia and the Media
2005978-1-55028-842-1Paul YeeChinatown: An illustrated history of the Chinese Communities of Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax
2004978-1-55028-844-5Anne Marie AikinsRacism: Deal with it before it gets under your skin
  ''978-1-55028-845-2Robert MikelOntario House Styles: The distinctive architecture of the province's 18th and 19th century homes
  ''978-1-55028-846-9Jacqueline GuestAt Risk
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2004978-1-55028-858-2Lorna Schultz NicholsonRoughing
  ''978-1-55028-860-5Robert RaynerSuspended
2005978-1-55028-864-3Lorna Schultz NicholsonAgainst the Boards
2004978-1-55028-866-7Dan McCafferyDad's War: The story of a courageous Canadian youth who flew with Bomber Command
  ''978-1-55028-868-1Amy BennetOne Christmas in Lunenburg
2005978-1-55028-869-8Anne Marie AikinsAuthority: Deal with it before it deals with you
  ''978-1-55028-870-4Catherine RondinaRudeness: Deal with it if you please
  ''978-1-55028-871-1Anne Marie AikinsMisconduct: Deal with it without bending the rules
2005978-1-55028-872-8Sandra DierschFalse Start
  ''978-1-55028-876-6Monique PolakOn the Game
  ''978-1-55028-878-0Lori WeberSplit
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  ''978-1-55028-883-4C.T. (Terry) Gillin · David MacGregor · Thomas R. KlassenTime's Up!
2005978-1-55028-884-1Peter HesselThe Mystery of Frankenberg's Canadian Airman
  ''978-1-55028-887-2David Wesley · Sam WesleyHamilton's Hockey Tigers
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  ''978-1-55028-892-6Steve PittGuyness: Deal with it body and soul
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2005978-1-55028-902-2Lori WeberTattoo Heaven
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2006978-1-55028-910-7Lorna Schultz NicholsonNorthern Star
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2006978-1-55028-924-4Kathryn EllisDegrassi Junior High: Joey Jeremiah
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2007978-1-55028-964-0Monique PolakScarred
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2007978-1-55028-991-6John DanakasChoice of Colours: The pioneering African-American quarterbacks who changed the face of football