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1998978-1-55264-003-6Structuring commercial land transactions for contaminated sites in B.C
  ''978-1-55264-004-3Managing contaminated sites under the B.C. Waste Management Act
  ''978-1-55264-025-8Year 2000 computer problems
  ''978-1-55264-026-5Year 2000 computer problems: Managing risk and legal issues
  ''978-1-55264-049-4Negotiating and drafting licensing agreements: Maximize the value of your intellectual property assets
1998978-1-55264-058-6Solution-driven year 2000 strategies for the petroleum industry
  ''978-1-55264-061-6Structuring joint ventures and resource development arrangements between aboriginal communities and the petroleum industry
  ''978-1-55264-062-3Working with the oil and gas lease
  ''978-1-55264-063-0Cross-border employee transfers
1999978-1-55264-068-5The Construction claim: Analysis, qualification and resolution
  ''978-1-55264-070-8Reclaiming, remediating and disposing of oilfield wastes in Alberta
1999978-1-55264-071-5Complying with the new rules for corporate disclosure
  ''978-1-55264-072-2Y2K update: Liability, risk management and contingency planning
  ''978-1-55264-074-6The employment cycle: From recruitment to termination
  ''978-1-55264-076-0Effectively managing investments in gas processing assets
  ''978-1-55264-077-7Financial services think-tank after the MacKay report
1999978-1-55264-085-2The 1999 broadcasting and program distribution summit
  ''978-1-55264-087-6Canadian forum on advanced transfer pricing
  ''978-1-55264-095-1New solutions for absence management
  ''978-1-55264-097-5Buying and selling power in a deregulated energy market
  ''978-1-55264-098-2Everything you've always wanted to know about pooled funds
1999978-1-55264-103-3Legal and practical issues in the use of independent contractors and temporary personnel
  ''978-1-55264-104-0Issuing and trading securities on the internet
  ''978-1-55264-105-7Achieving accountability in the health care system
  ''978-1-55264-130-9Re-negotiating the commercial lease: Responding to a changing market
  ''978-1-55264-131-6Mutual fund summit
1999978-1-55264-132-3Impact of bankruptcy and insolvency on third parties in the petroleum industry
  ''978-1-55264-134-7Workplace privacy
  ''978-1-55264-135-4New opportunities in seniors' housing developments
  ''978-1-55264-156-9Corporate and infrastructure bond financing: Benefiting from change in the corporate bond market
  ''978-1-55264-171-2Canadian pension plan design symposium
2000978-1-55264-190-3Emerging opportunities in seniors' housing
2000978-1-55264-197-2Canadian forum on advanced transfer pricing
  ''978-1-55264-201-6Secured transactions
  ''978-1-55264-202-3Financing high-tech companies: Keys to accessing capital, financing pre-IPO, and preparing to go public
  ''978-1-55264-204-7Current issues in disclosing oil and gas reserves: Changes, operational impact, liability
  ''978-1-55264-205-4Aboriginal land management and property development strategies
2000978-1-55264-206-1Mergers, takeovers and acquisitions: Strategies for creating value and growth
  ''978-1-55264-207-8Negotiating and drafting major business agreements: Bullet proofing your documents
  ''978-1-55264-209-2Roundtable on Competition Act amendments
  ''978-1-55264-210-8Gas flaring: Guide 60 and its impact on the petroleum industry
  ''978-1-55264-213-9Accountants' liability: How to minimize firm and personal liability
2000978-1-55264-221-4The Canadian financial institutions regulation course
  ''978-1-55264-230-6Commercial mortgage backed securities Canada 2000: Emerging opportunities, challenges and strategies for Canada's hot new asset class