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1988978-1-55049-037-4Maximizing the Construction Lien Process - Provides Full Procedural Details for Activatin and Pursueing a Lien Under Current Ontario Legislation - This Volume Conatins Papers Delivered at an Insight Educational Services Seminar Held on Tues., May 17, 1988
1993978-1-55049-386-3Who Takes Priority - Evaluating Lending and Security Practices - A Review of Priorities in secured and Unsecured Transactions in light of the New Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, the CCAA Adn Increasing Corporate reorganizations - Feb. 19, 1993
1995978-1-55049-582-9Strategies for success in the construction industry
  ''978-1-55049-583-6Techniques for achieving effective corporate governance
  ''978-1-55049-590-4Complying with public disclosure requirements
  ''978-1-55049-602-4Environmental management and compliance
  ''978-1-55049-603-1Commercializing government operations: Canadian examples and experiences
1996978-1-55049-615-4Innovative transfer pricing strategies
1996978-1-55049-618-5Integrated strategies for the preservation of accumulated wealth
  ''978-1-55049-619-2Documenting, calculating and proving damages or loss in commercial litigation
  ''978-1-55049-625-3Commercial loan transactions: Achieving bullet-proof security
  ''978-1-55049-628-4New directions in gas processing
  ''978-1-55049-630-7Managing prescription drug costs: Finding a cure
1996978-1-55049-631-4Maximizing value through mergers and acquisitions in the petroleum industry
  ''978-1-55049-636-9Innovative financing for emerging and mid-sized enterprises: Tapping new sources of credit and equity
  ''978-1-55049-646-8Health care services: Implementing the new agenda
1997978-1-55049-748-9Optimizing your oil and gas property portfolio
  ''978-1-55049-749-6Effectively measuring and evaluating government programs and operations
  ''978-1-55049-752-6Oil and gas operations in Saskatchewan
1997978-1-55049-754-0Getting under the hood of health care reform
  ''978-1-55049-763-2Delivering superior client service in the public sector
  ''978-1-55049-766-3Municipal amalgamation and restructuring, managing the transition
  ''978-1-55049-770-0Succession planning and management development for the public sector
  ''978-1-55049-771-7Winning the competition for high technology workers
1997978-1-55049-775-5Engineering global competitiveness through mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances
  ''978-1-55049-777-9Design/build: The emerging trend in construction contracts
  ''978-1-55049-781-6Devolution of government services
  ''978-1-55049-782-3Implementing the reform agenda
  ''978-1-55049-783-0Structuring IPOs in the resource sector
1997978-1-55049-787-8Effectively measuring and evaluating government programs and operations
  ''978-1-55049-790-8Road construction strategies
  ''978-1-55049-791-5Creative uses of trusts in estate planning
  ''978-1-55049-792-2Employee health programs: Your competitive advantage
  ''978-1-55049-795-3The new child support guidelines
1997978-1-55049-802-8Immigration update
  ''978-1-55049-807-3Structuring timber harvesting contracts
  ''978-1-55049-808-0Managing mergers in the petroleum industry
  ''978-1-55049-810-3Bill 136, the new world of Ontario public sector labour relations
  ''978-1-55049-811-0Asset securitization transactions: Understanding the art of the deal
1997978-1-55049-813-4Reforming laboratory services: New strategies and directions
  ''978-1-55049-816-5Prepare for new Canadian transfer pricing rules
  ''978-1-55049-817-2Tax strategies for natural gas transactions
  ''978-1-55049-822-6How to gain strategic advantage through competency based pay
  ''978-1-55049-823-3Service, quality and public accountability in health care
1997978-1-55049-825-7Mutual funds: Changing structures, changing rules
  ''978-1-55049-826-4Oil and gas operations in Saskatchewan: Factors impacting
  ''978-1-55049-827-1Maximizing the benefits of M & As and joint ventures in the mining industry
  ''978-1-55049-829-5Intellectual property legal opinions
  ''978-1-55049-830-1Major business agreements, negotiating and drafting
1998978-1-55049-861-5Results-based management and measurement for the public sector
1998978-1-55049-871-4Emerging trends, issues and opportunities in the insurance industry
  ''978-1-55049-872-1Food safety and crisis communication