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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-55263-697-8Joey SlingerPunch Line
  ''978-1-55263-698-5Valerie GibsonCougar: A Guide for Older Women Dating Younger Men
  ''978-1-55263-699-2Robert BuckmanCancer is a Word, Not a Sentence
  ''978-1-55263-700-5Bryan Adams · Calvin KleinAmerican Women
2006978-1-55263-701-2Robert Buckman Dr.What You Really Need to Know About Cancer
2010978-1-55263-705-0DR. Bernard Fresco · David Rootman Dr. · Bernard Fresco Dr.Eyes An Owner's Manual: CMA Your Personal Health Series
2005978-1-55263-706-7Paul CellucciUnquiet Diplomacy
2006978-1-55263-709-8Doris Muliar · Edita Pospisil · Angelika IliesLow Cholesterol Cookbook
2005978-1-55263-710-4George JonasBeethoven's Mask: Notes on My Life and Times
  ''978-1-55263-714-2Claire MowatTravels With Farley: A Memoir
2005978-1-55263-716-6Andrew Podnieks · Rob Hynes · Anthony JenkinsLittle Book of Hockey Sweaters
  ''978-1-55263-718-0Gordon PittsCodfathers: Lessons From the Atlantic Business Elite
  ''978-1-55263-720-3Sydney SharpeAlberta: A State of Mind
2006978-1-55263-722-7Scott LeslieWetland Birds of North America: A Guide to Observation, Understanding and Conservation
2005978-1-55263-726-5Joseph Morrisseau · Norval MorrisseauNorval Morrisseau: Return to the House of Invention
  ''978-1-55263-727-2Nancy RussellRink of Dreams
2006978-1-55263-732-6Key Porter BooksCaring for Kids: The Complete Canadian Health Guide for Children
2005978-1-55263-734-0Sinclair DumontaisThe Parachute
  ''978-1-55263-735-7David Posen · David B PosenStaying Afloat When Waters Get Rough: How to Manage Your Life in a Rapidly Changing World
2005978-1-55263-736-4Alastair J Cunningham · Alastair J CumminghamThe Healing Journey
2006978-1-55263-741-8Fred PearceWhen the Rivers Run Dry: Journeys Into the Heart of the World's Water Crisis
2008978-1-55263-742-5Joseph Macinnis Dr.James Cameron's Last Mysteries of the Titanic
2006978-1-55263-743-2John Lawrence ReynoldsShadow People: Inside History's Most Notorious Secret Societies
2005978-1-55263-744-9Susan HughesTitanic Book and Model
2006978-1-55263-745-6Richard ClewesFinding Lily: A Memoir
2005978-1-55263-746-3Norman JewisonThis Terrible Business Has Been Good to Me: An Autobiography
2006978-1-55263-748-7Tim DedopolusThe Brotherhood: Inside the Secret World of the Freemasons
  ''978-1-55263-749-4Jonathan Verney · Patricia Lovett-ReidLive Well, Retire Well: Strategies for a Rich Life and a Richer Retirement
2005978-1-55263-750-0Dennis LeeBubblegum Delicious
2006978-1-55263-751-7Dorianne SagerBaby is a Four-Letter Word: Surviving the First Two Years of Parenthood
  ''978-1-55263-759-3Bill BishopHow to Sell a Lobster: The Money-Making Secrets of a Streetwise Entreprenuer
  ''978-1-55263-761-6Jack LaytonJack Layton Memoir
  ''978-1-55263-765-4Louisa McCormackSix Weeks to Toxic: A Novel
2006978-1-55263-766-1Sam MartinHow To Mow The Lawn
  ''978-1-55263-767-8Dennis LeeThe Dreadful Doings of Jelly Belly
  ''978-1-55263-768-5Sam MartinHow to Keep House
  ''978-1-55263-769-2Dennis LeeSilverly / Good Night, Good Night
  ''978-1-55263-772-2Salim Jiwa · Donald J HaukaMargin of Terror: A Reporter's Twenty-Year Odyssey Covering The Tragedies of the Air India Bombing
2006978-1-55263-773-9Bridget BodoanoThrift: How to Have a Stylish Home Without Breaking the Bank
  ''978-1-55263-774-6Dennis Lee · Maryann KovalskiGarbage Delight
2005978-1-55263-776-0Don LessemDinosaur Atlas
2006978-1-55263-777-7DR. Wendy Masi · Roni Cohen Dr · Wendy S Masi DrThe Parent's Guide to Play
  ''978-1-55263-779-1Ted ReaderThe Art of Plank Grilling: Licked by Fire, Kissed by Smoke (Plank included)
  ''978-1-55263-781-4Elizabeth MayHow to Save the World in Your Spare Time
2010978-1-55263-783-8Valerie South · Mark Gawel Dr.Migraine: CMA Your Personal Health Series
2006978-1-55263-785-2Lydia KwaThe Walking Boy: A Novel
2007978-1-55263-789-0Dan NeedlesWingfield's Hope More Letters from Wingfield Farm
2006978-1-55263-790-6John WilsonWhere Soldiers Lie
2007978-1-55263-791-3Joyce Barrett · Teresa Pitman · Joyce Barrett M.DPregnancy and Birth: A Month-by-Month Guide to Making the Best Decisions for You and Your Baby
  ''978-1-55263-793-7Freeman Patterson · Andre GallantPhotography for the Joy of It: An Introductory Workshop for Film and Digital Photography
2007978-1-55263-794-4Lesley ScorgieRich by Thirty: A Young Adult's Guide to Financial Success
2006978-1-55263-797-5Karen Yull · Grant Thornton · Grant Thornton LLP · Karen Yull CASmart Tax Tips: Winning Strategies to Reduce Your Taxes 2007
2007978-1-55263-799-9Melissa HershbergThe Hershberg Diet: Discover How the 4th Macro Can Help You Shed Pounds
2006978-1-55263-801-9Rubin "Hurricane" Carter Dr. · Ken KlonskyRubin: The Way of the One-Eyed Man
1999978-1-55263-803-3Maria von Finckenstein · Adrienne ClarksonCelebrating Inuit Art 1948-1970
2006978-1-55263-808-8Jerry LangtonRat: How the World's Most Notorious Rodent Clawed its Way to the top
  ''978-1-55263-810-1Bruce DowbigginMoney Players: The Amazing Rise & Fall of Bob Goodenow and the NHL Players Association
2007978-1-55263-813-2Dennis LeeThe Kitty Ran Up the Tree
2006978-1-55263-814-9Don MartinBelinda: The Political and Private Life of Belinda Stronach
2008978-1-55263-817-0Louisa McCormackThe Catch: A Novel
2006978-1-55263-818-7Paul William RobertsHomeland: A Novel
2007978-1-55263-819-4David BagbyDance With The Devil: A Memoir of Murder and Loss
  ''978-1-55263-820-0Ben BarryFashioning Reality: New Generation Entrepreneurship
  ''978-1-55263-821-7Guy GrenierThe 10 Conversations You Must Have Before You Get Married (And How to Have Them)
2009978-1-55263-825-5Terence H YoungDeath by Prescription: A Father Takes on His Daughter's Killer
2007978-1-55263-827-9Rebecca EcklerWiped: Life with a Pint-Sized Dictator
  ''978-1-55263-828-6Brian ValleeThe War on Women: Elly Armour, Jane Hurshman, and Criminal Domestic Violence in Canadian Homes
2007978-1-55263-831-6Jerry LangtonIced: Crystal Meth: The Biography of North America's Deadliest New Plague
  ''978-1-55263-832-3Chantel SimmonsStuck in Downward Dog: A Novel
2006978-1-55263-835-4Roni Cohen Leiderman Dr. · DR. Wendy Masi · Wendy Masi Dr.365 Activities You And Your Baby Will Love: An Idea a Day for Baby's First Year!
2007978-1-55263-836-1Mike GrandmaisonThe Canadian Rockies
2006978-1-55263-838-5Farley MowatAftermath: Travels in a Post-War World
  ''978-1-55263-842-2Shelley PetersonSundancer
  ''978-1-55263-846-0Mark Levine · Pat Kelly · Pat Kelly maWhat You Need to Know About Breast Cancer: Diagnosis, Treatment and Beyond
  ''978-1-55263-847-7Nancy W Hall365 Activities You and Your Toddler Will Love: An Idea a Day for Toddler's Growing Mind!
2007978-1-55263-852-1Beatrice MacNeilWhere White Horses Gallop
2006978-1-55263-855-2Bob PlamondonFull Circle: Death and Resurrection in Canadian Conservative Politics
2007978-1-55263-856-9Scott LeslieBay of Fundy: A Natural Portrait
2007978-1-55263-861-3Key Porter BooksGreat Questions of Canada
2006978-1-55263-866-8Ted ReaderThe Art of Plank Grilling: Kissed by Fire, Licked by Smoke
  ''978-1-55263-867-5   ''The Art of Plank Grilling: Licked by Fire, Kissed by Smoke
  ''978-1-55263-868-2Thomas KingCoyote Sings to the Moon
  ''978-1-55263-869-9Simon HouptMuseum of the Missing: A History of Art Theft
2007978-1-55263-870-5Fred PearceThe Last Generation: How Nature Will Take Her Revenge for Man-Made Climate Change
  ''978-1-55263-874-3Julian Fantino · Jerry AmernicDuty: The Life of a Cop
2007978-1-55263-876-7Richard Haskayne · Paul GrescoeNorthern Tigers: Building Ethical Canadian Corporate Champions
  ''978-1-55263-877-4John Lawrence Reynolds · John L ReynoldsShadow People: Inside History's Most Notorious Secret Societies
  ''978-1-55263-878-1Patricia Lovett-Reid · Jonathan VerneyGet Real: 26 Canadian Women Share the Secret to Authentic Success
  ''978-1-55263-881-1Roni Cohen Leiderman · Roni Cohen Leiderman Dr. · DR. Wendy Masi · Wendy Masi Dr.365 Activities You and Your Child Will Love: Play Ideas to Thrill Your Thriving Preschooler
  ''978-1-55263-882-8Massimo Marcone · Massimo Marcone Dr.In Bad Taste?: The Adventures and Science Behind Food Delicacies
2007978-1-55263-883-5Lori-Ann Muenzer · Karl R WilbergOne Gear, No Breaks: Lori-Ann Muenzer's Ride to Belief, Belonging, and a Gold Medal
  ''978-1-55263-884-2Dennis LeeThe Cat and the Wizard
  ''978-1-55263-885-9Louisa McCormackSix Weeks to Toxic
  ''978-1-55263-886-6George JonasReflections on Islam: Ideas, Opinions, Arguments
  ''978-1-55263-887-3Farley MowatNo Man's River
2007978-1-55263-892-7Felipe Fernandez-ArmestoAmerigo: The Man Who Gave His Name to America
  ''978-1-55263-900-9Matt CohenEmotional Arithmetic: A Novel
  ''978-1-55263-907-8Nancy Lang · David MacfarlaneAt the Ojibway: 100 Summers on Georgian Bay
  ''978-1-55263-910-8Eric S MargolisWar at the Top of the World: The Struggle for Afghanistan and Asia
  ''978-1-55263-911-5Key Porter Books LimitedBetween Interruptions: Thirty Women Tell the Truth About Motherhood
2007978-1-55263-912-2John Martins-ManteigaMean City: From Architecture to Design: How Toronto Went Boom!
2008978-1-55263-913-9Cassie CampbellSome Things I've Learned: Lessons on Motivation, Passion, Excellence and More
2007978-1-55263-915-3beatrice-macneilWhere White Horses Gallop: A Novel
  ''978-1-55263-917-7Ian HoldingUnfeeling: A Novel
  ''978-1-55263-920-7Key Porter BooksThe Illustrated History of Canada
2008978-1-55263-924-5Mike GrandmaisonGeorgian Bay
2007978-1-55263-928-3Janet Lunn · Christopher MooreThe Story of Canada
2008978-1-55263-929-0Bob MitchellThe Class Project How to Kill a Mother: The True Story of Canada's Infamous Bathtub Girls
2007978-1-55263-934-4John WilsonThe Alchemist's Dream
  ''978-1-55263-938-2DeloitteHow to Reduce the Tax You Pay: 2008 Tax Planning for You and Your Business
2010978-1-55263-940-5Rod McQueenBlackberry: The Inside Story of Research In Motion
2007978-1-55263-941-2Leilah NadirThe Orange Trees of Baghdad: In Search of My Lost Family
  ''978-1-55263-942-9Seymour Schulich · Derek DeCloetGet Smarter: Life and Business Lessons
2007978-1-55263-944-3Doug ClarkThe Roaring Game: A Sweeping Saga of Curling
  ''978-1-55263-945-0Karen Yull · Grant Thornton · Grant Thornton LLP · Karen Yull CASmart Tax Tips: Winning Strategies to Reduce Your Taxes
  ''978-1-55263-946-7Christopher Essex · Ross McKitrickTaken by Storm: The Troubled Science, Policy, and Politics of Global Warming
  ''978-1-55263-947-4Libby ZnaimerIn Cancerland: Living Well is the Best Revenge
2008978-1-55263-949-8Key Porter BooksToronto: A City Becoming
  ''978-1-55263-957-3Luigi Ferrara · Emily Visser · Justin AitchesonCanada Innovates: Sustainable Building
2009978-1-55263-961-0Bob PlamondonBlue Thunder: The Truth About Conservatives From Macdonald to Harper
2007978-1-55263-962-7Jane B Mason · Sarah Hines StephensFace Painting
2007978-1-55263-965-8Rosemary WellsMax and Ruby: Ruby's Magic Act
  ''978-1-55263-966-5Rosemary WellsMax and Ruby: Max is It
2008978-1-55263-967-2Peter EdwardsDelusion: The True Story of Victorian Superspy Henri Le Caron
2007978-1-55263-968-9Rosemary WellsMax and Ruby: Max Meets Morris
  ''978-1-55263-970-2Key Porter BooksMax and Ruby: Max Dresses Up
  ''978-1-55263-972-6Rosemary WellsMax and Ruby: Max's Favourite Things
  ''978-1-55263-974-0   ''Max and Ruby: Ruby's Skating Day
2009978-1-55263-975-7Steve Maich · Lianne GeorgeThe Ego Boom: Why the World Really Does Revolve Around You
2008978-1-55263-977-1David J AzrieliRekindling the Torch: The Story of Canadian Zionism
2007978-1-55263-978-8Rosemary WellsMax and Ruby: Fireman Max
2010978-1-55263-979-5John Lawrence Reynolds · John L ReynoldsHoly Terror: Galileo, the Inquisition, and the Modern World
2007978-1-55263-980-1Key Porter BooksMax and Ruby: Ruby Writes a Story
2008978-1-55263-981-8David OrrellThe Other Side of the Coin: The Emerging Vision of Economics and Our Place in the World
2008978-1-55263-982-5Key Porter BooksMax and Ruby: Sleep Tight, Max
  ''978-1-55263-983-2Rudyard GriffithsAmerican Myths: What Canadians Think They Know about the United States
2007978-1-55263-984-9Scott MorrisonHockey Night in Canada: By the Numbers: From 00 to 99
2008978-1-55263-985-6Irene GammelLooking for Anne: How Lucy Maud Montgomery Dreamed Up a Literary Classic
2009978-1-55263-986-3Sarah Meltzer · Anne Belton · Sara MeltzerDiabetes in Adults: CMA Your Personal Health Series
2008978-1-55263-987-0Rebecca EcklerToddlers Gone Wild: Rants From a Mommy Brain
  ''978-1-55263-992-4Ted ReaderNapolean BBQ Cookbook
  ''978-1-55263-995-5Key Porter Books101 Things Canadians Should Know About Canada
  ''978-1-55263-997-9Douglas Arthur BrownQuintet
2009978-1-55263-999-3Trina E. Read · Trina E Read Dr · Trina E ReadTill Sex Do Us Part: Make Your Married Sex Irresistible