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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-1-55013-003-4Spectator Sports
  ''978-1-55013-005-8Knowlton NashTimes to remember: A Canadian photo album
1987978-1-55013-013-3Peter EdwardsWaterfront warlord: The life and violent times of Hal C. Banks
  ''978-1-55013-015-7Susan RestinoFresh from the country: The natural foods cookbook
2002978-1-55013-023-2Philip D Sloane Md · Salli Benedict M.p.h · Melanie Mintzer MdThe Complete Pregnancy Workbook: A Guide For Parents To Be
1987978-1-55013-027-0Russell MillerBare Faced Messiah
  ''978-1-55013-034-8Tax reform 87: Your guide for personal and business planning
1994978-1-55013-039-3Umberto · Lammie, Ron MenghiThe Umberto Menghi Seafood Cookbook (Food & Drink)
1987978-1-55013-047-8Claire HoyFriends in High Places: Politics and Patronage in the Mulroney Government
  ''978-1-55013-048-5Carole JeromeThe man in the mirror
1988978-1-55013-052-2Ian MulgrewUnholy terror: The Sikhs and international terrorism
2002978-1-55013-054-6Key Porter BooksVoices From the Vaults: Authentic Tales of Vampires and Ghosts
2002978-1-55013-068-3Anne Lindsay · LindsayThe Lighthearted Cookbook
1988978-1-55013-070-6Rob BuckmanI don't know what to say: How to help and support someone who is dying
2002978-1-55013-079-9Bill MasonSong of the Paddle: An Illustrated Guide To Wilderness Camping
  ''978-1-55013-082-9Bill MasonSong Of The Paddle: An Illustrated Guide To Wilderness Camping
1996978-1-55013-092-8Robert Buckman Dr.I Don't Know What to Say: How To Help And Support Someone Who Is Dying. Revised & Updated
2000978-1-55013-095-9Freeman PattersonPhotography For the Joy of It
2001978-1-55013-097-3Freeman PattersonPhotography of Natural Things
1999978-1-55013-099-7   ''Photography and Art of Seeing
1988978-1-55013-100-0Fred BruemmerSeasons of the seal: A tribute to the ice lovers
  ''978-1-55013-108-6Charles LynchLynch Mob: Stringing Up Our Prime Ministers
  ''978-1-55013-126-0Brian OrserOrser: A skater's life
2002978-1-55013-129-1Dorothy L Smith Pharm.dUnderstanding Canadian Prescription Drugs: A Consumer's Guide To Correct Use
1989978-1-55013-165-9Paul PatchetToronto dinners for $7.95 or less
2005978-1-55013-175-8Janine M BenyusNorthwoods Wildlife: A Watcher's Guide To Habitats
2002978-1-55013-181-9Edward StruzikNorthwest Passage: The Quest For An Arctic Route To The East
1989978-1-55013-198-7Morley CallaghanSuch is my beloved
978-1-55013-200-7Roger CaronAudio Go Boy
1989978-1-55013-204-5Max HainesFamous criminal cases
2002978-1-55013-208-3Jake PageZoo the Modern Ark
1990978-1-55013-224-3James RaffanSummer north of sixty: By paddle and portage across the barren lands
1994978-1-55013-251-9Freeman PattersonThe Last Wilderness: Images Of The Canadian Wild
2002978-1-55013-258-8David Stafford · J.L GranatsteinSpy Wars: Espionage and Canada From Gouzenko to Glasnost
  ''978-1-55013-295-3Robert Buckman Dr. · Karl SabbaghMagic or Medicine?: An Investigation Of Healing & Healers
1990978-1-55013-315-8Pierre BourgaultNow or never!: Manifesto for an independent Quebec
2002978-1-55013-320-2Key Porter BooksThe Good Friends Cookbook
1992978-1-55013-364-6Joey SlingerIf It's a Jungle Out There, Why Do I Have to Mow the Lawn?
2002978-1-55013-375-2Stewart KenyonHydroponics for Home Gardener: Completely Revised and Updated (Gardening S.)
1992978-1-55013-381-3John PierceHome Solar Gardening: Solar Greenhouses For Your House, Backyard or Apartment
1992978-1-55013-407-0John D. · Ferris, Frank D. MartinI Can't Stop Crying: It's So Hard When Someone You Love Dies
1991978-1-55013-410-0KeypUSSR: The decisive years
1993978-1-55013-414-8Louisa M AlcottLittle Women
  ''978-1-55013-418-6Robert Marx · Jennifer MarxSearch For Sunken Treasure
1992978-1-55013-421-6StellingwerfPerf.Simple Muffins
2002978-1-55013-424-7LevyConquering Obesity
  ''978-1-55013-430-8Farley MowatMy Father's Son: Memories Of War and Peace
1991978-1-55013-432-2Margaret O'SullivanJams Jellies & Marmalades - LN - H +++
  ''978-1-55013-434-6Margaret O'SullivanMustards, Pickles & Chutneys
978-1-55013-439-1Glenn Gould Music & Mind: Revised Edition
2002978-1-55013-443-8DanemanWhen a Child Has Diabetes
1993978-1-55013-450-6R StaceyEarthly Paradise
  ''978-1-55013-469-8Andy DonatoNeverending Tory
2002978-1-55013-474-2June Engel Ph.DThe Complete Candian Health Guide
1992978-1-55013-484-1Your Backyard Wildlife Garden
1996978-1-55013-497-1Robert Marx · Jennifer Marx · Rpbert F MarxSearch For Sunken Treasure: Exploring The World's Great Shipwrecks
1993978-1-55013-520-6Conrad BlackLife In Progress
2002978-1-55013-523-7Modris EksteinsRites of Spring: The Great War And The Birth Of The Modern Age
2002978-1-55013-525-1Martin TurnerSolvency Solution: Save Your Business From Bankruptcy
1994978-1-55013-529-9Marvin Kwitko Md · Marvin RossEyes: Your Personal Health Series
2002978-1-55013-532-9Kazuo IshiguroRemains of the Day
1994978-1-55013-537-4David B. PosenAlways Change a Losing Game
2002978-1-55013-541-1Italo CalvinoDifficult Loves
1994978-1-55013-543-5Key Porter BooksAnne Of Green Gables Pop Up Doll House
  ''978-1-55013-559-6Maude Barlow · Heather-Jane RobertsonClass Warfare: The Assault On Canada's Schools
2002978-1-55013-563-3Dave ChambersIncredible Hockey Drill: More Than 600 Drills
1995978-1-55013-569-5Paul WatsonOcean Warrior: My Battle To End The Illegal Slaughter On The High Seas
2002978-1-55013-571-8Eric WrightMoodies Tale: A Novel
  ''978-1-55013-572-5Livre animé de maison aux pignons verts
1994978-1-55013-574-9KeypAnne Green Gables Pop Up
  ''978-1-55013-576-3Jean ChretienStraight From the Heart
  ''978-1-55013-590-9Freeman PattersonPhotographing the World Around You: A Visual Design Workshop
2002978-1-55013-593-0Joan MurrayNorthern Lights: Masterpieces From Tom Thomson & The Group Of Seven
2002978-1-55013-598-5Thomas WalkomRae Days: The Rise And Follies Of The NDP
1996978-1-55013-599-2Captain Paul WatsonOcean Warrior: My Battle to End the Illegal Slaughter on the High Seas
1994978-1-55013-603-6Joe ClarkNation Too Good To Lose: Renewing The Purpose Of Canada
1995978-1-55013-619-7Miriam KaufmanEasy For You to Say: Q&A For Teens Living With Chronic Illness Or Disability
2002978-1-55013-627-2Anne SpencerMemory Book Book And Diary
  ''978-1-55013-649-4Charles RussellSpirit Bear: Encounters with the White Bear of the Western Rainforest
  ''978-1-55013-654-8Bill MasonPath of the Paddle: An Illustrated Guide To The Art Of Canoeing
  ''978-1-55013-658-6Yevgeny YevtushenkoDon't Die Before You're Dead
2005978-1-55013-660-9Key Porter BooksWhales: Giant Of The Ocean
2002978-1-55013-673-9Fred SaibilCrohn's Disease & Ulcerative Colitis: Your Personal Health Series
  ''978-1-55013-680-7Paul Johnsgard · Paul A JohnsgardDucks In The Wild: Conserving Waterfowl And Their Habitats
2002978-1-55013-704-0Howard EngelLord High Executioner: An Unashamed Look At Hangmen, Headsmen, And Their Kind
1995978-1-55013-708-8Geoffrey HeinricksFrank's Millennial Guide to Ottawa
  ''978-1-55013-714-9Kenneth McDonaldHIS PRIDE, OUR FALL
2002978-1-55013-716-3Farley MowatAftermath: Travels In a Post-War World
1995978-1-55013-720-0Elma SofticSarajevo days, Sarajevo nights
2002978-1-55013-732-3Margaret AtwoodPrincess Prunella and The Purple Peanut
  ''978-1-55013-740-8Terry PoultonNo Fat Chicks: How Women Are Brainwashed To Hate Their Bodies
1996978-1-55013-745-3Daniel DaignaultKey Porter Books Goalies: Guardians Of The Net
1997978-1-55013-755-2Stella BowlingThe Everyday Diabetes Cookbook
2002978-1-55013-757-6B.Byron PriceCowboys
  ''978-1-55013-767-5Doris AndersonRebel Daughter: An Autobiography
  ''978-1-55013-770-5Key Porter BooksTrue Canadian War Stories
1996978-1-55013-778-1Sarah BradfordElizabeth
2002978-1-55013-783-5Louisa May AlcottLittle Women
978-1-55013-786-6Lord High Executioner: An Unashamed Look at Hangmen, Headsmen and Their Kind
978-1-55013-788-0The Search for Sunken Treasure: Exploring the World's Great Shipwrecks
2002978-1-55013-789-7Margaret Atwood · Maryann KovalskiPrincess Prunella and the Purple Peanut
2002978-1-55013-800-9Janice Book · Sandy Cimoroni · Susan SwayzeWomen in The Know: How To Build A Strategy To Achieve Financial Success
  ''978-1-55013-807-8Key Porter Books25 Years Of Being There: A Pictorial History
  ''978-1-55013-809-2Patrick TaylorOnly Wounded: Ulster Stories
1996978-1-55013-812-2Betty Jane WylieThe best is yet to come: Enjoying a financially secure retirement
2002978-1-55013-820-7Key Porter Books LimitedHow to Reduce the Tax You Pay: Planning Through 1997 Plus Tips for 1996 Returns
  ''978-1-55013-826-9Garth Turner2015 After The Boom: Revised. How To Prosper Through The Coming Retirement Crisis
1997978-1-55013-836-8Nicholas RegushBreaking Point: Understanding Your Potential For Violence
  ''978-1-55013-858-0Geoffrey PayzantGlenn Gould Music & Mind
2002978-1-55013-869-6Sarah BradfordElizabeth: A Biography Of Her Majesty The Queen
1998978-1-55013-880-1norval-morrisseau-donald-c-robinsonNorval Morrisseau
1997978-1-55013-884-9Marq · Hirtle, Sheila · Villiers, Marq De De VilliersInto Africa: A Journey through the Ancient Empires
1995978-1-55013-890-0Esther J.j Verhoef-VerhallenThe Dog Encyclopedia
2005978-1-55013-892-4Esther J.j Verhoef-VerhallenThe Cat Encyclopedia
2002978-1-55013-895-5Francois AllaireHockey Goaltending Young Players: An Instructional Guide
1998978-1-55013-913-6Diane FrancisBre-X: The Inside Story
2002978-1-55013-922-8Howard EngelChild's Christmas In Scarborough
2005978-1-55013-923-5Klaas T Noordhuis · David TomlinsonThe Garden Plant Encyclopedia
1998978-1-55013-932-7Anne CollinsIn The Sleep Room: The Story Of The CIA Brainwashing Experiments In Canada
2005978-1-55013-946-4Thomas KingCoyote Sings To The Moon
1998978-1-55013-954-9B WitneyFarm
1998978-1-55013-961-7F. Turnbull · F TurnbullRemember Me To Everybody
  ''978-1-55013-967-9sol-littmanWar Criminal on Trial: Rauca of Kaunas
2002978-1-55013-974-7Holly Bennett · Teresa PitmanSteps & Stages 6 To 8: The Early School Years
  ''978-1-55013-976-1Holly Bennett · Teresa PitmanSteps & Stages The Preteen Years: From 9-12
  ''978-1-55013-986-0Arthur J RayI Have Lived Here Since The World Began: An Illustrated History Of Canada's Native People
  ''978-1-55013-989-1Farley MowatThe Farfarers: Before The Norse
2005978-1-55013-990-7MalakOttawa And The National Capital Region
2002978-1-55013-997-6Elyse Goldstein RabbiReVisions: Seeing Torah Through A Feminist Lens