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1995978-1-55168-002-6Fenn Publishing Ltd.Dogs
  ''978-1-55168-004-0Babette ColePonies
  ''978-1-55168-005-7Fenn Publishing Ltd.Fish
  ''978-1-55168-011-8   ''How To Dram Pets & Small Anima
  ''978-1-55168-021-7   ''Artworks Oil Pastels
1995978-1-55168-022-4Japanese Cooking for Two
  ''978-1-55168-025-5Fenn Publishing Ltd.My Alphabet Block Pop-Up Book
1996978-1-55168-040-8Linda JenningsCreepy Crawlies
  ''978-1-55168-042-2Linda JenningsGhosts
  ''978-1-55168-052-1Kate BurnsIn the Sea
  ''978-1-55168-053-8Kate BurnsIn the Sand
1996978-1-55168-054-5Anne WillanMaking Salads
  ''978-1-55168-055-2Fenn Publishing Ltd.Cooking With Chicken
  ''978-1-55168-057-6   ''House Plants
  ''978-1-55168-077-4Kate BurnsToday I Went to Sea
  ''978-1-55168-086-6Alison BarlettCat Among the Cabbages
1997978-1-55168-094-1Charles ReasonerWhose Daddy Does This?
1997978-1-55168-096-5Bruce FogleCaring For Puppy 101 Essential Tips
  ''978-1-55168-097-2Barbara MaherCakes: 101 Essential Tips
  ''978-1-55168-101-6Fenn Publishing Ltd.Using the Internet 101 Essential Tips
  ''978-1-55168-112-2Contrary Connie
  ''978-1-55168-113-9Tony GarthGreedy Greg
1997978-1-55168-117-7Know All Nancy
  ''978-1-55168-120-7Sulky Sue
1998978-1-55168-125-2Vancouver Singles Guide
1997978-1-55168-130-6Fenn Publishing Ltd.Basic Sewing
  ''978-1-55168-134-4Chris LewisMulti-Media
  ''978-1-55168-136-8Fenn Publishing Ltd.Breast Care
1998978-1-55168-142-9   ''Jonah and the Whale
1998978-1-55168-144-3Fenn Publishing Ltd.Noah's Ark
  ''978-1-55168-146-7   ''Joseph's Colourful Coat
  ''978-1-55168-153-5Christopher MaynardKnights & Castles
  ''978-1-55168-154-2Is That You Mom
  ''978-1-55168-167-2Lets Start Painting
1998978-1-55168-169-6Lets Start Drawing
  ''978-1-55168-171-9Lets Start Modeling
  ''978-1-55168-173-3Lets Start Collage
  ''978-1-55168-180-1Tim HindlePerfect Presentations 101 Essentials
  ''978-1-55168-187-0Dorling KindersleyChildren Just Like Me
  ''978-1-55168-189-4Fenn Publishing Company Ltd.Children Just Like Me Stationery Pack
1999978-1-55168-191-7James Bacque · James BacueOther losses
1998978-1-55168-192-4Linda Gambrell Dr.Surprise Puppy
  ''978-1-55168-194-8Linda Cambrell Dr.Snakes
  ''978-1-55168-214-3Fenn Publishing Company Ltd.Sensual Massage - 101 Essential
1998978-1-55168-216-7Container Gardening - 101 Essential
  ''978-1-55168-218-1Fenn Publishing Company Ltd.Homepathy - 101 Essential
1999978-1-55168-219-8Christopher MaynardMicro Monsters
1998978-1-55168-220-4Fenn Publishing Ltd.Horse And Pony Care
  ''978-1-55168-222-8Fenn Publishing Company Ltd.Herbal Remedies - 101 Essential
1999978-1-55168-223-5Linda Gambrell dr.Go For Gold
1998978-1-55168-224-2Fenn Publishing Company Ltd.Table Decoration - 101 Essential
1900978-1-55168-233-4Jozef SabovcikJumpin' Loe: Life of a Skater
2003978-1-55168-239-6Fenn Publishing Company Ltd.Honoured Members: The Hockey Hall of Fame
  ''978-1-55168-243-3Brian McFarlaneFire in the North: Mitchell Brothers Series
  ''978-1-55168-245-7Brian McFarlaneOn the Hockey Highway
2000978-1-55168-246-4James Bacque · Richard Matthias MullerDear Enemy: Germany Then and Now
2004978-1-55168-247-1Brian McFarlaneWinter Carnival
2004978-1-55168-251-8Brian McFarlane · Brain McFarleneTrouble at Tumbling Waters
  ''978-1-55168-253-2   ''Wizard the Wonder Horse
2001978-1-55168-256-3Diana HartUnder the Mat: Inside Wrestling's Greatest Family
2008978-1-55168-258-7Kevin SheaCentre Ice: The Smythe Family, the Gardens, and the Toronto Maple Leafs
2004978-1-55168-259-4Brian McFarlaneStanley Cup Dream
  ''978-1-55168-261-7Andrew PodnieksLord Stanley's Cup: Hockey Hall of Fame
  ''978-1-55168-263-1Brian McFarlaneBest Of The Original Six
  ''978-1-55168-265-5Kevin SheaBarilko Without A Trace
2005978-1-55168-271-6Snady Hawley · Perry LefkoRide of a Lifetime: The Sandy Hawley Story
2005978-1-55168-275-4Brain Mcfarlane · Brian McFarlaneDaredevil Over Niagara
  ''978-1-55168-278-5Kathryn EllisDegrassi Generations: The Official 411
  ''978-1-55168-280-8Kathryn EllisDegrassi Student Planner
2006978-1-55168-281-5Kevin Shea · J.jason WilsonLord Stanley: The Man Behind the Cup
2005978-1-55168-284-6Fenn Publishing Company Ltd.Canadian Gardening Vegetable Gardening: How to Grow and Enjoy the Best of Summer's Bounty
  ''978-1-55168-286-0Fenn Publishing Ltd.Canadian Gardening Great Ideas for the Garden: Over 100 Easy and Creative Ways to Gie Your Garden the Look You Want
2006978-1-55168-289-1Susan Foster · Carl BrewerThe Power of Two: Carl Brewer's Battle with Hockey's Power Brokers
2005978-1-55168-296-9Andrew PodnieksSilverware: Hockey Hall of Fame
  ''978-1-55168-300-3Brian McFarlaneSeason of Surprises
2007978-1-55168-301-0J. Torres · Eric KimDegrassi the Next Generation Extra Credit Missing You
2005978-1-55168-302-7Brian McFarlaneCoaching the River Rats
2007978-1-55168-303-4J. TorresDegrassi the Next Generation Extra Credit Safety Dance
2005978-1-55168-304-1Andrew PodnieksThe Spectacular Sidney Crosby
2007978-1-55168-305-8Mike Brophy · Ralph MellanbyWalking With Legends: The Real Stories of Hockey Night in Canada
2005978-1-55168-306-5Brian McFarlaneBest of the Original Six
2007978-1-55168-307-2Andrew PodnieksWorld of Hockey: Celebrating a Century of the IIHF
2005978-1-55168-308-9Brian McFarlaneMitchell Brothers Boxed Set
2008978-1-55168-310-2Andrew Podnieks · Andres PodnieksHearts of Gold: Canada at World Junior Championships
2010978-1-55168-311-9Kevin Shea · John Jason WilsonLord Stanley: The Man Behind the Cup
2008978-1-55168-312-6Brian McFarlaneThe Hockey Book (The Mitchell Brothers #11)
2007978-1-55168-313-3Susan Foster · Carl BrewerPower Of Two: Carl Brewer's Battle With Hockey's Power Brokers
2007978-1-55168-315-7Cassie Campbell · Lorna Schultz NicholsonH.E.A.R.T
2006978-1-55168-318-8J. TorresDegrassi the Next Generation Extra Credit Turning Japanese
2007978-1-55168-319-5Peter BaileySteve Nash: Most Valuable Player
2006978-1-55168-320-1J. TorresDegrassi the Next Generation Extra Credit Suddenly, Last Summer
2009978-1-55168-323-2Andrew PodnieksCanada's Olympic Hockey History, 1920-2010
  ''978-1-55168-325-6Lorna Schultz NicholsonHome Ice: Canada's 2010 Men's Olympic Hockey Team Guide
  ''978-1-55168-333-1Andrew Podnieks · National Hockey LeagueThe Year of the Penguins: Celebrating Pittsburgh's 2008-09 Stanley Cup Championship Season
2010978-1-55168-335-5NHL · Andrew PodnieksThe Year of the Blackhawks: Celebrating Chicago's 2009-10 Stanley Cup Championship Season
2008978-1-55168-336-2Ralph Mellanby · Mike BrophyWalking with Legends: The Real Stories of Hockey Night in Canada
  ''978-1-55168-340-9Hockey Hall of FameHonoured Canadiens
2009978-1-55168-341-6Sidney CrosbyMy Day with the Cup
2008978-1-55168-342-3Brian McFarlaneLegendary Stanley Cup Stories
2010978-1-55168-343-0IIHFHockey Soups: Soup Recipes From Around the World
2008978-1-55168-344-7Lorna Nicholson · Dany HeatleyDominant Dany Heatley
2010978-1-55168-345-4Canadian PressThe Olympics
2008978-1-55168-346-1Andrew PodnieksThe Unbeatable martin Brodeur
2010978-1-55168-347-8   ''Retired Numbers: A Celebration of NHL Excellence
2008978-1-55168-350-8Johnny Bower · Bob DuffThe China Wall: The Timeless Legend of Johnny Bower
2010978-1-55168-353-9Kerry FraserThe Final Call: Hockey Stories from a Legend in Stripes
2009978-1-55168-354-6Mark MooreMaking It in Hockey: What You Should Know from the Experts and Pros
  ''978-1-55168-360-7Johnny Bower · Bob DuffThe China Wall: The Timeless Legend of Johnny Bower
2009978-1-55168-366-9J'lyn Nye · Peter Pocklington · Terry McConnel · Terry McConnell · NyeI'd Trade Him Again: On Gretzky, Politics and the Pursuit of the Perfect Deal
2010978-1-55168-374-4Canadian PressCanada's Olympic Diary: A Day-by-Day Account of the 2010 Winter Games
  ''978-1-55168-376-8Terry McConnell · J'lyn Nye · Peter PocklingtonI'd Trade Him Again: On Gretzky, Politics and the Pursuit of the Perfect Deal
  ''978-1-55168-378-2Kevin SheaBarilko: Without a Trace
  ''978-1-55168-384-3Andrew PodnieksCanadian Gold: 2010 Olympic Winter Games Ice Hockey Champions
  ''978-1-55168-388-1Al StrachanI Am Not Making This Up: My Favourite Hockey Stories from a Career Covering the Game
2011978-1-55168-398-0Jonathan Toews · Andrew PodnieksLiving the Dream: From My First Hockey Stick to My First Stanley Cup
2011978-1-55168-400-0Robert J. HaberGo Canada: The Coming Boom in the Toronto Stock Market & How to Profit From It