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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-55110-034-0Bruce · Ellis, Braeme ObeeGuardians of the Whales: The Quest to Study Whales in the Wild
  ''978-1-55110-044-9Opus Productions Inc.1993 Official Gretzky Calendar
2000978-1-55110-054-8Whitecap Books Ltd.Vancouver's Many Faces: Passport To The Cultures Of A City
1993978-1-55110-080-7Colin LewisA Step-By-Step Guide to Growing and Displaying Bonsai
  ''978-1-55110-096-8Hugh W. McKervillThe Sinbuster of Smoky Burn: The Memoirs of a Student Minister on the Prairies
1995978-1-55110-277-1Mark ZuehlkeB.C. Fact Book
  ''978-1-55110-295-5Whitecap Books Ltd.Kanaka: Hawaiian Pioneers In B. C. & The Pacific Northwest
  ''978-1-55110-375-4Frances BackhouseWomen of the Klondike
1995978-1-55110-394-5Pavel Bure
1996978-1-55110-400-3Trevor J ColeGardening with trees and shrubs in Ontario, Quebec, and the Northeastern U.S
  ''978-1-55110-454-6Linda FraserBest Ever Pasta The Definitive Cook's Collection
2000978-1-55110-461-4Whitecap Books Ltd.William Morris Album
  ''978-1-55110-488-1   ''The Gallant Cause: Canadians In The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939
2011978-1-55110-490-4Diane SwansonWelcome to the World of Whales
  ''978-1-55110-491-1Diane SwansonWelcome to the World of Wolves
  ''978-1-55110-519-2   ''Welcome to the World of Bears
2011978-1-55110-520-8Diane SwansonWelcome to the World of Otters
  ''978-1-55110-521-5Tanya Lloyd KyiBritish Columbia
  ''978-1-55110-523-9Tanya Lloyd KyiOntario
  ''978-1-55110-524-6   ''Canada (Canada Series)
  ''978-1-55110-526-0   ''Toronto
1997978-1-55110-527-7Tanya Lloyd KyiOttawa
2011978-1-55110-528-4   ''Vancouver (Canada Series)
1997978-1-55110-530-7   ''Atlantic Canada
1998978-1-55110-551-2Elizabeth Wolf-CohenThe Cookie Lover's Cookbook
2011978-1-55110-614-4Diane SwansonWelcome to the World of Owls
1997978-1-55110-619-9Karen BarnabyScreamingly Good Food: Fresh Feasts and Seasonal Meals to Knock Your Socks Off
  ''978-1-55110-620-5Whitecap Books Ltd.Messing About In Boats: The Nautical Confessions Of A Roving Irishman
1998978-1-55110-621-2Arthur Black · Darwin WiggettDarwin Wiggett Photographs Canada
1997978-1-55110-641-0No Author ListedPasta Recipes
  ''978-1-55110-651-9Al SimmonsCounting feathers
  ''978-1-55110-654-0ParagonEssential Asian Cookbook
1998978-1-55110-656-4Whitecap Books Ltd.The Essential Pasta Cookbook
1997978-1-55110-695-3Linda ShapiroYesterday's Toronto 1870-1910
2011978-1-55110-705-9Diane SwansonWelcome to the World of Foxes
  ''978-1-55110-706-6   ''Welcome to the World of Eagles
1998978-1-55110-709-7Whitecap BooksBirds 1999 Wall
1998978-1-55110-713-4Whitecap BooksWildflowers 1999 Wall
  ''978-1-55110-717-2Karen Barnaby · Margaret Chisholm · Deb Connors · Tamara Kourchenko · Mary Mackay · Glenys Morgan · Lesley StoweGirls Who Dish!: Top Women Chefs Cook Their Best
  ''978-1-55110-718-9Whitecap BooksAlberta 1999 Wall
  ''978-1-55110-719-6   ''British Columbia 1999 Wall
1998978-1-55110-720-2Whitecap BooksCanada 1999 Wall
  ''978-1-55110-721-9   ''Canada's Natl Parks 1999 Wall
  ''978-1-55110-723-3   ''Prairies 1999 Wall
  ''978-1-55110-724-0   ''Rockies 1999 Wall
  ''978-1-55110-730-1n/a100 Years of Change Style and Design
1998978-1-55110-734-9Snapshots In Time
1996978-1-55110-752-3Whitecap BooksThe Essential Vegetarian Cookbook
2011978-1-55110-753-0Tanya Lloyd KyiMontreal
1998978-1-55110-754-7Darwin WiggettCanada Darwin Wiggett 1999 Wal
1999978-1-55110-778-3WaterlaneBC Food & Wine Annual 2000
2011978-1-55110-782-0Diane SwansonWelcome to the World of Raccoons
  ''978-1-55110-784-4   ''Welcome to the World of Bats
1969978-1-55110-788-2Children's Christmas Stories
1998978-1-55110-793-6Whitecap Books Ltd.The Essential Asian Cookbook
1998978-1-55110-813-1Whitecap Books Ltd.Animal Friends
1999978-1-55110-849-0Whitecap BooksThe Essential Dessert Cookbook
2001978-1-55110-850-6   ''Essential Baking
2011978-1-55110-853-7Diane SwansonWelcome to the World of Beavers
  ''978-1-55110-855-1   ''Welcome to the World of Skunks
  ''978-1-55110-856-8   ''Welcome to the World of Porcupines
  ''978-1-55110-857-5Tanya Lloyd KyiWhistler
  ''978-1-55110-860-5Wayne LynchWhose Feet Are These?
2011978-1-55110-861-2Wayne LynchWhose House Is This?
2010978-1-55110-862-9Tanya Lloyd KyiWashington
  ''978-1-55110-863-6   ''New Mexico
2010978-1-55110-864-3Tanya Lloyd KyiOregon
  ''978-1-55110-865-0   ''Arizona
1999978-1-55110-884-12000 British Columbia Calender
  ''978-1-55110-885-82000 Canada
  ''978-1-55110-889-62000 Rockies Calendar
2003978-1-55110-892-6Steve Whysall100 Best Plants for the Ontario Garden: The Botanical Bones of Great Gardening
1999978-1-55110-894-0My Favorite Fairytales (Read with Me)
  ''978-1-55110-900-8David JonesNorth American Wildlife
2011978-1-55110-902-2Andrew ScottSecret Coastline: Journeys and Discoveries Along B.C.'s Shores
1999978-1-55110-904-6Linda KranzMore About Me: Another Keepsake Journal for Kids
2011978-1-55110-905-3Linda KranzThrough My Eyes: A Journal for Teens
1993978-1-55110-906-0Paul Owen LewisGrasper
2009978-1-55110-930-5Claire Leila PhilipsonLittle Gift Book of Canada
1999978-1-55110-942-8Betsy JaySwimming Lessons
2011978-1-55110-945-9Karen BarnabyGirls Who Dish!: Seconds Anyone?
2010978-1-55110-946-6Tanya Lloyd KyiColorado
2010978-1-55110-947-3Tanya Lloyd KyiNew England
2009978-1-55110-948-0   ''Minneapolis and St. Paul
2010978-1-55110-949-7   ''Texas
1999978-1-55110-963-3Whitecap Books Ltd.The Essentials Appetizers Cookbook
2011978-1-55110-978-7Donna HayNew Food Fast
1999978-1-55110-987-9Encyc of Bulbs
2011978-1-55110-994-7Lael MorganGood Time Girls: Of the Alaska-Yukon Gold Rush
1999978-1-55110-995-4Elizabeth DriverThe Five Roses Cook Book
2000978-1-55110-997-8Debbie Brown50 Easy Party Cakes
1999978-1-55110-998-52000 Vancouver from the Air
  ''978-1-55110-999-22000 Vancouver Island from the Air