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1998978-1-55014-351-5Women and disability: A workbook for teachers and students
2000978-1-55014-394-2Daniel DracheThe return of the public domain after the triumph of markets: Revisiting the most basic of fundamentals
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2008978-1-55014-499-4Frank A. BarrettErnest Ibbetson, Military Artist and Adventure Story Illustrator
  ''978-1-55014-501-4Afef BenessaiehCanada and the Americas: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Transculturality: Proceedings from the International, Multi-Lingual Colloquium,: Le Canada
2009978-1-55014-507-6Margarita FelicianoANTARES 2009:Creatividad Literaria y Artística / Literary and Artistic Creativity / Créativité Littéraire et Artistique
  ''978-1-55014-512-0José Luis DíazThe Whirling of the Serpent: Quetzalcoatl Resurrected
  ''978-1-55014-516-8Andrea O'Reilly HerreraMaternal Thinking: Philosophy, Politics, Practice
2010978-1-55014-522-9Margarita FelicianoOtras Latitudes:Voces Argentinas Alrededor del Paralelo 49
2011978-1-55014-528-1Ethel Krauze Patricia KeeneyYou Bring Me Wings / Me Traes Alas
2012978-1-55014-531-1Gabriela EtcheverryLatitudes
2011978-1-55014-552-6María Ruth BranschatPresencia Poemas/ Presence Poems
2013978-1-55014-571-7William Found and John RadfordGeography at York University: Reflections on the First Fifty Years
  ''978-1-55014-572-4SarmientoExiled in Lille
  ''978-1-55014-574-8   ''Spirals
  ''978-1-55014-575-5Fabricio Valdivieso & Raquel AndinoDoce Meridianos de Distancia
2012978-1-55014-577-9Margarita FelicianoOther Latitudes
  ''978-1-55014-578-6Julián FernándezSeven Princes
2013978-1-55014-579-3Gabriela EtcheverryL'Arbe à Pain
  ''978-1-55014-581-6Maria del Carmen SillatoJuan Gelman: Les strategies de l'alterite, heteronymie, itertextualite, traduction
2013978-1-55014-583-0Jaime Llambias WolffAmerica Latina: Interrogantes Y Perspectivas
2012978-1-55014-584-7Frank and Kathleen BarrettOne Family's Africa: The two year sojourn of a young Canadian family
2013978-1-55014-585-4Recinos & FelicianoLumbre y Relumbre
  ''978-1-55014-588-5Stephen Gaetz · Bill O'Grady · Kristy Buccieri · Jeff Karabanow · Allyson MarsolaisYouth Homelessness in Canada: Implications for Policy and Practice
2014978-1-55014-595-3Penny Van Esterik · Laurie BakerTrying the Way: Ethnographic Glimpses of York University
  ''978-1-55014-600-4Stephen Gaetz · Fiona Scott · Tanya GulliverL'approche Logement d'abord au Canada: Appuyer les communautés pour mettre fin à l'itinérance (Homelessness Hub)
  ''978-1-55014-609-7A. Saber M. SaleuddinThe Agony of Keeping Secrets
2014978-1-55014-611-0Caryl PatrickAboriginal Homelessness in Canada: A Literature Review
2015978-1-55014-614-1Clarry LayProcrastinators (and Others) Can Still Get to Heaven: A Guide to Directed Everyday Living
2013978-1-55014-636-3Stephen GaetzHousing First in Canada: Supporting Communities to End Homelessness

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