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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-4736-0910-5Project Management Genius: 40 Insights From the Science of Managing Projects
2015978-1-4736-0927-3Rus SlaterLeadership Genius: 40 insights From the science of leading
2016978-1-4736-0934-1Tina KonstantSpeed Reading In A Week: How To Speed Read In Seven Simple Steps (Teach Yourself)
  ''978-1-4736-0936-5Kevin DuncanStart Your Own Business In A Week: How To Be An Entrepreneur In Seven Simple Steps (Teach Yourself)
  ''978-1-4736-0937-2Mac BrideSucceed At Numeracy Tests In A Week: Master Numerical Tests In Seven Simple Steps
  ''978-1-4736-0939-6Iain MaitlandBusiness Plans in a Week: Write a Business Plan in Seven Simple Steps
  ''978-1-4736-0940-2Matt SomersCoaching In A Week: Be A Great Coach In Seven Simple Steps
2015978-1-4736-0947-1Kari Rosvall · Naomi LinehanNowhere's Child: The inspiring story of how one woman survived Hitler's breeding camps and found an Irish home
2016978-1-4736-0950-1Martin ManserDecision Making In A Week: Be A Better Decision Maker And Problem Solver In Seven Simple Steps
2016978-1-4736-0954-9Patrick ForsythDirect Marketing In A Week: Maximize Sales Through Direct Mail In Seven Simple Steps
  ''978-1-4736-0957-0Carol O'ConnorLeadership In A Week: Be A Leader In Seven Simple Steps
  ''978-1-4736-0959-4Ros Jay · John SealeyMarketing Plans In A Week: How To Write A Marketing Plan In Seven Simple Steps
  ''978-1-4736-0961-7Peter FlemingNegotiation Skills In A Week: Brilliant Negotiating In Seven Simple Steps
2015978-1-4736-0964-8Kate McCabeThe Music of Love
1989978-1-4736-0968-6Betjeman JohnJohn Betjeman Collected Poems
2014978-1-4736-0969-3Hilderbrand ElinBeautiful Day
  ''978-1-4736-0973-0Jacobs AnnaThe Trader's Reward
2014978-1-4736-0977-8Picoult JodiThe Pact
2017978-1-4736-0979-2Richard BussmannComplete Middle Egyptian: A New Method for Understanding Hieroglyphs: Reading Texts in Context (Complete Language Courses)
2020978-1-4736-0983-9Mustafa ShahComplete Classical Arabic: A Comprehensive Guide to Reading and Understanding Classical Arabic, with Original Texts
978-1-4736-0986-0Life, Love and the Archers: Recollections, Reviews and Other Prose
2015978-1-4736-0994-5Pierre DukanDukan Diet 2 - The 7 Steps
  ''978-1-4736-1003-3Matt HiltonThe Devil's Anvil (Joe Hunter)
  ''978-1-4736-1005-7David StarkeyMagna Carta: The True Story Behind the Charter
2014978-1-4736-1008-8Bill HybelsSimplify DVD Experience
  ''978-1-4736-1009-5Bill HybelsSimplify Participant's Guide
2016978-1-4736-1020-0Alison Straw · Dena MichelliNetworking In A Week: How To Network In Seven Simple Steps (Teach Yourself)
  ''978-1-4736-1021-7Norma BarryPeople Management In A Week: Managing People In Seven Simple Steps
2016978-1-4736-1022-4Christine HarveyPeople Skills In A Week: Motivate Yourself And Others In Seven Simple Steps
  ''978-1-4736-1026-2Martin ManserProject Management In A Week: How To Manage A Project In Seven Simple Steps
  ''978-1-4736-1028-6Gareth Lewis · Gene CrozierPsychometric Testing In A Week: Using Psychometric Tests In Seven Simple Steps (Teach Yourself: In a Week)
  ''978-1-4736-1029-3Brian SalterPR In A Week: A Public Relations Masterclass In Seven Simple Steps
  ''978-1-4736-1033-0Nick SmithSocial Media Marketing In A Week: Create Your Successful Social Media Strategy In Just Seven Days
2016978-1-4736-1034-7Stephen BerryStrategy In A Week: Strategic Thinking Skills In Seven Simple Steps
2014978-1-4736-1044-6Lesley - Ann JonesRide A White Swan - The Lives And Death Of Marc Bolan
2015978-1-4736-1045-3Marina FioratoKit
  ''978-1-4736-1046-0Marina FioratoKit
  ''978-1-4736-1060-6Luke WatersNYPD Green: The True Story of an Irish Detective Working in one of the Toughest Police Departments in the World
  ''978-1-4736-1065-1David NichollsUs
  ''978-1-4736-1067-5Steve BerryThe Patriot Threat: Book 10 (Cotton Malone)
2015978-1-4736-1068-2Martyn Ellis · Rosa Maria MartinPasos 1 Spanish Beginner's Course (Fourth Edition): Coursebook
  ''978-1-4736-1069-9Martyn Ellis · Rosa Maria MartinPasos 1 Spanish Beginner's Course (Fourth Edition): Activity book
  ''978-1-4736-1081-1Richard StephensBlack Sheep: The Hidden Benefits of Being Bad
  ''978-1-4736-1085-9Jessie GreengrassAn Account of the Decline of the Great Auk, According to One Who Saw It: A John Murray Original
  ''978-1-4736-1090-3Lance PriceThe Modi Effect: Inside Narendra Modi's campaign to transform India
2016978-1-4736-1091-0Lance PriceThe Modi Effect: Inside Narendra Modi's campaign to transform India
978-1-4736-1092-7Danielle RamsayBlind Alley
2015978-1-4736-1094-1Peter RobinsonNo Cure For Love
2015978-1-4736-1095-8Peter RobinsonNo Cure For Love
2016978-1-4736-1097-2   ''No Cure For Love
2017978-1-4736-1102-3Dave TomlinsonBlack Sheep and Prodigals: An Antidote to Black and White Religion
2014978-1-4736-1108-5Alex FergusonALEX FERGUSON My Autobiography
2015978-1-4736-1117-7Elin HilderbrandThe Rumour
2018978-1-4736-1125-2Elin HilderbrandThe Identicals: The perfect beach read from the 'Queen of the Summer Novel' (People)
  ''978-1-4736-1126-9   ''The Perfect Couple: Are they hiding the perfect lie? A deliciously suspenseful read for summer 2019
2015978-1-4736-1129-0The Leopard Sword
2014978-1-4736-1138-2Gerald SeymourThe Contract
  ''978-1-4736-1141-2Gerald SeymourThe Untouchable
978-1-4736-1142-9Perfect Match (Morrisons)
2015978-1-4736-1152-8John BrooksBusiness Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street: The New York Times bestseller Bill Gates calls 'the best business book I've ever read'
2014978-1-4736-1156-6Siri HustvedtThe Blazing World
2015978-1-4736-1157-3Jennifer L. ArmentroutThe Return: The Titan Series Book 1
  ''978-1-4736-1161-0Kevin RooseYoung Money: Inside the Hidden World of Wall Street's Post-Crash Recruits
2016978-1-4736-1163-4Jeremy RaymondSecrets of Great Salespeople: 50 Ways to Sell Business-To-Business
  ''978-1-4736-1184-9Lucy CourtenayGet Started in Writing an Illustrated Children's Book: Design, develop and write illustrated children's books for kids of all ages
2015978-1-4736-1188-7Katie Quinn DaviesWhat Katie Ate At The Weekend
2017978-1-4736-1192-4Sara UpstoneLiterary Theory: A Complete Introduction (Complete Introductions)
2015978-1-4736-1199-3Jo McMillanMotherland: A Novel
2015978-1-4736-1200-6Jo McMillanMotherland: A Novel
  ''978-1-4736-1208-2DIY DoctorMaster Basic DIY: Teach Yourself
  ''978-1-4736-1221-1Polly VernonHot Feminist
  ''978-1-4736-1226-6Vaseem KhanThe Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra: Baby Ganesh Agency Book 1
  ''978-1-4736-1227-3Vaseem KhanThe Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra: Baby Ganesh Agency Book 1
2016978-1-4736-1230-3   ''The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown: Baby Ganesh Agency Book 2
2014978-1-4736-1248-8Avery MattSecrets of Happy People 50 Techniq
2015978-1-4736-1252-5Lloyd JonesPaint Your Wife
2015978-1-4736-1255-6L. P. HartleyThe Hireling
978-1-4736-1261-7The CBT Workbook
2013978-1-4736-1263-1Channon MarkThe Memory Workbook Teach Yourself
  ''978-1-4736-1264-8Langley MarthaThe Mindfulness Workbook
2010978-1-4736-1268-6Walmsley BernicePass the British Citizenship Test
978-1-4736-1271-6Irene BurdeseGet Started in Norwegian Absolute Beginner Course: The Essential Introduction to Reading, Writing, Speaking and Understanding a New Language
2015978-1-4736-1273-0Joyce MeyerLet God Fight Your Battles: Being Peaceful in the Storm
  ''978-1-4736-1275-4Joyce MeyerThe Mind Connection
2014978-1-4736-1284-6Grisham JohnThe Litigators
2016978-1-4736-1285-3Alison WalshThe House on Seaview Road
2017978-1-4736-1287-7Alison WalshThe House on Seaview Road
2015978-1-4736-1291-4Deon MeyerCobra (Benny Griessel)
  ''978-1-4736-1297-6Chris RyanHunter Killer: Danny Black Thriller 2
  ''978-1-4736-1300-3John GrishamGray Mountain
2015978-1-4736-1301-0Emily GiffinThe One & Only
  ''978-1-4736-1303-4Claire LorrimerFrost in the Sun (Claire Lorrimer's Historical Sagas)
2016978-1-4736-1336-2Lindsey DavisThe Graveyard of the Hesperides: Flavia Albia 4 (Falco: The New Generation)
  ''978-1-4736-1339-3Lindsey DavisThe Graveyard of the Hesperides: Flavia Albia 4 (Falco: The New Generation)
2017978-1-4736-1343-0   ''The Third Nero: Flavia Albia 5 (Falco: The New Generation)
2015978-1-4736-1346-1Joe CrossReboot with Joe: Fully Charged - 7 Keys to Losing Weight, Staying Healthy and Thriving: Juice on with the creator of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
2016978-1-4736-1349-2Joe CrossJuice It to Lose It: Lose Weight and Feel Great in Just 5 Days
  ''978-1-4736-1365-2Katie MarshA Life Without You: a gripping and emotional page-turner about love and family secrets
  ''978-1-4736-1374-4John PowellWhy We Love Music: From Mozart to Metallica - The Emotional Power of Beautiful Sounds
2016978-1-4736-1380-5Matthew SyedBlack Box Thinking: Marginal Gains and the Secrets of High Performance: The Surprising Truth About Success
2015978-1-4736-1388-1Hugh O'DonovanMindful Walking: Walk Your Way to Mental and Physical Well-Being
978-1-4736-1394-2Rebel Ideas: The Power of Diverse Thinking
2015978-1-4736-1403-1New International VersionNIV LUMO JESUS Gospel of John
2016978-1-4736-1407-9Andy CooperPractical Electronics: A Complete Introduction: Teach Yourself
2015978-1-4736-1415-4Roisin FitzpatrickTaking Heaven Lightly: A Near Death Experience Survivor's Story and Inspirational Guide to Living in the Light
  ''978-1-4736-1419-2Sam WilkinWealth Secrets of the 1%: The Truth About Money, Markets and Multi-Millionaires
  ''978-1-4736-1422-2Timothy KellerMy Rock; My Refuge: A Year of Daily Devotions in the Psalms (US title: The Songs of Jesus)
  ''978-1-4736-1428-4Jodi Picoult · Samantha Van LeerOff the Page
  ''978-1-4736-1434-5New International VersionNIV First-Century Study Bible: Explore Scripture in its Jewish and Early Christian Context (New International Version)
2015978-1-4736-1439-0Deon MeyerIcarus (Benny Griessel)
  ''978-1-4736-1449-9New International VersionNIV Women's Devotional Bible (Large Print) (New International Version)
2015978-1-4736-1450-5New International VersionTeachings of the Torah: Weaving Jewish History with the Christian Faith (New International Version)
  ''978-1-4736-1469-7Maria DuffyA Love Like This
  ''978-1-4736-1483-3Paula McGrathGeneration: A John Murray Original
  ''978-1-4736-1491-8Carol O'ConnorSecrets of Great Leaders: 50 Ways to Make a Difference (Teach Yourself)
2014978-1-4736-1494-9Lynda BellinghamThere's Something I've Been Dying to Tell You: The uplifting bestseller
2015978-1-4736-1519-9New International VersionNIV Dad's Devotional Bible (New International Version)
2016978-1-4736-1520-5Tristan GooleyHow To Read Water: Clues & Patterns from Puddles to the Sea
2017978-1-4736-1522-9Tristan GooleyHow To Read Water: Clues & Patterns from Puddles to the Sea
2015978-1-4736-1525-0Linda CollisterGreat British Bake Off - Bake it Better (No.1): Classic Cakes (The Great British Bake Off)
  ''978-1-4736-1533-5Linda CollisterGreat British Bake Off: Celebrations
2015978-1-4736-1536-6Chrissie ManbyA Proper Family Adventure
  ''978-1-4736-1542-7New International VersionNIV Study Bible (Black Bonded Leather with Index) (New International Version)
  ''978-1-4736-1560-1Great British Bake OffGreat British Bake Off: Another Slice of 2015 (Annuals 2016)
2016978-1-4736-1562-5Tom Hovey · Great British Bake Off TeamGreat British Bake Off Colouring Book: With Illustrations From The Series (Colouring Books)
2015978-1-4736-1590-8Jennifer L. ArmentroutOpposition (Lux - Book Five) (Lux 5)
  ''978-1-4736-1592-2   ''Obsession (Arum 1)
  ''978-1-4736-1593-9   ''Unchained (Nephilim Rising) (Nephilim Rising 1)
2015978-1-4736-1594-6Jennifer L. ArmentroutTempting the Best Man (Gamble Brothers Book One) (Gamble Brothers 1)
978-1-4736-1598-4Black River
2016978-1-4736-1610-3Sarah HepolaBlackout: Remembering the things I drank to forget
2015978-1-4736-1611-0Robert A. HeinleinStarship Troopers
  ''978-1-4736-1612-7Robert A. HeinleinThe Moon is a Harsh Mistress
  ''978-1-4736-1616-5Hendrie Weisinger · J. P. Pawliw-FryHow to Perform Under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most
2012978-1-4736-1620-2Puddicombe AndyGet Some Headspace
2015978-1-4736-1622-6Jennifer Teege · Nikola SellmairMy Grandfather Would Have Shot Me: A Black Woman Discovers Her Family's Nazi Past
  ''978-1-4736-1626-4Joey EssexThe Book of You (and Me)
  ''978-1-4736-1630-1Robin RinaldiThe Wild Oats Project
2015978-1-4736-1632-5Anna JacobsSalem Street: Book One in the brilliantly heartwarming Gibson Family Saga (Gibson Saga)
  ''978-1-4736-1634-9Fredrik BackmanA Man Called Ove: The life-affirming bestseller that will brighten your day
  ''978-1-4736-1642-4Ilka TampkeSkin
  ''978-1-4736-1651-6Jonathan SacksNot in God's Name: Confronting Religious Violence
2016978-1-4736-1653-0Jonathan SacksNot in God's Name: Confronting Religious Violence
2015978-1-4736-1657-8Andrew FlintoffSecond Innings: My Sporting Life
  ''978-1-4736-1660-8New International VersionNIV Bible: the Gospels: Read by David Suchet (New International Version)
2015978-1-4736-1666-0Great British Bake OffGreat Comic Relief Bake Off: 14 Simple Recipes to Bake for Red Nose Day 2015 (Comic Relief 2015)
  ''978-1-4736-1668-4David MitchellSlade House
2016978-1-4736-1670-7David MitchellSlade House
2015978-1-4736-1680-6Qiu XiaolongEnigma of China: Inspector Chen 8 (As heard on Radio 4)
  ''978-1-4736-1683-7Nick PageThe Dark Night of the Shed: Men, the midlife crisis, spirituality - and sheds
  ''978-1-4736-1691-2Pierre DukanDukan Diet 2 - The 7 Steps
2017978-1-4736-1696-7John GrishamThe Rooster Bar: The New York Times and Sunday Times Number One Bestseller
2018978-1-4736-1699-8   ''The Rooster Bar: The New York Times and Sunday Times Number One Bestseller
2016978-1-4736-1721-6Fredrik BackmanBritt-Marie Was Here
2015978-1-4736-1726-1New International VersionThe Psalms: and poetry books from the NIV Bible (read by David Suchet) (New International Version)
  ''978-1-4736-1736-0Richard NugentThe 50 Secrets of Self-Confidence: The Confidence To Do Whatever You Want To Do
2017978-1-4736-1743-8Riitta-Liisa ValijärviFinnish Tutor: Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook (Learn Finnish with Teach Yourself): Advanced beginner to upper intermediate course (Language Tutors)
2016978-1-4736-1766-7Rob McCarthyThe Hollow Men: Dr Harry Kent Book 1 (Dr Harry Kent thrillers)
2015978-1-4736-1789-6Lucy DillonOne Small Act of Kindness
2016978-1-4736-1798-8Ranulph FiennesFear: Our Ultimate Challenge
2016978-1-4736-1799-5Ranulph FiennesFear: Our Ultimate Challenge
2017978-1-4736-1800-8   ''Fear: Our Ultimate Challenge
2016978-1-4736-1802-2Siân EvansQueen Bees: Six Brilliant and Extraordinary Society Hostesses Between the Wars - A Spectacle of Celebrity, Talent, and Burning Ambition
2015978-1-4736-1806-0Susan StairsThe Boy Between
2019978-1-4736-1821-3David SwinsonCrime Song: A gritty crime thriller by an ex-detective
2015978-1-4736-1843-5New International VersionNIV Super Giant Print Reference Bible Chocolate Imitation Leather (New International Version)
2015978-1-4736-1844-2New International VersionNIV Super Giant Print Reference Bible Turquoise Imitation Leather (New International Version)
  ''978-1-4736-1845-9Marco BorgesThe 22-Day Revolution: The plant-based programme that will transform your body, reset your habits, and change your life.
2017978-1-4736-1851-0Jeffery DeaverThe Steel Kiss: Lincoln Rhyme Book 12 (Lincoln Rhyme Thrillers)
2015978-1-4736-1852-7New International VersionNIV Gospel of Matthew: Read by David Suchet (New International Version)
  ''978-1-4736-1853-4   ''NIV Gospel of Mark: Read by David Suchet (New International Version)
  ''978-1-4736-1854-1   ''NIV Gospel of Luke: Read by David Suchet (New International Version)
  ''978-1-4736-1855-8   ''NIV Gospel of John: Read by David Suchet (New International Version)
1900978-1-4736-1862-6Gervase PhinnTrouble at the Little Village School
2018978-1-4736-1866-4Jeffery DeaverThe Burial Hour: Lincoln Rhyme Book 13 (Lincoln Rhyme Thrillers)
2015978-1-4736-1878-7Brian HoustonLive, Love, Lead
2015978-1-4736-1894-7New International VersionNIV Holy Bible (Hodder Classics) (New International Version)
  ''978-1-4736-1895-4   ''NIV Thinline Value Hardback Bible (New International Version)
2015978-1-4736-1897-8New International VersionNIV Thinline Blue Waves Cloth Bible (New International Version)
2016978-1-4736-1898-5Joanne HollowsMedia Studies: A Complete Introduction: Teach Yourself
  ''978-1-4736-1903-6Ranulph FiennesFear
2015978-1-4736-1913-5Joe Sugg · Matt WhymanUsername: Evie
2016978-1-4736-1921-0Calgary AvansinoKeep It Real: Create a healthy, balanced and delicious life - for you and your family
2015978-1-4736-1924-1Emma YoungSane: How I shaped up my mind, improved my mental strength and found calm
  ''978-1-4736-1925-8Emma YoungSane: How I shaped up my mind, improved my mental strength and found calm
2014978-1-4736-1928-9Panache DesaiDiscovering Your Soul Signature: A 33 Day Path to Purpose, Passion and Joy
2015978-1-4736-1935-7David PerlmutterBrain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain - for Life
  ''978-1-4736-1940-1Jean-Luc Guérin100 Mandalas for Mindfulness: Mindful Colouring (Art Therapy)
  ''978-1-4736-1942-5Anthony SeldonBeyond Happiness: How to find lasting meaning and joy in all that you have
2015978-1-4736-1945-6Padraig O'MorainMindfulness for Worriers: Overcome Everyday Stress and Anxiety
2016978-1-4736-1948-7Ella MillsDeliciously Ella Every Day: Simple recipes and fantastic food for a healthy way of life
2015978-1-4736-1955-5Dallas Hartwig · Melissa HartwigThe WHOLE30: The Official 30-day FULL-COLOUR Guide To Total Health And Food Freedom
  ''978-1-4736-1957-9Charlotte Segond-RabilloudCat Therapy: A mindful colouring book for adults
  ''978-1-4736-1963-0Joyce MeyerTrusting God Day by Day: 365 Daily Devotions
  ''978-1-4736-1968-5New International VersionNIV Quilted Collection Bible (New International Version)
  ''978-1-4736-1980-7Becky ChambersThe Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet: Wayfarers 1
2015978-1-4736-1981-4Becky ChambersThe Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet: Wayfarers 1
  ''978-1-4736-1982-1Andrew Michael HurleyThe Loney: the contemporary classic
2016978-1-4736-1985-2Andrew Michael HurleyThe Loney: 'The Book of the Year 2016'
2015978-1-4736-2007-0Cornelius RyanThe Last Battle