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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2014978-1-4333-9504-8William RiceLos Incendios (Fires) (Science Readers: A Closer Look)
978-1-4333-9586-4Jill MulhallThomas Jefferson
978-1-4333-9587-1Christi ParkerThe American Revolution
978-1-4333-9588-8Christi ParkerGeorge Washington
978-1-4333-9590-1Wendy ConklinBenjamin Franklin
978-1-4333-9592-5Jill MulhallJames Madison
978-1-4333-9670-0Stephanie MaccecaC'Sar Chvez: Protecting Farm Workers
2014978-1-4333-9674-8Alexander Graham Bell: Called to Invent: Called to Invent
978-1-4333-9675-5Tamara HollingsworthAmelia Earhart: Flying Into Adventure
978-1-4333-9679-3Jeanne DustmanThomas Jefferson: Declaring Our Freedom
978-1-4333-9680-9Jeanne DustmanBenjamin Franklin: Thinker, Inventor, Leader
978-1-4333-9681-6Jennifer KrollAnnie Oakley: Little Sure Shot
978-1-4333-9682-3Jennifer KrollDaniel Boone: Into the Wild
978-1-4333-9685-4Stephanie MaccecaMartin Luther King Jr.: Marchar Para La Igualdad (Martin Luther King Jr. Marching for Equality)
978-1-4333-9686-1   ''C'Sar Chvez: Proteger a Los Trabajadores (C'Sar Chvez: Protecting Farm Workers)
978-1-4333-9687-8Tamara HollingsworthEleanor Roosevelt: Una Amiga a Todos (Eleanor Roosevelt: A Friend to All)
978-1-4333-9688-5   ''Clara Barton: El Ngel del Campo de Batalla (Clara Barton: Angel of the Battlefield)
978-1-4333-9689-2Jennifer KrollGeorge Washington Carver: Sembrar Ideas (George Washington Carver: Planting Ideas)
978-1-4333-9690-8   ''Alexander Graham Bell: Destinado a Inventar (Alexander Graham Bell: Called to Invent)
978-1-4333-9691-5Tamara HollingsworthAmelia Earhart: Un Vuelo Hacia La Aventura (Amelia Earhart: Flying Into Adventure)
978-1-4333-9692-2   ''Neil Armstrong: Hombre En La Luna (Neil Armstrong: Man on the Moon)
978-1-4333-9693-9Stephanie MaccecaJackie Robinson: Un H'Roe En El Campo de B'Isbol (Jackie Robinson: Hero on the Baseball Field)
978-1-4333-9694-6Stephanie MaccecaWilma Rudolph: Contra Todo Lo Inconveniente (Wilma Rudolph: Against All Odds)
978-1-4333-9695-3Jeanne DustmanThomas Jefferson: Declarar Nuestra Libertad (Thomas Jefferson: Declaring Our Freedom)
978-1-4333-9696-0   ''Benjamin Franklin: Pensador, Inventor, L-Der (Benjamin Franklin: Thinker, Inventor, Leader)
978-1-4333-9697-7Jennifer KrollAnnie Oakley: Un Tiro Seguro (Annie Oakley: Little Sure Shot)
978-1-4333-9698-4   ''Daniel Boone: Dentro del Bosque (Daniel Boone: Into the Wild)
978-1-4333-9699-1Debra HouselHarriet Tubman: Liderar a Los Esclavos a la Libertad (Harriet Tubman: Leading Slaves to Freedom)
978-1-4333-9700-4Debra HouselSojourner Truth: Un Camino a la Libertad (Sojourner Truth: A Path to Freedom)
2014978-1-4333-9718-9William RiceLos L-Quidos (Liquids) (Science Readers: A Closer Look)
  ''978-1-4333-9719-6   ''La Condensacin (Condensation) (Science Readers: A Closer Look)
  ''978-1-4333-9721-9   ''La Evaporacin (Evaporation) (Science Readers: A Closer Look)
978-1-4333-9722-6Lisa GreathouseLos Slidos (Solids)
2014978-1-4333-9724-0William RiceLa Tierra (Earth) (Science Readers: A Closer Look)
2014978-1-4333-9725-7William RiceLos Planetas (Planets) (Science Readers: A Closer Look)
  ''978-1-4333-9726-4   ''Las Lunas (Moons) (Science Readers: A Closer Look)
  ''978-1-4333-9727-1   ''Los Asteroides y Los Cometas (Asteroids and Comets) (Science Readers: A Closer Look)
  ''978-1-4333-9728-8   ''Las Estrellas (Stars) (Science Readers: A Closer Look)
  ''978-1-4333-9729-5   ''El Sol (Sun) (Science Readers: A Closer Look)
978-1-4333-9730-1Lisa GreathouseEl Cerebro (Brain)
978-1-4333-9731-8Lisa GreathouseLos Sentidos (Senses)
978-1-4333-9732-5   ''El Corazn (Heart)
978-1-4333-9733-2   ''Los Pulmones (Lungs)
978-1-4333-9734-9Christine DuganLos Huesos (Bones)
978-1-4333-9735-6Christine DuganLos Msculos (Muscles)
978-1-4333-9741-7Dona RiceQu' Es Un Abuelo? (What Makes a Grandparent)
978-1-4333-9743-1Dona RiceEn Marcha (on the Go)
978-1-4333-9744-8Chris SabatinoLas Ruedas En El Autobs (the Wheels on the Bus)
2014978-1-4333-9746-2Stephanie ReidLa Transportacin (Transportation) (Literacy, Language, Learning: Early Childhood Themes)
  ''978-1-4333-9755-4   ''Las Figuras (Shapes) (Literacy, Language, Learning: Early Childhood Themes)
978-1-4333-9756-1Blanca ApodacaBrilla, Brilla, Estrellita (Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)
978-1-4333-9757-8Dona RiceVes Una Figura? (Do You See a Shape?)
978-1-4333-9759-2   ''Veo Colores (I See Colors)
978-1-4333-9760-8Chad ThompsonEl Nio Azul (Little Boy Blue)
978-1-4333-9764-6Jennifer PriorAn Educator's Guide to Family Involvement in Early Literacy
978-1-4333-9766-0Eugenia Mora-FloresConnecting Content and Language for English Language Learners
978-1-4333-9769-1Harriet IseckeSusan B. Anthony & Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Early Suffragists
978-1-4333-9776-9David Anothony · Stephanie KuligowskiFreedom: Life After Slavery
978-1-4333-9779-0Stephanie ReidTransportation
978-1-4333-9781-3Chad ThompsonBee, Bee, Borreguito Negro (Baa, Baa, Black Sheep)
978-1-4333-9782-0Dona RiceLos Hogares de Los Animales (Animal Homes)
978-1-4333-9783-7Tony GarbaniLa Avena, Los Ch-Charros, Los Ejotes y La Cebada Crecen (Oats, Peas, Beans, and Barley Grow)
978-1-4333-9784-4Dona RiceSi Fuera Un Rbol (If I Were a Tree)
2014978-1-4333-9785-1La Mueca de La Seorita Molly (Miss Molly's Dolly)
978-1-4333-9786-8Dona RiceUSA Tu Cerebro (Use Your Brain)
978-1-4333-9787-5Stephanie ReidLos Animales (Animals)
978-1-4333-9788-2Stephanie ReidLas Plantas (Plants)
2014978-1-4333-9789-9La Salud y La Seguridad (Health and Safety)
978-1-4333-9790-5Stephanie ReidShapes
978-1-4333-9796-7   ''Numbers
978-1-4333-9798-1Chad ThompsonOne, Two, Buckle My Shoe
978-1-4333-9799-8Stephanie ReidBuilding Things
978-1-4333-9800-1Dona RiceReady to Build
978-1-4333-9801-8   ''London Bridge
978-1-4333-9830-8   ''Canta Una Cancin de Nmeros (Sing a Numbers Song)
978-1-4333-9838-4Stephanie ReidMi Pa-S (My Country)
2014978-1-4333-9839-1Dona RiceEstadounidense de Todo a Todo (American Through and Through) (Literacy, Language, Learning: Early Childhood Themes)
978-1-4333-9841-4Stephanie ReidMi Cuerpo (My Body)
978-1-4333-9842-1Dona RiceDelicioso y Nutritivo (Delicious and Nutritious)
978-1-4333-9918-3Jane GouldAt the Pond
2014978-1-4333-9926-8James AndersonAround Town (Mathematics Readers)
978-1-4333-9930-5Lisa GreathouseFarm Animals
978-1-4333-9950-3Dona RiceShapes
978-1-4333-9958-9   ''Weather
978-1-4333-9959-6Dona RiceWater
978-1-4333-9965-7   ''A Bee's Life
978-1-4333-9972-5   ''Staying Healthy
978-1-4333-9975-6   ''Homes Around the World
978-1-4333-9983-1Ginger McDonnellNext Stop: The Caribbean
978-1-4333-9989-3Christopher BlazemanSnakes Up Close