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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-4264-0011-7Henry Cabot Lodge and Theodore RooseveltHero Tales from American History
2007978-1-4264-0020-9Theron DumontThe Power of Concentration
  ''978-1-4264-0042-1William Hickling PrescottHistory Of The Conquest Of Peru
  ''978-1-4264-0043-8Lysander SpoonerAn Essay on the Trial By Jury
  ''978-1-4264-0061-2Ph.D. Alice Hazeltine · Edited by Arthur E. BostwickLibrary Work with Children
  ''978-1-4264-0074-2George WhaleBritish Airships: Past, Present and Future
2007978-1-4264-0087-2William BoothIn Darkest England and the Way Out
  ''978-1-4264-0093-3Jacob BurckhardtThe Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy
  ''978-1-4264-0097-1J.E. Hutton, M.A.A History of the Moravian Church
  ''978-1-4264-0171-8William Hickling PrescottHistory Of The Conquest Of Peru -
  ''978-1-4264-0296-8Edward Everett HaleThe Life of Christopher Columbus: From His Own Letters and Journals
2007978-1-4264-0312-5Sigmund FreudA Young Girl's Diary
  ''978-1-4264-0319-4Joseph ConradA Personal Record
2006978-1-4264-0405-4Anatole FrancePenguin Island
  ''978-1-4264-0473-3Wilkie CollinsI Say No
  ''978-1-4264-0476-4Wilkie CollinsAfter Dark
  ''978-1-4264-0490-0Translated by Charlotte Brewster Jordan Vicente Blasco IbanezThe Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
2006978-1-4264-0518-1Wilkie CollinsThe Evil Genius: A Domestic Story
  ''978-1-4264-0541-9Walter ScottTalisman
2008978-1-4264-0544-0Robert Louis StevensonTreasure Island
2006978-1-4264-0558-7Robert BurnsPoems and Songs of Robert Burns: Volume 1
  ''978-1-4264-0584-6Kate Douglas Smith WigginNew Chronicles of Rebecca
  ''978-1-4264-0609-6Joseph ConradNotes on Life and Letters
  ''978-1-4264-0619-5   '''Twixt Land and Sea
2006978-1-4264-0620-1Joseph ConradWithin the Tides
  ''978-1-4264-0665-2Zane GreyThe Lone Star Ranger
  ''978-1-4264-0768-0E. F. BensonMichael
  ''978-1-4264-0769-7Translated by Robert B. Douglas Anatole FranceThais
  ''978-1-4264-0771-0Jules VerneIn Search of the Castaways , Volume IV: The Children of Captain Grant
2006978-1-4264-0782-6Zane GreyThe Last of the Plainsmen
  ''978-1-4264-0851-9William Harrison AinsworthOld St. Paul's: A Tale of the Plague and the Fire
  ''978-1-4264-0895-3Robert Louis StevensonIn the South Seas
  ''978-1-4264-0908-0P. J. ProudhonThe Philosophy of Misery: The Evolution of Capitalism
  ''978-1-4264-0926-4Mary Roberts RinehartThe Circular Staircase
2006978-1-4264-0938-7Honore de BalzacThe Human Comedy and Other Short Novels
  ''978-1-4264-1047-5Anna Katharine GreenThe Leavenworth Case
2008978-1-4264-1067-3John RuskinSesame and Lilies
2007978-1-4264-1079-6Alexander William KinglakeEothen: Traces of Travel Brought Home from the East
2006978-1-4264-1112-0Hiram CorsonAn Introduction to the Study of Robert Browning's Poetry
2007978-1-4264-1185-4William HazlittCharacters of Shakespeare's Plays
  ''978-1-4264-1187-8E.J. BanfieldConfessions of a Beachcomber
2006978-1-4264-1224-0Émile ZolaThe Fortune of the Rougons
  ''978-1-4264-1374-2James BaldwinFifty Famous People
  ''978-1-4264-1386-5Fergus HumeThe Mystery of a Hansom Cab
2006978-1-4264-1393-3Mina Benson HubbardA Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador
  ''978-1-4264-1459-6P. KropotkinMutual Aid: a factor of evolution
  ''978-1-4264-1497-8C.F. (Charles Fayette) McGlashanHistory of the Donner Party: a Tragedy of the Sierra
  ''978-1-4264-1499-2Mangasar Mugurditch MangasarianThe Truth about Jesus Is He a Myth?
  ''978-1-4264-1506-7Charles BabbageOn the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures
2006978-1-4264-1547-0George GissingThyrza
  ''978-1-4264-1557-9Henri BarbusseUnder Fire: the story of a squad
  ''978-1-4264-1576-0Henri BarbusseUnder Fire: the story of a squad
  ''978-1-4264-1581-4Lucy Maud MontgomeryKilmeny of the Orchard
  ''978-1-4264-1632-3David HumeA Treatise of Human Nature
2006978-1-4264-1684-2Brillat SavarinThe Physiology of Taste: Or, Transcendental Gastronomy
  ''978-1-4264-1826-6Marie CorelliA Romance of Two Worlds
  ''978-1-4264-1889-1George MeredithSandra Belloni
  ''978-1-4264-1913-3Winston S. ChurchillThe River War: An Account of the Reconquest of the Sudan
  ''978-1-4264-1945-4Margaret SidneyFive Little Peppers Midway
2006978-1-4264-1984-3Peter B. KyneCappy Ricks
  ''978-1-4264-1985-0Ernest Alfred Vizetelly Emile ZolaThe Fat and the Thin
  ''978-1-4264-1995-9Charles DarwinInsectivorous Plants
  ''978-1-4264-2107-5Franklin Delano RooseveltThe Fireside Chats of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  ''978-1-4264-2120-4Antonio De Morga · E. H. Blair and J. A. Robertson Antonio De MorgaHistory of the Philippine Islands, Volume 1 and 2
2006978-1-4264-2145-7John MuirThe Yosemite
  ''978-1-4264-2154-9William Henry HudsonThe Purple Land
  ''978-1-4264-2163-1Ernest FavencThe History of Australian Exploration from 1788 to 1888
2007978-1-4264-2179-2Walter ScottRob Roy: Rob Roy
2006978-1-4264-2229-4Frances BurneyCecilia; Or, Memoirs of an Heiress, Volume 3
  ''978-1-4264-2263-8James W. GerardMy Four Years in Germany
  ''978-1-4264-2269-0William BeckfordDreams, Waking Thoughts, and Incidents
2006978-1-4264-2293-5Sarah Anne CurzonLaura Secord, the heroine of 1812: A Drama. And Other Poems.
  ''978-1-4264-2294-2G. A. HentyRujub, the Juggler
  ''978-1-4264-2311-6COLONEL ARDANT DU PICQBattle Studies
  ''978-1-4264-2314-7Helen Kendrick JohnsonWoman and the Republic: a Survey of the Woman-Suffrage Movement in the United States and a Discussion of the Claims and Arguments of Its Foremost Advocates
  ''978-1-4264-2315-4Edward BellamyEquality
2006978-1-4264-2337-6Ann RadcliffeA Sicilian Romance
  ''978-1-4264-2354-3P. G. WodehouseMike
  ''978-1-4264-2435-9Hermenegildo CruzKartilyang Makabayan: Mga Tanong at Sagot Ukol Kay Andrés Bonifacio at sa KKK
  ''978-1-4264-2552-3Isabella Lucy BirdThe Englishwoman in America
  ''978-1-4264-2568-4Saxton PopeHunting with the Bow and Arrow
2006978-1-4264-2588-2Susanna MoodieLife in the Clearings versus the Bush
  ''978-1-4264-2608-7J. W. PowellCanyons of the Colorado
  ''978-1-4264-2614-8Maria MonkAwful Disclosures: Containing, Also, Many Incidents Never before Published
  ''978-1-4264-2630-8Lafcadio HearnGlimpses of Unfamiliar Japan: Second Series
  ''978-1-4264-2657-5Joseph A. AltshelerThe Sword of Antietam
2006978-1-4264-2714-5Joseph A. AltshelerThe Sword of Antietam
  ''978-1-4264-2720-6Maurice le BlancThe Eight Strokes of the Clock
  ''978-1-4264-2728-2John Thomas CodmanBrook Farm
  ''978-1-4264-2729-9Horatio BridgeJournal of an African Cruiser
  ''978-1-4264-2734-3Honoré de BalzacThe Jealousies of a Country Town
2006978-1-4264-2737-4August StrindbergMarried
  ''978-1-4264-2758-9H. C. CareyThe Slave trade, domestic and foreign: Why It Exists, and How It May Be Extinguished
  ''978-1-4264-2787-9Lafcadio HeasrnJapan: an Attempt at Interpretation
  ''978-1-4264-2810-4Henry Rider HaggardJess
2007978-1-4264-2814-2Louisa May AlcottLittle Women
2006978-1-4264-2859-3Ivy KellermanA Complete Grammar of Esperanto (English and Esperanto Edition)
  ''978-1-4264-2874-6Daniel WebsterSelect Speeches of Daniel Webster, 1817-1845
2006978-1-4264-2900-2Madison CaweinPoems
  ''978-1-4264-2924-8Susanna MoodieLife in the Backwoods: A Sequel to Roughing it in the Bush
  ''978-1-4264-2994-1Stijn StreuvelsThe Path of Life
2007978-1-4264-3001-5Helen FryerThe Esperanto Teacher: A Simple Course for Non-Grammarians
2006978-1-4264-3036-7Pío BarojaThe Quest
  ''978-1-4264-3062-6Charles Foster KentThe Origin and Permanent Value of the Old Testament
  ''978-1-4264-3088-6Stephen LeacockFrenzied Fiction
2006978-1-4264-3141-8George Willis CookeUnitarianism in America
2007978-1-4264-3164-7Sarah GrandThe Heavenly Twins, Volume 1
2006978-1-4264-3165-4Anna Harriette LeonowensThe English Governess at the Siamese Court: Being Recollections of Six Years in the Royal Palace at Bangkok
2007978-1-4264-3188-3Humphry WardRobert Elsmere, Volume 1
2006978-1-4264-3198-2Henry BlancA Narrative of Captivity in Abyssinia: with Some Account of the Late Emperor the Late Emperor Theodore, His Country and People
  ''978-1-4264-3290-3W. P. LivingstoneMary Slessor of Calabar: Pioneer Missionary
  ''978-1-4264-3296-5Guillermo A. SherwellSIMÓN BOLÍVAR, the Liberator: Patriot, Warrior, Statesman Father of Five Nations
  ''978-1-4264-3377-1George MacDonaldUnspoken Sermons: Series I, II, III (Greek: Epea Aptera)
  ''978-1-4264-3403-7Jules VerneDick Sands: the Boy Captain
2006978-1-4264-3414-3G. Stanley HallYouth: Its Education, Regimen, and Hygiene
  ''978-1-4264-3464-8G. Stanley HallYouth: Its Education, Regimen, and Hygiene
  ''978-1-4264-3491-4Frances Calderón de la BarcaLife in Mexico
  ''978-1-4264-3509-6Winston S. ChurchillThe Story of the Malakand Field Force: An Episode of Frontier War
  ''978-1-4264-3559-1Henryk SienkiewiczThe Knights of the Cross: or, Krzyzacy - a Historical Romance
2006978-1-4264-3688-8E. W. HornungMr. Justice Raffles
2007978-1-4264-3707-6Dillon WallaceThe Long Labrador Trail
2006978-1-4264-3812-7Vernon LeeHauntings: Fantastic Stories
  ''978-1-4264-3828-8William Hope HodgsonThe House on the Borderland
2007978-1-4264-3832-5John MuirThe Mountains of California
  ''978-1-4264-3870-7Mary Roberts RinehartK
  ''978-1-4264-4070-0John Stuart MillAutobiography
2006978-1-4264-4132-5Victor HugoThe History of a Crime: The Testimony of an Eye-Witness
  ''978-1-4264-4151-6Robert LansingThe Peace Negotiations
2006978-1-4264-4177-6E. Phillips OppenheimThe Double Traitor
  ''978-1-4264-4222-3James Fenimore CooperThe Sea Lions: The Lost Sealers
  ''978-1-4264-4279-7José RizalThe Reign of Greed: Complete English Version of 'El Filibusterismo'
2007978-1-4264-4289-6William JamesVarieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature
2006978-1-4264-4290-2Herman MelvilleWhite Jacket: or, The World in a Man-of-War
  ''978-1-4264-4301-5P. G. WodehouseMike and Psmith
  ''978-1-4264-4354-1Herman MelvilleWhite Jacket: or, The World in a Man-of-War
2007978-1-4264-4368-8Robert Louis StevensonEssays of Robert Louis Stevenson
2006978-1-4264-4374-9Hiram BinghamInca Land: Explorations in the Highlands of Peru
2007978-1-4264-4435-7Willa Sibert CatherO Pioneers!
2007978-1-4264-4471-5Charlotte Perkins GilmanHerland
  ''978-1-4264-4487-6Herbert George WellsThe Time Machine
2006978-1-4264-4599-6Edith WhartonIn Morocco
2007978-1-4264-4608-5Willa Sibert CatherThe Song of the Lark
2006978-1-4264-4624-5Frank J. WebbThe Garies and Their Friends
  ''978-1-4264-4656-6Jean F. TerryNorthumberland Yesterday and To-day
  ''978-1-4264-4744-0George Bird GrinnellBlackfoot Lodge Tales
  ''978-1-4264-4746-4George L. PrentissThe Life and Letters of Elizabeth Prentiss
2006978-1-4264-4766-2Cassius DioDio's Rome, Volume 2
  ''978-1-4264-4771-6Robert Hugh BensonDawn of All
  ''978-1-4264-4776-1Anthony TrollopeJohn Caldigate
  ''978-1-4264-4804-1Cassius DioDio's Rome, Volume 2
  ''978-1-4264-4818-8M. P. ShielThe Purple Cloud
2006978-1-4264-4822-5John Addington SymondsThe Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti
  ''978-1-4264-4839-3Joseph A. AltshelerThe Masters of the Peaks: A Story of the Great North Woods
2007978-1-4264-4841-6Lyman Frank BaumThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz
  ''978-1-4264-4844-7Baroness Emmuska OrczyThe Scarlet Pimpernel
2006978-1-4264-4854-6Elizabeth Cleghorn GaskellThe Moorland Cottage
  ''978-1-4264-4919-2Alexander von HumboldtPersonal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of America, During the Year 1799-1804, Volume 1
  ''978-1-4264-4926-0Stephen LeacockLiterary Lapses
2006978-1-4264-4938-3Charlotte Mary YongeA Book of Golden Deeds
  ''978-1-4264-4942-0Gustavus MyersGreat Fortunes from Railroads
  ''978-1-4264-4976-5William MeinholdSidonia The Sorceress, Volume I
  ''978-1-4264-4992-5P. G. WodehousePsmith in the City
2007978-1-4264-4996-3John Robert HutchinsonThe Press-Gang Afloat and Ashore
2006978-1-4264-4999-4Frederich SchillerDon Carlos
  ''978-1-4264-5018-1P. G. WodehouseThree Men and a Maid
2006978-1-4264-5042-6Ivan TurgenevRudin
  ''978-1-4264-5053-2P.G. WodehouseThe White Feather
  ''978-1-4264-5063-1P. G. WodehouseThe Prince and Betty
  ''978-1-4264-5064-8James E. SeaverA Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison
  ''978-1-4264-5319-9P. G. WodehouseThree Men and a Maid
2006978-1-4264-5327-4Helen CampbellAnne Bradstreet and Her Time
  ''978-1-4264-5364-9P. G. WodehouseThe Prince and Betty
  ''978-1-4264-5504-9Jane AustenLady Susan AND Love and Friendship: Also includes Lesley Castle, The History of England, Collection of Letters, and Scraps.
  ''978-1-4264-5508-7Jane AustenPride and Prejudice
  ''978-1-4264-5532-2   ''Emma
2006978-1-4264-5534-6Jane AustenMansfield Park
  ''978-1-4264-5535-3   ''Northanger Abbey
  ''978-1-4264-5536-0   ''Persuasion
2006978-1-4264-5537-7Jane AustenPride and Prejudice
  ''978-1-4264-5538-4   ''Sense and Sensibility
2007978-1-4264-5561-2Central Intelligence AgencyCIA Factbook 2006, Vol. 2
2006978-1-4264-5595-7H. G. WellsThe Country of the Blind: and Other Stories
  ''978-1-4264-5680-0Theodore RooseveltThe Winning of the West, Volume 1: From the Alleghanies to the Mississippi, 1769-1776
  ''978-1-4264-5682-4Theodore RooseveltThe Winning of the West, Volume 3: The Founding of the Trans-Alleghany Commonwealths, 1784-1790
  ''978-1-4264-5683-1   ''The Winning of the West, Volume 4: Louisiana and the Northwest, 1791-1807
2006978-1-4264-5702-9Elizabeth Cady StantonEighty Years and More: Reminiscences 1815-1897
  ''978-1-4264-5754-8William JamesA Pluralistic Universe: Hibbert Lectures at Manchester College on the Present Situation in Philosophy
  ''978-1-4264-5779-1Jules VerneDick Sand: A Captain at Fifteen
2007978-1-4264-5897-2Gilbert Keith ChestertonOrthodoxy
  ''978-1-4264-5900-9Harold FredericThe Damnation of Theron Ware
  ''978-1-4264-5906-1Anthony TrollopeMr. Scarborough s Family
2008978-1-4264-5920-7Heinrich ZschokkePrometheus: Für Licht und Recht (German Edition)
2006978-1-4264-5922-1R.A. Van MiddeldykThe History of Puerto Rico: From the Spanish Discovery to the American Occupation
2007978-1-4264-5930-6Roy Chapman AndrewsCamps and Trails in China: A Narrative of Exploration Adventure and Sport i
2007978-1-4264-6053-1Virginia WoolfThe Voyage Out
  ''978-1-4264-6246-7Benjamin FranklinThe Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
  ''978-1-4264-6380-8Israel ZangwillChildren of the Ghetto: A Study of a Peculiar People
  ''978-1-4264-6476-8Herbert George WellsThe Island of Doctor Moreau
  ''978-1-4264-6494-2S. D. GordonQuiet Talks about Jesus
2007978-1-4264-6524-6John WebsterThe White Devil
  ''978-1-4264-6547-5Cornélis de Witt WillcoxThe Head Hunters of Northern Luzon: From Ifugao to Kalinga A Ride Through the Mountain
  ''978-1-4264-6571-0Harriet Beecher StoweUncle Tom's Cabin
  ''978-1-4264-6629-8Vachel LindsayThe Art of the Moving Picture
  ''978-1-4264-6776-9Yogi RamacharakaMystic Christianity
2007978-1-4264-6879-7Geoffrey ChaucerTroilus and Criseyde
  ''978-1-4264-6891-9Edith WhartonThe Reef
  ''978-1-4264-6900-8L. P. GratacapThe Certainty of a Future Life in Mars
  ''978-1-4264-6910-7Gene Stratton-PorterLaddie: a true blue story
  ''978-1-4264-6929-9Arnold BennettThe Card: A Story of Adventure in the Five Towns
2007978-1-4264-6985-5Arnold BennettTales of the Five Towns
  ''978-1-4264-7034-9Anton Pavlovich ChekhovThe Party and Other Stories
  ''978-1-4264-7068-4Lucy Maud MontgomeryThe Golden Road
  ''978-1-4264-7144-5   ''The Golden Road
2008978-1-4264-7212-1Axel MuntheLetters from a Mourning City: Naples, Autumn, 1884
2007978-1-4264-7275-6Havelock EllisStudies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 1: The Evolution of Modesty, The Phenomena of Sexual
  ''978-1-4264-7276-3Havelock EllisStudies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 2: Sexual Inversion
2007978-1-4264-7277-0Havelock EllisStudies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 3: Analysis of the Sexual Impulse; Love and Pain; The
  ''978-1-4264-7293-0HesiodHesiod the Homeric Hymns and Homerica
  ''978-1-4264-7298-5Yogi RamacharakaSeries of Lessons in Raja Yoga
  ''978-1-4264-7461-3Richard JefferiesAfter London: Or, Wild England
  ''978-1-4264-7493-4Oscar WildeMiscellanies
2007978-1-4264-7494-1Pierre-Joseph ProudhonWhat is Property?
  ''978-1-4264-7497-2James A. Baker III, and Lee H. Hamilton The Iraq Study GroupThe Iraq Study Group Report
  ''978-1-4264-7680-8Robert Hugh BensonThe Necromancers
  ''978-1-4264-7729-4Ernest PooleHis Family
2008978-1-4264-7816-1Hilary BauermanText-Book of Systematic Mineralogy (Bibliobazaar Reproduction)
2007978-1-4264-7912-0Esteba EhceverriaEl Matadero (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-4264-7927-4Eugenio CambaceresSin Rumbo (Spanish Edition)
2007978-1-4264-7930-4Juan Manuela GorritiLa Tierra Natal (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-4264-8005-8Therese Albertine Louise von Jacob RobinsonHistorical View of the Languages and Literature of the Slavic
  ''978-1-4264-8008-9Stewart Edward WhiteAfrican Camp Fires
  ''978-1-4264-8112-3Frances Hodgson BurnettThe Lost Prince
  ''978-1-4264-8205-2Thomas HardyThe Woodlanders
2007978-1-4264-8272-4Joseph A. AltshelerThe Rulers of the Lakes: A Story of George and Champlain
  ''978-1-4264-8323-3James A. Baker III, and Lee H. Hamilton The Iraq Study GroupInforme del Grupo de Estudio de Irak (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-4264-8325-7Alberto Blast GanaMartin Rivas (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-4264-8332-5Clorinda Matto de TurnerAves Sin Nido (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-4264-8349-3Juan León MeraCumandá o Un drama entre salvajes (Spanish Edition)
2007978-1-4264-8436-0Julian Stafford CorbettSome Principles of Maritime Strategy
  ''978-1-4264-8567-1Pierre LotiMadame Chrysantheme
  ''978-1-4264-8591-6William Francis ButlerThe Great Lone Land: A Narrative of Travel and Adventure in the North-W
  ''978-1-4264-8599-2Andrew A. BonarThe Biography of Robert Murray M'Cheyne
  ''978-1-4264-8888-7Erasmus DarwinZoonomia - Volume I
2007978-1-4264-8894-8Simon Markovich DubnowHistory of the Jews in Russia and Poland - Volume II
  ''978-1-4264-8902-0Joseph A. AltshelerThe Forest of Swords: A Story of Paris and the Marne
  ''978-1-4264-8917-4Susan CoolidgeClover
  ''978-1-4264-8922-8Selma LagerlöfJerusalem
2008978-1-4264-9010-1William KentMemoirs and Letters of James Kent
2007978-1-4264-9104-7Madame de LafayetteThe Princess of Cleves
  ''978-1-4264-9244-0Jack LondonThe Turtles of Tasman
2007978-1-4264-9245-7Herbert George WellsThe History of Mr. Polly
  ''978-1-4264-9252-5John S. C. AbbottThe Empire of Austria Its Rise and Present Power
  ''978-1-4264-9273-0George RawlinsonThe Seven Great Monarchies of the Ancient Eastern World Volume 4 Babylon
  ''978-1-4264-9313-3Andre NortonStar Born
  ''978-1-4264-9321-8David Douglas OgilvieThe Fife and Forfar Yeomanry: And 14th (F. & F. Yeo.) Battn. R.H. 1914-1919
2007978-1-4264-9359-1VoltaireVoltaire's Philosophical Dictionary
  ''978-1-4264-9363-8Minot Judson SavageOur Unitarian Gospel
  ''978-1-4264-9376-8John M. GarvanThe Manóbos of Mindanáo: Memoirs of the National Academy of Sciences Volum
  ''978-1-4264-9428-4Carey RockwellThe Space Pioneers
  ''978-1-4264-9449-9Sherwood AndersonPoor White: A Novel
2007978-1-4264-9472-7Alec WaughThe Loom of Youth
  ''978-1-4264-9489-5VariousThe War and Unity: Being Lectures Delivered At The Local Lectures Sum
  ''978-1-4264-9509-0Snorri SturlusonThe Younger Edda: Also Called Snorre's Edda or the Prose Edda
  ''978-1-4264-9548-9Carey RockwellThe Revolt on Venus: THE TOM CORBETT Space Cadet Adventure
  ''978-1-4264-9583-0Frederick Winslow TaylorShop Management
2007978-1-4264-9608-0Anthony TrollopeThe Three Clerks
  ''978-1-4264-9689-9Henry MurgerBohemians of the Latin Quarter
  ''978-1-4264-9797-1George Alexander FischerBeethoven: A Character Study
  ''978-1-4264-9831-2Christiaan Rudolf De WetThree Years War
  ''978-1-4264-9870-1VariousThe War and Unity: Being Lectures Delivered At The Local Lectures Sum