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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-117-00777-9W. D. Howells · Mary A. CraigThe House by the Medlar Tree;
  ''978-1-117-01259-9AnonymousFrauenberufe und Männererziehung (German Edition)
  ''978-1-117-01532-3Emerson Elbridge White · Thomas W. Harvey · Eli Todd Tappan · Alston Ellis · Robert Wallaceor Stevenson · Daniel Fowler DeWolf · E. Andrews · Ohio Teachers' Association. Centennial CommitteeA History of Education in the State of Ohio. A Centennial Volume
1957978-1-117-01832-4Walter SullivanQuest for a Continent
2009978-1-117-02125-6Thomas Cochrane DundonaldThe Autobiography of a Seaman
  ''978-1-117-03490-4Edward SheldonThe Nigger: An American Play in Three Acts
1943978-1-117-04022-6Sigmund SpaethGuide to Great Orchestral Music, a
2009978-1-117-05442-1AnonymousNotices Historiques (French Edition)
  ''978-1-117-05444-5Highn His Highness the Maharaja Gaekwar · His HighnessNotes on the Famine Tour
2009978-1-117-05445-2his Highness the maharaja GaekwarNotes on the Famine Tour
  ''978-1-117-05446-9AnonymousNotes on equitation and horse training,
  ''978-1-117-06203-7François HaefelinLes Patois Romans Du Canton De Fribourg (French Edition)
  ''978-1-117-06204-4   ''Les Patois Romans Du Canton De Fribourg (French Edition)
  ''978-1-117-06207-5H M GourrierLes lois de la Génération Sexualité Conception (French Edition)
2009978-1-117-06211-2Alexandre DumasLes Frères Corses (French Edition)
1940978-1-117-06603-5Ernest HemingwayFOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS
2009978-1-117-06924-1Charles Webster LeadbeaterInvisible Helpers
  ''978-1-117-07067-4W.Y. Evans WentzThe Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries
  ''978-1-117-07087-2Costantino NigraEporediensia (Italian Edition)
  ''978-1-117-08043-7A W GommeMr. Wells as Historian an Inquiry into those Parts of Mr. H.G. Wells's Outline of History
  ''978-1-117-08363-6F. B. MeyerIsrael, a prince with God: the story of Jacob re-told
2009978-1-117-10544-4Henry B WheatleySamuel Pepys, and the World he Lived in
  ''978-1-117-11259-6John JohnstoneA lLetter to The Proprietors of East-India stock
  ''978-1-117-11433-0Hugo EisigIchthyotomus sanguinarius eine auf aalen schmarotzende annelide (German Edition)
  ''978-1-117-11796-6Alexander Teixeira de Mattos · Louis CouperusEcstasy: A Study of Happiness; A Novel
  ''978-1-117-12125-3Chester Albert ReedCamera Studies of Wild Birds in their Homes
2009978-1-117-12590-9Paul Henri ThirySystème de la nature, ou, Des lois du monde physique et du monde moral (French Edition)
  ''978-1-117-12591-6Walter Taylor MarvinA Syllabus of an Introduction to Philosophy
  ''978-1-117-12592-3Walter Taylor MarvinA Syllabus of an Introduction to Philosophy
  ''978-1-117-12593-0   ''A Syllabus of an Introduction to Philosophy
  ''978-1-117-12594-7David Barnard SteinmanSuspension Bridges and Cantilevers, Their Economic Proportions and Limiting Spans
2009978-1-117-12598-5Ernst Heinrich Philip HaeckelStudien Zur Gastraea-Theorie (German Edition)
  ''978-1-117-12599-2Ernst HaeckelStudien zur Gastraea-theorie (German Edition)
  ''978-1-117-13542-7Willibald Lechler · Gustav SchblerSupplement zur Flora von Wrttemberg (German Edition)
  ''978-1-117-14333-0Edwin Tenney BrewsterLife and letters of Josiah Dwight Whitney
  ''978-1-117-14336-1Phineas Camp HeadleyThe Life and Deeds of Gen. U. S. Grant
2009978-1-117-14352-1Juan Bautista DavilaLetters of Blessed John of Avila
  ''978-1-117-14553-2Francis W. ParkerHow to Study Geography
  ''978-1-117-16625-4Mikhail SholokhovAnd Quiet Flows the Don; a Novel
  ''978-1-117-16626-1Mikhail SholokhovAnd Quiet Flows the Don; a Novel
  ''978-1-117-16627-8   ''And Quiet Flows the Don; a Novel
2009978-1-117-17099-2William Heaford DaubneyThe Three Additions to Daniel: A Study
  ''978-1-117-17900-1John Henry Nash · Spencer WrightThe Life of a Successful Banker
  ''978-1-117-17992-6John Gneisenau NeihardtLaureate address of John G.Neihardt, upon official notification of his choice as poet laureate of Ne
  ''978-1-117-18370-1Lady GregoryGods and Fighting Men: The Story of the Tuatha de Danaan and of the Fianna of Ireland
  ''978-1-117-18899-7Elizabeth Gurney Fry · Edward RyderElizabeth Fry: Life and Labors of the Eminent Philantropist, Preacher, and Prison Reformer
2009978-1-117-19054-9Josef ZösmairDie Bergnamen Vorarlbergs; Möglichst auf Ukrundlicher Grundlage Erklärt (German Edition)
  ''978-1-117-19371-7School Of In Preston School of Industry · Preston School of IndustryThe Constitution and the Penal Code of the Preston School of Industry
  ''978-1-117-19994-8Freidrich Thedinga · of Apamea, fl. ca. 150 A.D, . NumeniusDe Numenio Philosopho Platonico [microform]: Dissertatio Philologica Quam ...
  ''978-1-117-20013-2Arthur SchopenhauerThe Wisdom of Life
  ''978-1-117-20466-6H. P. BlavatskyThe secret doctrine: the synthesis of science, religion, and philosophy: index to vols. I and II
2009978-1-117-20544-1José María Vargas VilaRubén Darío (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-117-20620-2FrancesThe Refugee in America: a Novel
  ''978-1-117-20803-9Marian C.L. ReevesPilot Fortune,
  ''978-1-117-21259-3AnonymousHistoria Del Correo En America (French Edition)
  ''978-1-117-22209-7Richard Wagner · Ernst KochDer Ring des Nibelungen (German Edition)
2009978-1-117-22244-8Elizabeth Amelia SharpWilliam Sharp (Fiona MacLeod): A Memoir
  ''978-1-117-22351-3Edward DowdenThe Tragedy of Hamlet
  ''978-1-117-22562-3Anonymous · France. Armée de terre. Etat-Major · Army War CollegeNotes on the German army in the war. Translated at the Army war college, from a French official docu
  ''978-1-117-25342-8William JamesHabit
  ''978-1-117-25421-0J. Theodore BentGenoa: How the Republic Rose and Fell
2009978-1-117-28520-7Thomas AquinasThe Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas Part 1, Questions L-LXXIV
  ''978-1-117-30672-8Irma Grafin SztárayAus den letzten Jahren der Kaiserin Elisabeth (German Edition)
  ''978-1-117-31062-6AnonymousThe Abolition of Slavery
  ''978-1-117-31259-0   ''Ensayo Critica Litlareya (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-117-31419-8William BillingtonSheen and Shade
2009978-1-117-31638-3Hermann LönsMein grünes Buch (German Edition)
  ''978-1-117-34614-4Dinsha Edulji WachaA financial chapter in the history of Bombay city
  ''978-1-117-36274-8AnonmyousCalendar of the correspondence of George Washington, commander in chief of the Continental army, wit
  ''978-1-117-36589-3Otto WeiningerSex and Character
  ''978-1-117-37247-1G. R.S. MeadPistis Sophia
2009978-1-117-37366-9John BurnetPlatonis Opera
  ''978-1-117-37983-8James T. Still"Don't Tell White Folks"
  ''978-1-117-38906-6Louis BeckeThe pearl divers of Roncador Reef, and other stories
  ''978-1-117-39085-7C. H. SpurgeonMy Sermon-Notes
  ''978-1-117-40544-5ST TammanyThe Democratic Gospel of Peace
2009978-1-117-40620-6Mary CholmondeleyThe Danvers Jewels
  ''978-1-117-42026-4G. Campbell MorganThe True Estimate of Life and How to Live
  ''978-1-117-43081-2Samuel GronemannTohuwabohu (German Edition)
  ''978-1-117-43895-5Snorri SturlusonEdda
  ''978-1-117-44736-0Brasseur BourbourgManuscrit Troano.
2009978-1-117-45379-8R. A. TorreyHow to Pray
  ''978-1-117-48191-3Otto CuntzPolybius und Sein Werk (German Edition)
  ''978-1-117-49790-7Charles PéguyNotre Jeunesse (French Edition)
  ''978-1-117-50108-6Karl PearsonThe Grammar of Science
  ''978-1-117-50620-3John RutherfurdWilliam Moon, LL.D., F.R.G.S., F.S.A., and his work for the blind
2009978-1-117-50797-2Aylmer MaudeThe life of Tolstoy
  ''978-1-117-50851-1Emile Jaques DalcrozeRhythm, Music and Education
  ''978-1-117-51197-9Horace PorterCampaigning With Grant
  ''978-1-117-52791-8Arthur L. SalmonWest-Country Verses
  ''978-1-117-53060-4Patricia WentworthA Marriage Under the Terror
2009978-1-117-53684-2Francis Ernest LloydGuayule
  ''978-1-117-54003-0Boston (Mass.). Registry Dept · William Henry Whitmore · William Summer Appleton · Edward Webster McGlenen · Walter Kendall WatkinsRecords Relating to the Early History of Boston ..
  ''978-1-117-55329-0Stephen Alexander HunterA Bible School Manual Studies in the Book of Revelation...
  ''978-1-117-56125-7Sarah WilliamsTwilight Hours: A Legacy of Verse
  ''978-1-117-58136-1Theodore ParkerA Discourse of Matters Pertaining to Religion.
2009978-1-117-58146-0C. A.F. MahnTROUBADOURS
  ''978-1-117-58608-3D. Antonio Cipriano Costa y CuxartIntroduccion a la Flora de Cataluna (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-117-59036-3Hans Fritz ZwehlOpal: Schauspiel in drei Akten (German Edition)
  ''978-1-117-60163-2Boston (Mass.). Registry Dept · William Henry Whitmore · William Summer Appleton · Edward Webster McGlenen · Walter Kendall WatkinsRecords Relating to the Early History of Boston ..
  ''978-1-117-60210-3E.-L. Bouvier · France. Ministère de l'éducation nationale · Louis JoubinExpédition Antarctique Française (French Edition)
2009978-1-117-60620-0Thomas A., McParlinNotes on the History and Climate of New Mexico
  ''978-1-117-61101-3Archibald Alexander HodgeThe Life of Charles Hodge ... Professor in the Theological Seminary, Princeton, N.J.
  ''978-1-117-61112-9Charles Booth · Jesse ArgyleLife and Labour of the People in London
  ''978-1-117-62012-1William Warwick BucklandA Text-Book of Roman law from Augustus to Justinian
  ''978-1-117-62139-5Frédéric MistralLe Poème du Rhône
2009978-1-117-62931-5George Rankin · Arthur Landsborough Thomson · John Arthur ThomsonBritain's Birds and Their Nests
  ''978-1-117-63043-4Nicholas BarbonA Discourse of Trade. 1690
  ''978-1-117-63054-0AnonymousCity Directory and Names of Rural Route Patrons Neodesha, Kansas 1916
  ''978-1-117-63077-9William Francis Macy · Roland B. HusseyThe Nantucket scrap basket; being a collection of characteristic stories and sayings of the people o
  ''978-1-117-63547-7Maurice MaeterlinckLa Vie Des Abeilles (French Edition)
2009978-1-117-63707-5France. Ministère de l'éducation nationale · France. Commission de l'inventaire Général des Richesses d'art de la France · France. Musée des Monuments Français, . ParisInventaire Général des Richesses d'art de la France (French Edition)
  ''978-1-117-63966-6Albert Le Roy BartlettHaverhill, An Historical Address
  ''978-1-117-64407-3Walter Bloem · Ernst HeilemannDer krasse Fuchs‎ (German Edition)
  ''978-1-117-64995-5Hans ReiserErstes Buch (German Edition)
  ''978-1-117-65216-0J. Franklin JamesonNarratives of New Netherland, 1609-1664
2009978-1-117-65861-2Ohio. Dairy and Food DeptOhio Food and Drug Laws
  ''978-1-117-66926-7William Maxwell HetheringtonHistory of the Westminster Assembly of Divines
  ''978-1-117-67125-3Jack London · E. FosseliusVargens Son: Skildringar Frân Polartrakterna (Swedish Edition)
  ''978-1-117-67369-1P. Ovidii NasonisOpera Omnia (Latin Edition)
  ''978-1-117-68595-3Michael WittmannZur Stellung Avencebrol's (Ibn Gebirol's) Im Entwicklungsgang Der Arabischen Philosophie (German Edition)
2009978-1-117-70196-7Anthony TrollopeThe Belton estate
  ''978-1-117-70613-9Harry B. SmithStage Lyrics
  ''978-1-117-70620-7Robert Cortes HollidayWalking-Stick Papers
  ''978-1-117-71911-5Anatole FranceLe lys rouge (French Edition)
  ''978-1-117-74054-6H Laing GordonSir James Young
2009978-1-117-75062-0George Washington GreeneHistorical View of the American Revolution
  ''978-1-117-75203-7H. Oskar SommerGalahad and Perceval.
  ''978-1-117-75222-8Mabel Borton BeebeFour American Naval Heroes
  ''978-1-117-77285-1AnonymousEntomologischer Verein Zu Stettin (German Edition)
2010978-1-117-78125-9Thomas NunnesAn almanack, or, Ephemerides for the year of our Lord, 1661 being the first from leap-year, and from the creation of the world, 5610: wherein you may ... and aspects of the planets (1661)
2009978-1-117-81259-5Jaroslava VrchlickéhoHlasy V Pousti (Czech Edition)
2010978-1-117-88013-6Christopher MorleyThe Haunted Bookshop
  ''978-1-117-88738-8Homer LeaThe Valor of Ignorance
2010978-1-117-88966-5William Ernest HockingMorale and Its Enemies
  ''978-1-117-89125-5Williams Stearns DavisA Friend Caesar
  ''978-1-117-89348-8Louisa May AlcottA Modern Mephistopheles
  ''978-1-117-89469-0Henry JamesDaisy Miller
  ''978-1-117-89963-3E Kautzsch · A E CowleyGesenius' Hebrew Grammar
2010978-1-117-89964-0E Kautzsch · A E CowleyGesenius' Hebrew Grammar
  ''978-1-117-90262-3Viktor RydbergTeutonic Mythology, Vol. 2
  ''978-1-117-90272-2Eliza Spalding WarrenMemoirs of the West
  ''978-1-117-90290-6Arthur RichmanAmbush
  ''978-1-117-90291-3Arthur RichmanAmbush
2010978-1-117-90475-7Achmed AbdullahBucking the Tiger
  ''978-1-117-90576-1William MillerEssays on the Latin Orient
  ''978-1-117-90729-1Jacob SegallDie Deutschen Juden als Soldaten im Kriege 1914-1918, eine statistische Studie. Mit einem Vorwort vo (German Edition)
  ''978-1-117-90823-6Nathaniel Lyon GardnerTological Studies in Cyanophyceae
  ''978-1-117-90832-8William Sanday · Frederic George Kenyon · Francis Crawford Burkitt · Arthur Cayley Headlam · John Henry Bernard · Frederic Henry Chase · Hensley HensonCriticism of the New Testament
2010978-1-117-91131-1Charles Homer HaskinsNorman Institutions
  ''978-1-117-91469-5Virginia Judith CraigMartial's Wit and Humor ..
  ''978-1-117-91580-7C E HammondLiturgies Eastern and Western
  ''978-1-117-92702-2A. H. Allcroft · F. G. PlaistoweCicero Pro Archia
  ''978-1-117-93933-9Joseph Galliffet · Richard ClarkeThe Adorable Heart of Jesus
2010978-1-117-93934-6Joseph Galliffet · Richard ClarkeThe Adorable Heart of Jesus
  ''978-1-117-94512-5Henry De Vere Stacpoole · Francois VillonThe Poems of Fran OIS Villon
  ''978-1-117-94513-2Henry De Vere Stacpoole · Francois VillonThe Poems of Fran OIS Villon
  ''978-1-117-94514-9François Villon · H De Vere StacpooleThe Poems of François Villon
  ''978-1-117-95296-3John Sargeaunt · James GowWestminster verses
2010978-1-117-96080-7David Starr JordanWar and the breed; the relation of war to the downfall of nations
  ''978-1-117-96204-7Henry Cochin · Dante Alighieri · Michele BarbiVita nova (French Edition)
  ''978-1-117-96229-0Morris Edmund Speare · Walter Blake NorrisVital forces in current events; readings on present-day affairs from contemporary leaders and thinkers
  ''978-1-117-96852-0Patrick Musician KennedyThe Book of Modern Irish Anecdotes
  ''978-1-117-96853-7Patrick Musician KennedyThe Book of Modern Irish Anecdotes
2010978-1-117-97062-2Montana. State Board of EqualizationSixteenth Annual Report
  ''978-1-117-99411-6Victor HugoLes Misérables (French Edition)
  ''978-1-117-99784-1Frank WinchBaffallo Bill
  ''978-1-117-99785-8Frank WinchBaffallo Bill
2010978-1-117-99786-5Frank WinchBaffallo Bill

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