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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
  ''978-1-4218-0601-3Adolphus William WardChaucer
2006978-1-4218-0602-0Alice DunbarThe Goodness of St.Rocque
  ''978-1-4218-0603-7Andrew LangThe Valet's Tragedy
2005978-1-4218-0604-4Anton ChekhovThe Wife
  ''978-1-4218-0605-1Anton Pavlovich ChekhovThe Witch
  ''978-1-4218-0606-8Bayard TaylorBeauty and the Beast
2005978-1-4218-0607-5Bram StokerThe Jewel of Seven Stars
  ''978-1-4218-0608-2C. CollodiThe Adventures of Pinocchio
2006978-1-4218-0609-9Charles Alexander EastmanIndian Heroes and Great Chieftains
2005978-1-4218-0610-5Charles DickensA Christmas Carol
2006978-1-4218-0611-2Charles Farrar BrowneThe Complete Works of Artemus Ward, Part 3
  ''978-1-4218-0612-9Charles WhibleyA Book of Scoundrels
  ''978-1-4218-0613-6Charlotte M. YongeAbbeychurch
  ''978-1-4218-0614-3E. Phillips OppenheimThe Zeppelin's Passenger
2006978-1-4218-0615-0Emily DickinsonPoems, Series 1
2005978-1-4218-0616-7Emily DickinsonPoems, Series 2
  ''978-1-4218-0617-4Ernie Howard PyleMen of Iron
2006978-1-4218-0618-1Francis DarwinThe Autobiography of Charles Darwin
2005978-1-4218-0619-8Frances Hodgson BurnettThe Secret Garden
  ''978-1-4218-0620-4Frank HarrisOscar Wilde, His Life and Confessions, Volume 1
2006978-1-4218-0621-1Frederick Trevor HillOn the Trail of Grant and Lee
2005978-1-4218-0622-8Friedrich Wilhelm NietzscheBeyond Good and Evil
  ''978-1-4218-0623-5Fyodor DostoyevskyNotes from the Underground
  ''978-1-4218-0624-2Gaston LeRouxThe Phantom of the Opera
2006978-1-4218-0625-9Gustave FlaubertA Simple Soul
2005978-1-4218-0626-6Gustave FlaubertMadame Bovary
2006978-1-4218-0627-3H. B. IrvingA Book of Remarkable Criminals
2005978-1-4218-0628-0H. G. WellsThe Island of Doctor Moreau
2005978-1-4218-0629-7H. G. WellsThe Time Machine
  ''978-1-4218-0630-3   ''The War of the Worlds
  ''978-1-4218-0631-0Harriet Beecher StoweUncle Tom's Cabin
  ''978-1-4218-0632-7Henry David ThoreauWalden
2006978-1-4218-0633-4Henry David ThoreauWalking
2005978-1-4218-0634-1Henry Jones FordMy Life and Work
  ''978-1-4218-0635-8Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Song of Hiawatha
2005978-1-4218-0636-5James Matthew BarrieThe Adventures of Peter Pan
  ''978-1-4218-0637-2Jane AustenMansfield Park
  ''978-1-4218-0638-9Jane AustenPersuasion
  ''978-1-4218-0639-6Jack LondonThe Call of the Wild
2006978-1-4218-0640-2James De MilleLost in the Fog
  ''978-1-4218-0641-9John BurroughsBirds and Poets
2005978-1-4218-0642-6Jules VerneAround the World in 80 Days
2005978-1-4218-0643-3Jules VerneFrom the Earth to the Moon and Round the Moon
  ''978-1-4218-0644-0   ''Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
2006978-1-4218-0645-7Kakuzo OkakuraThe Book of Tea
2005978-1-4218-0646-4Kenneth GrahameThe Wind in the Willows
  ''978-1-4218-0647-1L. Frank BaumThe Lost Princess of Oz
  ''978-1-4218-0648-8John MiltonParadise Lost
2006978-1-4218-0649-5John MiltonParadise Regained
2005978-1-4218-0650-1L. Frank BaumThe Marvelous Land of Oz
  ''978-1-4218-0651-8   ''The Magic of Oz
2005978-1-4218-0652-5L. Frank BaumThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz
  ''978-1-4218-0653-2Laura Lee HopeThe Bobbsey Twins at Meadow Brook
  ''978-1-4218-0654-9Laura Lee HopeThe Bobbsey Twins at School
  ''978-1-4218-0655-6   ''The Bobbsey Twins in the Country
  ''978-1-4218-0656-3Lewis CarrollThrough the Looking-Glass
2005978-1-4218-0657-0Louisa May AlcottFlower Fables
  ''978-1-4218-0658-7Louisa May AlcottHospital Sketches
  ''978-1-4218-0659-4Lucy Maud MontgomeryAnne of Avonlea
  ''978-1-4218-0660-0Lucy Maud MontgomeryAnne of Green Gables
  ''978-1-4218-0661-7Mary Wollstonecraft ShelleyFrankenstein
2006978-1-4218-0662-4Nathaniel HawthorneBiographical Stories
2006978-1-4218-0663-1Nathaniel HawthorneThe Great Stone Face
2005978-1-4218-0664-8Oscar WildeThe Importance of Being Earnest (1st World Library Literary Society Classics)
2006978-1-4218-0665-5R. H. DavisNotes of a War Correspondent
  ''978-1-4218-0666-2R. L. StevensonThe Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  ''978-1-4218-0667-9Robert FrostA Boy's Will
  ''978-1-4218-0668-6Robert FrostNorth of Boston
2005978-1-4218-0669-3Stephen CraneThe Red Badge of Courage
2006978-1-4218-0670-9Swami ParmanandaThe Upanishads
2005978-1-4218-0671-6Princess Der LingTwo Years in the Forbidden City
2006978-1-4218-0672-3Thomas H. HuxleyEvolution and Ethics
2005978-1-4218-0673-0Thomas MoreUtopia
  ''978-1-4218-0674-7U. S. GrantThe Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant, Vol 1.
2005978-1-4218-0675-4U. S. GrantThe Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant, Vol 2.
2006978-1-4218-0676-1Washington IrvingThe Legend of Sleepy Hollow
2005978-1-4218-0677-8William Makepeace ThackerayThe Book of Snobs
2006978-1-4218-0678-5Winston ChurchillA Far Country, Vol1
  ''978-1-4218-0679-2Winston ChurchillA Far Country, Vol2
2006978-1-4218-0680-8Winston ChurchillA Traveller in War Time
  ''978-1-4218-0681-5Winston S. ChurchillDr. Jonathan
  ''978-1-4218-0682-2Winston ChurchillMr. Crewes Career
  ''978-1-4218-0683-9   ''On the American Contribution
  ''978-1-4218-0684-6   ''The Celebrity
2005978-1-4218-0685-3   ''The Crisis
2006978-1-4218-0686-0   ''The Dwelling-Place of Light, Vol 1
2006978-1-4218-0687-7Winston ChurchillThe Dwelling-Place of Light, Vol 2
2006978-1-4218-0688-4Winston ChurchillThe Dwelling-Place of Light, Vol 3
  ''978-1-4218-0689-1Winston S. ChurchillThe Inside of the Cup Vol 1.
  ''978-1-4218-0690-7   ''The Inside of the Cup Vol 2.
  ''978-1-4218-0691-4   ''The Inside of the Cup Vol 3.
  ''978-1-4218-0692-1   ''The Inside of the Cup Vol 4.
2006978-1-4218-0693-8Winston S. ChurchillThe Inside of the Cup Vol 5.
  ''978-1-4218-0694-5   ''The Inside of the Cup Vol 6.
2006978-1-4218-0695-2Winston S. ChurchillThe Inside of the Cup Vol 7.
  ''978-1-4218-0696-9   ''The Inside of the Cup Vol 8.
  ''978-1-4218-0697-6Yei Theodora OzakiJapanese Fairy Tales
2005978-1-4218-0698-3HomerIliad of Homer
  ''978-1-4218-0699-0Ludwig Van BeethovenBeethoven: The Man and the Artist
2006978-1-4218-0700-3Annie Wood BesantAn Introduction to Yoga
  ''978-1-4218-0701-0Anton Pavlovich ChekhovIvanoff
2005978-1-4218-0702-7   ''The Letters of Anton Chekhov
2006978-1-4218-0703-4   ''The School Mistress
2006978-1-4218-0704-1Anton Pavlovich ChekhovThe Sea-Gull
  ''978-1-4218-0705-8   ''Uncle Vanya
2005978-1-4218-0706-5Arthur Conan DoyleSir Nigel
2006978-1-4218-0707-2Arthur Conan DoyleThe New Revelation
2005978-1-4218-0708-9Edgar Rice BurroughsAt the Earth's Core
  ''978-1-4218-0709-6Edgar Rice BurroughsGods of Mars
2005978-1-4218-0710-2Edgar Rice BurroughsTarzan and the Jewels of Opar
  ''978-1-4218-0711-9   ''Tarzan of the Apes
  ''978-1-4218-0712-6   ''Tarzan the Terrible
  ''978-1-4218-0713-3   ''Tarzan the Untamed
  ''978-1-4218-0714-0   ''The Beasts of Tarzan
2005978-1-4218-0715-7Edgar Rice BurroughsThe Chessmen of Mars
2005978-1-4218-0716-4Edgar Rice BurroughsThe Efficiency Expert
  ''978-1-4218-0717-1   ''The Jungle Tales of Tarzan
2006978-1-4218-0718-8   ''The Land That Time Forgot
  ''978-1-4218-0719-5   ''The Lost Continent
  ''978-1-4218-0720-1   ''The Mad King
2006978-1-4218-0721-8Edgar Rice BurroughsThe Monster Men
  ''978-1-4218-0722-5   ''The Mucker
  ''978-1-4218-0723-2   ''The Oakdale Affair
  ''978-1-4218-0724-9   ''The Outlaw of Torn
  ''978-1-4218-0725-6   ''The Return of Tarzan
2005978-1-4218-0726-3Edgar Rice BurroughsThe Son of Tarzan
  ''978-1-4218-0727-0   ''Thuvia, Maid of Mars
2006978-1-4218-0728-7   ''Out of Time's Abyss
  ''978-1-4218-0729-4   ''Pellucidar
2005978-1-4218-0730-0   ''People Out of Time
2006978-1-4218-0731-7Edgar Rice BurroughsPrincess of Mars (John Carter of Mars)
2005978-1-4218-0732-4   ''Warlord of Mars
  ''978-1-4218-0733-1Francis BaconEssays of Francis Bacon
2006978-1-4218-0734-8Friedrich KerstMozart the Man and the Artist
2005978-1-4218-0735-5George Bernard ShawA Treatise on Parents and Children
2006978-1-4218-0736-2George Bernard ShawAn Unsocial Socialist
  ''978-1-4218-0737-9   ''Androcles and The Lion
2005978-1-4218-0738-6   ''Arms and the Man
  ''978-1-4218-0739-3   ''Caesar and Cleopatra
2005978-1-4218-0740-9George Bernard ShawCandida
  ''978-1-4218-0741-6   ''Captain Brassbound's Conversion
  ''978-1-4218-0742-3   ''Fanny's First Play
  ''978-1-4218-0743-0   ''Heartbreak House
  ''978-1-4218-0744-7   ''John Bull's Other Island
2005978-1-4218-0745-4George Bernard ShawMajor Barbara (1st World Library Literary Society Classics)
2005978-1-4218-0746-1George Bernard ShawMan and Superman
  ''978-1-4218-0747-8   ''Misalliance
  ''978-1-4218-0748-5   ''Mrs. Warren's Profession
  ''978-1-4218-0749-2George Bernard Shaw · Bernard ShawPygmalion
  ''978-1-4218-0750-8George Bernard ShawThe Devil's Disciple
2005978-1-4218-0751-5George Bernard ShawThe Doctor's Dilemma
  ''978-1-4218-0752-2   ''The Perfect Wagnerite
  ''978-1-4218-0753-9   ''The Philanderer
2005978-1-4218-0754-6George Bernard ShawYou Never Can Tell
  ''978-1-4218-0755-3Hans Christian AndersenAndersen's Fairy Tales
2006978-1-4218-0756-0Henry FrostThe Wagner Story Book
  ''978-1-4218-0757-7Henry Wadsworth LongfellowEvangeline
2005978-1-4218-0758-4   ''Hyperion
2006978-1-4218-0759-1John F. KennedyState of the Union Addresses
  ''978-1-4218-0760-7Mark TwainA Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court
  ''978-1-4218-0761-4Mark TwainA Horse's Tale
2006978-1-4218-0762-1Mark TwainAlonzo Fitz and Other Stories
  ''978-1-4218-0763-8   ''Christian Science
  ''978-1-4218-0764-5   ''Life on the Mississippi
2005978-1-4218-0765-2   ''Roughing It
2005978-1-4218-0766-9Mark TwainSketches New and Old
  ''978-1-4218-0767-6   ''The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1st World Library Literary Society Classics)
  ''978-1-4218-0768-3   ''The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
2006978-1-4218-0769-0   ''The American Claimant
  ''978-1-4218-0770-6   ''The Letters of Mark Twain Vol.1
2006978-1-4218-0771-3Mark TwainThe Letters of Mark Twain Vol.2
  ''978-1-4218-0772-0   ''The Letters of Mark Twain Vol.3
  ''978-1-4218-0773-7   ''The Letters of Mark Twain Vol.4
  ''978-1-4218-0774-4   ''The Letters of Mark Twain Vol.5 & 6
2005978-1-4218-0775-1   ''The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg
2005978-1-4218-0776-8Mark TwainThe Mysterious Stranger
  ''978-1-4218-0777-5   ''The Prince and the Pauper
2006978-1-4218-0778-2   ''The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson
  ''978-1-4218-0779-9   ''Tom Sawyer Abroad
  ''978-1-4218-0780-5   ''Tom Sawyer, Detective
2005978-1-4218-0781-2Mark TwainWhat Is Man?
  ''978-1-4218-0782-9Oscar WildeAn Ideal Husband
  ''978-1-4218-0783-6   ''Essays and Lectures
  ''978-1-4218-0784-3   ''Intentions
  ''978-1-4218-0785-0   ''Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
2005978-1-4218-0786-7Oscar WildePoems
  ''978-1-4218-0787-4   ''Selected Prose of Oscar Wilde
2005978-1-4218-0788-1Oscar WildeThe Picture of Dorian Gray
2006978-1-4218-0789-8P. G. WodehouseA Damsel in Distress
2005978-1-4218-0790-4P. G. WodehouseIndiscretions of Archie
  ''978-1-4218-0791-1   ''Love Among the Chickens
  ''978-1-4218-0792-8   ''The Clicking of Cuthbert
  ''978-1-4218-0793-5   ''The Coming of Bill
  ''978-1-4218-0794-2   ''The Gold Bat
2005978-1-4218-0795-9P. G. WodehouseThe Head of Kay's
2005978-1-4218-0796-6P. G. WodehouseThe Intrusion of Jimmy
  ''978-1-4218-0797-3   ''The Little Nugget
2006978-1-4218-0798-0   ''The Little Warrior
  ''978-1-4218-0799-7Virginia WoolfMonday or Tuesday