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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-4218-3019-3Ambrose BierceCan Such Things Be?
  ''978-1-4218-3020-9Ambrose BierceCobwebs from an Empty Skull
  ''978-1-4218-3021-6Amy E. BlanchardA Sweet Little Maid
  ''978-1-4218-3022-3Anthony HopeA Man of Mark
  ''978-1-4218-3023-0Anthony HopeDolly Dialogues
2006978-1-4218-3024-7Anthony HopeFather Stafford
  ''978-1-4218-3025-4   ''Frivolous Cupid
  ''978-1-4218-3026-1   ''Rupert of Hentzau
  ''978-1-4218-3027-8   ''The Indiscretion of the Duchess
  ''978-1-4218-3028-5   ''The Prisoner of Zenda
2006978-1-4218-3029-2Anthony HopeThe Secret of the Tower
  ''978-1-4218-3030-8Arnold BennettThe Ghost
  ''978-1-4218-3031-5Clifford Whittingham BeersA Mind That Found Itself
  ''978-1-4218-3032-2B. M. BowerCow-Country
  ''978-1-4218-3033-9B. M. BowerThe Gringos
2006978-1-4218-3034-6David BelascoThe Girl of the Golden West
  ''978-1-4218-3035-3Donald FergusonThe Chums of Scranton High
  ''978-1-4218-3036-0Donald FergusonThe Chums of Scranton High at Ice Hockey
2006978-1-4218-3037-7Donald FergusonThe Chums of Scranton High on the Cinder Path
  ''978-1-4218-3038-4   ''The Chums of Scranton High Out for the Pennant
  ''978-1-4218-3039-1Edith Van DyneMary Louise
  ''978-1-4218-3040-7Edward DysonThe Missing Link
  ''978-1-4218-3041-4Emily Calvin BlakeSuzanna Stirs the Fire
2006978-1-4218-3042-1Frances Hodgson BurnettRobin
  ''978-1-4218-3043-8George GriffithA Honeymoon in Space
  ''978-1-4218-3044-5H. Irving HancockUncle Sam's Boys with Pershing's Troops
  ''978-1-4218-3045-2H. Rider HaggardAllan and the Holy Flower
  ''978-1-4218-3046-9H. Rider HaggardAllan Quatermain
2006978-1-4218-3047-6H. Rider HaggardBenita, an African Romance
  ''978-1-4218-3048-3   ''Child of Storm
  ''978-1-4218-3049-0   ''Eric Brighteyes
  ''978-1-4218-3050-6   ''Fair Margaret
2006978-1-4218-3051-3H. Rider HaggardLove Eternal
  ''978-1-4218-3052-0   ''Morning Star
  ''978-1-4218-3053-7   ''The Ancient Allan
  ''978-1-4218-3054-4   ''The World's Desire
  ''978-1-4218-3055-1   ''The Ivory Child
2006978-1-4218-3056-8H. Rider HaggardElissa
2006978-1-4218-3057-5H. Rider HaggardMoon of Israel
  ''978-1-4218-3058-2   ''Red Eve
  ''978-1-4218-3059-9   ''Beatrice
  ''978-1-4218-3060-5   ''Ayesha
  ''978-1-4218-3061-2   ''Jess
2006978-1-4218-3062-9Harold BegbieThe Story of Baden-Powell
  ''978-1-4218-3063-6Harold BindlossThe Girl from Keller's
  ''978-1-4218-3064-3J. W. DuffieldBert Wilson in the Rockies
  ''978-1-4218-3065-0Jeffery FarnolMy Lady Caprice
  ''978-1-4218-3066-7Jeffery FarnolThe Money Moon
2006978-1-4218-3067-4John AlbeeConfessions of Boyhood
  ''978-1-4218-3068-1John BlaineThe Boy Scouts in Russia
2006978-1-4218-3069-8John BlaineThe Boy Scouts on a Submarine
  ''978-1-4218-3070-4Joseph A. AltshelerThe Young Trailers
  ''978-1-4218-3071-1L. Frank BaumSky Island
  ''978-1-4218-3072-8Laura Lee HopeBunny Brown and His Sister Sue at Camp Rest-A-While
  ''978-1-4218-3073-5Laura Lee HopeBunny Brown and His Sister Sue Giving a Show
2006978-1-4218-3074-2Laura Lee HopeBunny Brown and His Sister Sue in the Big Woods
  ''978-1-4218-3075-9   ''Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Keeping Store
  ''978-1-4218-3076-6   ''Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue on an Auto Tour
  ''978-1-4218-3077-3   ''Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Playing Circus
  ''978-1-4218-3078-0   ''The Bobbsey Twins
2006978-1-4218-3079-7Laura Lee HopeThe Moving Picture Girls at Sea
2006978-1-4218-3080-3Laura Lee HopeThe Moving Picture Girls Under the Palms
  ''978-1-4218-3081-0   ''The Outdoor Girls at Ocean View
  ''978-1-4218-3082-7   ''The Outdoor Girls in Florida
  ''978-1-4218-3083-4   ''The Outdoor Girls in the Saddle
  ''978-1-4218-3085-8Lytton StracheyQueen Victoria
2006978-1-4218-3086-5Max BeerbohmAnd Even Now
  ''978-1-4218-3087-2Maria Thompson DaviessAndrew the Glad
  ''978-1-4218-3088-9Martha FinleyChristmas with Grandma Elsie
  ''978-1-4218-3089-6Martha FinleyElsie at Home
  ''978-1-4218-3090-2   ''Elsie at Nantucket
2006978-1-4218-3091-9Martha FinleyElsie at the World's Fair
2006978-1-4218-3092-6Martha FinleyElsie Dinsmore (1st World Library Literary Society Classics)
  ''978-1-4218-3093-3   ''Elsie's Girlhood
  ''978-1-4218-3094-0   ''Elsie's Kith and Kin
  ''978-1-4218-3095-7   ''Elsie's Motherhood
  ''978-1-4218-3096-4   ''Elsie's New Relations
2006978-1-4218-3097-1Martha FinleyElsie's Vacation and After Events
2006978-1-4218-3098-8Martha FinleyGrandmother Elsie
  ''978-1-4218-3099-5   ''Holidays at Roselands
  ''978-1-4218-3100-8   ''The Two Elsies
  ''978-1-4218-3101-5Olive Higgins ProutyThe Fifth Wheel
  ''978-1-4218-3102-2Ralph BonehillGuns and Snowshoes
2006978-1-4218-3103-9Ralph BonehillOut with Gun and Camera
  ''978-1-4218-3104-6Richard BonnerThe Boy Inventors' Radio Telephone
  ''978-1-4218-3105-3Richard Harding DavisThe Lion and the Unicorn
  ''978-1-4218-3106-0Stephen Vincent BenetYoung People's Pride
  ''978-1-4218-3107-7VariousFamous Modern Ghost Stories
2006978-1-4218-3108-4Victor G. DurhamThe Submarine Boys and the Spies
  ''978-1-4218-3109-1   ''The Submarine Boys for the Flag
  ''978-1-4218-3110-7   ''The Submarine Boys' Lightning Cruise
2006978-1-4218-3111-4Victor G. DurhamThe Submarine Boys on Duty
  ''978-1-4218-3112-1   ''The Submarine Boys' Trial Trip
  ''978-1-4218-3113-8Walter BesantIn Luck at Last
  ''978-1-4218-3214-2Norman LangfordThe King Nobody Wanted
  ''978-1-4218-3215-9   ''The King Nobody Wanted
2007978-1-4218-3217-3Carolyn WellsMarjorie at Seacote
2007978-1-4218-3218-0Carolyn WellsMarjorie's Maytime
  ''978-1-4218-3219-7   ''Marjorie's Vacation
  ''978-1-4218-3220-3   ''Patty and Azalea
2007978-1-4218-3221-0Carolyn WellsPatty at Home
  ''978-1-4218-3222-7   ''Patty Fairfield
  ''978-1-4218-3223-4   ''Patty in Paris
  ''978-1-4218-3224-1   ''Two Little Women on a Holiday
  ''978-1-4218-3225-8   ''Vicky Van
2007978-1-4218-3226-5Edward Noyes WestcottDavid Harum
  ''978-1-4218-3227-2Frank V. WebsterBob Chester's Grit
  ''978-1-4218-3228-9Frank V. WebsterBob the Castaway
2007978-1-4218-3229-6Frank V. WebsterComrades of the Saddle
  ''978-1-4218-3230-2   ''Cowboy Dave
  ''978-1-4218-3231-9   ''Dick the Bank Boy
  ''978-1-4218-3232-6   ''The Boys of Bellwood School
  ''978-1-4218-3233-3   ''The Young Firemen of Lakeville
2007978-1-4218-3234-0George Lincoln WaltonWhy Worry?
  ''978-1-4218-3235-7H. G. WellsA Modern Utopia
  ''978-1-4218-3236-4H. G. WellsAnn Veronica (1st World Library Classics)
2007978-1-4218-3237-1H. G. WellsGod the Invisible King
  ''978-1-4218-3238-8   ''In the Days of the Comet
  ''978-1-4218-3239-5   ''Mankind in the Making
  ''978-1-4218-3240-1   ''Soul of a Bishop
  ''978-1-4218-3241-8   ''The Country of the Blind, and Other Stories
2007978-1-4218-3242-5H. G. WellsThe Door in the Wall and Other Stories
2007978-1-4218-3243-2H. G. WellsThe Invisible Man
  ''978-1-4218-3244-9   ''The Secret Places of the Heart
  ''978-1-4218-3245-6   ''The War in the Air
  ''978-1-4218-3247-0Honore De BalzacThe Thirteen
  ''978-1-4218-3248-7Horatio Jr. AlgerFrank and Fearless
2007978-1-4218-3249-4Hugh WalpoleFortitude
  ''978-1-4218-3250-0Hugh WalpoleJeremy
  ''978-1-4218-3251-7   ''The Dark Forest
  ''978-1-4218-3252-4   ''The Golden Scarecrow
  ''978-1-4218-3253-1Humphry WardFields of Victory
2007978-1-4218-3254-8Humphry WardThe Coryston Family
  ''978-1-4218-3255-5Jack LondonAdventure
  ''978-1-4218-3256-2Jack LondonChildren of the Frost
2007978-1-4218-3257-9Jack LondonDutch Courage and Other Stories
  ''978-1-4218-3258-6   ''John Barleycorn
  ''978-1-4218-3259-3   ''Lost Face
  ''978-1-4218-3260-9   ''Michael, Brother of Jerry
  ''978-1-4218-3261-6   ''On the Makaloa Mat/Island Tales
2007978-1-4218-3262-3Jack LondonRevolution and Other Essays
2007978-1-4218-3263-0Jack LondonSmoke Bellew
  ''978-1-4218-3264-7   ''South Sea Tales
  ''978-1-4218-3265-4   ''Tales of the Fish Patrol
  ''978-1-4218-3266-1   ''The Cruise of the Dazzler
  ''978-1-4218-3267-8   ''The Cruise of the Snark
2007978-1-4218-3268-5Jack LondonThe Faith of Men
2007978-1-4218-3269-2Jack LondonThe God of His Fathers
  ''978-1-4218-3270-8   ''The House of Pride and Other Tales of Hawaii
  ''978-1-4218-3271-5   ''The Human Drift
  ''978-1-4218-3272-2   ''The Night-Born
  ''978-1-4218-3273-9   ''The Red One
2007978-1-4218-3274-6Jack LondonThe Sea Wolf
2007978-1-4218-3275-3Jack LondonThe Son of the Wolf
  ''978-1-4218-3276-0   ''The Strength of the Strong
  ''978-1-4218-3277-7   ''The Turtles of Tasman
  ''978-1-4218-3278-4   ''The Valley of the Moon
  ''978-1-4218-3279-1   ''When God Laughs and Other Stories
2007978-1-4218-3280-7John R. WatsonThe Hampstead Mystery
  ''978-1-4218-3281-4L. Frank BaumThe Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People
  ''978-1-4218-3282-1Laura Lee HopeBunny Brown and His Sister Sue and Their Shetland Pony (Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue (Hardcover))
2007978-1-4218-3283-8Laura Lee HopeBunny Brown and His Sister Sue on Grandpa's Farm (Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue (Hardcover))
  ''978-1-4218-3284-5   ''The Outdoor Girls in a Motor Car
  ''978-1-4218-3285-2Louisa May AlcottLittle Women
  ''978-1-4218-3286-9Louisa May AlcottWork: A Story of Experience
  ''978-1-4218-3287-6Maynard BarbourThat Mainwaring Affair
2007978-1-4218-3288-3Mary C. E. WemyssThe Professional Aunt
  ''978-1-4218-3289-0P. G. WodehouseMike
  ''978-1-4218-3290-6P. G. WodehouseMike and Psmith
  ''978-1-4218-3291-3   ''My Man Jeeves
  ''978-1-4218-3292-0   ''Piccadilly Jim
2007978-1-4218-3293-7P. G. WodehousePsmith in the City
  ''978-1-4218-3294-4   ''Right Ho, Jeeves
2007978-1-4218-3295-1P. G. WodehouseTales of St. Austin's
  ''978-1-4218-3296-8   ''The Gem Collector
  ''978-1-4218-3297-5   ''The Man Upstairs and Other Stories
  ''978-1-4218-3298-2   ''The Prince and Betty
  ''978-1-4218-3299-9   ''Uneasy Money
2007978-1-4218-3300-2Percy Keese FitzhughTom Slade's Double Dare
  ''978-1-4218-3301-9Rafael SabatiniCaptain Blood (1st World Library Classics)
  ''978-1-4218-3302-6Rex BeachFlowing Gold
  ''978-1-4218-3303-3Richard B. CookThe Grand Old Man
  ''978-1-4218-3304-0Roald AmundsenThe South Pole, Volume 1
2007978-1-4218-3305-7Roald AmundsenThe South Pole, Volume 2
  ''978-1-4218-3306-4Stanley WaterlooA Man and a Woman
  ''978-1-4218-3307-1Stewart Edward WhiteThe Gray Dawn
  ''978-1-4218-3308-8Stewart Edward WhiteThe Killer
2007978-1-4218-3309-5Stewart Edward WhiteThe Land of Footprints
  ''978-1-4218-3310-1   ''The Leopard Woman
  ''978-1-4218-3311-8   ''The Riverman
  ''978-1-4218-3312-5Temple BaileyContrary Mary
  ''978-1-4218-3313-2Temple BaileyThe Tin Soldier
2007978-1-4218-3314-9Temple BaileyThe Trumpeter Swan
  ''978-1-4218-3315-6Wilkie CollinsThe Fallen Leaves
  ''978-1-4218-3316-3William H. AinsworthWindsor Castle
  ''978-1-4218-3317-0Carolyn WellsMarjorie at Seacote
  ''978-1-4218-3318-7   ''Marjorie's Maytime
2007978-1-4218-3319-4Carolyn WellsMarjorie's Vacation
  ''978-1-4218-3320-0   ''Patty and Azalea
2007978-1-4218-3321-7Carolyn WellsPatty at Home