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2008978-1-4206-2002-3Katrina CavaliereMusic for Everyone!
2009978-1-4206-2003-0Susan CollinsA Guide for Using Time Soldiers in the Classroom
2008978-1-4206-2058-0Teacher Created Resources StaffCelebrate the Holidays Grades 1-3
  ''978-1-4206-2076-4Mayra Saenz-UlloaWord Family Activities: Short Vowels Grd K-1
  ''978-1-4206-2077-1   ''Word Family Activities: Long Vowels Grd K-1
2011978-1-4206-2078-8Becky WoodReading Comprehension Grd K (Practice Makes Perfect (Teacher Created Materials))
2008978-1-4206-2096-2Tracy EdmundsPreschool Activities
2009978-1-4206-2115-0Edward M Housel · Debra J HouselCoordinate Graphing: Creating Pictures Using Math Skills, Grades 5-8
2008978-1-4206-2160-0Michael LevinA Guide for Using Loser in the Classroom (Literature Unit (Teacher Created Materials))
  ''978-1-4206-2216-4Melissa HartA Guide for Using The Breadwinner in the Classroom (Literature Unit (Teacher Created Materials))
2009978-1-4206-2222-5Midge FrazelUsing Google and Google Tools in the Classroom
2010978-1-4206-2363-5Melissa HartUsing Graphic Novels in the Classroom Grd 4-8
2014978-1-4206-2384-0Teacher Created Resources StaffLime Chevrons and Dots Lesson Plan & Record Book
2010978-1-4206-2393-2Steve ButzComputer Projects Grd 2-4
  ''978-1-4206-2394-9   ''Computer Projects Grd 5-6
2010978-1-4206-2493-9Marci MathersCoordinate Graphing: Creating Geometry Quilts, Grades 4 & Up
2009978-1-4206-2561-5Garth SundemPuzzles and Games that Make Kids Think: Grade 1
2006978-1-4206-2587-5Melissa HartA Guide for Using Hoot in the Classroom (Literature Units)
2007978-1-4206-2741-1Jodene SmithMastering First Grade Skills-Canadian (Mastering Skills)
  ''978-1-4206-2742-8Jodene SmithMastering Second Grade Skills-Canadian
  ''978-1-4206-2743-5   ''Mastering Third Grade Skills-Canadian
  ''978-1-4206-2744-2   ''Mastering Fourth Grade Skills-Canadian
2007978-1-4206-2745-9Jodene SmithMastering Fifth Grade Skills-Canadian
  ''978-1-4206-2746-6   ''Mastering Sixth Grade Skills-Canadian
1968978-1-4206-2766-4Edward FryHow to Teach Reading by Dr. Fry - 5th Edition
2010978-1-4206-2767-1Heather Wolpert-GawronInternet Literacy Grd 3-5
2012978-1-4206-2769-5Teacher Created Resources StaffLearning to Print Grade K-2
  ''978-1-4206-2770-1Susan Mackey CollinsLearning to Write Cursive Grade 2-3
2008978-1-4206-2778-7Melissa HartMedia Literacy Grade 5
  ''978-1-4206-2779-4   ''Media Literacy Grd 6
  ''978-1-4206-2780-0   ''Media Literacy Grd 7-8
2009978-1-4206-2915-6Ruth FosterPaired Passages: Linking Fact to Fiction Grd 5
2010978-1-4206-2920-0Debra HouselDifferentiated Nonfiction Reading Grd 3
2010978-1-4206-2929-3Julia McmeansDifferentiated Lessons & Assessments: Social Studies Grd 6
2012978-1-4206-2931-6Steve ButzUsing Google Docs in the Classroom (Grade 6-8)
2011978-1-4206-2936-1Teacher Created Resources Staff101 Activities For Fast Finishers Grd 1
  ''978-1-4206-2937-8   ''101 Activities For Fast Finishers Grd 2
2011978-1-4206-2938-5Teacher Created Resources Staff101 Activities For Fast Finishers Grd 3
  ''978-1-4206-2939-2   ''101 Activities For Fast Finishers Grd 4
  ''978-1-4206-2940-8   ''101 Activities For Fast Finishers Grd 5
  ''978-1-4206-2966-8   ''101 Activities For Fast Finishers Grd 6
2005978-1-4206-3000-8Sarah BeattyDictionary Skills Grade 4 (Practice Makes Perfect)
2013978-1-4206-3024-4Kathryn KurowskiYear Round Project-Based Activities for STEM PreK-K
  ''978-1-4206-3025-1Stephanie LesterYear Round Project-Based Activities for STEM Grd 1-2
2013978-1-4206-3027-5Steve ButzYear Round Project-Based Activities for STEM Grd 2-3
2006978-1-4206-3066-4Maureen GerardReaders' Theater: Tall Tales
2007978-1-4206-3069-5Maureen GerardReaders' Theater: Fairy Tales
2006978-1-4206-3078-7Joseph P. RamirezLiterature Guide for the Middle School Classroom
2004978-1-4206-3115-9Shirley SpriegelMath Practice for Beginners, PreK & K
2006978-1-4206-3121-0Bridget Kilroy HoffmanFull-Color Reading Games, Grades K-1
2005978-1-4206-3125-8Irene ParisiHow to Manage an Independent Reading Program
  ''978-1-4206-3138-8Melissa Hart101 Ways to Love a Book
  ''978-1-4206-3140-1Traci Ferguson GeiserA Poem in My Pocket: Fall
  ''978-1-4206-3149-4Edward FryDr. Fry's Reading Activities, Grades 1-2
  ''978-1-4206-3164-7Melissa HartA Guide for Using The Tale of Despereaux in the Classroom (Literature Units)
2005978-1-4206-3174-6Renee LilesFull-Color Literacy Activities: Sight Words
  ''978-1-4206-3175-3   ''Full-Color Literacy Activities: Sight Words & Sentences
  ''978-1-4206-3177-7Bridget Kilroy HoffmanFull-Color Math Games
  ''978-1-4206-3194-4Jacqueline B. ClemensCreative Kids: Simple Gardening Fun
2010978-1-4206-3248-4Tracie HeskettBuilding Writing Skills: Sentences to Paragraphs
2009978-1-4206-3261-3Susan Mackey CollinsItsy Bitsy Stories for Reading Comprehension Grd 1
2009978-1-4206-3262-0Susan Mackey CollinsItsy Bitsy Stories for Reading Comprehension Grd 2
2013978-1-4206-3269-9Teacher Created Resources StaffCrazy Circles Lesson Plan & Record Book
2008978-1-4206-3279-8Mary RosenbergMother Goose Reading Writing & Math Activities from ME
  ''978-1-4206-3358-0Teacher Created Resources StaffLesson Planner
  ''978-1-4206-3360-3TcrRecord & Grade Book
2005978-1-4206-3392-4Jodene Lynn SmithActivities for Oral Language Development
  ''978-1-4206-3393-1Jennifer Overend PriorActivities For Oral Language Development: Grade 3-5
2004978-1-4206-3400-6Teacher Created Resources StaffCritical Thinking for Multiple Learning Styles
2006978-1-4206-3423-5   ''Lesson Plan Book from Wyland
  ''978-1-4206-3424-2   ''Record Book from Wyland
2004978-1-4206-3436-5   ''Creative Kids: Native American Tales & Activities
2006978-1-4206-3487-7Melissa HartDaily Warm-Ups: Reading, Grade 1
2006978-1-4206-3488-4Shelle RussellTeacher Created Resources 3488 Daily Warm-Ups Book, Reading, Grade 2
  ''978-1-4206-3489-1   ''Daily Warm-Ups: Reading, Grade 3
  ''978-1-4206-3490-7Sarah ClarkDaily Warm-Ups: Reading, Grade 4
  ''978-1-4206-3491-4Sarah ClarkDaily Warm-Ups: Reading, Grade 5
2006978-1-4206-3492-1Sarah ClarkDaily Warm-Ups: Reading, Grade 6
2011978-1-4206-3579-9Robert W SmithDaily Warm-Ups: Problem Solving Math Grade 5 (Daily Warm-Ups: Word Problems)
2006978-1-4206-3593-5Tracie HeskettTraits of Good Writing, Grades 5-6
2014978-1-4206-3658-1   ''Daily Warm-Ups: Reading Grade 7
2015978-1-4206-3716-8Teacher Created Resources StaffChalkboard Brights Lesson Plan and Record Book
2005978-1-4206-3853-0Greg CamdenThe World Almanac for Kids: Scavenger Hunts (World Almanac for Kids (Teacher Created))
  ''978-1-4206-3916-2Teacher Created Resources StaffAnything is Possible Lesson Plan Book from Mary Engelbreit
  ''978-1-4206-3917-9   ''Anything is Possible Record Book from Mary Engelbreit (Teacher Created Resources)
2006978-1-4206-3941-4   ''Mastering Fifth Grade Skills
  ''978-1-4206-3943-8   ''Mastering Fourth Grade Skills (Mastering Skills)
2007978-1-4206-3944-5Justine AllegriaFull-Color Transitions
2006978-1-4206-3945-2Teacher Created Resources StaffMastering Sixth Grade Skills (Mastering Skills)
2005978-1-4206-3948-3Jim Walters50 Book Report Ideas
  ''978-1-4206-3949-0Jim WaltersSubstitute Teacher Handbook
2006978-1-4206-3955-1Jodene SmithMastering Kindergarten Skills
2006978-1-4206-3956-8Jodene SmithMastering First Grade Skills
  ''978-1-4206-3957-5Susan CollinsMastering Second Grade Skills
2006978-1-4206-3958-2Susan CollinsMastering Third Grade Skills (Mastering Skills)
  ''978-1-4206-3959-9Heath RoddyDaily Warm-Ups: Math, Grade 1
  ''978-1-4206-3960-5   ''Daily Warm-Ups: Math, Grade 2
  ''978-1-4206-3961-2   ''Daily Warm-Ups: Math, Grade 3
  ''978-1-4206-3962-9   ''Daily Warm-Ups: Math, Grade 4
2006978-1-4206-3963-6Heath RoddyDaily Warm-Ups: Math, Grade 5
2005978-1-4206-3981-0Shelle RussellMind Twisters Grade 1
  ''978-1-4206-3983-4Melissa HartMind Twisters Grade 3
  ''978-1-4206-3984-1Sarah Kartchner ClarkMind Twisters Grade 4
  ''978-1-4206-3985-8Sarah Kartchner ClarkMind Twisters Grade 5
  ''978-1-4206-3986-5Melissa HartMind Twisters Grade 6
2009978-1-4206-3991-9Mary RosenbergDaily Warm-Ups: Language Skills Grade 1
2009978-1-4206-3992-6Mary RosenbergDaily Warm-Ups: Language Skills Grade 2
  ''978-1-4206-3993-3   ''Daily Warm-Ups: Language Skills Grade 3
2009978-1-4206-3994-0Mary RosenbergDaily Warm-Ups: Language Skills Grade 4
  ''978-1-4206-3995-7   ''Daily Warm-Ups: Language Skills Grade 5
  ''978-1-4206-3996-4   ''Daily Warm-Ups: Language Skills Grade 6
2008978-1-4206-3997-1Robert W. SmithUS History Readers' Theater Grd 5-8
  ''978-1-4206-3998-8   ''World History Readers' Theater, Grades 5-8
  ''978-1-4206-3999-5   ''Ancient History Readers' Theater Grd 5-8
2008978-1-4206-4434-0Teacher Created ResourcesEncouragement Sticker Book
2008978-1-4206-4435-7Teacher Created ResourcesSeasonal Fun Sticker Book: 1514 Seasonal Stickers
2011978-1-4206-5032-7Ruth FosterTeacher Created Resources Daily Warm-ups: Nonfiction Reading, Grade 2, 176 Pages (5032)
  ''978-1-4206-5033-4Debra HouselTeacher Created Resources Daily Warm-ups: Nonfiction Reading, Grade 3, 176 Pages (5033)
  ''978-1-4206-5034-1   ''Teacher Created Resources Daily Warm-ups: Nonfiction Reading, Grade 4, 176 Pages (5034)
  ''978-1-4206-5035-8Ruth FosterDaily Warm-Ups: Nonfiction Reading Grd 5
  ''978-1-4206-5036-5Robert W SmithDaily Warm-Ups: Nonfiction Reading Grd 6
2008978-1-4206-5140-9Debbie Kahnen LytleHandprints, Footprints and Holidays!
2009978-1-4206-5915-3Teacher Created Resources StaffReady-Set-Learn: Learn the Alphabet PreK-K
2009978-1-4206-5918-4Teacher Created Resources StaffReady-Set-Learn: Alphabet Activities PreK-K
  ''978-1-4206-5921-4   ''Ready-Set-Learn: Math Skills Grade 2
2008978-1-4206-5926-9   ''Ready-Set-Learn: Word Problems Grd 2
  ''978-1-4206-5929-0   ''Ready-Set-Learn: Reading Comprehension Grd 3
2007978-1-4206-5933-7Teacher Created Resources StaffReady-Set-Learn: Following Directions Grd K-1
  ''978-1-4206-5938-2   ''Ready-Set-Learn: Reading Comprehension Grd 2
  ''978-1-4206-5942-9   ''Ready-Set-Learn: Cursive Writing Practice Grd 2-3
  ''978-1-4206-5951-1   ''Ready-Set-Learn: Alphabet PreK-K (Ready Set Learn)
  ''978-1-4206-5952-8Eric MigliaccioBeginning & Ending Sounds Grades K-1 (Ready*Set*Learn)
2007978-1-4206-5953-5Teacher Created Resources StaffReady-Set-Learn: Beginning Math PreK-K
  ''978-1-4206-5956-6   ''Ready-Set-Learn: Dot-to-Dot Alphabet Grd K
2007978-1-4206-5967-2Teacher Created Resources StaffReady-Set-Learn: Printing Practice Grd K-1
  ''978-1-4206-5968-9   ''Ready-Set-Learn: Reading Comprehension, Grade 1
  ''978-1-4206-5971-9   ''Ready-Set-Learn: Sight Words Grd K-1
2006978-1-4206-5992-4Kelly McmahonStart to Finish: Finish the Pictures Grd K-1
  ''978-1-4206-5994-8Michael H. LevinStart to Finish: Word Searches Grd 2-3
  ''978-1-4206-5995-5   ''Start to Finish: Word Searches Grd 3-4
2006978-1-4206-5996-2Michael H. LevinStart to Finish: Crossword Puzzles Grd 2-3 (Start to Finish (Teacher Created Resources))
2004978-1-4206-7050-9Mary TuckerBible Stories & Activities: Ten Commandments
2005978-1-4206-7051-6Mary TuckerBible Stories & Activities: Noah's Ark (Bible Story Activities (Teacher Created Resources))
  ''978-1-4206-7053-0   ''Bible Stories & Activities: Moses
2005978-1-4206-7054-7Mary TuckerBible Stories & Activities: Joseph
2006978-1-4206-7055-4   ''Bible Stories & Activities: Daniel
  ''978-1-4206-7056-1   ''Bible Stories & Activities: Jonah
  ''978-1-4206-7057-8   ''Bible Stories & Activities: Esther
2007978-1-4206-7067-7   ''Bible Stories & Activities: David
2007978-1-4206-7068-4Mary TuckerBible Stories & Activities: Ruth
  ''978-1-4206-7069-1   ''Bible Stories & Activities: Paul
2006978-1-4206-7070-7   ''Christian Bulletin Board Ideas and Patterns: Holidays and Seasons
2011978-1-4206-7815-4Teacher Created ResourcesI Have, Who Has?: Language Arts Game, Grades 1-2
  ''978-1-4206-7816-1   ''Teacher Created Resources I Have... Who Has...? Language Arts Game Grade 3-4 (7816)
  ''978-1-4206-7817-8   ''Teacher Created Resources I Have... Who Has...? Math Games Grade 1-2 (7817
2011978-1-4206-7818-5Teacher Created ResourcesTeacher Created Resources I Have... Who Has...? Math Games Grade 2-3 (7818)
  ''978-1-4206-7819-2   ''Teacher Created Resources I Have... Who Has...? Math Games Grade 3-4 (7819)
2007978-1-4206-8018-8Debra HouselReading Comprehension Practice, Grades 4-6
  ''978-1-4206-8019-5   ''Reading Comprehension Practice, Grades 6-8 (World Almanac for Kids)
2006978-1-4206-8020-1Ruth FosterNonfiction Reading Comprehension: Science, Grades 2-3
  ''978-1-4206-8021-8   ''Nonfiction Reading Comprehension: Science, Grade 3
  ''978-1-4206-8022-5   ''Nonfiction Reading Comprehension: Science, Grade 4
2006978-1-4206-8024-9Ruth FosterNonfiction Reading Comprehension: Social Studies, Grade 3
2006978-1-4206-8025-6Ruth FosterNonfiction Reading Comprehension: Social Studies, Grade 4
  ''978-1-4206-8026-3   ''Nonfiction Reading Comprehension: Science, Grades 1-2
  ''978-1-4206-8027-0   ''Nonfiction Reading Comprehension: Social Studies, Grades 1-2
2007978-1-4206-8028-7   ''Nonfiction Reading Comprehension: Science, Grade 5
  ''978-1-4206-8030-0   ''Nonfiction Reading Comprehension: Social Studies, Grade 5
2006978-1-4206-8034-8Jessica KisselReady To Go Lessons: Reading & Writing Grd 5
2008978-1-4206-8037-9Ruth FosterNonfiction Reading Comprehension: Science, Grd 6
2008978-1-4206-8038-6Ruth FosterNonfiction Reading Comprehension: Social Studies, Grd 6
2006978-1-4206-8040-9Kathleen PetersenFluency Practice, Grades 1-2
2007978-1-4206-8046-1Teacher Created Resources StaffStrategies that Work: Comprehension Practice, Grade 6
  ''978-1-4206-8047-8   ''Strategies that Work: Comprehension Practice, Grades 7 & Up
2008978-1-4206-8050-8Melissa HartActivities for Fluency, Grades 1-2
  ''978-1-4206-8051-5   ''Activities for Fluency, Grades 3-4
2014978-1-4206-8054-6Teacher Created Resources StaffTargeting Comprehension Strategies for the Common Core Grd 7
2008978-1-4206-8057-7Kristine BrownStrategies That Work! Reading Essentials, Grades 6 & Up
  ''978-1-4206-8064-5Hunter CalderEarly Language Skills: Getting Ready to Read
  ''978-1-4206-8065-2Hunter CalderEarly Language Skills: Consonant Sounds
2008978-1-4206-8066-9Hunter CalderEarly Language Skills: Vowel Sounds
  ''978-1-4206-8067-6   ''Early Language Skills: Reading with Sounds
  ''978-1-4206-8068-3   ''Early Language Skills: Beginning to Read
  ''978-1-4206-8074-4Kristine BrownWrite from the Start! Writing Lessons Grd 6-8
2014978-1-4206-8086-7Teacher Created Resources StaffSummertime Learning Grd 2 - Spanish Directions
2014978-1-4206-8087-4Teacher Created Resources StaffSummertime Learning Grd 3 - Spanish Directions
  ''978-1-4206-8097-3   ''Summertime Learning Grd 4 - Spanish Directions
  ''978-1-4206-8098-0   ''Summertime Learning Grd 5 - Spanish Directions
2008978-1-4206-8100-0   ''Weather Watch: Rain
  ''978-1-4206-8101-7   ''Weather Watch: Snow
2008978-1-4206-8103-1Teacher Created Resources StaffWeather Watch: Wind
  ''978-1-4206-8105-5Bev DunbarEarly Math Skills: Numbers to 10- Adding-Subtracting, Grades PreK-K
  ''978-1-4206-8107-9Bev DunbarEarly Math Skills: Learning Numbers to 99, Grades K-1
  ''978-1-4206-8108-6Teacher Created ResourcesEarly Math Skills: Add-Subtract-Multiply-Divide
2007978-1-4206-8111-6Teacher Created Resources StaffAnimal Lives: Owls (Qeb Animal Lives)
  ''978-1-4206-8112-3   ''Animal Lives: Bees and Wasps (Qeb Animal Lives)
2007978-1-4206-8114-7Teacher Created Resources StaffAnimal Lives: Alligators and Crocodiles (Qeb Animal Lives)
  ''978-1-4206-8115-4   ''Animal Lives: Giraffes (Animal Lives (Teacher Created Resources))
2014978-1-4206-8122-2   ''Summertime Learning Grd 6 - Spanish Directions
2008978-1-4206-8138-3Teacher Created ResourcesAnimal Lives: Dolphins and Porpoises (Animal Lives (Teacher Created Resources))
2007978-1-4206-8142-0Greg Camden101 Lessons: Vocabulary Words in Context
  ''978-1-4206-8143-7Margaret Brinton101 Lessons: Vocabulary Words in Context
2006978-1-4206-8152-9Teacher Created Resources StaffAnimal Lives: Lions (Qeb Animal Lives)
  ''978-1-4206-8153-6   ''Animal Lives: Butterflies
2006978-1-4206-8155-0Teacher Created Resources StaffAnimal Lives: Gorillas
  ''978-1-4206-8157-4   ''Animal Lives: Whales (Qeb Animal Lives)
  ''978-1-4206-8158-1   ''Animal Lives: Elephants
  ''978-1-4206-8161-1   ''Animal Lives: Tigers (Qeb Animal Lives)
  ''978-1-4206-8162-8   ''Animal Lives: Spiders (Qeb Animal Lives)
2006978-1-4206-8163-5Teacher Created Resources StaffAnimal Lives: Penguins (Qeb Animal Lives)
2007978-1-4206-8372-1Debra HouselDocument-Based Questions for Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking
  ''978-1-4206-8599-2Dennis DuncanStrategies & Games for Improving Critical-Thinking & Questioning Skills
2006978-1-4206-8608-1Debra HouselPrefixes & Suffixes Grade 4 (Practice Makes Perfect (Teacher Created Resources))
2005978-1-4206-8627-2Ruth FosterSentence Combining Grade 4 (Practice Makes Perfect)
2005978-1-4206-8628-9Ruth FosterSentence Combining Grade 5 (Practice Makes Perfect (Teacher Created Materials))
2007978-1-4206-8717-0E-EducatorsFull-Color Standards-Based Language Arts Activities & Games
  ''978-1-4206-8719-4   ''Full-Color Standards-Based Math Activities & Games
  ''978-1-4206-8722-4Pamela PiersonDaily Independent Reading Record and Journal
2005978-1-4206-8769-9Karen J GoldflussSchool Memory Album: A Collection of Special Memories, Photos, and Keepsakes from Kindergarten Through Sixth Grade
2007978-1-4206-8770-5Stephanie LesterScience through the Year, PreK-K
  ''978-1-4206-8771-2Laurie HansenScience Through the Year, Grades 1-2
  ''978-1-4206-8774-3Debra ConnollyActivities for Any Spelling Unit
2007978-1-4206-8856-6Kathleen CraneWriting Effective Report Card Comments
  ''978-1-4206-8857-3Tracy EdmundsMath Rhymes, Songs & Stories, PreK-1
  ''978-1-4206-8861-0Tracie HeskettNonfiction Reading Comprehension: Informational Reading, Grades 1-2
  ''978-1-4206-8862-7   ''Nonfiction Reading Comprehension: Informational Reading, Grades 2-3
  ''978-1-4206-8863-4   ''Nonfiction Reading Comprehension: Informational Reading, Grade 3
2007978-1-4206-8864-1Tracie HeskettNonfiction Reading Comprehension: Informational Reading, Grade 4
  ''978-1-4206-8877-1Melissa HartExploring Ocean Life, Grades 1-2
  ''978-1-4206-8878-8Robert W SmithExploring Ocean Life, Grades 3-4
  ''978-1-4206-8879-5   ''Exploring Ocean Life, Grades 5-6
2006978-1-4206-8919-8Jenna WinterbergWatch Me Draw: The Zoo (Watch Me Draw (Teacher Created Resources))
2007978-1-4206-8943-3Teacher Created Resources StaffTime Soldiers: Arthur (Time Soldiers (Teacher Created Resources))
2007978-1-4206-8944-0Teacher Created Resources StaffTime Soldiers: Mummy (Time Soldiers (Teacher Created Resources))
  ''978-1-4206-8945-7   ''Time Soldiers: Samurai (Time Soldiers (Teacher Created Resources))
2006978-1-4206-9042-2Garth SundemWriting in the Content Areas, Grade 2
  ''978-1-4206-9043-9   ''Writing in the Content Areas, Grade 3
  ''978-1-4206-9044-6   ''Writing in the Content Areas, Grade 4
2005978-1-4206-9045-3   ''Writing in the Content Areas, Grade 5
2006978-1-4206-9046-0Garth SundemWriting in the Content Areas, Grade 6
2008978-1-4206-9048-4Susan CollinsDiscovering Genres: Biography & Autobiography
  ''978-1-4206-9269-3Tracy EdmundsMe and My World