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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-4201-2200-8Jane FeatherLove's Charade
2012978-1-4201-2211-4Lisa PlumleyMelt Into You
  ''978-1-4201-2212-1Lisa PlumleyTogether for Christmas (A Kismet Christmas Romance)
2011978-1-4201-2213-8Janet DaileyDance With Me
  ''978-1-4201-2214-5Janet DaileyEverything
  ''978-1-4201-2215-2   ''Forever
  ''978-1-4201-2227-5Zoe ArcherDevil s Kiss (Hellraisers)
2012978-1-4201-2233-6Hannah HowellUnconquered
2011978-1-4201-2234-3Hannah HowellReckless (Highland Brides)
2011978-1-4201-2235-0Hannah HowellHighland Destiny
2012978-1-4201-2238-1   ''My Valiant Knight
  ''978-1-4201-2271-8Alexandra IvyMy Lord Vampire (Immortal Rogues)
2010978-1-4201-2289-3Beverly BartonClose Enough To Kill
  ''978-1-4201-2290-9Alexandra IvyDarkness Everlasting (Guardians Of Eternity)
2012978-1-4201-2321-0Sally MacKenzieBedding Lord Ned (Duchess of Love)
  ''978-1-4201-2324-1Shirlee BusbeeWhisper To Me of Love
  ''978-1-4201-2397-5Kat MartinHot Rain
2012978-1-4201-2398-2Kat MartinDeep Blue (Sinclair Sister's Trilogy)
  ''978-1-4201-2400-2Jackie IvieA Perfect Knight For Love
  ''978-1-4201-2402-6Jess HainesStalking the Others (H&W Investigations)
2011978-1-4201-2420-0Beverly BartonEvery Move She Makes
  ''978-1-4201-2446-0Hannah Howell · Lynsay SandsHighland Thirst (McNachton Vampires)
  ''978-1-4201-2452-1Richelle MeadThorn Queen (Dark Swan)
2011978-1-4201-2455-2Alexandra IvyDarkness Unleashed (Guardians Of Eternity)
2012978-1-4201-2464-4Fern MichaelsThe Scoop (The Godmothers #1)
  ''978-1-4201-2468-2Fern MichaelsComing Home for Christmas
2011978-1-4201-2481-1Alexandra IvyEmbrace the Darkness (Guardians Of Eternity)
  ''978-1-4201-2482-8Hannah HowellHighland Honor
  ''978-1-4201-2483-5Jacquelyn FrankGideon: The Nightwalkers
2012978-1-4201-2486-6Jo Beverley · Mary Jo Putney · Patricia Rice · Nicola Cornick · Anne Gracie · Joanna Bourne · Susan Fraser King · Cara ElliottMischief and Mistletoe
2011978-1-4201-2490-3Wendy Corsi StaubThe Final Victim
  ''978-1-4201-2498-9Jacquelyn FrankJacob: The Nightwalkers
2011978-1-4201-2499-6Jacquelyn FrankNoah: The Nightwalkers
2012978-1-4201-2501-6Nancy BushNowhere to Run
  ''978-1-4201-2502-3Nancy BushNowhere To Hide (Rafferty Family)
2013978-1-4201-2505-4Mary BurtonThe Seventh Victim (Texas Rangers)
2012978-1-4201-2508-5Kat MartinMidnight Sun (Zebra romantic suspense)
2013978-1-4201-2512-2Alexandra Ivy · Nina Bangs · Dianne Duvall · Hannah JaynePredatory
2011978-1-4201-2529-0Alexandra IvyWhen Darkness Comes (Guardians of Eternity)
2012978-1-4201-2574-0Fern MichaelsThe Jury (Sisterhood)
  ''978-1-4201-2575-7   ''Lethal Justice (Sisterhood)
  ''978-1-4201-2576-4Heather GrahamQueen of Hearts
  ''978-1-4201-2577-1Heather GrahamBeneath A Blood Red Moon (Alliance Vampires)
2012978-1-4201-2579-5Richelle MeadStorm Born (Dark Swan)
2011978-1-4201-2581-8Lisa JacksonCold Blooded (A Bentz/Montoya Novel)
2009978-1-4201-2589-4Nancy BushUnseen
2010978-1-4201-2590-0   ''Blind Spot
2012978-1-4201-2649-5Michele SinclairA Woman Made for Pleasure (Promises)
  ''978-1-4201-2861-1Alexandra IvyMy Lord Eternity (Immortal Rogues)
  ''978-1-4201-2862-8Mary Jo PutneyLoving a Lost Lord (Lost Lords)
2013978-1-4201-2896-3Hannah HowellHighland Hearts
  ''978-1-4201-2978-6Dianne DuvallDarkness Rises (Immortal Guardians)
2014978-1-4201-2980-9Dianne DuvallNight Unbound (Immortal Guardians)
2013978-1-4201-3011-9Fern MichaelsBlindsided (Sisterhood)
2012978-1-4201-3021-8Hannah HowellHighland Hero
  ''978-1-4201-3035-5Lisa JacksonThe Morning After
  ''978-1-4201-3084-3Joann RossLeaving Blue Bayou
  ''978-1-4201-3101-7Hannah HowellSilver Flame
2014978-1-4201-3124-6Vanessa KellyConfessions of a Royal Bridegroom (The Renegade Royals)
2013978-1-4201-3141-3Jodi ThomasOne Texas Night
2012978-1-4201-3142-0Fern MichaelsI'll Be Home For Christmas
2015978-1-4201-3213-7Mary BurtonBe Afraid (Morgans of Nashville)
  ''978-1-4201-3215-1   ''I'll Never Let You Go (Morgans of Nashville)
2013978-1-4201-3219-9Fern MichaelsWeekend Warriors (Sisterhood)
2015978-1-4201-3228-1Victoria AlexanderThe Daring Exploits of a Runaway Heiress (Millworth Manor)
2013978-1-4201-3252-6Fern MichaelsHome Free (Sisterhood)
2012978-1-4201-3300-4   ''November Backlist Prepack
2012978-1-4201-3301-1Lisa JacksonDecember Backlist Prepack
2014978-1-4201-3307-3Charlotte HubbardBreath of Spring (Seasons of the Heart)
2015978-1-4201-3309-7Charlotte HubbardHarvest of Blessings (Seasons of the Heart)
  ''978-1-4201-3311-0   ''The Christmas Cradle (Seasons of the Heart)
2014978-1-4201-3318-9Lori FosterJamie (Visitation)
  ''978-1-4201-3319-6Lori FosterUnexpected
2012978-1-4201-3323-3Fern MichaelsFern Michaels 12 Copy Prepack
  ''978-1-4201-3324-0VARIOUS VARIOUSBestseller 12 Copy Prepack
  ''978-1-4201-3325-7Fern MichaelsJanuary 2013 Fern Michaels Pharmasave 18 Copy Floor Display
2013978-1-4201-3326-4Various VariousFebruary 2013 Value Prices Pharmasave 18 Copy Floor Display
2013978-1-4201-3327-1Lisa JacksonMarch 2013 Lisa Jackson Pharmasave 18 Copy Floor Display
  ''978-1-4201-3331-8Various VariousLoblaws Feb 2013 Prepack
2012978-1-4201-3334-9Fern MichaelsSafeway January 2013 Laneblocker
2013978-1-4201-3337-0Lisa JacksonSafeway March 2013 Laneblocker Prepack
2014978-1-4201-3356-1Jennifer BeckstrandHuckleberry Hill (The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill)
  ''978-1-4201-3358-5Jennifer BeckstrandHuckleberry Summer (The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill)
  ''978-1-4201-3360-8   ''Huckleberry Christmas (Huckleberry Hill)
2013978-1-4201-3362-2Fern MichaelsFern Michaels Mm Prepack January 2013
  ''978-1-4201-3363-9Lisa JacksonLisa Jackson Mm Prepack Januaray 2013
2014978-1-4201-3382-0Kat MartinAgainst the Wild (The Brodies Of Alaska)
2015978-1-4201-3386-8Kat MartinAgainst the Tide (The Brodies Of Alaska)
2014978-1-4201-3453-7Amy LillardCaroline's Secret (A Wells Landing Romance)
2015978-1-4201-3455-1Amy LillardCourting Emily (A Wells Landing Romance)
  ''978-1-4201-3457-5   ''Lorie's Heart (A Wells Landing Romance)
  ''978-1-4201-3494-0Fern MichaelsDouble Down (The Men Of The Sisterhood)
2014978-1-4201-3544-2Kelly LongThe Amish Bride of Ice Mountain
2015978-1-4201-3546-6Kelly LongAn Amish Man of Ice Mountain
  ''978-1-4201-3548-0   ''The Amish Heart of Ice Mountain
2014978-1-4201-3591-6Fern MichaelsEyes Only (Sisterhood)
2015978-1-4201-3592-3   ''In Plain Sight (Sisterhood)
  ''978-1-4201-3605-0Lisa JacksonNever Die Alone (A Bentz/Montoya Novel)
2019978-1-4201-3609-8   ''Willing to Die (An Alvarez & Pescoli Novel)
2013978-1-4201-3617-3Fern MichaelsPayback (Sisterhood)
2015978-1-4201-3649-4Jennifer BeckstrandHuckleberry Spring (Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill)
2015978-1-4201-3651-7Jennifer BeckstrandHuckleberry Harvest (The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill)
2015978-1-4201-3653-1Jennifer BeckstrandHuckleberry Hearts (The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill)
2017978-1-4201-3716-3Sally MacKenzieWhen to Engage an Earl (Spinster House)
2008978-1-4201-3718-7Fern MichaelsFast Track (Sisterhood)
2014978-1-4201-3719-4   ''Free Fall (Sisterhood)
2015978-1-4201-3761-3Molly JebberChange of Heart (A Keepsake Pocket Quilt Novel)
2017978-1-4201-3765-1Molly JebberTwo Suitors for Anna (A Keepsake Pocket Quilt Novel)
2016978-1-4201-3869-6Charlotte HubbardA Simple Vow (Simple Gifts)
2017978-1-4201-3871-9   ''A Simple Wish (Simple Gifts)
2018978-1-4201-3873-3   ''A Simple Christmas (Simple Gifts)
2015978-1-4201-3889-4Scarlett DunnPromises Kept (The McBride Brothers)
  ''978-1-4201-3891-7Scarlett DunnFinding Promise (The McBride Brothers)
2016978-1-4201-3923-5Sidney BristolShift (Hot Rides)
2015978-1-4201-3933-4Lisa JacksonDeep Freeze (West Coast Series)
2016978-1-4201-3941-9Charlotte HubbardPromise Lodge
  ''978-1-4201-3943-3   ''Christmas at Promise Lodge
2017978-1-4201-3945-7Charlotte HubbardWeddings at Promise Lodge
2016978-1-4201-3975-4Amy LillardTitus Returns (A Wells Landing Romance)
2017978-1-4201-3977-8   ''Marrying Jonah (A Wells Landing Romance)
  ''978-1-4201-3982-2   ''The Quilting Circle (A Wells Landing Romance)
2016978-1-4201-4020-0Jennifer BeckstrandSweet as Honey (The Honeybee Sisters)
  ''978-1-4201-4022-4   ''A Bee In Her Bonnet (The Honeybee Sisters)
  ''978-1-4201-4024-8   ''Like a Bee to Honey (The Honeybee Sisters)
  ''978-1-4201-4026-2Susan FoxRing of Fire (A Caribou Crossing Romance)
2016978-1-4201-4028-6Susan FoxHoliday in Your Heart (A Caribou Crossing Romance)
2018978-1-4201-4071-2Fern MichaelsTruth or Dare (The Men Of The Sisterhood)
2015978-1-4201-4078-1Mary Jo PutneyNot Always a Saint (Lost Lords)
  ''978-1-4201-4079-8Fern MichaelsDouble Down (The Men Of The Sisterhood)
2017978-1-4201-4125-2Kelly LongAn Amish Courtship on Ice Mountain
2018978-1-4201-4127-6Kelly LongAn Amish Match on Ice Mountain
2017978-1-4201-4156-6Lisa Jones BakerRachel's Dream (Hope Chest of Dreams)
2016978-1-4201-4158-0Lisa Jones BakerRebecca's Bouquet (Hope Chest of Dreams)
2035978-1-4201-4208-2Kathleen Bittner RothFelice (Bayou Bad Boys)
2016978-1-4201-4223-5Scarlett DunnChristmas at Dove Creek
2017978-1-4201-4297-6Amy LillardKappy King and the Puppy Kaper (An Amish Mystery)
2018978-1-4201-4299-0   ''Kappy King and the Pickle Kaper (An Amish Mystery)
  ''978-1-4201-4301-0   ''Kappy King and the Pie Kaper (An Amish Mystery)
  ''978-1-4201-4312-6Charlotte HubbardA Mother's Love
2017978-1-4201-4390-4Madeline HunterThe Most Dangerous Duke in London (Decadent Dukes Society)
  ''978-1-4201-4397-3Gina Welborn · Becca WhithamThe Promise Bride (A Montana Brides Romance)
2018978-1-4201-4399-7Gina Welborn · Becca WhithamThe Kitchen Marriage (A Montana Brides Romance)
2017978-1-4201-4411-6Jennifer BeckstrandReturn to Huckleberry Hill (The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill)
2018978-1-4201-4415-4   ''Home on Huckleberry Hill (The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill)
  ''978-1-4201-4417-8Kelly Long · Jennifer Beckstrand · Lisa Jones BakerThe Amish Christmas Candle
2017978-1-4201-4448-2Scarlett DunnWhispering Pines (The Langtry Sisters)
2018978-1-4201-4463-5Kaitlin O'RileyThe Heiress He's Been Waiting For (Hamilton Cousins)
2020978-1-4201-4467-3Kaitlin O'RileyThe Unexpected Heiress (Hamilton Cousins)
2018978-1-4201-4481-9Jennifer Beckstrand · Molly Jebber · Amy LillardAmish Brides
2019978-1-4201-4485-7Molly JebberEllie's Redemption (The Amish Charm Bakery)
2020978-1-4201-4487-1   ''Hannah's Courage (The Amish Charm Bakery)
2017978-1-4201-4504-5Sarah PriceBelle: An Amish Retelling of Beauty and the Beast (An Amish Fairytale)
2018978-1-4201-4506-9Sarah PriceElla: An Amish Retelling of Cinderella (An Amish Fairytale)
2018978-1-4201-4508-3Sarah PriceSadie: An Amish Retelling of Snow White (An Amish Fairytale)
2019978-1-4201-4510-6Charlotte HubbardNew Beginnings at Promise Lodge
2020978-1-4201-4511-3Charlotte HubbardLight Shines on Promise Lodge
  ''978-1-4201-4512-0   ''Morning Star
2018978-1-4201-4566-3Amy LillardA Home for Hannah (Amish of Pontotoc)
  ''978-1-4201-4600-4Fern MichaelsSafe and Sound (Sisterhood)
2019978-1-4201-4604-2   ''Cut and Run (Sisterhood)
2018978-1-4201-4660-8Susan Lantz SimpsonThe Promise
  ''978-1-4201-4662-2   ''The Mending
2019978-1-4201-4664-6   ''The Reconciliation
2020978-1-4201-4729-2Ella QuinnThe Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh (The Marriage Game)
  ''978-1-4201-4734-6Shelley Shepard Gray · Patricia Johns · Virginia WiseAn Amish Second Christmas
2018978-1-4201-4744-5Lisa Jones BakerSecret at Pebble Creek (Hope Chest of Dreams)
2020978-1-4201-4748-3Lisa Jones BakerPromise at Pebble Creek (Hope Chest of Dreams)
2019978-1-4201-4771-1Jennifer BeckstrandAndrew (The Petersheim Brothers)
  ''978-1-4201-4772-8   ''Abraham (The Petersheim Brothers)
2020978-1-4201-4773-5   ''Austin (The Petersheim Brothers)
  ''978-1-4201-4811-4Mary Jo PutneyOnce Dishonored (Rogues Redeemed)
  ''978-1-4201-4816-9Mary Jo Putney · Madeline Hunter · Sabrina JeffriesSeduction on a Snowy Night
2018978-1-4201-4833-6Fern MichaelsHide and Seek (Sisterhood)
2020978-1-4201-4857-2Sabrina JeffriesWho Wants to Marry a Duke (Duke Dynasty)
  ''978-1-4201-4912-8Patricia JohnsThursday's Bride
2020978-1-4201-4913-5Patricia JohnsJeb's Wife
2019978-1-4201-4917-3Sarah PriceThe Amish Cookie Club
  ''978-1-4201-4918-0   ''An Amish Cookie Club Christmas (The Amish Cookie Club)
2020978-1-4201-4919-7   ''An Amish Cookie Club Courtship (The Amish Cookie Club)
  ''978-1-4201-4924-1Loree LoughHome to Stay (A Little Child Shall Lead Them)
  ''978-1-4201-4956-2Amy LillardLoving Jenna (A Wells Landing Romance)
2020978-1-4201-4958-6Amy LillardRomancing Nadine (A Wells Landing Romance)
  ''978-1-4201-4976-0Jenna JaxonThe Widow's Christmas Surprise (The Widow's Club)
2019978-1-4201-4980-7Susan Lantz SimpsonRosanna's Gift
2020978-1-4201-5042-1Rachel J. GoodHis Unexpected Amish Twins (Unexpected Amish Blessings)
  ''978-1-4201-5044-5Rachel J. GoodHis Pretend Amish Bride (Unexpected Amish Blessings)
  ''978-1-4201-5172-5Amy LillardAn Amish Husband for Tillie (Amish of Pontotoc)