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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-0-8217-8044-2Deborah RaleighBedding The Baron
2009978-0-8217-8045-9Deborah RaleighSeducing the Viscount (Zebra Historical Romance)
  ''978-0-8217-8046-6   ''Seduce Me By Christmas
2006978-0-8217-8047-3Beverly Barton · Shirley Jump · Fern Michaels · Joanne FlukeSugar and Spice
2007978-0-8217-8048-0Fern Michaels · Cathy Lamb · Marie Bostwick · Deborah J. WolfComfort and Joy
  ''978-0-8217-8049-7Sophia JohnsonMidnight's Bride
  ''978-0-8217-8050-3Caroline LindenWhat A Rogue Desires (The Reece Family Trilogy)
2008978-0-8217-8051-0Caroline LindenA Rake's Guide to Seduction (Zebra Historical Romance)
2007978-0-8217-8052-7Lisa PlumleyLet's Misbehave
2008978-0-8217-8053-4Lisa PlumleyHome For The Holidays (A Kismet Christmas Romance)
2006978-0-8217-8054-1Lori FosterTruth or Dare
  ''978-0-8217-8055-8Barbara DanO'Rourke's Bride (Zebra Debut)
2007978-0-8217-8056-5   ''MacGregor's Bride
2006978-0-8217-8057-2Rona SharonMy Wicked Pirate (Zebra Debut)
2007978-0-8217-8058-9Rona SharonOnce A Rake (Zebra Historical Romance)
2006978-0-8217-8059-6Dawn CalvertHero Worship (Zebra Debut)
2008978-0-8217-8060-2   ''His And Hers (Zebra Historical Romance)
2008978-0-8217-8061-9Amanda AshleyDead Perfect
2009978-0-8217-8062-6Amanda AshleyNight's Pleasure
2008978-0-8217-8063-3   ''Night's Master
2009978-0-8217-8064-0Amanda AshleyImmortal Sins
2006978-0-8217-8065-7Jacquelyn FrankJacob (The Nightwalkers, Book 1)
2007978-0-8217-8066-4Jacquelyn FrankGideon (The Nightwalkers, Book 2)
  ''978-0-8217-8067-1   ''Elijah (The Nightwalkers, Book 3)
2008978-0-8217-8068-8   ''Damien (The Nightwalkers, Book 4)
  ''978-0-8217-8069-5   ''Noah (Nightwalkers, Book 5)
2009978-0-8217-8070-1   ''Ecstasy: The Shadowdwellers
2007978-0-8217-8071-8Fern MichaelsFool Me Once
  ''978-0-8217-8072-5Patricia GrassoTempting the Prince
2008978-0-8217-8073-2Patricia GrassoEnticing The Prince (Kazanov Brothers Series)
2009978-0-8217-8074-9Patricia GrassoMarrying the Marquis
2007978-0-8217-8075-6Sally MacKenzieThe Naked Earl (Zebra Historical Romance)
2008978-0-8217-8076-3Sally MacKenzieThe Naked Gentleman (Naked Nobility)
2012978-0-8217-8077-0Richelle MeadSuccubus Blues
2011978-0-8217-8078-7Richelle MeadSuccubus On Top
2006978-0-8217-8080-0Jessica Barksdale InclanWhen You Believe (The Believe Trilogy, Book 1)
2007978-0-8217-8081-7Jessica Barksdale InclanWhen You Believe (The Believe Trilogy, Book 1)
2006978-0-8217-8082-4   ''Reason to Believe (The Believe Trilogy, Book 2)
2008978-0-8217-8083-1   ''Reason To Believe
2007978-0-8217-8084-8Jessica InclanBelieve in Me (The Believe Trilogy, Book 3)
2009978-0-8217-8085-5Jessica Barksdale InclanBelieve In Me
2007978-0-8217-8086-2Cassie EdwardsSavage Torment
  ''978-0-8217-8087-9Cassie EdwardsSavage Heart (Zebra Historical Romance)
  ''978-0-8217-8088-6Hannah HowellUnconquered
  ''978-0-8217-8092-3Kaitlin O'RileySecrets of a Duchess (Zebra Debut)
2008978-0-8217-8093-0Kaitlin O'RileyOne Sinful Night
2007978-0-8217-8094-7Sarah BrophyMidnight Eyes (Zebra Debut)
2008978-0-8217-8095-4Sarah BrophyDark Heart (Zebra Historical Romance)
2009978-0-8217-8096-1Jackie KesslerThe Road to Hell (Hell on Earth, Book 2)
2010978-0-8217-8097-8Jackie KesslerHotter Than Hell
2008978-0-8217-8098-5   ''Hell's Belles (Hell on Earth)
2009978-0-8217-8099-2V.K. ForrestEternal
2010978-0-8217-8100-5V.K. ForrestUndying
2011978-0-8217-8101-2   ''Immortal (Clare Point Vampires)
2007978-0-8217-8102-9Jackie KesslerHell's Belles
2007978-0-8217-8103-6Jackie KesslerThe Road to Hell (Hell on Earth, Book 2)
2008978-0-8217-8104-3   ''Hotter than Hell
2001978-0-8217-8112-8Fern MichaelsVegas Rich
2007978-0-8217-8128-9Eve SilverDark Prince
2008978-0-8217-8129-6Eve SilverHis Wicked Sins
2009978-0-8217-8130-2   ''Seduced by A Stranger (Zebra Historical Romance)
2002978-0-8217-8131-9Fern MichaelsAnnie's Rainbow
2009978-0-8217-8141-8Pauline TrentFalling In Love
2008978-0-8217-8143-2Rosemary LaureySuper Natural Acts
2007978-0-8217-8146-3Janette KennyOne Real Cowboy
2008978-0-8217-8147-0Janette KennyOne Real Man (Zebra Historical Romance)
2005978-0-8217-8148-7Hannah HowellHIGHLAND CONQUEROR (Zebra Historical Romance)
2007978-0-8217-8149-4Kalen HughesLORD SIN (Book One: Rakes of London)
2008978-0-8217-8150-0   ''Lord Scandal (Book Two: Rakes of London)
2007978-0-8217-8151-7Hannah HowellOnly For You (Zebra Historical Romance)
  ''978-0-8217-8164-7Beverly BartonThe Fifth Victim
2006978-0-8217-8165-4   ''What She Doesn't Know