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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-4109-0007-4Michael JayFlying Creatures (Prehistoric Animals)
  ''978-1-4109-0008-1Michael JayIce Age Beasts (Prehistoric Animals)
  ''978-1-4109-0053-1Mandy RossMecca: And Other Islamic Holy Places (Holy Places Ser)
2004978-1-4109-0301-3James R. Arnold · Roberta WienerConnecticut (13 Colonies)
  ''978-1-4109-0303-7James R. Arnold · Roberta WienerGeorgia (13 Colonies)
  ''978-1-4109-0304-4   ''Maryland (13 Colonies)
2004978-1-4109-0306-8James R. Arnold · Roberta WienerNew Hampshire (13 Colonies)
  ''978-1-4109-0307-5   ''New Jersey (13 Colonies)
  ''978-1-4109-0498-0Nigel Saunders · Steven ChapmanEnergy Essentials
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  ''978-1-4109-0546-8Clare HibbertLife of a Turtle (Life Cycles)
2004978-1-4109-0549-9Carol BaldwinChemical Reactions (Material Matters)
  ''978-1-4109-0574-1Kate Tym · Penny WormsCoping with Families (Get Real)
  ''978-1-4109-0575-8Kate Tym · Penny WormsCoping With Your Emotions (Get Real)
  ''978-1-4109-0576-5   ''Coping with Friends (Get Real)
  ''978-1-4109-0577-2   ''School Survival (Get Real)
2004978-1-4109-0620-5Ivan MinnisYou Are There!
2003978-1-4109-0666-3Monica HughesMy Id-al-Fitr (Festivals)
2005978-1-4109-0736-3Vic ParkerSpring (Sprouts, Days In)
  ''978-1-4109-0741-7Vic ParkerSpring (Days In)
2005978-1-4109-0742-4Vic ParkerSummer (Days In)
  ''978-1-4109-0743-1   ''Fall (Days In)
  ''978-1-4109-0767-7Victoria ParkerSlippery or Sticky? (Is It...?)
  ''978-1-4109-0769-1Victoria ParkerRough or Smooth? (Is It...?)
  ''978-1-4109-0771-4   ''Shiny or Dull? (Is It...?)
2005978-1-4109-0778-3Monica HughesMy Chinese New Year (Festivals)
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2004978-1-4109-0822-3   ''Life Cycles
2005978-1-4109-0869-8Emma LynchUnder the Sea (Sprouts, Let's Get Moving)
2004978-1-4109-0915-2Mary OlmsteadJudy Baca (Hispanic-American Biographies)
  ''978-1-4109-0935-0Carol BaldwinAcids & Bases (Material Matters)
  ''978-1-4109-0936-7   ''Chemical Reactions (Material Matters)
2004978-1-4109-0938-1Carol BaldwinMetals (Material Matters)
2004978-1-4109-0940-4Carol BaldwinStates of Matter (Material Matters)
  ''978-1-4109-1011-0Ivan MinnisYou Are in Ancient China (You Are There!)
2005978-1-4109-1040-0Rose Blue · Corinne J. NadenCornel West (African-American Biographies)
  ''978-1-4109-1041-7Rose Blue · Corinne J. NadenHenry Louis Gates Jr. (African-American Biographies)
  ''978-1-4109-1056-1Mary Englar · I. M. PeiI. M. Pei (Asian-American Biographies)
  ''978-1-4109-1058-5Mary OlmsteadYo Yo Ma (Asian-American Biographies)
2005978-1-4109-1085-1Liz GogerlyHalle Berry (Star Files)
2004978-1-4109-1094-3John TownsendOrganized Crime (True Crime)
2005978-1-4109-1119-3Rose Blue · Corinne J. NadenMaya Angelou (African-American Biographies)
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2005978-1-4109-1124-7Rose Blue · Corinne J. NadenCornel West (African-American Biographies)
  ''978-1-4109-1130-8Elaine A. KuleKristi Yamaguchi (Asian-American Biographies)
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  ''978-1-4109-1198-8Tim FurnissSpacecraft (Mean Machines)
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  ''978-1-4109-1261-9Clare HibbertLife Cycles
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2004978-1-4109-1331-9Turbulent Planet
  ''978-1-4109-1393-7Teen Issues
2005978-1-4109-1402-6Jennifer GillisMy Thanksgiving (Festivals)
  ''978-1-4109-1403-3   ''My Thanksgiving (Festivals)
2009978-1-4109-1416-3Jo WatersThe Wild Side of Pets Set 2
2005978-1-4109-1427-9John TownsendBreakouts and Blunders (True Crime)
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  ''978-1-4109-1443-9Wendy SadlerUsing Screws (Perspectives)
2005978-1-4109-1444-6Wendy SadlerUsing Wheels and Axles (Perspectives)
  ''978-1-4109-1445-3   ''Using Pulleys and Gears (Perspectives)
2005978-1-4109-1446-0Wendy SadlerUsing Springs (Perspectives)
  ''978-1-4109-1447-7   ''Using Ramps and Wedges (Perspectives)
  ''978-1-4109-1502-3Luke DeCockGreat Teams in College Basketball History
  ''978-1-4109-1549-8Wendy SadlerElectricity: Turn It On! (Perspectives)
  ''978-1-4109-1557-3   ''Electricy: Turn It On! (Science In Your Life)
2005978-1-4109-1637-2John King · David DowningThe Middle East
  ''978-1-4109-1657-0Jane BinghamJohnny Depp (Star Files)
  ''978-1-4109-1658-7Kay BarnhamOrlando Bloom (Star Files)
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2005978-1-4109-1662-4Stephanie FitzgeraldMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Star Files)
  ''978-1-4109-1679-2Carol BaldwinMetals (Material Matters)
  ''978-1-4109-1680-8   ''Nonmetals (Material Matters)
  ''978-1-4109-1684-6   ''Mixtures, Compounds & Solutions (Material Matters)
2005978-1-4109-1692-1Carol BaldwinMaterial Matters
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  ''978-1-4109-1696-9   ''Renewable Energy (Energy Essentials)
  ''978-1-4109-1698-3   ''Fossil Fuel (Energy Essentials)
  ''978-1-4109-1699-0   ''Nuclear Energy (Energy Essentials)
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  ''978-1-4109-1764-5Turbulent Planet
2006978-1-4109-1781-2Creepy Creatures
978-1-4109-1794-2From Speakeasies to Stalinism (Modern Eras Uncovered)
2006978-1-4109-1812-3Chris HandysideA History of Jazz
2006978-1-4109-1813-0Chris HandysideA History of Folk
2006978-1-4109-1815-4Chris HandysideA History of Rock and Roll
  ''978-1-4109-1816-1   ''A History of Soul and R& B
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  ''978-1-4109-1852-9Steve ParkerMicrolife That Makes Us Ill (Amazing World of Microlife)
  ''978-1-4109-1859-8   ''Amazing World of Microlife
2004978-1-4109-1860-4Nigel Saunders · Steven ChapmanEnergy Essentials
2007978-1-4109-1869-7John TownsendFreaky Fashion and Foul Food (Painful History of Childhood)
  ''978-1-4109-1871-0   ''Scary Schools and Horrid Homework (Painful History of Childhood)
2006978-1-4109-1872-7   ''Fiendish Crimes and Punishing Times (Painful History of Childhood, a)
2006978-1-4109-1895-6Steve ParkerBody Talk
2005978-1-4109-1916-8Anna ClaybourneBlackout!: Electricity and Circuits (Raintree Fusion: Physical Science)
  ''978-1-4109-1918-2Andrew SolwayCastle Under Siege!: Simple Machines (Raintree Fusion: Physical Science)
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2005978-1-4109-1966-3Anna ClaybourneDoes a Worm Have a Girlfriend?: Reproduction (Raintree Fusion: Life Science)
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  ''978-1-4109-2007-2Mark WilshinAction & Adventure (Cinematic History)
2005978-1-4109-2009-6Mark WilshinGangsters & Detectives (Cinematic History)
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  ''978-1-4109-2011-9   ''Sci-Fi & Fantasy (Cinematic History)
  ''978-1-4109-2012-6   ''Comedy (A Cinematic History)
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2005978-1-4109-2038-6Peter ChrispAncient Rome (History in Art)
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  ''978-1-4109-2058-4   ''Prisons and Prisoners (A Painful History of Crime)
2005978-1-4109-2059-1John TownsendPunishment and Pain (A Painful History of Crime)
  ''978-1-4109-2073-7Wendy SadlerScience in Your Life
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  ''978-1-4109-2092-8Ian GrahamRace Cars (The World's Greatest)
  ''978-1-4109-2094-2   ''Tanks (The World's Greatest)
2005978-1-4109-2095-9Ian GrahamTrucks And Earthmovers (The World's Greatest)
  ''978-1-4109-2096-6   ''Warplanes (The World's Greatest)
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2006978-1-4109-2202-1Michael BurganSpying and the Cold War (On the Front Line)
  ''978-1-4109-2213-7Heinemann LibraryStruggling for Civil Rights
2006978-1-4109-2264-9Sue BarracloughFloating And Sinking (How Do Things Move?)
2007978-1-4109-2275-5Vic ParkerChernobyl 1986 (When Disaster Struck)
  ''978-1-4109-2281-6Jane BinghamThe Hindenburg 1937 (When Disaster Struck)
2005978-1-4109-2361-5Destination Detectives
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2006978-1-4109-2544-2John TownsendBedpans, Blood & Bandages (A Painful History of Medicine)
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  ''978-1-4109-2678-4   ''Body Talk
2007978-1-4109-2747-7Rebecca FaulknerIgneous Rock (Geology Rocks!)
2007978-1-4109-2752-1Rebecca FaulknerFossils (Geology Rocks!)
2007978-1-4109-2758-3Rebecca FaulknerMinerals (Geology Rocks!)
  ''978-1-4109-2770-5   ''Geology Rocks!
2008978-1-4109-2772-9   ''Sedimentary Rock (Geology Rocks!)
  ''978-1-4109-2777-4   ''Soil (Geology Rocks!)
  ''978-1-4109-2779-8   ''Igneous Rock (Geology Rocks!)
2008978-1-4109-2780-4Rebecca FaulknerSedimentary Rock (Geology Rocks!)
  ''978-1-4109-2781-1   ''Metamorphic Rock (Geology Rocks!)
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  ''978-1-4109-2784-2   ''Fossils (Geology Rocks!)
  ''978-1-4109-2785-9   ''Soil (Geology Rocks!)
2008978-1-4109-2794-1Rebecca FaulknerGeology Rocks!
2007978-1-4109-2865-8Paul MasonPanning for Gold: Mixtures and Solutions (Raintree Fusion: Physical Science)
2008978-1-4109-2875-7Buffy SilvermanBlame Your Parents
2007978-1-4109-2879-5Anna Claybourne · Paul Mason · Buffy SilvermanRaintree Fusion: Life Science
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  ''978-1-4109-2918-1John HaywoodWest African Kingdoms (Time Travel Guides)
2007978-1-4109-2925-9Time Travel Guides
  ''978-1-4109-2959-4Destination Detectives
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  ''978-1-4109-3029-3Atomic: Grade 5
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2007978-1-4109-3082-8John TownsendCriaturas Increibles
2008978-1-4109-3122-1Sean PriceRosie the Riveter: Women in World War II (American History Through Primary Sources)
2008978-1-4109-3123-8Sean PriceThe Art of War: The Posters of World War II (American History Through Primary Sources)
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2009978-1-4109-3282-22-Series Classroom Collection Package (Fall 2008)
2008978-1-4109-3285-3Sci-Hi: Life Science
  ''978-1-4109-3288-4Sci-Hi: Physical Science
2008978-1-4109-3291-4John HaywoodWest African Kingdoms (Time Travel Guides)
  ''978-1-4109-3296-9   ''West African Kingdoms (Time Travel Guides)
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2009978-1-4109-3472-7Sci-Hi: Physical Science
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  ''978-1-4109-3480-2Patricia WhitehouseLeaves (Plants)
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2009978-1-4109-3482-6Patricia WhitehouseSeeds (Plants)
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2010978-1-4109-3741-4Nancy HarrisWhat's Lurking in This House?
2012978-1-4109-3753-7Angela RoystonDisgusting Body Facts
2010978-1-4109-3764-3Charlotte GuillainNinja (Fierce Fighters)
  ''978-1-4109-3769-8Charlotte GuillainVikings (Fierce Fighters)
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2010978-1-4109-3772-8Charlotte GuillainNinja (Fierce Fighters)
  ''978-1-4109-3773-5   ''Samurai (Fierce Fighters)
  ''978-1-4109-3775-9   ''Aztec Warriors (Fierce Fighters)
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2010978-1-4109-3874-9Margie Markarian · Linda Tagliaferro · Mary MeinkingWild Work
  ''978-1-4109-3895-4Jennifer Blizin Gillis · Marcie Aboff · Judy SchmaussExtreme Machines
2011978-1-4109-3898-5Deborah Underwood101 Ways to Save the Planet
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  ''978-1-4109-4386-6   ''101 Ways to Organize Your Life
2013978-1-4109-5013-0Ellen LabrecqueCool Stunts
2013978-1-4109-5361-2Richard SpilsburyShaka Zulu (Hero Journals)
2013978-1-4109-5368-1Richard SpilsburyShaka Zulu (Hero Journals)
2015978-1-4109-7997-1Anita GaneriRussia: A Benjamin Blog and His Inquisitive Dog Guide (Country Guides, with Benjamin Blog and his Inquisitive Dog)
  ''978-1-4109-8003-8   ''Russia: A Benjamin Blog and His Inquisitive Dog Guide (Country Guides, with Benjamin Blog and his Inquisitive Dog)