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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-1-4062-3882-2Lori HileBullying (Teen Issues)
  ''978-1-4062-3883-9   ''Gangs (Teen Issues)
  ''978-1-4062-3884-6Cath SenkerRelationships (Teen Issues)
2013978-1-4062-4006-1Melanie WaldronPolar Regions (Habitat Survival)
2012978-1-4062-4034-4Dennis FertigMark Zuckerberg (Titans of Business)
  ''978-1-4062-4037-5Dennis FertigRichard Branson (Titans of Business)
  ''978-1-4062-4048-1Barbara A. SomervillProducing Fish (The Technology of Farming)
2012978-1-4062-4062-7Charlotte GuillainAnimals (Jobs If You Like...)
  ''978-1-4062-4069-6Charlotte GuillainMusic (Jobs If You Like...)
  ''978-1-4062-4071-9   ''Science (Jobs If You Like...)
2013978-1-4062-4082-5   ''Reading and Writing (Jobs If You Like...)
2012978-1-4062-4116-7John TownsendAmazing Animal Communicators (Animal Superpowers)
  ''978-1-4062-4118-1John TownsendAmazing Animal Movers (Animal Superpowers)
  ''978-1-4062-4173-0Mary ColsonChinese Culture (Global Cultures)
2012978-1-4062-4174-7Anita GaneriIndian Culture (Global Cultures)
  ''978-1-4062-4176-1Teresa HeapyJapanese Culture (Global Cultures)
  ''978-1-4062-4177-8Ann Weil · Charlotte GuillainAmerican Indian Cultures (Global Cultures)
  ''978-1-4062-4190-7Nick HunterSpace (Explorer Tales)
  ''978-1-4062-4191-4Nancy DickmannMount Everest (Explorer Tales)
2012978-1-4062-4309-3Nancy Jean Loewen and Trisha Speed ShaskanGoldilocks Broke Into My House: The Story of the Three Bears as Told by Baby Bear (The Other Side of the Story)
  ''978-1-4062-4310-9Trisha Speed ShaskanHonestly, Red Riding Hood was Rotten!: The Story of Little Red Riding Hood as Told by the Wolf (The Other Side of the Story)
  ''978-1-4062-4311-6Trisha Speed ShaskanSeriously, Cinderella is So Annoying!: The Story of Cinderella as Told by the Wicked Stepmother (The Other Side of the Story)
  ''978-1-4062-4312-3Eric BraunTrust Me, Jack's Beanstalk Stinks!: The Story of Jack and the Beanstalk as Told by the Giant (The Other Side of the Story)
2007978-1-4062-4441-0Sue BarracloughFloating and Sinking at the Beach (How Do Things Move?)
2009978-1-4062-4787-9Charlotte GuillainFlowers (Spot the Difference)
2008978-1-4062-4872-2Cassie MayerMaking Friends (Citizenship)
2013978-1-4062-4919-4Melanie WaldronMapping Communities (Let's Get Mapping!)
  ''978-1-4062-4921-7   ''Mapping the Land and Weather (Let's Get Mapping!)
2014978-1-4062-4929-3Melanie WaldronMapping the World (Let's Get Mapping!)
2013978-1-4062-4975-0Chris OxladeGadgets and Games (Design and Engineering)
  ''978-1-4062-5028-2Richard Spilsbury · Andrew Solway · Louise Spilsbury · Anna Claybourne · Robert Snedden · Anne RooneyYour Body For Life Pack A of 6
2014978-1-4062-5353-5Michael HurleyBasketball (Fantastic Sport Facts)
2012978-1-4062-5821-9Lisa Thorpe · Jay Dale · Anne GiulieriEngage Literacy Complete Series Pack
2001978-1-4062-5873-8Rod TheodorouBengal Tiger (Animals In Danger)
2014978-1-4062-5953-7Paul MasonDid the Romans Eat Crisps?: And other questions about History (Questions You Never Thought You'd Ask)
2013978-1-4062-5993-3Louise Spilsbury · Richard SpilsburyMagnetism (Essential Physical Science)
2014978-1-4062-6004-5   ''Materials (Essential Physical Science)
  ''978-1-4062-6108-0Anne RooneyComputer Science and IT: Investigating a Cyber Attack (Anatomy of an Investigation)
  ''978-1-4062-6579-8Richard SpilsburyShaka Zulu (Hero Journals)
2013978-1-4062-6677-1Fran ManushkinBig Brothers are the Best! (Fiction Picture Books)
  ''978-1-4062-6786-0World BookWorld Book Encyclopedia 2013 Box 1 (World Book Encyclopedias)
2013978-1-4062-6787-7World BookWorld Book Encyclopedia 2013 Box 2 (World Book Encyclopedias)
2015978-1-4062-9106-3Claire ThropChanges in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age (Early British History)
  ''978-1-4062-9201-5Suzanne GarbeThe World's Craziest Records (Library of Weird)