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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-4003-8856-1Max LucadoWho Is In Charge Anyway
2007978-1-4003-8875-2Read and Share Early Reader Bible Stories
2010978-1-4003-8881-3variousThe Holy Bible, NKJV, Single Column Edition,Boys Tracks Design
2012978-1-4003-8884-4Deborah L. CranfordCU Littlest Christmas Kettle
978-1-4003-8898-1CU A Mother's Legacy-BAM
978-1-4003-8909-4Thomas NelsonBibleman Powersource 18 songs to Trounce Villains By - Childrens
978-1-4003-8911-7Sheila WalshGigi #3 Bursting with Readiness DVD Demo
978-1-4003-8916-2MHermie & Friends Sing Along CD
978-1-4003-8923-0Thomas Nelson PublishersHermie Sing-Along DVD Demo
978-1-4003-8931-5Thomas Nelson PublishersRead and Share Vol. 1 DVD Demo
978-1-4003-8932-2   ''Read and Share Vol. 2 DVD Demo
978-1-4003-8933-9   ''Read and Share Volume III DVD Demo
978-1-4003-8934-6Sheila WalshGigi #4 First Day of School DVD Demo
978-1-4003-8935-3Thomas Nelson PublishersBibleman #5 in the Presence of Enemies DVD Demo
978-1-4003-8942-1   ''The Fourth King DVD Demo
978-1-4003-8944-5   ''Hermie #12 Skeeter and the Lost Mosquito DVD Demo
978-1-4003-8945-2Thomas Nelson PublishersFlo Show Creates a Buzz DVD Demo
978-1-4003-8947-6   ''Bibleman #6 Gamemaster Bully DVD Demo
978-1-4003-8956-8Sheila WalshGigi's Ginormous Sneeze DVD Demo
978-1-4003-8964-3Thomas Nelson PublishersRead and Share Vol. 4 DVD Demo
978-1-4003-8970-4   ''Gigi #6 DVD Demo
978-1-4003-8971-1   ''Read and Share Vol. 1 Christmas DVD Demo
2004978-1-4003-9050-2Max LucadoHermie The Caterpillar Plush Toy X-Large
  ''978-1-4003-9071-7Thomas NelsonWebster The Scaredy Spider Banner And Window Cling
978-1-4003-9083-0Thomas Nelson PublishersJust for Fun Sampler DVD
2005978-1-4003-9140-0Sheila Walshgigi God's Little Princess
2007978-1-4003-9207-0MICHAEL S. HYATTOne House Many Stories Summer 2007
2010978-1-4003-9228-5God's Not Finished with Me Yet [Hermie & Friends] (Magnet)
978-1-4003-9230-8Thomas Nelson PublishersBibleman #4 DVD Demo Crushing the Conspiracies of the Cheater
978-1-4003-9242-1Hermie's Scrapbook: A Sneak Peak Into the Garden Fun: Max Lucado Sampler
978-1-4003-9245-2Thomas Nelson PublishersHermie 10 Hailey and Bailey's Silly Fight DVD Demo
978-1-4003-9246-9   ''Hermie and the High Seas Demo DVD #11
978-1-4003-9250-6Thomas Nelson PublishersBibleman Back List DVD Demo
2006978-1-4003-9261-2Thomas NelsonLucado Children S Devotional Bible Floor Display
2007978-1-4003-9270-4   ''Hermie And Friends Party Kit
  ''978-1-4003-9272-8   ''Illustrated Bible New Testament Floor Display
2006978-1-4003-9282-7   ''Hermie Umbrella
978-1-4003-9286-5Thomas Nelson PublishersDemo DVD #8 Milo the Mantis Who Wouldn't Pray
978-1-4003-9287-2   ''Demo DVD #9 Buzby and the Grumble Bees
2002978-1-4003-9324-4Adventures In Odyssey: 10 Pack Cd Collection
2001978-1-4003-9328-2Sigmund BrauwerBugs Eye View 4 Pack
2000978-1-4003-9394-7Just In Case You Ever Wonder with Keepsake Gift Locket
2006978-1-4003-9404-3Emma KragenThe Twelve Dogs of Christmas Gift Set
2004978-1-4003-9405-0Sam ButcherPrecious Moments: Joy to the World
978-1-4003-9408-1Jingle Cats Gift Set w/ Bonus CD
2013978-1-4003-9871-3My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #5 (Filled Randomly With 1 Of 2 Covers)