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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-0-7852-9777-2Tim Clinton · Gary SibcyLoving Your Child Too Much: How to Keep a Close Relationship with Your Child Without Overindulging, Overprotecting or Overcontrolling
2009978-0-7852-9778-9Dan EricksonFinding Your Greater Yes: Living a Life That Echoes in Eternity
2010978-0-7852-9780-2John TownsendLoving People: How to Love and Be Loved
  ''978-0-7852-9782-6Patrick McLaughlinNo Atheists In Foxholes: Reflections and Prayers From the Front
  ''978-0-7852-9783-3Debi StackSmotherly Love: I Know Where Your Buttons Are and I'm Not Afraid to Push Them!
  ''978-0-7852-9784-0John TrentChasing Skinny Rabbits: What Leads You Into Emotional and Spiritual Exhaustion...and What Can Lead You Out
  ''978-0-7852-9785-7Darrell L. Bock · Daniel B. WallaceDethroning Jesus: Exposing Popular Culture's Quest to Unseat the Biblical Christ
2010978-0-7852-9786-4Don NavaFit after 40: 3 Keys to Looking Good and Feeling Great
  ''978-0-7852-9787-1Jordan RubinThe Great Physician's Rx for High Cholesterol (Great Physician's Rx Series)
  ''978-0-7852-9788-8Jordan RubinThe Great Physician's Rx for Colds and Flu (Rubin Series)
  ''978-0-7852-9789-5Thomas NelsonAsk Billy Graham: The World's Best-Loved Preacher Answers Your Most Important Questions
  ''978-0-7852-9790-1Billy GrahamUnto the Hills
1982978-0-7852-9791-8Herbert LockyerThe Man Who Died For Me
1981978-0-7852-9792-5Herbert LockyerThe Keeping Power of God
2010978-0-7852-9794-9Hugh O'NeillA Man Called Daddy: A Celebration of Fatherhood
2010978-0-7852-9795-6Lindsay TerryThe Sacrifice of Praise: Stories Behind the Greatest Praise and Worship Songs of All Time (Stories Behind the Songs)
  ''978-0-7852-9796-3James MacDonald10 Choices: A Proven Plan to Change Your Life Forever
  ''978-0-7852-9798-7Calvin MillerLife Is Mostly Edges: A Memoir
2001978-0-7852-9800-7jach hayfordJack Hayford Living Life to Its Limits Vol 2 Vhs
  ''978-0-7852-9802-1Bishop Eddie LongCalled to Conquer Study Guide
  ''978-0-7852-9803-8   ''Called to Conquer Facililator's Guide
2001978-0-7852-9805-2Bishop Eddie LongCalled to Conquer
  ''978-0-7852-9806-9John C. MaxwellThe Law of E. F. Hutton: Ez Lesson Plan
  ''978-0-7852-9807-6John C. MaxwellThe Law of E. F. Hutton
  ''978-0-7852-9810-6John MaxwellThe Law Of E.F. Hutton
2000978-0-7852-9813-7Nicole JohnsonFresh Brewed Life Author
  ''978-0-7852-9814-4John C. MaxwellFailing Forward: Turning Mistakes Into Stepping Stones for Success Student Workbook
2000978-0-7852-9815-1Failing Forward Facilitator Guide
  ''978-0-7852-9818-2John MaxwellFailing Forward #1
  ''978-0-7852-9819-9   ''Failing Forward #2
  ''978-0-7852-9820-5   ''Failing Forward #3
  ''978-0-7852-9821-2   ''Failing Forward #4
2000978-0-7852-9822-9John MaxwellFailing Forward #5
2000978-0-7852-9823-6John MaxwellFailing Forward #6
  ''978-0-7852-9824-3   ''Failing Forward #7
2010978-0-7852-9825-0Tim LaHaye · Ed HindsonSeduction of the Heart
2009978-0-7852-9827-4Larry CrabbReal Church: Does it exist? Can I find it?
2011978-0-7852-9828-1Doug FieldsFresh Start: God's Invitation to a Great Life
  ''978-0-7852-9832-8William Paul McKay · Ken AbrahamBilly: The Untold Story of a Young Billy Graham and the Test of Faith that Almost Changed Everything
2010978-0-7852-9834-2Paul Meier · Robert WiseWindows of the Soul: A Look at Dreams and Their Meanings
2011978-0-7852-9835-9Lindsey Clifford · Joy BarnettMake A Difference: Mentoring Woman to Woman
  ''978-0-7852-9836-6Stephen ArterburnLose It for Life Day by Day Devotional
  ''978-0-7852-9837-3Earl, Dr. HenslinThis Is Your Brain on Joy: A Revolutionary Program for Balancing Mood, Restoring Brain Health, and Nurturing Spiritual Growth
2011978-0-7852-9838-0John TownsendLeadership Beyond Reason: How Great Leaders Succeed by Harnessing the Power of Their Values, Feelings, and Intuition
  ''978-0-7852-9839-7Alicia Britt CholeAnonymous: Jesus' hidden years...and yours
  ''978-0-7852-9840-3Doug FieldsRefuel: An Uncomplicated Guide to Connecting with God
  ''978-0-7852-9841-0Patsy ClairmontI Second That Emotion: Untangling Our Zany Feelings
  ''978-0-7852-9842-7Don ColbertThe What Would Jesus Eat Cookbook
2011978-0-7852-9843-4Bryant WrightSeeds of Turmoil: The Biblical Roots of the Inevitable Crisis in the Middle East
2000978-0-7852-9850-2John MaxwellFailing Forward #8
  ''978-0-7852-9851-9   ''Failing Forward #9
  ''978-0-7852-9852-6   ''Failing Forward #10
  ''978-0-7852-9853-3Charles F. StanleySuccess Gods Way Ez Lssn
  ''978-0-7852-9854-0Charles StanleySuccess God's Way: Achieving True Contentment and Purpose
2004978-0-7852-9857-1Charles F. StanleySuccess God's Way
2001978-0-7852-9858-8Stephen ArterburnAvoiding Mr. Wrong: And What to do if You Didn't (Ez Lesson Plan) VHS, Audiocassette & Facilitators Guide
2001978-0-7852-9859-5Stephen ArterburnAvoiding Mr. Wrong: And What to do if You Didn't
978-0-7852-9860-1Avoidng Mr. Wrong-Facilitator's Guide
2001978-0-7852-9862-5Steve ArterburnAvoiding Mr. Wrong
978-0-7852-9863-2Jack HayfordThe Ten Commandments [VHS]
2001978-0-7852-9866-3Tommy NelsonSong of Solomon [VHS]
  ''978-0-7852-9870-0Tommy NelsonSong Of Solomon
  ''978-0-7852-9871-7Thelma WellsGirl! Have I Got Good News for You: Heart-to-heart Encouragement for Hurting Women (EZ Lesson Plan (Videos))
  ''978-0-7852-9872-4Thelma WellsGirl! Have I Got Good News For You: Heart-to-heart Encouragement For Hurting Women (EZ Lesson Plan)
  ''978-0-7852-9876-2John EldredgeThe Journey Of Desire: Searching For The Life We've Only Dreamed Of (EZ Lesson Plan)
2001978-0-7852-9877-9John EdredgeThe Journey of Desire: The Participant's Guide
2000978-0-7852-9882-3John C MaxwellDeveloping the Leader Within You (VHS Volume 2)
  ''978-0-7852-9884-7John C. MaxwellDeveloping the Leader Within You: Leader Guide
  ''978-0-7852-9885-4   ''Developing the Leader Within You: Student Workbook
2001978-0-7852-9890-8John MaxwellDeveloping Leaders Spanish Leader's Guide
2001978-0-7852-9891-5John MaxwellDeveloping Leaders Spanish Student Guide
2004978-0-7852-9892-2John C. MaxwellFailing Foward-Ez Lesson Plan
  ''978-0-7852-9893-9   ''Failing Foward-Participants Guide
  ''978-0-7852-9894-6   ''Failing Forward-Facilitator-Ez Lesson Plan
  ''978-0-7852-9895-3John MaxwellFailing Forward-Video for Ez Lesson Plan
  ''978-0-7852-9898-4John C. MaxwellFailing Foward-Ez Lesson Plan
2004978-0-7852-9899-1John C. MaxwellTraining Your Leaders - Ez Lesson Plan
2000978-0-7852-9906-6Thomas NelsonWof: Joyful Journey Hardcover
  ''978-0-7852-9907-3   ''Wof: Joyful Journey Softcover
  ''978-0-7852-9908-0   ''Wof: Bring Back the Joy Hardcover
2000978-0-7852-9919-6Thomas NelsonWof: Becoming Soul Mates Book
2001978-0-7852-9926-4Outrageous Joy Compilation Set: 1999 Women of Faith Conference
  ''978-0-7852-9927-1Marriage Builders Compilation Set: 1999 Marriage Builders Conference