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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-1-284-00000-9Iowa State UniversityHuman Diseases
  ''978-1-284-00002-3Jones & Bartlett LearningPrinciples and Practice of Sport Management
1969978-1-284-00020-7McLeanPRT 1: Foundations of Recreation and Tourism (University of Vermont)
2012978-1-284-00021-4Anthony SheppardPerspectives on Leisure (RPTA 122)
  ''978-1-284-00026-9Health Policy - The Politics of Decision Making: Weber State University School of Nursing Custom Text. Nursing 4300: Healthcare Policy and Decision Making
  ''978-1-284-00027-6George N. and Peters R.Readings on the Discipline of Nursing - NUR 8620 Wayne State University - Foundations of Nursing as a Discipline
  ''978-1-284-00028-3Ann QuinnBi SCI 003 Environmental Science
1969978-1-284-00030-6Radford UniversityBiology 104 Human Biology
2013978-1-284-00033-7Nutrition in Public Health
2012978-1-284-00034-4Global Health (Longwood University)
1969978-1-284-00036-8Central CollegeConsumer, Community, and Global Health
2012978-1-284-00039-9Nutrition Educaiton - HN 4504 Custom for Ohio State
2012978-1-284-00045-0North Carolina State UniversityPublic Health Nutrition (NTR 495, Section 003)- Custom for North Carolina State University
2009978-1-284-00052-8DO Scott DubeBIO 309 Pathophysiology
1969978-1-284-00053-5Truman State UniversityIntroductory Microbiology
2012978-1-284-00057-3Jones&BartlettLife Cycle Nutrition "An Evidence-Based Approach"
  ''978-1-284-00059-7Computer Science Illuminated- Fifth Edition
  ''978-1-284-00076-4McKenzieAn Introduction to Community Health - HLTH 3320: Community and Public Health - Middle Tennessee State University
  ''978-1-284-00077-1U.S. Health Care Systems An Introduction for Pharmacists
  ''978-1-284-00081-8Giannetti · GallagherHealth Care Law and Ethics (Advanced Law and Ethics Applications PHBAS 412)
2012978-1-284-00082-5Teaching Strategies for Professional Practice- Texas Christian University
  ''978-1-284-00088-7N/ALifetime Health & Fitness, HFIT 200, American University
  ''978-1-284-00091-7San Jose State University Department of KinesiologyKinesiology 169: Diversity, Stress, and Health
2013978-1-284-00103-7MSN, RN Dr. Edith Claros · MSN, CMSRN Professor Kimberly Foisy · RN Professor Teresa Dean MSNursing History and Theory
  ''978-1-284-00106-8William W., PHD WalenceMHA 530/BHA 400 Health Care Systems and Organizations
  ''978-1-284-00109-9Eric Golanty · Cerro Coso Community CollegeHSCI C101 Principles of Health Education
2013978-1-284-00120-4Jones & BartlettMicrobiology Lab Manual Biology 205 (Glendale Community College)
2012978-1-284-00125-9Assessing Health Globally: Epidemiology and Global Health (Williams College)
2013978-1-284-00127-3Department of International Health Georgetown UniversityIntroduction to International Health INTH 140 Georgetown University
  ''978-1-284-00130-3Lawrance UnfriedHuman Biology
  ''978-1-284-00131-0PhD, CHES Chrystyna KosarchynGlobal Health
2012978-1-284-00138-9Portland Community CollegeHE 251 Community and Public Health Issues
2013978-1-284-00140-2Jones and BartlettHealth Care Ethics
  ''978-1-284-00143-3FeatherstonSpecial Topics: Foundations of Professional Nursing, NUR 2995, Wayne State University
2012978-1-284-00144-0Anita., Masters, Kathleen,Roux, Gayle. FinklemanConcepts of Professional Nursing Practice
2013978-1-284-00146-4Sherry FlemingPublic Health Biology
  ''978-1-284-00148-8Southern Connecticut State UniversityBotany Lab Manual BIO 101 Southern Connecticut State University
2013978-1-284-00150-1Introduction to Community Health
1969978-1-284-00152-5BIDI: 2010 Human Biology I (Plymouth State University)
2013978-1-284-00153-2George HarrisIntroduction to Cultural, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Medicine
  ''978-1-284-00155-6jones and bartlettExploring the Dimensions of Human Sexuality, fifth edition Health and Sexuality
2015978-1-284-00165-5Michelle SuhieGW:201: Health and Wellness in Later Life
2013978-1-284-00167-9HSC 427: Drugs & Health Drugs & Society
  ''978-1-284-00170-9Hung Fan · Ross Conner · Luis Villarreal · Benjamin WeeksAIDS: Science and Society
1969978-1-284-00176-1Foundations of Recreation and Tourism U of VT
2013978-1-284-00183-9Health Policy the Politics of Decision Making Weber State University School of Nursing Custom Text
2012978-1-284-00188-4Zuzana Bic and Miryha RunnerstromCase Studies in Public Health Practice
2013978-1-284-00198-3Christopher Atwater and Craig EsherickSport Industry Readings SPMT 201 George Mason University
  ''978-1-284-00221-8Peter DaemfleScience and Society the Scientific Process in Medicine
2013978-1-284-00222-5Carl GainorPharmacy Law
  ''978-1-284-00224-9B. Teitelbaum JoelPolicy and Law in Healthcare
  ''978-1-284-00245-4Introduction to Coastal and Marine Geology
1969978-1-284-00248-5Case Studies in Global Health: Selected Readings for Global Health 101 (Duke University)
2013978-1-284-00249-2Care of Communities: Community Health / NUR 4636C Florida International University
  ''978-1-284-00251-5Introduction to Kinesiology and Public Health
  ''978-1-284-00255-3Raymond OchsBiochemistry
2013978-1-284-00258-4RegoliDelinquency in Society
  ''978-1-284-00259-1Jones & Bartlett LearningPolicy and Ethics in Health Care, Angelo State University
  ''978-1-284-00260-7University of the SciencesPT 431 Exercise Physiology and PT 465 Health Promotion and Wellness
  ''978-1-284-00264-5Kristie Foley, Cindy Hauser Karen BerndThe Breathe, Eat, Touch Project: A STEM Approach to Environmental Health
  ''978-1-284-00277-5Alison TovarIntroduction to Public Health Nutrition (Required Book for NSF 212)
2013978-1-284-00280-5Sultz and YoungHealth Care Usa, Organization and Delivery 8th Edition
  ''978-1-284-00284-3Criminal Procedure for Forensic Science
2014978-1-284-00294-2KeiserKeiser University Hipaa Compliance in Health Care Security and Management of Health Information
2013978-1-284-00302-4Jones & Bartlett LearningLegal & Ethical Issues in Healthcare
  ''978-1-284-00323-9Nursing History and Theory
  ''978-1-284-00325-3Diablo Valley CollegeNutri 120 Sports Nutrition: Fueling the Athlete Custom Edition for Diablo Valley College
  ''978-1-284-00337-6Susan B. MattEthical Considerations and Health Policy
2013978-1-284-00344-4Purdue University: NUR 22201: Population Health
  ''978-1-284-00348-2Sue D'IsabelWhat is Pubic Health?
  ''978-1-284-00358-1Wayne State UniversityHealth Policy, Economics, and Professional Issues for the APRN NUR 6510 Wayne State University
1969978-1-284-00374-1An Introductino to Human Disease Indiana U Bloomington
2013978-1-284-00380-2Foundations of Health, Physical Education and Sports Sciences: HPE 160 Morehead State University
1969978-1-284-00381-9Grinnell CollegeMicrobial Pathogenesis
2012978-1-284-00391-8Jones & Barlett Learning Editorial StalfSocial & Behavior Theory in Public Health for SOC 4073 Department of Sociology University of Texas-San Antonio
2013978-1-284-00402-1Paula SanchiniGeneral Botany (Custom Edition for Coe College- BIO 205)
1969978-1-284-00408-3Norfolk State UniversityBotany Lab Manual - Biology 261 Lab
2015978-1-284-00430-4East Carolina University College of Nursing NURS 8270Population health and Epidemiology: A focus on Disease Prevention & Health Promotion
  ''978-1-284-00435-9Pk2 Cstm Psychology 331
  ''978-1-284-00457-1Dr. BachmanEpidemiology of Women's Health EXSC 435 (Scranton)
2015978-1-284-00474-8RN, MS, MPH, CPH Bobbie D. BagleyHealth Policy and Politics
  ''978-1-284-00478-6Nancy FreeborneHealth Behavior Theories: BS in Community Health, GCH 310 Health Behavior Theories, George Mason University
  ''978-1-284-00490-8University of Illinois at Chicago College of NursingQuality, Safety and Health Technologies: Custom Text, Second Edition
1969978-1-284-00498-4Selected Readings for Global Health 101
2015978-1-284-00512-7Liberty UniversityNurs 523: Financial and Resource Management for Nurse Leaders
  ''978-1-284-00516-5James GirardCustom Girard
  ''978-1-284-00542-4Jones & Bartlett LearningPolicy and Ethics in Health Care (for Angelo State University NO CODES)
2015978-1-284-00543-1Joel Titelbaum and George PozgarLaw, Ethics, and Policy in Healthcare Administration (Custom)
  ''978-1-284-00545-5Syracuse UniversityHTW: 221 Health Promotion Across the Life Span
  ''978-1-284-00550-9Sport Industry Readings, SPMT 201, George Mason University
  ''978-1-284-00583-7Fitness Center Manual - PE 130/131 - STLCC - Forest Park
  ''978-1-284-00663-6Introduction to Kinesiology and Public Health K150
2015978-1-284-00719-0Julie Stewart, Susan DeNisco, Brenda Douglass Carolyn BuppertNP's Business Practice & Legal Guide Role Development for the NP
  ''978-1-284-00746-6Jones & BartlettEnvironmental Quality and Health
  ''978-1-284-00751-0Regis UniversityThe Economics of Health Care
  ''978-1-284-00816-6Elizabeth MooradianIntroduction to Kinesiology and Public Health - Custom Edition for K150 at Indiana University
2016978-1-284-00896-8DrPH, MPH Elizabeth AndradeIntroduction to Public Health and Health Services
2012978-1-284-02001-4American Academy of Orthopaedic SurgeonsEmergency Care And Transportation Of The Sick And Injured Preferred Package With Student Workbook
2019978-1-284-02007-6ScherbakImaging and Simulations for Radiation Therapists + Online Access
2013978-1-284-02021-2Ashley G. Blackburn · Shannon K. Fowler · Joycelyn M. PollockPrisons Today and Tomorrow
2015978-1-284-02025-0Karim IsmailiU.S. Criminal Justice Policy: A Contemporary Reader
2013978-1-284-02059-5Edward Chu · Vincent T. DeVita Jr.Physicians' Cancer Chemotherapy Drug Manual 2013 (Jones & Bartlett Learning Oncology)
2014978-1-284-02061-8Aric W., M. DutelleAn Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation
2012978-1-284-02064-9Peggy S. Stanfield · Y. H. Hui · Nanna CrossEssential Medical Terminology with Navigate Course Manager
2013978-1-284-02065-6Aric W. DutelleAn Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation
  ''978-1-284-02079-3Glen D Walters · Jones& Bartlett Learning · Navigate CompanionDrugs, Crime, and Their Relationships: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy
2014978-1-284-02085-4HartlItk Essential Genetics 6e Instruct
2013978-1-284-02097-7JONES & BARTLETT LEARNING · NAVIGATE COMPANION WEBSITEAccess for: Health Program Planning and Evaluation
2012978-1-284-02099-1Warren S. Wright · Carol WrightStudent Solutions Manual to accompany Advanced Engineering Mathematics
2016978-1-284-02102-8Lois A. Ritter · Donald H. GrahamMulticultural Health
2013978-1-284-02104-2L. Michele IsselHealth Program Planning and Evaluation: A Practical, Systematic Approach for Community Health
2012978-1-284-02105-9Robert FriisNavigate Epidemiology 101: Online Course + Softcover Textbook (Essential Public Health)
2013978-1-284-02110-3Deborah Tannehill · Hans van der Mars · Ann MacPhailBuilding Effective Physical Education Programs
2013978-1-284-02113-4InselItk Nutrition 5e Instructor Toolki
2012978-1-284-02115-8AaosTp Wilderness First Aid 3e R6 Teac
2013978-1-284-02116-5Paul Insel · Don Ross · Kimberley McMahon · Melissa BernsteinNutrition
  ''978-1-284-02117-2Glenn D. WaltersDrugs, Crime, and Their Relationships: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy
2012978-1-284-02123-3American Academy of Orthopaedic SurgeonsEmergency Care And Transportation Of The Sick And Injured Premier Package
  ''978-1-284-02131-8Jones & BartlettJava Illuminated + Cd-rom + Access Code
2014978-1-284-02132-5Nancy Irwin Maxwell2012-2013 HEALTH ADMIN & PUBLIC HEALTH CATALOG
2012978-1-284-02136-3Richard AboodPharmacy Practice and The Law
978-1-284-02142-4Itk Biochemistry Instructor
2013978-1-284-02173-8Louis RowitzPublic Health Leadership: Putting Principles Into Practice
2012978-1-284-02205-6AaosEmergency Care in the Streets + Navigate Course Manager
2013978-1-284-02206-3David TiptonProfessionalism, Work, and Clinical Responsibility in Pharmacy
  ''978-1-284-02207-0Nina Capone Singleton · Brian B. ShulmanLanguage Development: Foundations, Processes, and Clinical Applications
2014978-1-284-02216-2Douglas J. Casa · Rebecca L. StearnsEmergency Management for Sport and Physical Activity
2015978-1-284-02225-4Celia StewartVoice Rehabilitation: Testing Hypotheses and Reframing Therapy (book)
2013978-1-284-02228-5Peggy StanfieldEssential Medical Terminology
2014978-1-284-02230-8Thomas A. SouzaDifferential Diagnosis and Management for the Chiropractor
2012978-1-284-02231-5CDX AutomotiveBrakes: Fundamentals of Automotive Technology
2013978-1-284-02249-0American Academy of Orthopaedic SurgeonsNancy Caroline's Emergency Care In The Streets Preferred Package With Presept: Powered by e*Value
  ''978-1-284-02250-6   ''Nancy Caroline's Emergency Care In The Streets Premier Package With Presept: Powered by e*Value
2015978-1-284-02254-4Jason Gotlib · Lenn Fechter100 Questions & Answers About Myelodysplastic Syndromes
2014978-1-284-02256-8Peter Holman · Gregory Bociek · Jodi Garrett100 Questions & Answers About Lymphoma
2012978-1-284-02260-5Jones & Bartlett LearningVirtual Lab Access For Custom ISSA Course
2015978-1-284-02306-0Matthew RouseNeuroanatomy for Speech Language Pathology and Audiology
2017978-1-284-02307-7Robert LloydQuality Health Care: A Guide to Developing and Using Indicators
2021978-1-284-02310-7Michael P. PaganoInteractive Case Studies in Health Communication
2012978-1-284-02320-6CDX AutomotiveBrakes: Fundamentals of Automotive Technology (Jones & Bartlett Learning Cdx Automotive)
2020978-1-284-02330-5Bill Armstrong · Don DavisFinite Mathematics
978-1-284-02344-2Exploring Bioinformatics: A Project-Based Approach
2014978-1-284-02347-3Jeffrey C. PommervilleAlcamo's Microbes and Society (Jones & Bartlett Learning Topics in Biology)
2013978-1-284-02355-8Lewin's Cells
2013978-1-284-02357-2Louis G. Rubino · Salvador J. Esparza · Yolanda S. Reid ChassiakosNew Leadership for Today's Health Care Professionals: Concepts and Cases
  ''978-1-284-02363-3Thomas VinesHigh Angle Rescue Techniques- Text and Field Guide Package
2012978-1-284-02365-7American Academy of Orthopaedic SurgeonsEmergency Medical Responder Advantage Package
2013978-1-284-02370-1InformedEmergency & Critical Care Pocket Guide
2021978-1-284-02375-6Judith Tietsort · Douglas Masini · Anthony MazzoliRespiratory Care Protocols
978-1-284-02377-0Navigate 2 Advantage Access For Clinical Procedures For Health Professionals (Navigate 2 Advantage Digital)
2018978-1-284-02385-5NfpaEngine Company Fireground Operations
2014978-1-284-02386-2Department of Health Policy Milken Institute School of Public Health the George Washington University Joel B Teitelbaum · Sara E WilenskyEssentials of Health Policy & Law + Access Code
2020978-1-284-02389-3National Fire Protection AssociationLadder Company Fireground Operations
2012978-1-284-02403-6John VaccaEbook System Forensics Investigation & Response With Lab Manual And Virtual Security Cloud Labs: BUNDLE
  ''978-1-284-02528-6Tom Vines · Steve HudsonHigh Angle Rescue Techniques
2013978-1-284-02529-3National Association of Emergency Medical TechniciansInstructor's Electronic Resource for AMLS: Advanced Medical Life Support
2012978-1-284-02530-9Janet HousereFolio: Nursing Research
2013978-1-284-02532-3Paula DerrRN Pocket Guide
  ''978-1-284-02537-8Ghassan K. Abou-Alfa · Eileen O'Reilly100 Questions & Answers About Biliary Cancer
  ''978-1-284-02539-2Jason GallagherAntibiotics Simplified
2013978-1-284-02540-8Lorraine ZentzMath for Pharmacy Technicians (book)
  ''978-1-284-02541-5Tekoa L. King · Mary C. Brucker · Jan M. Kriebs · Jenifer O. FaheyVarney's Midwifery
2014978-1-284-02546-0B. Burt GerstmanBasic Biostatistics: Statistics for Public Health Practice
2013978-1-284-02551-4Hung Y. Fan · Ross F. Conner · Luis P. VillarrealAIDS: Science and society
  ''978-1-284-02553-8Connie Henke Yarbro · Barbara Holmes Gobel · Debra WujcikBook Alone: Cancer Symptom Management
  ''978-1-284-02557-6JONES & BARTLETT LEARNING · NAVIGATE COMPANION WEBSITEAccess for: Physical Activity and Health, Fourth Edition
2012978-1-284-02559-0G. Elaine Acker · InformedPet First Aid and Disaster Response Guide, First Edition + Pet Emergency Pocket Guide, Second Edition
2013978-1-284-02561-3Miles Burkholder · Ms. Nicole Bremer-NashSpecial Populations in Health Care
2012978-1-284-02562-0JONES & BARTLETT LEARNING · NAVIGATE COMPANION WEBSITEStudent Access for: Essentials of Environmental Health, Second Edition
  ''978-1-284-02563-7Jones & BartlettLegal Aspects of Health Care Administration Companion Website Access Code ONLY
2014978-1-284-02568-2Ashim K. Mitra · Deep Kwatra · Aswani Dutt VadlapudiDrug Delivery
2016978-1-284-02569-9Beverly J. WheltonEthics & Ethical Decision Making in Healthcare + Online Access
978-1-284-02570-5Navigate 2 Advantage Access For Pharmaceutical Calculations
2016978-1-284-02573-6Not AvailableChild Language Disorders: Learning About Language
2014978-1-284-02574-3Yolanda M. HardyPatient Assessment in Pharmacy: A Culturally Competent Approach
2014978-1-284-02581-1Judith J. BakerNavigate Companion Website for Health Care Finance, Fourth Edition
2013978-1-284-02583-5Companion Website Health Care USA
  ''978-1-284-02587-3Jerome E. KoteckiPhysical Activity and Health: An Interactive Approach
  ''978-1-284-02590-3Nell DaleA Laboratory Course in C++
2016978-1-284-02592-7Teri ShorsUnderstanding Viruses
2013978-1-284-02608-5June Payne-PalacioThe Profession of Dietetics: A Team Approach
2015978-1-284-02612-2Michael K. HarringtonHealth Care Finance and the Mechanics of Insurance and Reimbursement
2014978-1-284-02617-7Sandra B. Lewenson · Marie Truglio-LondriganDecision-Making in Nursing: Thoughtful Approaches for Leadership
2015978-1-284-02623-8Michael GabayThe Clinical Practice of Drug Information
2014978-1-284-02626-9Carroll L. Iwasiw · Dolly GoldenbergCurriculum Development in Nursing Education
978-1-284-02627-6Prog Prob Solv With C
978-1-284-02628-3Nell DaleProgramming And Problem Solving With C++: Comprehensive
2013978-1-284-02630-6JONES & BARTLETT LEARNING · NAVIGATE COMPANION WEBSITEAccess for: Gerontological Nursing, Third Edition
  ''978-1-284-02631-3Barbara AehlertParamedic Practice Today: Above and Beyond, Two-Volume Set
2012978-1-284-02632-0George D. PozgarLegal Aspects Of Health Care Administration [ Includes Access Code ]
  ''978-1-284-02633-7Robert H. FriisEssentials of Environmental Health (Essential Public Health)
2014978-1-284-02637-5DurschlagBasis and Efficacy of Medical Nutrition Therapy
978-1-284-02648-1Blaine T. SmithNavigate 2 Advantage Access For Pharmacology For Nurses
2016978-1-284-02650-4Jones & Bartlett LearningNavigate Companion Website Access for Health Sciences Literature Review Made Easy: The Matrix Method 4th Edition
2013978-1-284-02656-6James L. Harris · Linda A. Roussel · Tricia ThomasInitiating and Sustaining the Clinical Nurse Leader Role: A Practical Guide
2014978-1-284-02662-7Marilyn R. McFarland · Hiba B. Wehbe-AlamahLeininger's Culture Care Diversity and Universality: A Worldwide Nursing Theory (Cultural Care Diversity (Leininger))
2017978-1-284-02665-8Foundations Of Kinesiology
2013978-1-284-02667-2Michael J. WardFire Officer: Principles and Practice