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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-934015-00-1S.W. AnwaneFundamentals Of Electromagnetic Fields (Physics (Infinity Science Press))
2006978-1-934015-01-8V. NarayananSAP® R/3® FI Transactions (Business (Infinity Science Press))
2008978-1-934015-02-5Appin Knowledge SolutionsRobotics
2007978-1-934015-03-2Arijit Saha · Nilotpal MannaDigital Principles and Logic Design (Engineering) (Computer Science) (Engineering Series)
  ''978-1-934015-04-9Ottmar Beucher · Michael WeeksIntroduction to MATLAB and SIMULINK: A Project Approach
2008978-1-934015-05-6A.B. BhattacharyaAstronomy & Astrophysics (Physics (Infinity Science Press))
2007978-1-934015-06-3Munir HamadAutocad 2008 Essentials (Engineering)
2011978-1-934015-07-0John VaccaNuclear Fusion And Waste (Engineering)
2008978-1-934015-08-7Uno IngardNotes on Acoustics (Physics)
  ''978-1-934015-09-4Raul Raymond Kapuno Jr.Programming for Chemical Engineers Using C, C++, and MATLAB
2009978-1-934015-10-0Uno IngardPhysics Of Fluids (Physics (Infinity Science Press))
2007978-1-934015-11-7S. HarishaBiotechnology Procedures and Experiments Handbook (Engineering)
2008978-1-934015-12-4J.R. ClaycombApplied Electromagnetics Using QuickfieldTM & MATLAB (Engineering)
2010978-1-934015-14-8R.K. RajputEngineering Thermodynamics, SI Units Version, 3rd Edition
2008978-1-934015-15-5Maurice SensUpgrading SAP® (Computer Science)
2007978-1-934015-16-2A.J. NairIntroduction To Biotechnology And Genetic Engineering
2008978-1-934015-18-6Bruce KatzNeuroengineering The Future: Virtual Minds And The Creation Of Immortality (Computer Science)
  ''978-1-934015-19-3M. ArshadNetwork Analysis & Circuits (Engineering)
  ''978-1-934015-20-9Richard FitzpatrickMaxwell's Equations and the Principles of Electromagnetism (Physics (Infinity Science Press))
2008978-1-934015-21-6S. M. TripathiModern Control Systems: An Introduction (Engineering Series)
  ''978-1-934015-22-3V. NarayananSAP® FI/CO Questions And Answers
2007978-1-934015-23-0Rizwan · Ph.D. ButtIntroduction To Numerical Analysis Using MATLAB with CD-ROM(Mathematics) (Computer Science)
2008978-1-934015-24-7S. Koirala · S. SheikhSoftware Testing: Interview Questions (Computer Science)
  ''978-1-934015-25-4Yashavant P. KanetkarLet Us C (Computer Science)
2007978-1-934015-26-1P. Khare · A. SwarupEngineering Physics: Fundamentals & Modern Applications (Physics)
2008978-1-934015-28-5Munir HamadAutoCAD 2009 Essentials (Computer Science)
2009978-1-934015-29-2G. HegdeMechatronics (Engineering)
  ''978-1-934015-31-5Uno IngardNoise Reduction Analysis (Physics)
2008978-1-934015-32-2J. Michael FinnClassical Mechanics (Physics)
2010978-1-934015-33-9Yashavant KanetkarLet Us C Solutions Manual
  ''978-1-934015-34-6Inc. Kogent Learning SolutionsSAP® SD Handbook (The Jones and Bartlett Publishers Sap Book Series)
2009978-1-934015-35-3LeeProgramming Realistic Game Characte
2010978-1-934015-36-0Inc. Kogent Learning SolutionsSap Mm Handbook (The Jones & Bartlett Learning Sap Book)
2010978-1-934015-37-7Kogent IncCatia V5 Essentials
2009978-1-934015-38-4   ''Revit 2010 in Practice
  ''978-1-934015-39-1Kogent Inc.AutoCAD 2010 in Practice
2008978-1-934015-40-7Heather ChandlerThe Game Production Handbook
2009978-1-934015-41-4Kogent IncSap Abap Handbook
  ''978-1-934015-42-1   ''Pro/Engineer Wildfire 4.0 Essentials
  ''978-1-934015-43-8MozgovoyAlgorithms Languages Automata
978-1-934015-45-2Multiphysics Modeling Using Comsol
2010978-1-934015-46-9Inc. KogentSAP MM: Interview Questions and Answers
2009978-1-934015-47-6Scott PostApplied And Computational Fluid Mechanics (Engineering)
  ''978-1-934015-48-3Fundamentals of Industrial Robotics
2009978-1-934015-49-0Foundations of Quantum Mechan
2010978-1-934015-52-0Reinhold BlumelAdvanced Quantum Mechanics: The Classical-Quantum Connection
2009978-1-934015-54-4Inc. KogentSap Abap/4
  ''978-1-934015-55-1B.B. AgarwalSoftware Engineering And Testing: An Introduction (Computer Science)
2010978-1-934015-59-9Kogent IncSAP SD
2009978-1-934015-76-6J. MackinnonIntroductory Physics (Ebook Lecture Series)
  ''978-1-934015-77-3Heather Maxwell ChandlerGame Development (Computer Science)
978-1-934015-78-0Photo Restoration: Using Adobe Photoshop (Ebook Lecture Series)
2009978-1-934015-79-7ISPIntroduction to Graphic Design Using Adobe InDesign & Photoshop: Using Adobe Indesign and Photoshop (Computer Science)