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2013978-1-269-04648-0Business Applications, BOA 1300, Columbus State Community College (The Pearsons Custom Program)
  ''978-1-269-04649-7Columbus State Community CollegeBusiness Applications, BOA 1300, Columbus State Community College (The Pearson Custom Program)
  ''978-1-269-04662-6Pearson Ciminal Justice- Crime and Behavior- CCJ 2191
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978-1-269-04685-5The Western Heritage: Volume C
2013978-1-269-04687-9The Western Heritage Since 1300, 11th Edition
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2014978-1-269-04712-8Pearson Learning SolutionsCommunication Pearson Custom Library
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2012978-1-269-04724-1Neuroscience Lab Manual
2013978-1-269-04728-9Carol KeyPearson Custom Sociology
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2013978-1-269-04738-8HenslinMastering Sociology Loose Leaf (MySocLab)
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2013978-1-269-04781-4Joel D. NicholsonPearson Custom Business Resources (The Power of Knowledge Across Cultures IBUS 330: International Business)
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2011978-1-269-04881-1Mitch LernerRetrieving The American Past Vol. 2 Custom Edition
2013978-1-269-04887-3Project Mngt & Bus Decisions Module 2 - Business Analysis for EBTM 306
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2013978-1-269-04920-7N/AIntroduction to Literature (Pearson Custom Library)
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978-1-269-04935-1Pearson Custom Library Engineering Custom Edition of Thinking Like An Engineer
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2013978-1-269-04954-2Janice Neuleib · Kathleen Shine Cain · Stephen RuffusMercury Reader
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2014978-1-269-05132-3Nutrition: An Applied Approach (Health 341, Nutrition Education; Custom Edition for East Stroudsburg University)
2013978-1-269-05136-1Pearson Criminal Justice Introduction to Corrections Spring 2013
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2013978-1-269-05153-8Rupak Runiar, Jie Yang Qin YanOperations and Supply Chain Management
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2013978-1-269-05168-2Pearson Custom Library Western Civilization
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2013978-1-269-05233-7The Pearson Custom Program for CIS: ITS 1015 (9th Edition)
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2013978-1-269-05262-7Steven R. Kursh · Theresa K. Lant · Karl D. Majeske · James M. Olver · Robert PlantPrinciples of Microeconomics
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  ''978-1-269-05350-1Pearson CustomPearson Custom Mathematics
2010978-1-269-05355-6Robert Bursil Jr.Pearson Criminal Justice
2013978-1-269-05356-3Nabil EliasUNC Charlotte Pearson Custom Library - Acct 3330-090
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  ''978-1-269-05375-4Cognitive Development of Diverse Learners (Pearson Custom Education for Kutztown University SPU201)
  ''978-1-269-05390-7Computer Science: COSC 102, University of Tennessee
2013978-1-269-05399-0Arthur I. Stonehill, Michael H. Moffnett David K. EitemanFIN 5502 Finance Capstone Nova Southeastern University
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2013978-1-269-05504-8Kris TownsendThe Pearson Custom Program for CIS - Long Beach City College
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2013978-1-269-05523-9Principles of Microeconomics California State University Long Beach
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  ''978-1-269-05567-3Introduction to Literature, Anthology for English 330: Fiction, Selected by James L. Machor
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2013978-1-269-05587-1Hakim Ismail A.English Mercury Reader Writing for Life Eng 101:a Course Beyond the Clasroom
  ''978-1-269-05598-7PearsonPearson Custom Library Physics
  ''978-1-269-05607-6Pearson Custom Library Brand Management and New Product Innovation BEM 326 2013 Custom for Wake Forrest University Sch. Of Business
2014978-1-269-05623-6Pearson Custom Library Communication: Videography, COM 301
2013978-1-269-05628-1Computer Science / Custom / Wake Forrest Univ
  ''978-1-269-05629-8Health 11: The Basics (Custom Edition for East Los Angeles College)
  ''978-1-269-05632-8Susan J. MitchellHuman Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Manual, Cat Version, Update (10th Edition)
2013978-1-269-05639-7Pearson Custom Business Resources Marketing and Consumer Theory BUSI 7210-BUSI 7216 Custom for Auburn University
  ''978-1-269-05648-9SOCI 1001: Intro to Sociology,
  ''978-1-269-05657-1Henry R. CheesemanPearson Custom Businesss Resources (Merced College Dr. Karen Fritz)
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2013978-1-269-05681-6Stephen P. Robbins · Timothy A. JudgePearson Custom Business Resources (Mgmt 340 California State University-Fullerton)
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2013978-1-269-05728-8PearsonPearson Custom for Nursing Beckfield College PNR 110
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2014978-1-269-05791-2PearsonFundamentals of General Chemistry - Catalyst: the pearson custom library for chemistry (Los Medanos)
2013978-1-269-05792-9Computer Apps Construction/Engineering I, ITST 1101, Columbus State Community College
2013978-1-269-05794-3Howard SpodekPearson Custom Library: World History Vol. 1
2014978-1-269-05813-1Horn, Cherif VermaLaboratory Manual for Bios-242 Fundamentals of Microbiology with Lab
2013978-1-269-05826-1Pearson Symbiosis custom library for the Biological Sciences
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2013978-1-269-05888-9PearsonAcco 4050/5050 Accounting Information Systems Course Pack for Marquette University (Pearson Custom Library)
  ''978-1-269-05898-8Physics for Scientist and Engineers with Modern Physics & Masteringphysics
  ''978-1-269-05902-2Physics for Sci and English with Masteringphysics Custom for Uca
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2013978-1-269-05925-1Introduction to Logic: Bridgewater State Universiy
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2013978-1-269-05953-4Student Success & Career Development (Univeristy of Baltimore | MGMT 330)
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2013978-1-269-05999-2VariousThe Intersections Collection; Pearson Custom Sociology
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2013978-1-269-06037-0Sociology of Families Reader
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2013978-1-269-06128-5Integrate Anatomy & Physiology 1 Lab Manual: Pearson Custom Edition for UNLV
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2014978-1-269-06189-6PearsonPearson Custom Library Physics with Mastering Physics Access Code: University Physics, Volume 1: Custom Edition for Evergreen Valley College, Physics 4a
2013978-1-269-06291-6N/AThe Pearson Custom Library for the Biological Sciences, a Custom Edition for Cincinnati State Technical Community College
2013978-1-269-06306-7Pearson Learning SolutionsIntegrate: The Pearson Custom Library for Anatomy & Physiology UTSA Edition
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